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    While Commenor had been of imperial allegiance for many years, its inhabitable moon Brelor was a more complicated matter. Several imperial citizens, including higher ranks, had estates on this moon, but the local authorities and great business names, tended to pride themselves in their lack of official alignment, and wrap themselves in their so called independence.

    It was why Governor Stryder had been sent to appeal to some industrials during the few day long festival of Aramis, that took place in one of the largest cities. She wasn't the only official envoy from the Empress, as actress and political aide Hawksong was accompanying her. Talia was a bit doubtful about what this woman might bring, but she wasn't one to discuss assignments. And if anything could help the cause, she supported it.

    Both women had been invited to the opening reception and they were now on their way to it. The brunette in her late thirties preferred actual business meetings to such social gatherings, but she knew it was part of the game.

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    Nanalethalee's holofilm career could hardly be called extensive in relation to some of the galaxies more renown actors. With just ten films to her name, her experiences on productions could be dwarfed in number. That fact aside, it was the Kuati's opinion that only thing could stop a holofilm's production, credits or the lack of. Nanalethalee had experienced delays due to creative difference, cast changes, logistics and scheduling issues, but never had she seen a movie stopped altogether unless the money had run out. While an issue was being worked out, another aspect of the film was being worked on. That was until the set of Empress.

    Credits where hardly an issue on this film. Funding poured in from all corners of the Empire and some from even beyond the Imperial border. Production was moving smoothly and on schedule and then one morning the call came. The Empress herself had given the order for filming to stop. Rumor was that a few studio heads protested but where 'kindly' reminded that the interest of the Empire took priority over all things. The films lead had made a commitment that superceded her contractual obligations to the film.

    It was a shocker for everyone, Nanalethalee included, but they had been assured shooting could continue once the actresses duties had been completed. It had been a bit disheartening, but there was nothing Nana Lee could or would do that might earn her the ire of Tatiana Renkl. She recalled quite vividly the cold stare of the Empress, how heavy that gaze had been. Quietly, quickly, and most of all obediently, the blonde prepared for the trip to Brelor.

    Her briefing had been well...brief. On the way down a lift to her hotel's lobby, Nana Lee recalled the instance. In her room on Bastion, sitting on her bed being talked to like a child by some pompous *** dressed in the Imperial livery. Who he worked under she could not say, but the blonde figured it had to be some someone important enough to give him a sense of entitlement. Either that or he was just getting rocks off by abusing her lack of knowledge of Imperial protocol or what have you.

    It made her cheeks turn pink just thinking about it. What was it he said, something like, "You are to be reminded that you are acting in an official capacity as a member of the political regime of Empress Tatiana Renkl. You're celebrity grants you no special privileges or authority outside you're status as political aide. You will do exactly that and aide Governor Stryder in her endeavors on the moon of Belor. You represent us all Miss Hawksong, do so with honor and integrity."

    There had been more, but by that point Nanalethalee was fuming and had been on the verge of a violent tongue lashing. No longer comprehending Basic it would have been exclusively in her native Kuati tongue. A language often considered to sound angry even when spoken in the softest of tones. A fear of consequence had prevented it and so here she was alongside Governor Talia Stryder.

    A smug grin affixed to her face, she recalled the man once more satisfied with herself that she had would have the last laugh. Nana Lee would play her part as instructed. Whatever the Governor needed of her she would provide, but like any good actor she had to make the character her's and had taken some creative liberties.

    "You represent us all" Nana thought to herself looking down to the black dress she had chosen for the nights event. He wanted to be a Bantha's rear, so what better why to represent him than by showing hers.

    "Zis vill be fun I zink," Nana offered breaking the silence. Blue eyes found the Governor and waited for a response they assumed by appearance would be no where near as exuberant.

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      Talia looked at the actress as the blonde broke the silence. "My definition of fun is working in a quiet office, going through financial reviews." She chuckled and smoothed her blue dress. "I grew up learning to be gracious and handle such gatherings without any problem, but I still prefer quiet over such hustle and bustle." She admitted with a smile.

      "The imperial bully who must have been troublesome to you tried to remind me how I was supposed to handle things. I reminded him that I outranked him and that I was in charge of this sojourn on Belor." She wasn't the kind to pull rank for no reason, but she had no trouble doing so if need be.

      "So if he tries to contact you again, feel free to ignore him. If you have questions, you can ask them to me. What matters in our time here is that you present the best profile for the Empire, literaly and figuratively. Since the Empress handpicked you for this mission, I am certain you can do well."


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        Nanalethalee responded to the Governor's admission with her own half-hearted chuckle. She didn't have a problem with a little quiet here and there, but it wasn't exactly Nana Lee's idea of fun. Less so was the idea of crunching numbers all day. As long her balance came up in the positive she was content.

        The Kuati took Talia as another all work and no play type. A common personality trait it seemed. Something had to be sucking the liviliness out of these people, but it diminished her excitement of being here little. Talia had said it herself, the Empress had hand picked her. That alone was enough to keep the pep in her step.

        "Oh I'm a firm believer in reaping vut you sow. He vill get his," she said with a wink and smile before taking full opportunity of the order to ask questions.

        "I am curious zough of why I vas picked. There are more experienced people I'm sure. Perhaps I missed somezing, but vut exactly is it I'm suppose to help you vith?" Nana asked somewhat sheepishly. For all she knew the Bantha's rear had informed her and she had zoned it out after becoming angry.

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          Talia was a workaholic for the most part, but was an introvert anyway, so large social gatherings weren't much to her liking. She loved her long runs on the beach in the morning, tending to her garden and spending hours working on her short stories when not busy with duty. Her sister was the extrovert of the two siblings, and was still living on Gala, with their parents.

          Focusing on the business aspect of this time at the festival also made her miss Willem less, as he was currently deployed again. They didn't get to see each other that often, but she accepted it and respected that they were both dutiful.

          "The social butterfly and actress to portray our Empress in a biopic is the right choice for this festival. Many people have interest in arts, including more popular ones such as holo movies, so your presence makes sense. You are here to talk about your experience now working with the Empire and present your imperial life under a good light. This is very much a mingling mission. The more people find you interesting the more people will be inclined to hear more about the Empire."


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            Nanalethalee was perfectly satisfied and comfortable with those orders. She just had to be herself and her work would be done. This political thing was starting seem not so tough at all.

            "So vhat are vee trying to achieve exactly? I mean other zan promoting zee Empire's image?" Nana inquired further.

            In truth, her queetion was a less blunt of why of asking what the Governor would be doing. If Nana Lee was the logical choice for a mingling mission, what reason did the Empress choose an introvert.

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              "That's what you'll be doing. I will be making conversations with the local industrials and business owners. We are hoping to strike some commercial deals with people on this planet." Talia explained, already looking forward to the possibilities, a distinct spark in her bright eyes appearing.

              "I am scheduled to stay longer on this planet than you. I will be tending to some business meeting after the festival. The better you'll promote the Empire during these next days, the busier I will be afterwards."