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The Danger In Disputing Darkness [Brandyn]

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  • The Danger In Disputing Darkness [Brandyn]

    Coruscant. She'd always fancied a visit but hadn't found the time. Now, Lucette stood out on the deck of a passenger liner that hovered over the Uscru District; her amber eyes drinking in the glittering lights below. A glass of wine was held primly within one hand while the other hand gingerly braced itself upon the railing, preventing the ship's occupants from smudging the dome-like viewport's flawless, glass appearance. Her svelte form was clad in a burgundy dress and her wavy tresses had been left down, teasing her mid-back as they was impassively swept over one shoulder.

    A waiter working the Skyline Bar, which was one of the main venues aboard the passenger liner, sidled in to refill her glass and she rewarded the man with a pristine smile. Without another word, he left her again and she sipped the Emerald wine that reminded her of one fond night on Onderon; before virtues had been dashed to bits against the jagged realities of this cruel universe. She smiled bitterly into the verdant liquid and then turned her back on the view, leaning the small of her back into the railing her hand had previously been propped upon. She should have selected some place more lively to spend the evening. Unfortunately for those nearby, dangerous things tended to happen around her when tedium set in.
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    Of all the ways that he could have found to get to where he needed to go, the passenger liner was not exactly the fastest. It was the most lavish, but fast was not the purpose of the vessel. It was more a cruise to the destination, a trap for those with money to spend. The liner was as much a part of the District below as the District itself. It was not Brandyn's ideal means of transport.

    He would have hired a speeder, or had the Coruscant Security Force transport him, something faster for sure, but all his ID had been taken when his room had been attacked the night before. The attack had answered one big question. Yes, the Dalva Syndicate knew that he was on to them.

    The mission to investigate Dalva and their dealings with Republic Senators had been one of vital covert importance. The attack had not only served take away his resources, but it had also outed his investigation to the local authorities. There was surely a mole for a number of syndicates in the midst of Security. Jedi involvement in an internal Republic matter, it did not look good, not to mention that Coruscant was a neutral world. Brandyn was walking a legal tight rope just to remain on world.

    So, the passenger liner had been his only means of transport to the edge of Uscru. From there he was intending to make his way to by foot to the districts beyond, and the more shady areas of Coruscant's top levels.

    His mind was wandering when he heard a small scuffle from behind.

    "HEY!" Someone shouted, just before blaster fire rang out.

    Brandyn, as well as everyone on the observation deck and the nearby bar, turned to see the problem. Several men, and a few women, species unknown, held blasters above their head and occasionally pointed them at people as they spread out around the area. Their faces were hidden beneath masks, and their bodies garbed in full black attire. "EVERYBODY TO THE EDGE OF THE OBSERVATION PLATFORM!" Came a loud, clear cybernetic voice.

    People screamed, a scream that rippled down the rest of the ship as Brandyn realised this was not the only group of hijackers on the liner. He moved with the crowd, trying to look for a place to slip away, but the frantic crowds round about him prevented him from moving away without being too obvious. What ever he did, he needed to draw as little attention as possible to himself. He would be able to slip away at some point, it was all in the timing.


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      Blaster fire. Screams. Lucette perked up with interest, setting aside the glass of wine she had been sipping and spreading her sense out across the deck. Fear and panic radiated off of every passenger, muddling the precision she had anticipated. Narrowing her eyes, she began to stalk forward to get a closer look at the situation. The next moment, the observation deck she stood upon was flooded with a variety of races seeking to escape whatever was causing the raucous. Men and women with masks appeared at the slight incline of level, a cybernetic voice commanding the passengers to move even closer to her. How bothersome.

      Fingers gingerly traced a path up her thigh, the motion concealed by those packing themselves in around her. The tips of those fingers grazed the pointed end of one of her throwing daggers, one of many that rested within the holster type garter circling her shapely thigh. Drawing one of the daggers into her palm, she flipped it between her fingers expertly while she contemplated which hijacker to disembowel and what innocent bystander would suffer because of it.
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        A glint of some form of metal caught Brandyn's eye. It was a blade. He felt the presence of the women holding it, and realized that that there was more than just armoured thugs to worry about. There were dangers in the crowd as well. He needed to insure that no one tried to play hero, perhaps including himself. He needed to eliminate the possibility of civilian casualties...any casualties preferably.

        Best you put that knife away, he thought towards the woman. He assumed that his voice in her head would likely startle her. It was uncommon to have happen if you were not experienced around force users.

        We don't want anyone to get hurt, after all.


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          She was surprised to hear those words bandy about the deepest recesses of her mind, her grip on the throwing knife tightening as it became the subject of this unknown man's concern. Her lips quirked into a faint smile, little regard given to the very real danger she was in.

          We don't? Because I'm quite certain I would 'very much' like to hurt those responsible for interrupting my evening. She quipped mentally, rising on her tip toes to look over the shoulders of those that had begun to line up in front of her; taking in the number of assailants while simultaneously trying to get a lock on the other Force adept. Someone close, someone who had the ability to glimpse the knife. Unless, of course, you can propose something more fun.
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            The tone. It was ice cold. Brandyn finally realized their captors were not the greatest threat to life on this barge. His heart raced just a little, at least until he could regulate his breathing and bring things back into an even rhythm.

            Fun? How about...just for a challenge...we see if we can capture each one of the assailants without hurting them or any other person on the ship, he said through the Force, while allowing a rather pushy Llordian to move between he and the woman with the knife. It was best he stayed hidden. Then we turn them all over to the authorities and walk away unscathed...sounds like a challenge, I mean...anyone can kill...takes an artist to complete my suggestion.