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    There were some perks that came with being Nathanial K'cansce, Archon of the Penumbra: a shadowy sect of Dark Jedi that did not exist. Money was no issue as wealth continued to flow through undisclosed means. Resources were at an all time high. Intelligence came from all over the galaxy as contacts and agents fed him information hourly. At times it became too much to sift through. There were not enough hours in the day to scour the web of intel that traveled across his desk. Luckily, most of the news was of little importance in the grand scheme of the galaxy. But every now and again, something popped up.

    Corruption was starting to run rampant in the outer rim territories and was beginning to seep its way into the mid-rim worlds. The war between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire drove resources away from these worlds that would otherwise have kept the peace and order. Their dealings now with the Jedi and Sith brought attention away from these forgotten worlds, allowing crime bosses and worse to infiltrate their leadership. Militaristic city-states grew across the galaxy unchecked. It was only a matter of time before one became powerful enough to play with the big boys. Worse yet, the more the Sith and Jedi were being drawn to the front lines, the more likely that hidden artifacts of power could be found by those whom knew not what they held.

    "Send a message to Shyahwyn. Tell her to meet me in my study."

    He thumbed the comm device's power and went back to the multiple holo-displays hovers across his desk. Nathanial's study was attached to his own living quarters and hosted a personal library that could have rivaled that of Brigid's had he spent more time on it. Of course, most of what he owned was largely in part thanks to her. A few key strokes brought up three new reports, illuminating the dimly lit room with a deep blue, all of which fed minute by minute news reports from countless worlds. There was only so much the Penumbra could do. They had to pick and choose wisely. A few more key strokes and those report feed disappeared. In their place, three more became visible.

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    Reading in the windowseat that Shyahwyn enjoyed on more than one occasion, she read a story from the library downstairs. A tragic love story that had brought a tear to her eye on more than one occasion, even though she knew it was a romanticized version of some real event, or a conglomeration of several. Her mind drifted to Cameron more often than not as she swept the pages on her data pad.

    "Madam," her servant droid interrupted. "I'm so sorry, but you have a summons to Lord K'cansce's private chambers."

    Emerald eyes glanced to the female shaped droid. "That's okay," she pushed herself up and turned off the datapad. This story would have to wait, she mused and changed into something more appropriate. Leaving all the nonessential things in her private apartment, the arbiter then left and headed towards the opposite end of the palace. Though she had rarely visited the prince's wing, everyone knew where he lived as most had been warned by the palace security to leave it. The younger members just exploring, usually.

    Soon, the witch headed through the main hallway which led to the first of many doors that made up the archon's quarters and knocked. Waiting patiently, the door opened revealing Nathaniel's servant.

    "I've been summoned," she stated as the young woman nodded and stepped aside.

    "Milord awaits you in his study, madam."

    Coursing through the foyer, she continued on to the study's barrier and knocked once, waiting to be acknowledged.


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      More and more stories popped up over the desk, all waiting their turn to be read. The only thing that kept Nathanial at piece whilst perusing was the light classical piece echoing throughout the study. It helped focus his mind and soothed his inner musings. The single knock at the entrance of his chamber's study indicated that the Arbiter had arrived. He thumbed the door switch under his desk which opened the door to allow her in. As he did so, he noticed the blinking red light at one of the consoles, no doubt a message stating that Shy had arrived. He smirked, forgetting that he turned his communicator onto silent.

      "Come in," he said, standing to greet his guest. As the lithe female entered, the Archon offered her a bow of his head and motioned for her to sit in one of the chairs on the opposite side of his desk. Another subtle movement had all of the holo-displays shut down, removing the blue hue from the cluttered space above his desk.

      "Thank you for arriving on short notice," Nathan continued, sitting back down in his lavish chair only after Shyahwyn sat down herself. The music continued to play. "I hope I did not interrupt anything important?"


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        Smiling as their eyes met, Shyahwyn stepped into the otherwise dimly lit study and noticed the rich furniture, polished and gleaming in the light of the holodisplay which was promptly turned off. Matching the prince's nod, she moved deeper into the room, crossing a thick carpet and to a plush, leather chair and sat down.

