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    Judah's trial was over, the ceremony as well, and Katara and Sasha Starkos had joined Judah on Yavin VIII. There was so much to show them, but Judah knew his two year old would only be able to handle so much. A snow day was in order as Judah had yet to spend a winter with his daughter. Yavin VIII seemed like a perpetual winter, though Judah had been around when it got warm enough to rain. That was rare, but possible. Today though, Judah wanted the snow.

    The Jedi himself was dressed as usual for the weather. His modified robes were underneath a gray wool cloak, the same he had worn since his arrival on Yavin VIII. Not too far from the temple was a hill which Judah had seen some of the younglings sledding down several times, and it seemed a good start to the day. The three could spend time bonding as a family, after all, that was why Judah had wanted Katara to come to Yavin VIII should he pass his trial, which he had.

    It was time for the three to move on together, and more importantly for the parents to finally be more than just friends who had a child together. Truthfully, Judah had been in love with Katara for sometime, but her trust had to be earned. The night before he left for his trial played over in his mind several times. His heart raced at the thought of the kiss they had shared. He knew both of them had wanted more in that moment, but Katara and he both knew the trial was important. It was a test not only for the Jedi, but for the family. Eyes were aglow as he thought about Katara's reply to the letter he had written her as well. His Red. She was his Red, and he was hers.

    The dark haired Guardian had been pulling his daughter in a sled until they reached the hill, Katara's hand in his as Judah pulled their daughter along. Once they reached the hill, Judah went to the bottom leaving Kat with Sasha at the top. The bottom of the hill led into the woods, and Judah wanted to be sure the sled did not flying past him. Call him overprotective, but Sasha was his daughter, and he would move the universe to keep her safe.

    "Alright mom, let her go. Let's see how well she likes this!"
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    Judah's two redheads were dressed similar in pink-hued snowsuits to have fun in the cold winter type environment of Yavin VIII. Having grown up on Corellia where they did get seasonal snow in the lower elevations, Katara was very ready to enjoy their family outing in it. Sasha had been too little last year to appreciate the frozen precipitate, but this year she would truly get to and learn to love it.

    Katara steadied their daughter on the sled at the top of the gradual hill while they waited for Judah to get into place at the bottom. She was more nervous than the little girl seemed to be as her motherly overprotective instincts kicked in, but then again, Sasha was a Starkos; mach ten with their hair on fire was the family motto.

    "She's Corellian, remember?!" Kat smirked, then gently pushed the red sled forward to send their daughter down the hill for her first sledding adventure.

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      "Yes, yes," Judah said as Kat finished reminding him of the fact she was a Corellisi just like her mother.

      Judah anxiously watched as Kat moved the sled to the edge and then gave it a slight nudge. The hill, and gravity, would do the rest, which turned out to work a bit better than Judah had thought it would. No wonder the younglings loved this hill. Judah would have, and if he wasn't too big for the red sled, he likely still would. Sasha clearly did as her smile was big, and she was giggling like crazy. The sled slowed to a stop not too far in front of the new guardian, who walked over to the sled and picked his daughter up out of it.

      "That looks like fun, you want to do that again?"

      Of course the two year old girl nodded her head with excitement. Judah could already tell he was going to have a lot of fun trying to keep up with this one. The thought of having a special blaster for whatever boys might come knocking on the door did cross the Jedi's mind. This being a father thing was changing the Jedi, and for the better.

      Judah walked her back up the hill as it was a bit steep for her to do herself. The sled was in tow behind them. When they got back in position, Judah pressed a quick kiss to Kat's cheek. It just seemed like the thing to do, and Sasha was rarely around when Judah made any display of affection toward the girls mother. It was important that she see the fact her father loved her mother very much. When Judah pulled back, he gave his attention to Katara.

      "Right, so I know Mach 10 with her your hair on fire, but why don't we start at Mach 5 and work our way to 10. I have no clue what I'm gonna do with two Red Corellisis going Mach 10 quite yet..."

