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    Achillea, one of the planets in the Tapani Sector, and home to nobility. Of course it would be a world Xander would be attracted to. After all, the Monarch was the epitome of nobility when required. The man was also a monster should the need arise for it. Such was the man Xander Blackmoore had become as a Sith. Neither was his aim however, as the young noble simply desired a holiday. There were few worlds which Xander had wanted to hunt by name, but Achillea was one of them.

    Protocol demanded he announce himself and recieve permission first. This was expected and any noble knew it. There were few things which transcended planetary cultures, but manners and protocol of those fortunate enough to call themselves noble were among those things. Naturally Xander was dressed the part of hunter and his black pants, boots, and leather breastplate would attest to. Lightsabers were clipped to his belt, but only because he no longer travelled without them. His bow and arrow would be the primary hunting method for this trip, should permission be secured.

    Booted feet walked up the stone steps to the grandiose wooden double door of the palace located in the capitol city. He was uninvited so he would have to wait for an audience with the master of the house, and lands nearby, but Xander was patient when it was require of him. There was more at stake than a simple hunt were he to not have the patience needed in the moment. Potential alliances were formed on impromptu visits, and Xander knew his ascension had caused his holding of the Indupar Crown Worlds to be weaker than he would like. A good ally was always beneficial in such cases.

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    Music reverberated throughout the massive ballroom of the DeScavi Manor; the deep and resonant sound exhibited by a single stringed instrument in the delicately postured hands of a virtuoso. The young woman lent her jaw to the chin rest of the instrument, supporting the wooden instrument against the flawless bone structure of her face and her clavicle. The bow she wielded swept across the strings, her fingers dancing deliberately across the fingerboard as she coaxed the instrument into a swifter melody briefly, before resuming the lackadaisical pace she started with. Resin plumed off of the hair as she ground the bow harder into the strings to achieve the gritty sound she desired. The tempo increased once more and her entire body swayed with the airy rhythm. Until-

    "Some handsome lord is downstairs asking for your father, Miss Sasha."

    The bow halted and lashes parted to reveal eyes that were green like a meadow in spring. Loosening the hair on the bow, she replaced it within the case on the floor before her. The viol was nestled within its velvety bed too, the top of the case neatly closed over the instrument and then locked. Smoothing back the sheer, lavender gossamer skirts she wore with one hand, she rose with her case in the other and then walked with no small measure of regality toward where the house maid waited. She had promised her father, while he was on Procopia attending to House Cadriaan business, that she would see to whatever guests might stop in to visit him.

    Handing the case to her lady's maid, Sasha approached the edge of the second floor's ornate balustrade, peering down to the ground level where her father's guest was undoubtedly waiting. Crossing her arms, one over the other, atop the ivory bannister, she called down to him. "My father is not at home right now, sir. He's left me to see to his guests. I will understand if you would like to come back later. If not, I was just about to attend my fencing lesson and you are more than welcome to join me. He should be back later this evening."


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      A voice called from above the place Xander stood. His chin lifted slightly so his blue eyes could take in the form of the female whom it belonged to. Her shape was as beautiful as the voice she offered, and the face matched equally. A light smirk crossed the lips of the king as he bowed to the young woman in a demonstrative manner.

      "I am not bothered in the least, milady," he said as he rose. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Xander Blackmoore, King of the Indupar Crown Worlds. I wish to hunt your father's fine estate and came seeking his permission to do so."

      The tongue of the Sith was lined with silver. His own charm put on rather thick counting on the seeming innocence of the young woman to in fact be an actual virtue and not something she was simply presenting.

      "If I would not be intruding on milady, I shall indeed accompany you to your fencing lesson. Honesty demands that I confess I am quite intrigued to see how well you handle a foil, and if it is not so presumptious of me, perhaps you would allow me to the opportunity to experience your skill first hand?"