        "A summons by the prince isn't to be taken lightly," she replied, though knowing he had left his title some time back, in her eyes he would always be a prince of the dark jedi and Penumbra. Crossing left knee over right, she sat back as she rested her arms atop the shiny, brown leather arms, "Not at all. Just relaxing after a busy morning. What can I do for you, sir?"


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          Nathanial smirked when she called him "prince." He no longer held that title, giving it to Jasik way back when he decided to retire from the game. Heh, he surmised, a lot of good that got me. I didn't even get a good vacation out of it. He had corrected her, and everyone else, a while ago that he no longer was the Prince of Ruusan, but that did little to stop everyone from calling him that. He let it slide now, knowing full well that in the grand scheme of things what title he held mattered little.

          "Our rulers have a mission for you and have tasked me with assigning it to you," the former prince stated matter-of-factually. "Poetic justice, I think, for their choice, but I think the will of the Force was at play in their decision."

          He smirked and shook his head slightly, allowing some stray strand of black hair to fall to the side of his face. The next series of events had been processed over and over again in his head, he only waited for the most opportune time to proceed. The powers that be played their hand, which unbeknownst to them gave K'cansce the opening and push he needed.

          "The planet Atrisia," he began, thumbing a single console on his desk, "represents my biggest failure in recent years." The planet which he named popped up large and bright over his desk between the two. The image of the planet rotated slowly.

          "The planet held everything the Penumbra strives to serve. I covertly helped to fund a revolution there, providing the money and resources necessary for them to rise to power, overthrow their oppressive government, and plant the seeds of a new society. Unfortunately," he trailed off.

          Another button was pressed. This time, the image of the rotating planet zoomed inwards, showing images of the war and the victory celebrations of the won revolution. Their leader was shown high on a podium, hands raised in joy at the freedom he and all of his supporters had gained. Barely visible and off to the side behind him, stood a hooded figure with face hidden except an unmasked chin and mouth. Perhaps a war hero? Perhaps a general? Perhaps Pyrrhus sharing in the celebration of what he had puppeteered. The image fast forwarded to still news clippings only months after the revolution had ended of their new leader dead. Mysterious circumstances around and no cause of death identified.

          "As you can see, the puppet I put into place died mysteriously. In his place, stepped in a radical. He quickly and effectively ramped up manufacturing and industrialized the world, building a large army that went unchecked. The zealot took to the holo-net and boasted about their strength and their plans for weeding out the galaxy of heretics: Force users and everything the Force had touched. Ruusan was targeted, due to the planet's wonderful history."

          The image changed once again, this time showing Nathanial standing at the heavily guarded gates of the palace in Jar'kai, Atrisia's new found capitol. He was seen pleading inaudibly with someone finally ending with a shot being fired, hitting K'cansce in the shoulder. The emissary fell to his knees and the image flashed towards the shooter perched high in one of the palace's guard towers before cutting out.

          The holo-display faded off, leaving the space between the two Dark Jedi empty. Nathanial sat back in his chair, clasping his gloved hands in front of his red shirt covered chest. Eye contact with the Arbiter never broke.

          "As you can see, I failed at creating a dialogue. They would have nothing of it. It's only a matter of time now before they declare all out war against the planet of Ruusan and cleanse these lands of the heretic Force. They have already taken other worlds and ravished until nothing was left. Our leadership believes that you can succeed where I have failed."


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            She listened to the brief and knew that more would have to be learned on the way to the planet, though this particular mission wasn't like any other that she had undertaken before. A despot leading a whole world and looking for more reasons for conquest. Interesting, as the galaxy had too many of those in the past already.

            "I'm surprised that the Galactic Empire hasn't sponsored him in this, though I can imagine they're on the radar now that they've joined the Sith." Emerald eyes moved from the holodisplay and all the details to Nathaniel once more. Sighing lightly, she shifted her weight in the chair. "So, take out the dictator and his support staff, then replace them with someone that's more open to our ways," she mused aloud. "That's not going to be easy, but his goal can't succeed." Shyahwyn thought more about the mission's goals and then continued. "Did you have anyone else that's favorable to us that I can use to replace him?"


