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  • Talk Nerdy to Me! [Aliya]

    Coronet City, Corellia

    "So this is Coronet. How's about that," Lily said with a grin.

    They'd just climbed out of the airtaxi that had taken Aliya and her from the spaceport to the hotel they'd argued about and finally agreed upon. The argument had been based on Lily not wanting Aliya and her considerable pocketbook paying for a room that she'd been staying in even after her girlfriend went on to Bastion and her family. Lily had won enough credits to pitch in, easily, but Aliya had insisted she save those creds for college expenses. Eventually, the younger woman had just given up and let Aliya have her way on this.

    How I'm gonna explain a swanky hotel room to the 'rents when they get here on top of everything else...!

    Lily decided not to worry about that and the impending Darksun family gathering and to just focus on being with Aliya at this indeed upscale hotel. After the slummy pad she'd had on Drifter's, this was going to be paradise!

    "So glad to be here. With you," she said, slipping her hand into Aliya's as the taxi driver and bellman unloaded their belongings from the trunk.
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    For Aliya, this was a homecoming. She was born on Corellia, just like her sister Racheal. The only difference was that Aliya was a child of both worlds that her family lived in - Morellian and Corellian. It felt to good to be here. Felt right, and not merely because of the ache of home pulling her back here, but also because of the woman at her side that was her soulmate. They had yet to bond yet, preferring that it would occur naturally as it had almost done several days ago. They accepted the beauty of it and the consequences of their decision that would impact Aliya's life and the relationship Lily would have with her parents.

    But one thing at a time. They needed to get settled, set up an account for Lily at one of the banks, and research available universities - wanting to do as much a she could for her girlfriend before leaving to Bastion.

    Squeezing Lily's hand, she smiled and pecked her on the cheek. "Me too, love."

    She tugged her girl to follow after the bellhop, since she already paid the driver, and walked up to the counter to confirm their room. She pulled out her confirmation and ID and waited as it was processed. She already had one of her dummy accounts pulling funds in order to pay for this room as long as Lily needed it. Long term, she would need an actual apartment and there were several ads loaded into the redheads datapad to begin that search too. Until then, Lily would enjoy the comforts of a deluxe suite with a queen sized bed.


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      The suite was well-appointed and Lily marveled over the view of Coronet. It was much more urban than Thani was and she found she really liked that. Turning away from the windows, a question popped into Sticks' head.

      "Dorm life or an apartment, you think?" Lily asked. "I know it depends on which school and all, but is there anything I'd be really missing out on if I went with an apartment?"


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        "You want to be surrounded by your peers as you attempt study and doing homework?" She smirked, giving her a peck on the cheek before looking through the room service menu. "If you're anything like me, you'll only tolerate fellow students because you need them for a group assignment. Otherwise, have fun having a dorm mate. You'll be a freshman and be required to have one. Policy with most unis."


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          "Oh. Hmph."

          Lily nodded, trying to imagine what that was going to be like. The beach house she'd grown up at was small and crowded with four Darksun's and Darley, so she imagined dorm life to be like that... except not being related to any of the other people. She shrugged inwardly.

          "Studying, though? What's that?" Lily asked and chuckled. "Kinda never really had to do that before..."


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            "Yes, yes," she teased, waving her hand. "You just have to touch the book and knowledge just seeps into that brilliant brain of yours, yes?"

            Aliya smiled, sitting down and finding this entire venture making everything about their impending separation real. "But I'm sure there are going to be professors that challenge you, love. Projects? Research papers? Perhaps even becoming a lab assistant. Lots of possibilities."

            Back in her college days, Aliya had been the lead of her lab groups often and was even a student aide in her last year, grading papers and tutoring.


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              Both of her parents were pilots, though Alexandra had been Academy-trained at least. Lily had grown up on stories about what it meant to fly, what it meant to be part of a squadron. The realm that Aliya described was no less exciting to her, but it was a lot more foreign.

              "I just look at the book and, bam, I know it all," she said with a confident smile. "I'm that good."

              Her datapad chimed the tone she'd had set for the parents and Lily groaned. Stepping back from Aliya, she grabbed it off the edge of the bed and frowned at the message.

              "They're already here, hon," Lily said, then waited as another messaged chimed in. "No, wait. Dad's here alone. Ma and Max are both sick. They're okay, but couldn't fly."

              Just Dad...