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        Katara had held her breathe until Sasha was safely down the hill and collected by her father. It warmed her heart to see Judah and their young daughter interacting so splendidly together as if they'd always done so from the little girl's birth. The notion that the three of them should be a proper family in all ways tugged more and more on her mind. His trial, this visit really was the start of something special for all of them. Red didn't need to be Force-sensitive to feel it. The significance was palpable, and it excited the Corellisi more than frightened her for the first time since Judah's return into her life.

        The peck on the cheek was a pleasant surprise after the father and daughter made it back up to the top of the snowy hill; Judah's warm lips leaving her cool skin tingling and silently desiring more of those kisses he was offering so freely. The redhead grinned wickedly at the Telosian's comment as she slipped her gloved hand into his free one.

        "I agree on Little Red here going Mach 5 for a good long while yet… As for me, always Mach Ten. Think you can still keep up, Jediboy?" she asked with a certain glint in those baby blues of hers that had been missing until now. The light in her heart was starting to grow brighter.
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          "Can I keep up," he asked his tone matching the glint in Kat's baby blues. "You know I can, and you better be betting on it too."

          Judah winked then pressed into her mind.

          "You know the force let's me do more than just talk to you like this," Judah nodded with a pump of his eyebrows when she looked to him.

          Of course Sasha had herself going down the hill this time, but Judah rather liked his hand in Red's, so he used the force to bring her back to the top a few more times before the idea of sledding seemed to lose its thrill. That's when she started rolling in the snow. Oh to be young again without any cares. Why not? Judah let his daughter lead the way this time as he fell into the snow and pulled Katara down with him as he rolled down the hill toward Sasha.

          When they reached the bottom, Judah was laughing hard as Sasha just looked at the adults a bit puzzled. After a bit she smiled wide and started laughing. Her little giggle was so cute. The dark haired Telosian reached for his "Little Red," as his free hand pulled out his comm. He quickly took a selfie of the family and set it as his background before securing it back in its safe place to keep it from getting ruined in the snow.

          "I love our family," Judah said, the first time he said those words in reference to the three of them. "And I love you, Kat!"

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            The "oh my" look on Katara's face said it all in response to the Guardian's mental message. Yes, she definitely remembered what Judah could do with the Force to enhance an intimate moment. Though to be honest, the spirited Corellisi would rather get there all on their own; making the effort just that much more worthy an accomplishment and a testament to their compatibility. It wasn't really about the release, but more about the getting there that intrigued her.

            Red had been caught off guard while musing about things she ought not in the presence of her daughter when suddenly the redhead felt a tug on her hand and down she went, tumbling down the snowy hill in tandem with the dark-haired Telosian. When they came to a stop at the bottom of the hill, she found herself in a tangled mess with Judah. Katara laughed along with him and soon Sasha was joining in with her parents. The moment was precious for the Starkos-Lesans.

            "Well your family loves you too," Kat smiled warmly, still too afraid to say "I" to her Jediboy, then pushed up. "Who wants to make a snowman?" she asked, grabbing a handful of snow and forming it into a ball.

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              The Guardian was okay with the fact Katara was still having a hard time using the word "I" in expressing her feelings. Things took time, and that included progress. It was enough that they were trying to be a family, and honestly the escapade in the snow was proving they could be a normal family if they truly wanted to be. When the laughing and giggling had subsided, Katara pushed up, using Judah's chest for something solid, and scooped up a bunch of snow. The Telosian smirked. He couldn't remember the last time he had built a snowman. Had it been with a couple of the younglings?

              "We do," he said enthusiastically as he scooped Sasha up and helped her back onto her feet.

              Judah packed his own snow, careful to Sasha what he was doing so that she could try. Part of Judah whished she were just still a small baby. The Jedi had not been there for that and even though Katara had given him a copy of the holovid she had taken of important moments it still hadn't felt like he had been there. He missed it, and he knew it. At the same time, he couldn't wait for her to be old enough to talk and play different games. The boys thing... that could wait, but everything else, Judah was looking forward to.

