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  • Uhhhh huh... (Sinead)

    Yeah... can't remember my name to save my life... but people seem to work for me. Everyone keeps calling me "Baus", so I guess you can too. Looking around the ring, he was waiting for her to decide what to do. He had his gear stored, it's not like she'd leave him with nothing as he had a lot of survival stuff in his jacket if he needed it.

    Pulling out some credits he quipped. I'm not one of those unoriginal "Super rich family legacy, became a Jedi to be an individual" Jedi... but how much? Help me out, I'll show you the stunt they're tryin' to steal too. I used to be one of those "thrill-seeker" monkeys.

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    "Alright, Baus." Sinead replied with a slight nod. "I was forced to leave home when I was fifteen, and that didn't include a fancy bank account." She knew how much many pilots charged around Drifter's, which was why she had often relied on public transportation prior to having her own ship.

    "Make it 1,500."
    That was about 20% cheaper than the cheaper pilots. "I like the idea of stealing what these are after. I've refueled a few days ago, so good to go when you are." She had nothing on her plate right now, so she didn't need waiting.


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      1500 it is. He didn't want to owe anyone anything, money or favors. So whatever was needed, he would get, he wasn't rich or anything but he could cover the expenses. Of course the more they stood around, the more time those monkeys had to get away with what they were doing, whatever it is at this point. He wasn't out to hurt anyone but scaring the (censored) out of their (censored) sorry (censored) (censored) would be pretty fun.

      Let's make trees and leave.


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        Sinead nodded when Baus agreed to her price. She laughed at what he said next. "Botanical expressions always amuse me." She smirked. "Comes with being half plant." Gesturing for him to follow her to her dock, she knew they had no reason to linger.

        Once aboard, she showed him to the guest quarters and then headed to the cockpit to get them going. The journey to Rhen Var shouldn't be too long thanks to Drifter's current position in space.


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          "Half Plant"? Cocking an eyebrow as he walked into her ship, he ignored her motion to the guest quarters. Sure, she was just showing them and he knew why, but he was wired right now and wanted to just sit in the common room or the cockpit itself. So, you're either vegetarian, or... wait are you into Balo mushrooms or something? To each is own and all but I'm no addict.


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            Sinead was fine with Baus taking the copilot seat as she soon got clearance for them to leave Drifter's. She chuckled at what he thought her words had meant.

            "I don't have blood, but some chlorophyll sap instead. I'm only half human." She grinned. "So I never know whether I'm somewhat of a canibal when I eat veggies, besides a nice steak!"

            She checked the route she had calculated before confirming it. "I'm no addict either. I can drink about anyone under the table, but that's because alcohol doesn't affect me."


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              I didn't mean anything bad about addicts or vegheads... okay they're the same thing... anyway only "half plant" I know of is some tree-man Jedi that I heard of. So I don't really know. Sitting there for a little bit, quiet and arms crossed over each other he looked out plainly. He wasn't much for space travel, sure it was necessary but it still sucked. So as they left the space station which looked oddly different from how he had it pictured in his head, he waited until they were pulling away before the question in his head decided to spout out.

              So what made you a mercenary Sinead? Wanton "Look at how better off I am without you" penchant on your ex or something?


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                "The Neti? I think I saw him from afar once or twice when I lived on Yavin VIII." Sinead mused aloud, unable to remember the name. She was far from knowing all Jedi, but having shared her life with a Jedi Master and helped at the Tavern for a good year had made her knowledgeable about some of the people in the Order.

                As they were making their way out of Drifter's, getting far enough so they would be able to enter hyperspace as soon as possible, she grinned to his question. "I already was a mercenary when I met her. Heck, I tried to pickpocket her in the first place!" She smirked at the memory.

                "I was kicked off my home world when a teenager. I became a thief back then and joined the Cartel a few years ago. What about you? Why the Jedi?"


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                  Randomly he started smacking his forehead when she asked. Head got smacked up, lost all memory. Well they've offered help when some monkeys pulled me out of a ditch and I threw one fifty feet without touching him before passing out. He shrugged. Well, I got my memory back. Remembered I was a... man I don't know what the frell I was, I was some anarchist. I didn't like any government, I harassed any mucky muck monkey just because they annoyed me. I wasn't violent or anything, just stole councilman's speeders and drove'em off a cliff, or a Senator's ship to come up with some skiing stunt... crap like that. All the while doing stupid stunts for fame and money. He shrugged again. It's weird though. Risked my neck for years for stupid reasons. I don't know why, they're a bunch of monks... but the Jedi... being one of'em... it makes sense.


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                    Sinead was proud of having made it high up to be one of the Cartel lieutenants but she liked money better than fame. The irony was that she didn't use that money a lot, given how much she now made. Her young cousin joked about her getting planted in a nice pot somewhere. Sinead just had no idea where she'd get an actual place to call home. For now, Drifter's did well enough.

                    "As long as it makes sense, that's what matters." She replied truthfully. "There we go." She said as they entered hyperspace. "What can we expect to be up against once we hit Rhen Var?"


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                      He shrugged at her question. Dress warm... it's an iceball. He said as he got up to stretch his legs, he didn't really want to think about a "plant lady" being stuck on an ice planet. She'll be useless to herself and to him, not like he was expecting much of a fight. A Jawa, a Kaminoan, a Togruta, and a couple of Gungans... they're thiefs, they're not much in a fight. I go in, grab their stuff, and get my droid back and leave'em on stuck on the planet and I'm happy.


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                        "I'll do that. Better an iceball than a bloody desert." Sinead handled the cold better than dry heats. She nodded to what he explained about the thugs they were up against. "A totally merry band." She remarked with a smirk.

                        "What about that stunt they were trying to pull? Is it on Rhen Var too or is it elsewhere?" She take Baus back as she had promised to, after they took care of the thiefs, but she was still curious about the other thing he had mentioned back on Drifter's!


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                          I was gonna do it on Hoth... but Fleed... the Jawa... he was all about Rhen Var. Said there's some kind of frozen Citadel there that could be used. They all liked the idea I guess. He shrugged at the answer again. Maybe they were right. I dunno... doesn't matter. They ticked me off.


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                            Sinead nodded to Baus's answer. She knew all she needed to know. So their trip to Rhen Var should go without any trouble.


                            When they reached their destination more than a day later, she just needed to know where to land. "I bet the closer the better, right? Or you want some sneak attack?" She had the feeling that just barging in might be on their plate, but she was taxi and back up, so she'd let Baus decide how they'd scare the guys off.


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                              I want those monkeys flailing... sneak up on'em He was excited to pull this stunt off, no he wasn't looking to hurt anyone, we've been through this, but he was a realist. He was such a realist that he almost wanted to see these monkeys try his stunt and fail just so he could point and laugh. The thing is though he wasn't going to let someone get hurt on something he was planning.

                              He wanted this so much to the point that he got up before they landed and started grabbing his things.