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              "Unfortunately, no," Nathan's response was quick, yet solemn. He saw first hand how easy it was for someone hand picked to be replaced, as greed for power out gained greed for control and justice. "You might be able to convince someone in his support staff to help out, or you might have to leave the government in shambles. Sometimes the best course of action is to let nature take its ways. The Force shall guide you."

              The Archon turned his gaze from Shy's emerald eyes to the console on his desk. He entered a few key strokes and brought up another image. This one differed from the ones previous in that it only showed an ancient artifact.

              "There is one more thing, more... personal in nature," he said, returning his attention to the Arbiter. Like she wanted to hear that there was more to this already task-force level mission. "Think of it as an optional side quest that could help potentially plant the seeds of civil war for you. It is rumored that this artifact lies buried somewhere on the planet. It is also said to house secrets and permeates strongly with the Dark Side of the Force."

              The image disappeared, leaving nothing but air between the two Dark Jedi.

              "It's a wild gundark chase, I know, but it is what drew me there in the first place - the original revolution was a bonus that our leadership quickly got behind. If it really exists, I want it under our control. If you can find it, use the power it has contained within it to help bring about the end of this war before it begins and then bring it to me."

              The Archon sat back in his chair once again, clasping his gloved hands in front of his body. Even though the expression on his face did not change, it looked darker by nature. A smirk played at the edges of his mouth.

              "This side quest is not part of our leadership's sanctions for your mission. Any other questions?"


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                Nodding quietly as he spoke about the options available, she knew from helping Britannica not that long ago that sometimes governments needed to be shaken up to allow someone with a more level head take the reins for a while. That was the optimal situation though and rarely ended up that way, but she would learn all she needed to once she arrived there. Listening to the additional tidbit about a relic on the world that may be able to help with her goal also was mentally filed for later. Perhaps both goals would could be achieved at the same time, she mused. Time would tell.

                "No, that sounds fairly cut and dry," she stated, then pushed herself up and stood before his desk. "I'll do all I can to ensure that this tyrant and those that support him are given a proper burial, or die trying." Nodding respectfully to him, she grinned, turned and headed out. Time to get to work.


                Enroute to Atrisia, Shyahwyn studied all she could find about the world and it's history, noting that the proud military tradition seemed to have kept them at odds not only with their neighboring systems, but also with one another. Leaders came and went as was typical in such societies, but the latest seemed to be wanting to make a name for himself and she began to wonder as the hired freighter cruised through the hyperlane, perhaps his reasons for hating Force users could lead to a chink in the armor. Something to think about, she knew and continued her research.

                A soft knock on the door and it opened to reveal the ship's captain as he stepped in, prompting her to turn in the chair. "We'll be arriving there shortly, Samantha. I was just wondering how you wanted us to approach the Custom's people. From what I was told, they don't like outsiders much."

                "Your contacts with Morellian should be more than enough to get us through the door," she stated, her typical sandy brown hair now blonde, her emerald eyes now blue. "From there, just be honest with them. You're representatives of the Corellian Hundred and hate Force users as well." She shrugged, knowing that those blindly following and respecting an army on top of the galaxy at the moment would eat that up. Pride and greed were powerful allies when the need arose.

                He nodded, "Alright." Turning, he headed back out of sight, the door to her small room sliding shut again.


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                  As she finished her reading for the history of the system, hoping for some information about this apparent relic that Nathaniel seemed to think was there, the ship rocked violently and knocked her out of her chair. The sudden loss of gravity in the ship also gave her concern as the lights flickered to emergency lighting over the door. Moving quickly to her locker, she pulled out her backpack and with the warnings from the Force, she closed her eyes momentarily, noting that within the ethereal touch with the universe, she could see another ship now moving to lock up with their own.

                  Pirates, or worse.

