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  • And Again!

    Pirate Contract: #P-255347 [Threat Level 2]
    Contract Title: Seize / Transport
    Name of Acquisition: Melai'fis, Action 4 Transport
    Species: Human
    Sex: Male, 3 crew
    Force Abilities: Unknown
    Known weapons used: DL44
    Known Affiliates: Rikaylyn Transport Company
    Last Seen: Travels frequently between Manaan and Ord Sabaok, cargo of 1000 tons of medical supplies and food stuffs to be captured and transported to Corellia


    "I wouldn't be asking you unless I needed the help, Dina!" Agatha rolled her eyes and sighed, visibly annoyed. "Look, I'll need a second ship to scare the living drenn out of the transport and watch my back so I don't need you to drag the whole thing to my destination. Or would you prefer I keep you away from business for more than a couple days?!"

    The young pirate felt like strangling the smuggler she was talking to. The Zeltron was a reliable but easily irritable woman and the brunette knew she wasn't much better herself.

    "Can't your aunt or uncle help you with this?!"
    Agatha sighed, knowing that Dina knew much of the family was in. "Come on, you know perfectly that if it had been Nyk who asked you, you'd have already said yes, even though you have zero chances to get him!"

    There was a silence on the other end of the channel. "Fireya's ship is smaller than mine and Cronus's busy with his family now. Of course, if you don't want me to tell you about this new spice deal I heard about, I'll find someone else..."

    Dina changed her mind at once. "Why didn't you say this in the first place, chica?! I'm in! Just give me the rendezvous coordinates!"

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    Agatha had given a meeting point to her contact in proximity of Ord Sabaok. There was less security than at Manaan, so it would be a better option. She had also pulled a few strings and assorted aliases and some credits to get information about the Rikaylyn Transport Company's comings and goings. She had looked more interested in another path than the specific one she had needed information about. So, in case someone got suspicious, they'd be watching another line. She cackled at the memory of the stunt she had pulled.

    She hoped that after this mission, that was kind of back to back with the previous one, save for a detour to help imperials out of the blue, she'd be able to take a mini vacation. She had hoped to go to Bastion to celebrate her boyfriend's latest promotion for a while, but business had kept them both stuck with other matters at hand. She still felt terrified at the thought of meeting his mother, her uncle's new wife and Empress, but she could worry about this later.

    If Dina showed up right on time, they should have a waiting window of half to a full day. She had already talked at lenght with the Zeltron so she would stay in hiding before Agatha showed up. The point of the attack was not to damage the engines this time, so the pirate could link the target ship to hers and fly it to its destination.


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      "You sure that we're at the right place?" Agatha rolled her eyes when Dina opened a communication channel to complain again. "Yes, I am. So cut the chatter." The young pirate knew that the Zeltron and her crew would be right to help capture the ship, but she hated how whiny she could be.

      They had already been waiting for a good while since the two ships had met at the rendezvous point, but it wasn't a surprise. As much as she wasn't so patient, Agatha thought that she was much more than her acquaintance.

      They two ships' captains were eventually rewarded when the target showed up right on their radar. Agatha had already explained to Dina that she needed the transport disarmed but keeping the engines and propulsion kicking, for she'd need to have it travel with her to the destination.

      The transport didn't see it coming and she had to say that Dina did an outstanding job at what had been asked. "Keep them around while I board them." She instructed after pulling her ship close enough to have the passerelle set up.

      "Will do!" Dina suddenly spoke again. "You'll be okay on your own?" Agatha was surprised by the Zeltron's concern. "All good, as long as you keep them where they are."


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        The good thing in comparison to her previous mission was that the people aboard her target ship knew that she had backup, and couldn't know how many people would come aboard. The young pirate had some detonators with her, as well as a couple of blasters. It tended to be her go to selection and so far it had never failed her.

        As she entered the cargo bay aboard the trapped ship, she was on her guards, a detonator in her left hand and her blaster in her main right one. She got shot right on sight, for a change, but there weren't any security droids this time. It was a relief!

        Since the guys didn't have time to clean the place, she could take easier cover. She took one down almost straight away but she could barely escape the blast of a grenade tossed at her. Getting hurt in the process was becoming a classic, but she was still surviving, so she guessed it wasn't that bad!

        This time it was only cuts and bruises, and a few burns. Groaning, she went after the other crew members. There should be only two left, but she knew to stay on her guard.

        She managed to take another one out with a few shots, but the third one took the opportunity to step in and punch her in the face. She hated having her nose bleeding but she hadn't been able to avoid it.

        He tried to grab at her wrists, but she kneed him in the groin, before elbowing him hard on the back of the head as he bend forward under the pain. She threw him against a wall, before reaching for her blaster and end him.

        That was counting without the fourth unlisted crew member...


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          So much for thinking she'd get off the hook more easily than the last time...

          After a violent and messy fight over the next minutes, Agatha eventually killed the last two crew members of the ship. A black eye already forming and probably one or two broken ribs completed the list of her wounds for this day.

          She felt completely battered but the ship was going to be linked to her own, so that they could head to final destination without another issue.

          She opened a channel on her comlink to let Dina know that she'd set the target ship's computer up and then would return to the Kenzyator. "Y'sound not so good, hun. You okay?" Agatha chuckled and it hurt. "I'm bruised and beaten up but you should see the other guys!"

          She couldn't wait to be back to her ship so she could patch up and get some painkillers. But she still had work to do first.


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            It took thirty minutes to finish to set the target ship's system ready and aligned with the Kenzyator's. Agatha had been learning some computer and techy stuff during her last weeks on Drifter's and it was proving to be particularly handy! Maybe, she'd look into becoming even more knowledgeable about such things.

            In the meantime, she had ensured she'd be all patched up as her shoulder was really unhappy with the current ailment. Painkillers and bacta patches were a pirate's best friends, besides her ship and her weapons!

            Once all was ready, she contacted Dina again, to let know everything was good and that the money transfer had been ordered to her bank account. "It was kind of fun. Maybe we should do this again some time! Safe travel, missy!" Agatha chuckled. "You bet. Safe travels to you too!"

            And with that, she ended the communication and prepared for the journey to Corellia.


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              Agatha still felt sore and knew that she'd need proper medical attention once she returned to Drifter's, but the trip to Corellia went well. In a way, it felt weird to head to Republic territory given her personal alignment, regardless of her official neutrality as one of Vaago's employers.

              She had of course landed on the landing spot using a fake transponder for her ship, as she did most of the time. The people expecting her were there when she disembarked her aircraft. It didn't take long to go through the delivery and get things set up. They were impressed with gaining a working transportation ship as well and appreciated this bonus.

              After taking her leave, the young pirate headed straight back to her ship, impatient to get back to Drifter's to get paid, and see a doctor!