              It didn't take Sasha long to figure out what the adults were doing, so Judah let her go and worked on his own part of the snowman. He rolled the snow Red's way just as an excuse to get closer to her. He wondered if she was curious about what had happened during his trial. The Guardian couldn't help but smile when she caught his eye.

              "You know I read that letter of yours over and over before finally drifiting to sleep the night before my trial. I think I was still smiling when I woke up."

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                Katara had been bent over working on the bottom snow ball when Judah came up behind her. The spirited Corellisi noticed where the Guardian's dark eyes were fixated on when she turned around.

                "Well my letter was meant to be an inspiration. I'm glad it helped then," the redhead smiled back sweetly, then couldn't help yourself and let loose the lightly packed snow in her gloved hands.

                A giggle escaped her lips as it made a direct hit on her intended target of desire. She was so dead!

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                  "Well it wa..." Judah managed before getting hit dead on with a snowball.

                  The Jedi drew it out as melodramatic as he could be. He looked down, then back to Kat as he used the force to form a ball of snow. Rather than use the force to launch it at her, however, he let it float to his hand as he tossed it toward her ample chest.

                  "You want to have a snowball fight huh," Judah asked with a good laugh.

                  Deep down he knew he needed to make sure the Corellisi cam out on top. It was a simple thing to do, but important. If she won, he won. That's how it was supposed to work. Judah had seen that from his own parents. While Judah's dad had not been a good father, he had been a good husband. Judah had always know he wanted what his parents had found in each other, and he was more than certain he had found it with Katara.

                  "You know, if you really want to go this route, I could have Suri come and get Little Red. I love her to death, but I'm antsy to spend some time alone with her mama."

                  Judah smiled. Sasha was showing signs of getting cold anyhow, and it was close to nap time.

                  "How about we finish the snowman for Sasha, and find out who's better with a snowball..."
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                    "...Fight?" Kat smirked finishing the Jedi's sentence as a handful of fluffy snow came to pie him in the face.

                    The spirited Corellisi moved quickly away from Judah, then scooped up Little Red; one so Sasha could add the pine cones they'd found on the snowman for it's buttons, eyes and nose, and two, for protection… Daddy wouldn't dare get revenge on her with his precious in her arms.

                    "Let's take another family holo with our snowman friend, then head back to drop off Sash with Suri…. before you show me your special place," she winked.

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                      Judah was about to finish his sentence, but Katara stuffed his face full of snow. Likely, he deserved it for where his eyes had been looking and where he hit her with the snowball. Truth was, this was all flirtation, and depending on where things went later, some would consider this foreplay. The act of love began far before the physical part of it, and Judah was fully engaged even if Kat wasn't yet. Who knew when everything which made her hesitant to come together completely would be gone.

                      A packed snowball fell into the rest of the white ground as Judah smiled at the suggestion of a holo of the family with the snowman. He placed the comm in the air and levitated it with the force and he motined his girls closer to "Olaf the snowman." Once they were in position Judah joined them. With a thought the camera clicked and Judah floated it over to show Red.

                      "We really do make a good looking family," he said stealing a kiss from Katara. "Let's get Sasha to Suri. She seems to be getting cold."

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                        Katara unzipped her jacket and shared her warmth with the toddler as she held her close. Sasha was indeed cold as a shiver or two could be felt through the layers of clothes.

                        "We do, and you're such a show off," Kat smirked lightly at the Guardian after the family holo was taken for his frivolous use of the Force, then the long-legged redhead trudged onward through the snow back the way they'd come from the Temple.

                        "I'm thinking hot chocolate would be a nice treat when we get backā€¦ especially if you got something to go in it," she said over her shoulder at Judah, who was pulling the sled behind him.

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                          "I didn't have a tripod," Judah as he stuck out his tongue.

