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  • Thrills, Frills, Shrills, and Chills (Jezebella)

    He was going back to Yavin...

    That's what he kept telling himself lately, but our hero was on a trip to find himself, whatever that means. Sure, he forgot who he was and forgot what he was about, but the more he was out in the galaxy "Baus" was re-experiencing everything in his life before he was brought to Yavin. He was a broken man before the Jedi but unlike so many others, he wasn't going to rely on them to rebuild him, he was going to do so himself.

    That is one of the reasons why he was on Lorrd. There was a thrill he was seeking, there were rumors of those who were on the planet that wanted to be Jedi so badly they were jumping off of high places trying to Force themselves (pun intended) to land like those in the brown tunics. Of course our here just openly laughed at the idea every time he thought of it, but he was here for that very reason, not to mention the zip-lining.

    So there he was, on top of a commerce building with about twenty other monkeys who looked to finally realize just how stupid of an idea this thrill was. Oh well, you only live once. Pulling his jacket, and shirt off and taking off in a run and a leap off of the building he missed the feeling of the wind rushing through him as he fell toward the ground only to push through his limited connection to the Force at the last possible second. The landing was a little rough but it made him look like a completely insane thrill seeker.

    Just like old times...

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    The trail of bodies left in her wake would not be noticed for some time. She made short work of the security devices lying between her and the information she sought at the Lorrd University; specifically, the private scholar wing in the main archive. Now, equipped with the redacted coordinates of the planet Darvannis, the only other task she needed to complete before setting out was to assemble a crew for her mission. A few greedy fools unafraid of perilous adventure, some individuals with no noteworthy prospectives that could follow orders without question. Well, there was no time like the present.

    Leisurely moving along the main street of Lorrd City, the Sith Master expanded her senses outward via her control over the Force. Emotions were plucked from the passerbys, clips of meaningless chatter, and even brief glimpses into their respective futures. Nothing promising piqued her until a blanket of fear drifted down upon her from above. Amber eyes swiveled toward the source, espying through her keen vision a group of young thrill seekers perched precariously atop a three-story building. As she looked, one of them jumped and plummeted toward the ground; landing only by the good graces of the Force. One moment she was standing several meters away and the next she was above him, her lips quirked into a flirtatious smile.

    "My, that was certainly brave. Whatever possessed you to do something like that?"


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      The landing was not graceful, but he landed safely on the ground. He hear the cheers, the "OMG!"s and the yelps about how crazy he was. He also saw just how many were certainly backing up at that point and having no intention of jumping now. It made him smile, it made him laugh even to the point where yes, he heard the query of the dropdead gorgeous brunette in front of him. Though he couldn't help but laugh at the people above. Stupid drunk monkeys.

      Then he realized that the brunette was standing in front of him. Now for him the sequence of getting up, looking up and making fun of those onlookers, then eyes falling on the woman in front of him was an eternity when in reality it was about 2-3 seconds. His eyes did indeed fall on her, and he wasn't happy. Not because of her, but because of his luck. Really? All the times I try to get the attention of a woman like you in the past and nothing? Now, me, looking like an idiot and you show up?! Throwing his hands up in frustration and took a step away. I swear, someone has it in for me! Turning around as his shirt seemed to fall aimlessly to the ground, his jacket too. Obviously someone threw them from the roof.

      Sorry, inside joke... as for that stunt.. just a sucker for a smile and an urban legend, and they don't have to be mutually exclusive.



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        The response she received was not at all what she expected and her smile widened into an unprecedented grin. He stepped away from her, retrieving the shirt and jacket that came sailing down from the rooftop where he'd previously perched. An eyebrow arched as he continued to ramble on in that abrupt, unfiltered way of speaking; her arms coming up to cross over her chest and her head tilting to convey interest, despite her bemusement.

        "So, this jumping off of roofs thing is not a customary behavior of yours?" She questioned teasingly, stepping backwards and off to the side in case the others up top began their bold descent, as well. She doubted they'd meet the same success that he did, considering he'd used the Force to smooth his landing. She could feel the confidence his actions bred, however, and she eagerly anticipated the agony and gore that would ensue because of it.


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          Sure as shooting, a Nikto who believed himself to be as tough as a Morgukai, mainly because generations of his ancestors were took a leap and fell to the ground, hard. The painful groans brought a crazy belly laugh coming from our hero who would and could do nothing but point to match his verbal exertion. You stupid monkey! What did you think was going to happen?

          The Nikto, a broken arm and several other bones to go with it groaned some more. "You survived, why didn't I?"

          That only seemed to make him laugh more as our hero waved down an ambulance, the only one that would stop as several seemed to speeding, as well as local police, towards the University. That's because I don't have delusions of grandeur, and I know how to make that jump!

          Several of the onlookers from upstairs were now on the ground making their way towards him. "That was a three story fall!"

          He just shrugged. I've jumped from points higher.

          Turning his attention back to the brunette who either seemed to want an autograph, or wanted to do something else with him that we won't mention here. Naw, I'm no idiot. I don't go doing these things all the time. I just have a weird hobby. I look for weird myths and see if they're doable. Another shrug, and he watched the medics take the still groaning Nikto into their rig.

          Idiot! Next time don't be so stupid and realize that people like me can do that, people like you can't. He didn't want the guy hurt, but he hadn't learned the philosophy yet so he didn't know how he was acting, other than he was just being himself. That and he had no idea who this woman was, or what she was capable of. No idea at all. Maybe that was why he didn't put his shirt back on yet... who knows.