              Sticks was trying to process the odds on that and figure out if it was a good or bad thing - for her - that Mazen traveled alone. They were definitely closer than she and her mother were, but Lily had zero idea what his views were on relationships, on the fast-but-intimate life she'd forged with Aliya... what he'd say about her skipping out on the Jedi, and her ideas on what to do with a new direction in life!

              "He wants to meet soon as we're ready."


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                Despite being utterly horrified at meeting Lily's parents, she was genuinely concerned that her mother and brother weren't present. She was about to ask, but Lily eased her mate but immediately stated that they were fine. Just the normal illnesses that can happen. "Good. If they're not space worthy, it's best they stay home and rest. I'd prefer them present, but I understand, love."

                She wished they were bonded already to know what was going on in Lily's heart specifically, but Aliya was astute enough to know she was working out the logistics in speaking to just her father.

                "Well, I say now." She tossed aside the menu and approached her soon to be mate. "Unless you need more time? I just feel that if we can get through this, then ... then we can talk about life apart..."

                Something that Aliya was scared drenless about tackling with Lily.


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                  Lily nodded, hearing Aliya, but still really trying to anticipate what this meeting could be like. Her father now knew - thanks to the earlier text - that she'd skipped out on the Jedi path, but Lily didn't know how he felt about that. She sighed heavily.

                  "Well... 'pending on what he says, hon, I might be shipping out right beside you, remember." Lily lifted a brow. "Alright. Let's tell him we'll meet now then. Give him directions here?"


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                    "Stop that." Aliya felt quite conflicted in pushing them together and wanting to just steal her soon to be mate away from here. "He's your father. Could surprise you on what he has to say."

                    She sighed, nodded and let Lily do the honors. "If he's all right coming here. Then yes. Not like I can't order all the comforts up for him to help break things easier..."


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                      Lily took a deep breath. "Okay."

                      She frowned at her 'pad and texted back the hotel where they were staying and which room to ask for. His simple, "OK" in reply made her giddy and terrified all at once.

                      "He's on his way..."


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                        Mazen climbed out of the airtaxi and stared with his usual farmboy awe at the size of the hotel where his daughter was staying. He ran a hand along his stubbled jaw, and whistled to himself.

                        If there was a time to take smoking back up, he thought, I'd count this as one of those times.

                        They'd wondered what was going on with their eldest child when Lily was even more cryptic in her messages than usual since leaving for the Jedi. Mazen had thought that she was just focused and keeping her distance because of her new studies. Alexandra had thought she was upset with her (as usual). They'd both been wrong because she hadn't even stayed among the Jedi a day before forging her own path.

                        Should've seen that coming.

                        Mazen introduced himself at the desk and asked for the room number Lily gave him. The clerk gave him directions to the 'lift and sent the former fighter pilot on his way. Upon reaching it, Mazen took a deep breath and rapped on the door.

                        Lily opened it a peek, then slammed the door in his face. He sighed again, folding his arms across his chest as he waited his daughter out. Timidly, she re-opened it, muttered a, "Sorry, Daddy," and offered her hand to tug him into the considerable suite...


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                          "Lily!" she scolded her girlfriend. "Relax and open the door up, love."

                          Aliya knew that nerves were running high on all sides but being introduced to her lover's father after a door to the face was not a good way to settle them. As this was Lily's show, she waited patiently for introductions to be made by her. But then in that moment she realized that they had barely settled into the room and left her jacket on.

                          At least I'm presentable. Could be worse. I could've been caught hiding in the closet when mother came to visit Nikole and Aurelia for the first time!

                          Now that would have been embarrassing but as family, it was hilarious! This was perfectly normal compared to that!


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                            Lily flushed and gave her father a quick hug, which he returned in his usual bone-crushing way.

                            "Dad... well... hi!" she said with her usual awkwardness.

                            Lily decided to just get things rolling by making a statement with her introductions. She gestured for Aliya to come closer, then took her hand when her girlfriend did. She saw her father notice that, but he was keeping his facial expressions in check, so Lily couldn't tell what he thought.

                            "Dad, this is Aliya. Aliya, this is my father, Mazen Darksun."


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                              She smiled inwardly, finding it touching how Mazen immediately drew Lily into an earnest and well loved hug. Noticing her cue after they separated, she came closer and drew a brow upwards at the hand holding.

                              And here we go ...

                              She squeezed their hands together and reached out with the other, offering the man a respectful handshake. "Hello, sir."