                  Opening her eyes once more, she pushed herself to the slender vent in the wall over the top bunk. Quickly unscrewing the vent free, she stuffed her pack into it, then replaced the three screws, hearing the sounds now of gunfire, though some of the weapons are obviously on stun. Pushing herself away from the vent and back to the desk, she then made her way to the door and huddled in the cone of the single light and waited. Heartbeat racing at the thought of failing this mission already, she was beginning to get the feeling that this other group may not be here to kill them as the door suddenly opened, revealing a large male in black armor bordered in silver, the markings of Atrisia on his shoulder pieces.

                  "Let's go," he grabbed her hair and yanked her along. Unaware of what the Force had gotten her into, she planned for an escape just as the expulsion of gas introduced a fluid into her body, which soon prompted the world around her to melt into darkness...


                  Waking, she felt the crush of other bodies all tightly packed together and opened her eyes to see a large group, seated on the floor of a musty and dirty, metal walled room of dark grey. The smells were horrendous as she nearly gagged and then tried her best to control her breathing, knowing the Force would help ease the nauseated feeling which threatened to overwhelm her. Throwing up on the young male before her would only get them both nasty.

                  Crying and sobbing from many of the females in the group only strengthened her resolve, though the tightness in her legs and numb hands didn't help much. Turning left, she noticed the door open and reveal another guard in similar looking armor, accompanied by a male in expensive maroon jacket, white shirt and black pants.

                  "This is the most disgusting looking group that you've brought me thus far," the cleanly shaven male stated, covering his nose and mouth with a handkerchief. "Wash them and take them to the camp. Evals are almost done and some of them have well-to-do families that we can get plenty of money out of. The rest, take to the Merchant."

                  "Yes, sir."


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                    The guards yanked everyone up, one at a time and filtered out those with families that would hopefully pay for their loved one's release, the rest were being lined up to the opposite side of the large warehouse. As Shyahwyn was hauled to her feet, she took a moment to get feeling back in her legs and stumbled a bit at first, being shoved into the back of the human male that had been her pillow earlier. He turned and held her up and pulled her along.

                    "Wait," the well dressed supervisor stated, pointing at her. "No, that one I want for myself. Take her to my speeder." His eyes undressing her as she eyed the middle-aged near human who grinned. Handing the guard a credstick as another guard grabbed her arm and yanked her along, she noticed the one that had been in charge of the soldiers glance at her also, then went back to his duties as the rest of the prisoners were sorted.

                    Outside, the cooler air chilled her skin as blue eyes then noticed a large collection of military speeder trucks all in the parking lot, more soldiers milling around or seated inside the open bay doors on the side of each one. They had been doing this a while, she mused as her guide opened the back door to the limo speeder and yanked her before the door and shoved her inside. Slamming the door behind her, she curled up and then moved to the plush, bench seat along the back and sat down. Taking in the building and surrounding area, she noticed the starport beyond the last speeder truck, fighters rising into the air and peeling away.

                    Then she remembered her pack in the freighter and her heart nearly stopped. She had no saber or her persona clothing. Everything from this point on was going to have to be improvised with care. Sighing, she shook her head, then glanced to the magnacuffs on her wrists. This trip hadn't turned out quite like she planned, though things could still work in her favor, she knew and glanced up as the muffled voices of her new "owner" and his apparent driver approached and got in.

                    Cold, blue eyes glanced to her once more as the driver claimed his seat and started the engine. "We're going to have to get you cleaned up and dressed in something a little more.... appropriate." Reading his mind, she knew what that meant and wasn't going to like this guy one bit. "What's your name?"

                    "Samantha," she replied quietly.

                    He nodded, pleased with her voice also apparently. "Last name?"

                    "Don't know. Was orphaned when I was little." Reading his surface thoughts, she did her best to learn all she could from him.

                    "Hmm." He turned his attention to the convoy as they passed, grinning and she could tell that he felt that he had found a prize. One that would eventually be his downfall, she mused. He glanced to the driver, "Take us to the estate."

                    "Yes, sir."


