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A Jedi meets a Mandalorian, I wonder what will happen. (Remus)

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  • A Jedi meets a Mandalorian, I wonder what will happen. (Remus)

    It was rare for Verco to enter Keldabe without a member of her family shadowing her. Though considering that she'd just informed her family that she planned on join the New Republic it wasn't suprising that no-one was follwing her.

    Entering Oyu'baat, the local tapcaf slash hotel, she grabbed a table near the back of the room after ordering a glass of *tihaar.

    Removing her helmet Verco took a sip of her drink, settling down to do a little people watching while she waited for her family to stop arguing amounst themselves and calm down.

    OOC: *It's a type of mandalorian alcoholic drink. Also this is set before Verco joins the New Republic.

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    Mandalore had much history; the planet was old, proud and hard, its people doubly so. The Jedi Apprentice Remus had something of a hidden love for the Mandalorians and their land, having spent much time during his smuggling days dealing with them, travelling to and from. Little had seemed to have changed for the planet since those times, but he had experienced a universe of change. A long and dark cloak swept over the grids of the bar's floor, followed closely by the calm creeping of a silent wyrwulf. She glanced around the room with inspection (some looked concerned about her arrival, others had not even noticed), before returning her attention to her master as voices came.
    "You better keep that thing leashed," the barkeep told Remus. "I won't be having any more deaths in here."
    The Jedi smiled and, with a gentle connection to the Force, allowed an aura of positive energy and calm to flow from him in a concentrated mass to surround the barman.
    "She will be fine. She is tamed and loyal. There shall be no conflict."
    There was a moment of silence before the barkeep muttered, "Bah, damned Jedi," before Remus gave him an order of tea to be brought to him. Seeking out a table, the Apprentice settled himself and closed his eyes for a moment, absorbing the sounds and the aura of the Oyu'baat hotel.

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      Shifting in her seat Verco watched as the Jedi made his way to an empty table after ordering a cup of. Draining the last of her tihaar and placing her helmet back on Verco made her way to the barkeep offering to take the Jedi's tea to him, which the barkeep greatfully accepted. Making her way over to the Jedi's table Verco place the tea down in front of him before taking the seat across from him.

      "Very few people are willing to walk into the middle of a lions den." Verco said as she relaxed back into her seat. "Especially given the long history of anomisity between our people."