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Chemistry [Smuggler Contract: S-1177]

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  • Chemistry [Smuggler Contract: S-1177]

    Underworld Ink

    Coruscant was a dirty city in places, not as nice as where he kept his club on Zeltros. Why anyone would live on Coruscant was beyond him. The Zeltron smuggler was a bit particular about certain things, and appearances were one of them. He had to be. The man dealt mostly in the spice trade, and his club was the front for all of it. His motto, the question which he always asked, what's your vice. The Violet Blue was a place to get any vice sated whether the service was provided directly or indirectly.

    So why was Avalon waking into a tattoo parlor on Coruscant? Work. The smuggler had picked up a contract to smuggle a scientist out of Rendili without getting noticed. This meant he wasn't working alone. Some contacts recommended the services of a tattoo artist. Apparently she was good at more than just body ink. Avalon would be the judge of both. Why not get a tattoo?

    Booted feet carried him into the parlor, his pheromones announcing his entrance to any females close enough to be affected by them. Skinny jeans with the cuffs rolled at the ankles covered his bottom half, while a simple tshirt and black leather jacket were affixed to his top half.

    "Looking for the owner, she in," he asked the twi'lek behind the counter.

    "What is your vice?"

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    Rock music thumped through the massive speakers aimed down from the four corners of Underworld Ink's reception area. Loud buzzing echoed down the narrow corridor leading back to the private rooms, a clear sign that Daniella was in the process of working on someone. The Twi'lek she'd hired to watch the front admired the hunk that had walked through the front door, advising him to take a seat while the owner finished up with her latest client. Eventually, the buzzing came to a halt and the muffled chatter between artist and customer marked that they were finishing up. A human male walked out from the back, boasting a rad skull on his deltoid toned in monochrome and wreathed in black roses. He paid the Twi'lek and then departed.

    That's when Daniella stepped out from her work area. She wore a red tank top with the black logo of her shop - a devil girl poised atop the words Underworld Ink in silhouette. Her lower half was encased in incredibly short, jaggedly cut shorts and were the perfect bottoms to show off the tattoos that covered her from head to toe. A pair of black framed glasses were perched on her nose and she peered over them at the Zeltron waiting in her foyer, beaming a smiling at him over the snake-bite style piercings on either side of her bottom lip. Black ink, which had already been washed off of her fingers twice since finishing up with the human, stained her fingers which she waggled at him in a wave.

    "Hullo therrre." She said along with the wave, stepping behind the counter and draping her arms around her Twi'lek co-worker in a hug. The Felacatian purred contently, not immune to the pheromones that floated about her shop. "What brrrings you in today? Something specific in mind or would you carrre to look thrrrough my sketches?"


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      "We have mutual acquaintances," the Zeltron said through a smirk as he approached the counter.

      The woman was very proud of her inked skin and was showing it off quite well. Avalon loved a woman who was comfortable enough with her own skin to show it off. He was a Zeltron after all, and being free to do as they pleased was a way of life the species.

      Avalon walked over to the to some of the wall art and looked over the options. He pretended to be interested in a few of the designs, but he knew ten other individuals would have that design. Ifnthe were to put ink on his pink complexion it would have to be something unique and incredibly drawn. The Zeltron was picky about his art. The music for instance, the bass pumped at the right level. The treble was set perfect. This artist knew how to create an atmosphere, and from the looks of the back of her latest client, she could draw well.

      "I might be persuaded to let you put your art on this canvas," he said pointing to himself as he gave a wink to the twi'lek. "Something unique, skillful, and a masterpiece. Surprise me!"

      "What is your vice?"