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                      Tree-lined avenues and expensive neighborhoods were a nice respite from the industrial park that never seemed to end. Pollution rose into the otherwise beautiful, cloud filled sky and as they neared his estate, she wondered how exactly he fit into the whole scheme of things. If she played her cards right, she would be able to learn as much as she wanted about her targets as well. Keeping to herself, she turned her attention through the windshield on the far end of the vehicle's interior and saw the large, black, wrought iron gate which opened as they approached. Banking right, the large circle drive reminded her a bit of the one back on Ruusan, approaching the palace's main entrance. He had definitely made a name for himself, she mused.

                      A hand was suddenly placed upon her thigh and immediately gained her attention, shooting a heated gaze at the slaver. "You'll find me a great friend, or your worst enemy," he began as the limo speeder glided to the front of the large, two story house. "Just do what you're told and this could be your home," he motioned to the mansion as the speeder slowed. "In truth, your future's going to be a hundred times better than the rest of them." His hand slid further up her thigh as he spoke, making her cringe. "A work camp's no place for someone so amazingly beautiful."

                      The speeder now stopped, the driver got out and rounded the nose of the vehicle and around to open the door and waited for his benefactor to emerge. He winked at Shyahwyn and got out, then buttoned his jacket once more as she slid across the leather seat and then got out as well. Following him, he led her to the main, double doors as one opened revealing a well dressed older man.

                      "Welcome home, sir."

                      "Albert. I hope you've kept everyone in line during my absence."

                      He grinned as his green eyes met her, "Everyone knows their place, sir. No problems as usual."

                      "Good," the owner continued into the main foyer decorated in white marble with a large centerpiece atop an equally impressive pedestal. An arrangement of large, colorful flowers filled the entryway with an amazing fragrance. Turning, he motioned to Shyahwyn, "Take those cuffs from Samantha and show her to her room. Instruct her on how things work here and have her dress for dinner tonight. She's going to replace Amanda, which you can use in the kitchen from now on." Sighing, he turned and continued into the house, "Unwrap those new dresses we just had made in storage, I think she'll look stunning in them."

                      Watching him leave, she turned to Albert who produced a ring of keys and then unlocked the cuffs and removed them, then turned and motioned for her to follow. "From this point on, you'll do everything you're told. Speak only when spoken to, otherwise keep your mouth shut. You now belong to Mister Hofstra. Understood?"

                      "Yes." So it begins.
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                        Just as she figured, the array of dresses were all close fitting, accentuating her curves and just elegant enough to warrant a tailor's efforts. Though, there were no designers tags on the inside, which meant either cheap knockoffs or their work camps did more than just build weapons and armor for their owners. She was feeling sick to her stomach with the thought that everyone that she had woken up to would be living in that hell, but she had a mission to accomplish and that's what she was going to do. Slipping into an olive dress, now that she had taken a shower and combed out her hair, the arbiter slipped into a pair of matching heels and sighed. Acting like a slave wasn't going to be as easy as she thought, knowing what her new owner had in mind for the night, once dinner was done.

                        Though, she still had the Force on her side and a plethora of abilities to use. Looking at herself in the nearby mirror, Shyahwyn put herself into another role, her life now becoming a lot of acting opportunities when the need arose. The Penumbra had given her a mission and she would see it through, one way or another. Turning, she moved from her small closet-sized room and out, then turned right and headed down the long hallway to the stair and climbed. Sounds from the kitchen echoed through the polished wooden floors and expensive artwork as she continued heading to the dining room, she then heard his voice on the comlink.

                        " I said, the emperor's going to want those lines to keep producing engines." A long pause as she hesitated in the hallway, hoping to glean something important. "Then whip them, we have plenty more coming your way. Slaves are fodder for our machine and there's no end to that supply, you know that." He chuckled and listened for a moment. "Property doesn't talk back," his voice turned colder and she could sense the malevolence seeping from his pores. "Keep complaining and he's going to let you know what it's like to live like one of them, until you die." His voice then sobered, "Then we'll just get someone else."

