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    The wait staff at the hotel must have a frequent turn around rate, as nobody noticed Mio as she slipped into the back and began working. As long as she wore the waitress uniform and did what she was told, nobody seemed to care where she came from, there were so many new waitress on tonight she doubted anyone would remember her face after the night was over. Which was what she planned on.

    Mio had been on the tail of a target for the past week. The request for the hit had came a couple of weeks ago, their client was a mob boss of one of the organized companies located on Javin. There seemed to be a newcomer to the scene, who ignored the respect and rules of his surrounding businessmen. They had enough of this man’s arrogant nature and decided it was time to put him down. Mio didn’t really care about the reasoning, all she required was the name and location and the freedom to do the deed the way she wanted.

    Eynic Alessic was a young man in the world of business, not yet thirty five, but already stealing the market from many others, and not just on Javin. He had an arrogant attitude around him, from her observations of the man. He didn’t care whose nose he put out of joint, as long as he managed to make the deal or sell the equipment he was content. The stuff he was selling wasn’t the greatest either. As part of her research on Eynic’s movements, Mio looked into his business practices. The mob could learn a few things from his shady dealings. The bottom line, his merchandise was crap, but he managed to sell it for double it’s worth. He was also a ladies man, no surprise there, in the past week she had witnessed him brining home five woman.

    Tonight, was Mio’s chance to pull off the job. Eynic had put on some fundraiser for some charity scheme, hitting up some extra money rollers to finance more of his stock and technology. Picking up a nearby tray full of champaign glasses, Mio entered the ballroom with a bunch of other waiters and waitresses and began to mingle through the crowds. It didn’t take the assassin long to locate Eynic, he was in the middle of a group of people, laughing, with his hand along a woman’s backside, moving slowly down to her bottom.

    The evening passed without commotion, it was actually quite dull. Mio had been to these parties before, both as ‘staff’ and as ‘guest’. They were all the same, the high class guests, dry humour, and two face business deals. Finally, from the corner of her eye Mio saw Eynic leave the party, some blond woman in tow. Emptying her tray, she made her way back to the kitchen, where she picked up a bottle of wine, two glasses and some ice and made her way up to Eynic’s room.

    On her way up, Mio found a dark corner where no surveillance video would capture her and made a small hole in the cork of the wine, passing a colourless and odorless poison into the liquid. She then hid her tampering and continued up to the room.

    “Room service.” Mio said with a friendly smile as Eynic opened the door.

    “That’s great, just what we need, right honey?” Eynic said over to the blond who seemed already half naked on the bed. He took the bottle and glasses from Mio and gave her a generous tip before closing the door in her face.

    Mio returned to the party. She couldn’t flee just yet, or it may look suspicious, besides she had to make sure the poison worked. By two in the morning, the last of the guest had left, or had made their way up to their rooms for the night. Much of the staff was also on the verge of leaving or exchanging shifts. It was a perfect time to check on Eynic. Mio sneaked her way back up to his floor, knocked on his door and used the master housekeeping key to enter. Both Eynic and the woman laid sprawled out on the bed, still and lifeless. Mio creeped around and checked his pulse.

    Dead. Good. Mio thought then looked for the woman’s ID. She, unfortunately had picked the wrong guy to go to bed with. It was sad, but part of her line of work, Mio would make sure her family would be accurately compensated for her death.

    With one last look around the room, Mio left the way she came.

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    Another vision, another world and this time she was trailing someone that had a knack for blending into crowds. Little did she know, initially, that the girl was an assassin. Could definitely fit in well with the Penumbra, she mused. Perched atop the neighboring building's rooftop, the arbiter opened herself to the Force, watching and waiting as the assassin moved back into the room who's window was right across and below where Shyahwyn watched from. Once Mio left and headed back downstairs, the dark jedi planned where she would intercept this new recruit. Rising, her shapely form barely highlighted in the ambient streetlights below, emerald eyes noted a speeder truck move down the alley to the far right, no doubt making a late delivery to the kitchen. Couples and groups walked along the sidewalk below, most heading home or to the next party, she guessed. Draped in a black longcoat, tall, dark boots and gloves, Shyahwyn knew she would blend into the pedestrians when the time came. Moving to the right, she approached the edge of the building and glanced down into the narrow alley below. Quiet for the moment.

    Dropping, she used the Force to slow her descent until reaching the permacrete, then eased her touch to the universal energy flowing through her body. Glancing left, the arbiter then moved toward the street, keeping a mental tag on the target of tonight's venture. One that would be emerging right about....
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      Mio exited through the kitchen doors along the back. Most of the shift girls she had been working with that night had already left, though some had decided to stay behind with a few of the chefs and cooks to finish off the leftover bottles of wine and food. She grabbed her dark leather, waist length coat as she went through a mental list of all she had to do.

      End the life of Eynic Alessic. Check. Obtain info on any casualties. Check. Erase all surveillance cameras and false identity cards. Check. Leave without being noticed. Check.