                          Yes, he was teasing, but what he said was true regardless. Judah was simply having fun, and honestly he couldn't remember the last time he had fun like this. After the things he had faced in his trial, it was good to be doing something that really had nothing to do with the Jedi. Though the hot chocolate was a good idea, so Judah fell in step as he pulled the sled behind him. The Guardian didn't mind pulling up the rear. The view in front of him was nice.

                          "I still have my knight's quarters here that is more than spacious enough for us. We can live in them just fine if we ever need to be here together, like we are now."

                          Of course at some point, Judah had to take the lead since Katara did not know her way through the temple yet. Over time she would learn it well as Judah hoped this would not be the first time they were on Yavin VIII as a family. The quarters were modest as far as the decor and furniture were concerned. Judah was far from anyone who could be considered an expert in interior design, and the simplistic life of the Jedi meant the, now, Guardian did not need much. One things was clear, it could use a woman's touch if a family would ever live there, even for short term stays.

                          "Is Sasha drinking hot cocoa yet, Judah as asked as he reached into the pantry cupboard for the hot chocolate mix and his bag of small marshmallows.

                          Without Katara realizing it, Judah had already sent a mental message to Suri that they were ready for her to come and watch Sasha. Hopefully, Little Red, would be just going down for a nap when Suri arrived.

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                            "Well that's good because I took the liberty of making arrangements to send over Sash and my things from the Sunrise to your quarters while we were gone on our family outing," Kat grinned as they entered the temple grounds, now letting Judah take the lead; her chance to enjoy the view. The Jedi Temple was a big maze to her at the moment, but soon wouldn't be as the retired NRIS operative and now private security consultant would make it a point to know inside and out.

                            Judah's accommodations would do, though there was only one bedroom and one queen sized bed in his modest suite. Which would mean the adults would be sleeping together while their daughter slept in a portable playpen that doubled for a crib when Katara traveled. That thought both excited Red and made her anxious. It had been over two years since they'd last slept together and a lot had changed, not that the two had to sleep together. Thought to be honest, it would be hard to not go that path since the flames had been fanned and surely they would be more so by the time night came if the heavy flirting was any indication how the Guardian felt about them being together. Course he'd always wanted that since his recovery. It was she who was dragging her feet… until now.

                            After Katara changed Sasha into some warm, footed fleece pajamas, she sat the little girl in her high chair that was sent over and poured out some round-holed oats for her to munch on. "She'll take some warm chocolate milk in her tippy cup. No marshmallows please, but I will take hers in my hot drink," the spirited redhead said, flashing a lopsided grin as she came up beside Judah in the kitchen with a small bottle of clear liquid in her hand.

                            "Want a little something to spruce your hot chocolate up? It's the Corellian way, and I'm indulging since we are celebrating a milestone."
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                              Judah could feel the anxious excitement his red haired Corellisi was feeling. The empath had a hard time tuning her out because of how strong their bond was. Not that he wanted to tune her out, but Judah was always careful not to pry into what a person thought or felt as the ability to do so came so natural for him. It was one of several reasons he made a good Jedi Sentinal and investigator. The truth was he was anxious as she was, and likely for a different reason. While Red had been hesitant to come together again physically, all indicators seemed to signal full speed ahead, and Judah knew a lot had changed since the last time they had been together in a physically intimate way. One obvious change being the foreign, dark presence was no longer part of Judah, and the other being both adults had embraced, and expressed, their feelings for each other. Did Judah, the one who typically drank tea, want alcohol in his hot chocolate?


                              Judah left both mugs on the counter of the small island as he tended to Sasha's warm chocolate milk. One change seemed to be how the little toddler was so much better at feeding herself the finger foods Kat had left on the high chair for her. A good snack and warm drink is just what the girl needed before she went down, and Judah was beginning to count down to the soon approaching alone time.

                              "To us, and our family," he said picking up his after giving Sasha her milk.

                              Judah clinked his mug with Kat's and took a drink of the hot liquid which burned on the way down for two reasons. Still, he smiled as they family created yet one more memory.

                              "Suri should be here soon, and then we can head out. I still want to take you somewhere special to me. I've never taken anyone to this place."

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