                        Hard soled shoes popping off of the tile floor gained her attention as she turned to notice Albert approach, disapproving look on his face. "What are you doing," he motioned into the dining room. "Get in there."

                        Nodding, she continued into the dining room just as Mister Hofstra hung up, then looked at her and smiled. Albert followed her in with a platter which he set before his employer, then backed. "That'll be all," Marcus didn't even look at the older man as he was excused with a dismissive wave. Sitting back, he looked her over, "Come here."

                        Tentatively she moved towards him, eyeing a knife on the table next to his empty plate. As he reached out to her, grabbing her right wrist and pulled her closer, she felt her adrenaline rise and knew that if he tried anything, her mission in this house was just about over. Touching his mind, she found an open door as his right hand rose to her midsection and began caressing her. Instinctively, she pulled back which only caused his grip on her wrist to tighten as he looked up to her.

                        "Never, ever pull away from me again," venom in his voice. "You're here to do whatever I wish, so get used to it." He stood and pulled her along as the other servants carried in platters and trays of food, "Take those back to the kitchen. I'm not hungry." Glancing to her, he grinned darkly. "I have a taste for something else." Guiding her upstairs, she began memorizing the layout of the house until they reached his bedroom. Panicking a bit, she followed him on, the door closing.

                        Now the mental intrusion began as he enjoyed himself and the fantasy on the bed as she began sifting through his room for intel. Keeping her mind divided between his sick mind and what she was doing, Shyahwyn soon found a safe hidden in the back wall of his closet and quickly gained the access code. Opening it, the arbiter noticed account information, credsticks, a box of precious gems and several data discs. Taking the discs to his computer, she copied them onto another ghost drive, sending the files to a private Ruusan Cloud which she could access later. That done, she turned everything off and returned the discs, then closed the safe. Should she need the money later, she knew where to find it.

                        Marcus enjoyed the illusion of her company for the night and fell asleep, allowing her to keep her virtue which she promised to Cameron, then as he slept, she showered once more and left his room. The house dark, the arbiter headed back down to the basement and her own cramped room to get some rest of her own.


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                          Shyahwyn awoke the next day, her body hurting from the torturous mattress whose padding had long since faded away, leaving the springs to jab in key points. Stretching, she pushed herself from the blanket and stood, then turned and made her bed. Being habit, the arbiter even had to endure her droid servant back home when she did this, grinning at the memory as she still knew she had an exit from this place. Slavery was only going to be temporary until she could accomplish what she had come here for.

                          Then the thought hit her: Where was she? No one had stated a planet name yet, a thought that made her blood run cold as her door opened prompting her to turn and notice a brunette enter her room.

                          "So," she began, anger in her eyes. "How was it?"


                          "Think you're going to come in here and take my place?" The identity of this woman now apparent as she moved to attack the arbiter. Dodging the lunge, Shyahwyn grabbed the woman's left wrist, yanking her to the bed and twisting her arm around her back, pinning her to the mattress, face down as Shyahwyn kneed her in the back, leaning in.

                          "I have no intention of fighting you, but if you persist then perhaps I'll find a reason for him to have you work in one of those camps instead of the kitchen." Fighting her, the woman finally relaxed a bit. "I don't have to be an enemy unless you make me one."

                          "He's not into threesomes, so how's that going to work?"

                          Shyahwyn's brow furrowed as she realized what this girl was going on about. "You're actually in love with him?"

                          "I've been his for over a year, and then you come along."

                          Shyahwyn let her up, releasing her hold on the girl's arm. "I didn't pick this, he did, so go tell him how you feel." She almost felt sorry for Amanda, realizing she had accepted this life and was trying to make the best of it. Maybe he told her things that she had never heard before.

                          Nursing her wrist, the brunette glared at her for a long moment, then walked out. She was going to have to keep an eye on this one, she mused and slipped her shoes on quickly and followed her. Closing the door behind her, the blonde arbiter headed upstairs and noted Amanda continue to the kitchen instead, allowing her to slow knowing now that the girl wasn't going to make her opinions known. Everyone seemed to understand how cold and separated Marcus was.