      Outside the air was dank and cool. Rolling up the collar of her jacket, Mio walked casually out of the ally and towards the street. Even at this hour, there seemed to be enough traffic about to blend in as she moved. She’d walk to her temporary apartment, Mio already planed an extra long and criss cross route in her head. Paranoia was common in her family, especially when on a job. One can never be too careful. There, she’d catch a few hours of sleep before erasing her own presence from there too before heading back home.

      She had walked only a few blocks when an odd, yet familiar sensation crept over the young woman. The hairs on the back of her neck rose, and her gut gave a warning rumble. Someone was following her.


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        Streetlights and headlights from the variety of speeders passing by kept both in view as Shyahwyn followed the girl, from across the street and hanging back a bit and hoped that no one interrupted her pursuit. Nodding politely to those she passed, the shapely brunette avoided conversation or a chance meeting with anyone, though sometimes those came in handy when not wanting to be seen. Mentally tagging the girl now and again, she could tell that the assassin was suspicious, which was probably normal for one in her profession. Being a dark jedi and out in the galaxy, she had experienced that on numerous occasions. Even having her necklace imbued with a masking for her affinity with the Force, one living in the shadows was always a bit paranoid. Fear sometimes kept you alive, she knew.

        Soon, the circuitous route across avenues and through parks led to another intersection which seemed busier than most. The blinking signs denoted the entertainment district, clubs and restaurants as well as theaters all seemed to be busy tonight. Another good avenue to keeping herself unseen as she continued following Mio.


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          This nagging feeling in the pit of Mio’s stomach wouldn’t go away, but with every chance she could to get a glance backwards without being too obvious gave no hints of anyone following to her. The faces all were different each time, but that didn’t mean someone else wasn’t lurking in the shadows either.

          Mio had reached a dilemma as she entered a much busier intersection full of all hour bars and nightclubs, theaters and other forms of late night entertainment. She could let this just be her paranoia and head back to her flat, or try and force the person out, or confront them head on. She knew what she was trained to do.

          Mio increased her speed and took the first street to her left, then began to run turning down the next street to her right. There was a small alley to her left and ducked quickly inside, pressing herself against the dark shadows. There was nobody else down the alley, and the side street was quieter than the main strip she was on. If someone was following her, they should be walking by any minute now.


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            The sudden disappearance made Shyahwyn rethink her strategy and cross the street, knowing that the girl had a head start on her. Though the Force's unseen talent for finding those who had the affinity for it's use were brighter than most, especially for those that knew how to look for them. Moving to the intersection, she glanced around the corner and through the crowd to see Mio running now, the hurried flight was going to keep the arbiter from doing the same, though it didn't mean that she couldn't eventually find her again. Moving at a quicker pace, she walked in the same direction and took her time as the mental tag soon found that Mio had turned into an alley and now that the flow of foot traffic was thinner, a great way to flush out the pursuer.

            Shyahwyn had to admire the girl's training as she closed to within thirty feet of the alley's entrance. Slowing finally, she knew that there was no real reason now why she couldn't reveal herself, a fight wouldn't happen if she didn't get too close. Continuing on, the sandy haired dark jedi moved passed the alley, then approached the opposite corner and stopped, then turned as she leaned on the stone wall, grinning at the assassin.

            "Nice work," she commended. "I'd like to talk to you about a future, but not out here." Keeping her hands clasped together, she hoped that Mio wouldn't see her as a threat. "Your place nearby?"


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              “Not really.” Mio said stepping out of the shadows. The woman who had been following her had called her out. Something inside of the assassin didn’t believe the woman was with the authorities, the way the sandy haired woman commented on her sounded like there was something else going on. It made Mio curious, if anything she could find a potential new client for the family.

              “Another fifteen minutes away if we walk. That’s also if I lead you to the right place.” Mio wasn’t stupid enough to lead a complete stranger to her flat. She met the other woman at the entrance of the alley and leaned against the opposite wall, her arms crossed in front of her, suspicious look on her face.

              “Who are you, and why have you been following me?”


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                Shyahwyn grinned, knowing her own abilities with the Force far outweighed any deception of words that the girl could pose, but she would play along and hopefully gain her trust the same way that Killian had done with her, so long ago. Sighing quietly, she kept those that passed them by in her peripheral, but focused mainly on Mio.

                "Name's Shyahwyn and I'm part of a group that I think you might be interested in. Our goals align, I should say. You have quite the talent and I'm interested to learn more about you," she motioned back in the direction of the previous contract just finished, though allowed Mio to discern what she was referring to. "But, like I said, we can't really talk out here." Moving from the wall, she motioned, "Shall we?"


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                  A group? Could it be them? Mio’s eyebrow raised in further curiosity when Shyahwyn introduced herself. She was pretty impressed that the stranger would give up personal information. But, it was the group she mentioned that caught her attention more than her name. Still suspicious of the woman, but now more inclined to hear her out, Mio took the lead back to the main roads, giving a nod and a gesture for Shy to follow.

