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    Morgana had never come to Yavin VIII. She hadn't planned to. The mathematician and light sculptor was headed to another system when her ship had some technical problem. The skilled pilot checked for the nearest space port and it happened to be the one close to the Jedi Temple. She had nothing against Jedi. As far as she knew, she had probably never met one. Granted, she had met tons of people in her thirty one years of existence, but still.

    She landed and hadn't realized how bleeping cold this planet was! That was way too chilly for her taste! At least, she could find someone to help and her ship would be checked. She knew enough about mechanics to do easy maintenance, but she was no engineer.

    She asked for directions where she could find a place to get a hot drink or whatnot. She didn't really want to stay out in the cold for hours! She was told that there was a tavern further away. She thanked the person and headed to the establishment at once! Even if the place happened to be horrid, it couldn't be worse than some of the hides her maternal family's employees possessed on her home world.

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    It had been a few days since Keiryn's arrival on Yavin VIII and the man was still trying to settle in. He didn't know much about the Galaxy outside of his own little colony and here he was on a foreign moon freezing his butt off. He decided to go grab a drink at the Mountain Side Tavern and maybe a bite to eat. As he walked, the wind whipped around his heels and threw bits of snow in his face. He didn't mind the cold as it reduced the crowds of people he might see along the way to his destination. It wasn't that Keiryn didn't like people, they just seemed to disturb his peace of mind.

    After the short walk, Keiryn approached the tavern at the same time as a brunette woman. He opened the door and held it for her allowing himself an appraising look as she entered the building. She looked a little out of place here on Yavin so the man ventured a guess that she wasn't here by choice. "The fates must really hate you if they made you come all the way to Yavin VIII just to see little old me." He teased. From most people this line would have sound like a pick up line, but from Keiryn is just sounded kind of cheesy.


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      The moment she reached the tavern, Morgana's eyes wandered to a man who arrived at the same time. She smiled to him and thanked him as he held the door for her. Gods, being inside felt so much better than in the snow! She didn't mind the cold, but she wasn't used to mild chilly, so an ice ball like Yavin VIII was weird for her!

      She laughed at what the stranger said. "You don't seem so little or so old." She quipped back with a grin. She rubbed her hands against one another, trying to feel her fingers again.

      "If you happen to be local, please just tell me this place serves hot caf and they have good whiskey to add into it!"


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        Keiryn was glad when the woman didn't scoff at his comment and in turn replied with some friendly banter of her own. "Perhaps not." He replied with a grin.

        She then asked him about the beverage selection of the tavern... "It is very hot and as for the whiskey, I don't know how good it is, but it serves its purpose." He then said aloud to Tom the bartender, "Tom we need some of your hottest caf and your best whiskey."

        "I'm Keiryn by the way and it is a pleasure to meet you miss..." He paused hoping she would fill in her name.


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          Morgana grinned when the man called out to the bartender and asked for hottest caf and best whiskey. "Thank you."

          When he introduced himself, she offered her hand. "Morgana. Pleasure meeting you as well, Keiryn." She nodded towards the tables around. "Would you like to share a table with me?" She didn't see reason to go hang out on her own when she could have company.

          "How do you get used to the cold, if I may ask? I didn't think that this place would be this damn chilly!"


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            Keiryn followed her nod to one of the empty tables. "It would be a pleasure to share a table with you Morgana." He said honestly feeling a little less like the new kid. The two took their seat and Tom was over shortly with the requested drinks. "Thanks Tom." Keiryn said passing the man a credit chip.

            He then responded to her question. "I don't know that you ever get used to the cold. It still chills my bones... I generally just find a way of staying warm or distracting myself from the temperature." His mind trailed off onto a few ways he would like to stay warm and distract himself with the present company and he allowed himself to ponder the thought fondly for a moment before returning his full attention to her.

            "So what brings you to this humble little ball of ice if you don't mind my asking?"


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              "Thanks, Keiryn." Morgana grinned to him as they headed to a table. She sat down and crossed her legs, not caring one bit about people wondering how came someone dressed like she did on an ice ball. For frak sake, she hadn't intended to stop by!

              She thanked Tom as he brought the drink and she wrapped her cold hands around the hot mug. "Caf and whiskey smell good." She blew off the steam and took a careful sip. "I travel every now and then, but the world where I live, Raltiir, has a much nicer weather!" She quirked a brow with a playful grin. "So, you're uh, with the Jedi?"

              When asked about what brought her to Yavin VIII, she shrugged. "I was passing by the sytem and got some trouble with my ship. Seems something will need to be replaced. That's how I ended up here!"


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                He grinned as she compared the weather of the two places and kind of chuckled when she asked if he was with the Jedi. His comment earlier probably wasn't the most 'Jedi-like'... "I've only just arrived here myself. I must admit, I found the weather back home much nicer as well."

                He cocked a brow as she mentioned ship trouble. "Pesky machines always find a way of ruining your plans don't they?" He said more seriously than she might expect before his tone became lighter again... "Well I'm glad it worked out like it did. I'm sorry for your troubles but it is nice to not be the new person for a little while."


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                  "Where is home for you?" She asked with curiosity. She bet that most places were less cold than Yavin VIII, but at the same time, the galaxy was so vast that guessing where people were from was kind of impossible!

                  "I love my ship, but yeah mechanical troubles happen. At least, I could land here. I thought about heading off to Yavin 13, ut this one was closer. So I avoided tropical snakes and creatures by opting for cold and taverns!" She laughed and sipped more of her spiked caf.

                  "See? I made someone's day by being the new girl in town!"