                          "You," Albert called out, gaining her attention. "He's on the veranda, eating breakfast. Go."

                          Sighing, she prepared herself for the possible greeting that she might get as Shayhwyn headed through the lavishly appointed living room and then out onto the veranda. The marble tiled surface shone in the morning light, mottled browns, tans striated with thin veins of white framed the large pool. Beyond, the heavily made rail separated the veranda from a large, manicured garden and lawn which stretched for several acres to a treelined border. In the distance, majestic mountains rose and she was appreciating the world that she had been brought to and under any other circumstance this may have been a pleasant visit.

                          "... No, have him reschedule that pickup for the Army's rep, I have another one in mind that he'll appreciate even more," Marcus glanced to Shyahwyn and motioned for her to sit in an empty chair at his right. "He told me he liked Twi'leks, so I have one that'll brighten his day and hopefully help your cause with the new missile design."

                          As she sat down, Shyahwyn was beginning to appreciate his networking ability, though being in his position she had no doubts that it had come with a lot of backstabbing and backroom deals. Being in this household may have been a real fortuitous opportunity or a total waste of her time. The Force sometimes worked in interesting ways, she knew.

                          "Thanks, see you later then." He turned off the comlink and set it on the table, then leaned in to grab another bite. "Eat something, you're going to need your strength for later," he stated without looking at her. The insinuation made her sick, but she knew that dinner hadn't been enjoyed the night before so took the chance to eat something finally. Grabbing some fruit and pouring some juice, she tried to at least seem like she had manners, but was famished. "You're not going like that either, wear the red one." Taking another bite, still ignoring that she was present, he took a few moments to enjoy his breakfast and allowed her the same.

                          "We're leaving in a half hour, so be at the door before then."

                          She touched his mind once more and realized that they were going to a high level meeting this morning, which would be perfect to finally figure out where she was. Half done with her breakfast, he spoke again.

                          "Take that with you," he motioned for her to leave, which she promptly did, not wishing to be around him longer than she had to.

                          Passing Albert near the open, transparisteel door, he leaned in. "Keep this up and you may just survive and keep yourself off of an assembly line." He straightened and grinned darkly, "Or becoming entertainment for the troops."

                          You may not be so lucky. Heading back down to her room, she finished off the fruit and then cleaned up and got dressed. Moving to the main foyer, she finally had a chance to take in a collection of holoimages decorating the stairwell. Marcus and several others in various places, some taken with the slaver and military officers or others in expensive dress, adorned with golden ropes extending from their collar and rounding to their shoulder on that same side. Memorizing their faces, she hoped to find out more about them and knew that if she had to endure another visit to his bedroom tonight, she may be able to pick his brain while manipulating him into thinking that she was entertaining him.

                          The Force had a strong effect on the weak minded.
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                            Following her "owner" through the hallway of the large building, she was starting to get an idea of it's purpose noting those in military uniforms as well as suits. Discussions about the ongoing war echoed throughout as she was being largely ignored which gave the dark jedi the perfect cover. Excitement started to build as she pondered who they may be going to meet, though she still didn't have her saber with her which would've been perfect. However, she had to complete this mission and improvisation was key to any Force user that lived this type of life. Tidbits about logistics, companies and people involved as well as troop strengths were being tucked away in her memory until they reached their destination.

                            Marcus led her into a large meeting room, the makeup of those present continuing with those in the military as well as government officials. Blue eyes scanned those present as she followed Marcus to a high backed chair as he shook hands with an officer, his greying dark hair and weathered face giving her a better idea on what the rank insignia's on his collar meant.

                            "I see your propensity for beauty hasn't ended, Marcus," the officer stated, smiling at Shyahwyn. "Where in the galaxy did you find this one?"

                            "Onboard a ship," he grinned, then turned his attention away from the slave. "But, on to better things. Alayn was inquiring about the guns you promised for the last gift I sent. Any word on that yet?"