                  There were many groups, secret organizations on the loose around the galaxy, Mio’s family could be considered one, though being that they are very few in numbers, the young woman did not consider them a large scale force, but they could be deadly to the wrong people. There were others, some who had come to bargain with her father, they had skills, and many wanted to exploit their abilities for their own gain. Well, Mio’s father Toblan had his own agenda too. There was only one group he’d allow any member of his family to belong to. A group so secret, even those in the shadows are fearful to mutter their name.

                  Could this woman be part of them? Mio hoped so, it would not only give her points with her father, but possibly distract his mind away from other... family issues.

                  The two woman walked in silence for the next fifteen minutes, as Mio estimated before coming across the apartment building where she had rented a room. The elevator was broken, and the place seemed more like an abandoned squatters paradise, but in fact there was a landlord, and renters... with some squatters thrown in. It wasn’t a great place to raise a family, but perfect for the assassin who didn’t want to be remembered.

                  They climbed the stairs to the fifth floor, where Mio then opened the door to her apartment, making sure it was locked behind them. “So, here we are.” Mio said, leaning against the now closed and locked door.

                  The place was tidy, but full of used furniture. It smelled, there were stains on the walls, some of them the blood of past occupants. It was temporary lodgings, so Mio was able to make due with it. “Tea?” She asked, taking one last look at the woman before turning her back on her to head for the kitchen.


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                    The long walk and climb gave Shyahwyn enough time to intrude on the girl's surface thoughts, knowing that she had to gain more information on the potential recruit before even broaching the subject of why she was really here. Glancing around the rather squalid surroundings, she stepped into the apartment and kept everything in sight or allowed the Force to see the rest.

                    Turning, she nodded. "Tea's fine, thanks." Watching as Mio moved to the kitchen, she continued. "You live here alone, I take it?" Walking towards the kitchen herself, she allowed her hostess to put the tea on and gave her some time to further contemplate what she was getting herself into.


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                      “It’s only temporary. I’ll be leaving in the next couple of days.” Mio explained as she put the water on to boil and brought down two china teacups with an ornate decorated pattern on them. There were only one of the few high-class items Mio had brought with her.

                      “It’s the type of place that don’t ask questions and take credits under the table. These are prime spots for when you’ve got some... particular jobs on the line.” Mio added, leaning against the counter, her eyes back on the woman.

                      “So, do you have an answer to my previous question yet?”


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                        Nodding, she lingered on the outside of the long counter that separated the kitchen from the dining area and knew that assassins would be smart to stay on the move, especially without having a haven to run to in times of need. The query about the previous question before they left the street was one that she had been pondering how to broach and knew that now was the right time since they had some privacy.

                        "You have a gift, something unexplainable that's given you an edge and made you exceptional in your job. I'm just like you and have been honing that gift with knowledge that I've found. It's not everyday that we meet another like us, is it?"


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                          “Depends on where you look.” Mio said, a playful smile on her face. It was a different way she’d approach the subject, then again Shyahwyn didn’t know her history. “You’re talking about the Force, it’s not secret, I’m away of my abilities and connection to it.”

                          The water boiled and and Mio made the tea, pushing the ornate cup towards her guest. “My family has a connection to the Sorceres of Tund. I’ve been raised with the Force as part of my heritage. However, over the generations, our knowledge of the old ways have been lost. My family hopes to one day get them back.” Mio paused, and waited to see the woman’s expression.

                          “For the moment, my powers only come out when i’m working on a job. Small things, like what you saw, sometimes I don’t even know I’m using it.”


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                            Hearing the "Sorcerers of Tund" reference, Shyahwyn's blood went cold as Mio went on about about her gift and when it typically manifested itself. A past that she tried to forget, but realistically knew that it was something that was a part of her, regardless. Those involved in secret societies like the Pachmari were taught never to talk about it, but the last annual gathering had been ambushed and she knew that most of the younger members escaped Baralou, but not all. Could Mio have been one of them?

                            "When I was young, I was taught to develop it though it was usually for being faster at fighting instead of what I know now." Emerald eyes glanced to the tea pot now ready, her hostess sliding her own cup to her and Shyahwyn raised it. Taking a sip, she lowered the cup again. "Was your family part of a formal group, or were they independent? I've heard a few things about those magicians over the years," the witch shrugged. "Just curious."


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                              Mio raised her brow at Shyahwyn’s reply. She shouldn’t have been surprised that others had been taught to harness their powers in relation to their physical abilities, it made sense. Though she sensed in some way that what she told Shy had disturbed her.

                              “Magicians... yes, i’ve heard us called that too. Misleading in some ways, don’t you think? Obviously it was the Force they were able to manipulate for their means, but I guess to many with limited intelligence, anything they can’t explain is called ‘magic’. ” Mio shrugged. “As far as I know we have been independent. My ancestors left our homeworld a while ago, choosing to settle on Datooine.”

                              Taking a sip of the hot tea, Mio looked across her flat, thankful she’d be leaving soon. A hot shower and clean set of sheets would be a welcomed change.

                              “What have you heard about my people? I’m always interested to learn something of my heritage.”