                            Turning away from him, taking in the others present, "Like I said, he's got everyone on a tight leash lately. Give me some time."

                            Marcus sighed as someone from the door belted out, "His Supreme Highness, Emperor Zhen Cheung." Everyone spun and bowed, prompting Shyahwyn to do the same and having enough practice dealing with nobility, this was becoming natural. Keeping her eyes low, she followed the emperor and his escort to the far side of the room.

                            "Be seated," another voice stated and sounds of movement prompted her to turn and stand behind Marcus' chair, seeing the ruling monarch for the first time. His black hair pulled back into a ponytail, his serious, dark eyes took in all those around the large, oval shaped table. "Our conquest is going as planned, but several of our new allies need some persuasion as manpower for my legions is faltering. The battle for Halen is nearing victory and if we take that city, the whole of that continent is ours. Supply problems are unacceptable at this stage."

                            As Shyahwyn listened to those seated around the table, each speaking on various points of the logistics of the war, she realized that her goal was sitting in front of her. This room contained everyone that may have to be replaced, or could be. The one at the far end was top of the list as well as several seated to his right and left. If she chanced doing everything here and now, she would surely be cut down by the guards standing outside the door, having no weapon of her own. But, there were ways around that too, she knew. Marcus reached around and smacked her on the thigh, then motioned to his cup. Taking that cue, she turned and noticed the long table along the wall behind her, moving to a pitcher and bringing it back, she poured him some water and backed again.

                            He was going to have to go as well.

                            The lights dimmed and offered her a chance as a hologram of the world in question emerged, details of the topography in focus as military officers spoke on their theaters of the campaign as Shyahwyn began working her way towards the emperor, pouring water for everyone in turn. Walking to the admiral, she attempted to read his surface thoughts, unsure if the room had been dampened against the Force and immediately watched the images flashing as one of the government officials spoke, then she backed and moved to the next in flashy robes. He shook his head and motioned for her to get out of his way as he listened.

                            Curtsying to the emperor himself, she moved to pour him a cup and was amazed how easily a slave could approach the ruler of this growing empire...


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                              Now that she had poured the emperor more water, she curtsied and backed, glancing to his two armed guards standing to either side of his chair as she backed, turned and headed back towards Marcus. One of the higher ranking councilors informed the room about a few ancillary benefactors who apparently didn't wish to be on the wrong side of a victory, their contributions lost on her as she turned back to face the back of Marcus' high backed chair.

                              Opening herself to the Force, she focused on the guard to the emperor's left. Touching his mind, she began implanting frustration about the meeting and empowered other negative feelings that he had about those that professed to be true to the throne. Allowing him to follow that line of thought, the arbiter then touched the mind of the one to his right and did the same thing. Doubts as to the loyalties of those in the room as well as a possible rumor about one of them being a well trained assassin only made them more suspect of everyone. Preparing herself, Shyahwyn then focused her energies on the emperor's neck, constricting his throat with everything that she had.

                              "My lord," one of the councilors to the Zhen's left called out with alarm, reaching to him.

                              Within a flash, two rifles leveled at those around the table, blaster fire erupting to a surprised gathering as Shyahwyn dodged to the table behind her, cowering behind it for cover as men shouted, dodged or fell over from their chairs. Chaos reigned as she made herself as small as she could, the dark room now alight with glowing lances of red burning through flesh, leather and permacrete alike. Within moments, the doors opened from the hallway and introduced two more guards, rifles up and aiming toward their companions now slaughtering everyone in sight.

                              As the echo of blaster fire abated, the groans of the dying took over and filled the air now stinking of death. Balled up in the small corner of the table and wall, Shyahwyn soon glanced to the two guards now rising and approach, passing her as they quickly moved to their downed sovereign.

                              "What did you do," one the newly arrived guards queried. "Call the medical team, now!"

                              Covering herself in the ample darkness, the dark jedi escaped the room using the shadows, leaving the water pitcher on the floor. Making her way down the hall, she continued on until noticing more worried military members and staff, most ignoring the slave now heading the other way.