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    Pirate Contract: #P-21197 [Threat Level 2]
    Contract Title: Seize / Transport
    Name of Acquisition: Mi'in's Dream, Cargo Container (unarmed)
    Species: Human, Wookie
    Sex: Male, 2 crew
    Force Abilities: Unknown
    Known weapons used: DL44, SoroSuub Renegade
    Known Affiliates: Ordasani Transport Company
    Last Seen: Travels frequently between Rendili and Hapes, cargo of 40000 tons of medical supplies, engineering equipment and food stuffs to be captured and transported to Ryloth. Also rumored to have 3 security droids aboard also.


    "Come on... Show up for frak sake!" Agatha sighed as she smashed her finished cigarette into the ashtray. She had been roaming the space line for the past week. So far she hadn't found the ship she was sent to find, to seize its cargo. She had thought that it would be entertaining, but so far it had been just boring!

    She hadn't wanted to go to Hapes, as the place was so crowded and busy - and she didn't want to get in trouble on an actual planet. Getting the ship in space would be more discreet and practical. She knew that once she'd be aboard, it'd be a messy game, especially as her gut feeling told her that the rumored combat droids were no myth.

    If there was one thing she had learned was that if there was a chance for hell to unleash, it happened. She was okay with this though, and had already survived severe and dramatic ordeals. It was part of her crazy choice of work. She loved it though, because she would be bored out of her mind to have a desk job or just be some kind of socialite.

    She liked the adventurous life. She sighed again and glared out of the viewport. She really wanted to get things going...

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    Agatha had calculated the best routes to find the damn ship but obviously she wasn't able to get them. So she had one option left. That was to rush to Rendili and stay in the system, to catch the ship before it reached orbit of its destination. That wasn't how she had wanted to play it, but it wasn't as she had other choices. She needed to get this done and she would.

    She spent the next hour figuring her quickest itinary and then hit the road. She used her time in hyperspace to catch up with rest, but she was just annoyed to have waisted time and waiting was definitely not her forte. Heck, even her aunt was much more talented for this. As reckless as Fireya could be, her bounty hunter of aunt could wait for a prey to fall into her grasp. The younger pirate wondered whether she would develop better patience as she grew older, but she wasn't so certain.

    She always made sure that the Kenzyator was in top shape, and with the best upgrades she could afford, especially as most of her money went into her ship. In moments like these, it was very handy and would allow her to perform her mission, despite the delay.

    Now she just hoped that she'd be able to catch her target soon after arriving. She couldn't wait to get things done.


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      When she exited hyperspace in the Rendili system, Agatha was nervous. She really really damn hoped she hadn't missed that ship she had to retrieve cargo from. She easily found a good spot where to "fly casual" until the other ship would show up.

      They were outside of territorial space of the planet and outside of their local control so she would have room to move around and shoot it to immobilize it. She had upgraded her ship's weaponry over the past weeks preceeding this contract and this was time to test it!

      She didn't have long to wait, as she had picked this spot in regards to the destination on Rendili where the target was supposed to go. When the ship appeared on her radar, she recognized it at once.

      She didn't have much time to think. Thankfully she had read up about the build of this model so she could shoot to stop it, without sending it crashing! And of course, she would start by shooting its couple cannons! She had read up how it was supposedly unarmed but she had read that the company's ships sometimes came with cannons. Better safe than shot down!

      She had been waiting at her own weapons and shot without hesitation once she could. Not expecting it at all, the others didn't have time to do anything.

      She knew that the time she'd need to fly closer and get in, would allow them to be ready for the welcome party and that was going to be the tricky, possibly deadly part.
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        When Agatha got ready, she felt afraid all of the sudden. She knew that she had to be prompt as she connected the passage to the other ship. It had worked well and she didn't know whether the others would try to keep her out. She had two blasters and two detonators, as well as her vibroblade. Gods, she was close to shake. She had done this before and she would do it again, but she still had a bad feeling about all of this.

        She was in her space suit just in case they tried to keep her out of their craft. Though her frame was slender, the helmet hid her face, so they might not guess right away they were dealing with a young woman. She still very much looked like a teenager and was fine with it. Sometimes it could be practical to look innoffensive, but not always.

        She had to force the hatch open. And she got shot at right when she stepped inside. She tossed one of the detonators right away. She threw herself against the wall, getting to the ground, desperately hoping to find cover.

        The three security droids were no joke. They were the welcome committee.


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          Agatha managed to take the first security droid down almost right from the start. As good as she was, she knew that it was huge luck. Then she got shot in a leg by one of the two left standing. She managed to curl up in a corner of the cargo bay, using the ship settings to save herself. The actual crew of the craft had made sure whoever arrived didn't have much space to take cover!

          She tossed her second detonator, knowing that afterwards it was shooting, stabbing and punching she had left as combat - and survival - options.

          Thank the maker, it took one of the droids down fully and she could finish the next one as she clumsily sprang from her tiny retreat spot. She made sure that the three were destroyed finely. Taking the short moment of respite, she grabbed a small injector from her pouch and used it on herself, the stims would use and she wouldn't bother about her wounded leg. She tried to avoid using them, but recognized their usefulness.

          Blaster in hand, she then limped towards the hallway, set on taking care of the human and the Wookie who were still aboard, per her information.


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            Agatha cursed loud when she got shot at. She didn't get a gash or scrap this time. She shot back, like a madwoman and the Wookiee fell down, face first, smoke still coming from his now dead body. She wasn't in the mood to be nice. And she was supposed to get the cargo, not pulling the merciful act. All she was interested in was to get back to do the delivery.

            She found herself chasing down the other crew member, who seemed as angry about the situation as she was. This eventually ended with them at each other's throat in the most literal fashion and the pirate got a black eye in the process. She ended fighting to grab her weapon back and shot him in the head.

            Shaking, tired and wounded, she crawled to sit against the wall of the room. She grabbed a cigarette and lit it. "Frakkers." She muttered in between smokes.


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              Once she was alone aboard the ship, Agatha first headed back to her own craft to tend to her wounds. She popped in a few more painkillers after patching her leg up. She'd definitely have use for further bacta treatment later on, but it'd have to do for the time being.

              She limped back to the target ship and found where the insane amount of cargo was kept. There was no way she could move all of this by herself. It would take days. And she didn't have days. She wanted to get things done more quickly and not linger around forever.

              These tons of supplies could fit in her smaller ship, but if she stocked the crates about everywhere aboard the Kenzyator. She had briefly thought how she could drag the damaged ship behind her own, but the fuel it'd require to keep up would be worse than having extra load aboard her flying home.

              It meant she had to figure a way to move everything out without taking a week or so.


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                Thing was that she had accidentally shot too much at one point when attacking the ship. That meant that she'd need replacement pieces to fix it, if she wanted to be able to drag this along with her own to the destination. Problem was that she didn't have the parts required and in the current situation her robust but smaller freighter wouldn't be able to keep up with dragging a semi dead ship, so much larger, anywhere as far as Ryloth.

                Agatha was annoyed with herself. While she had gained extensive experience over the past couple of years, she knew she still had much more to learn. And learning by doing still remained the best teacher in her line of work.

                As she patched herself, back aboard her own ship, she pinged a few of her contacts she knew had larger ships than her own. She hoped that one of them would be responding and not so far, so they might be able to assist her.


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                  The next four hours saw Agatha be on edge, even more than she could normally be when it came to a job. In a way, risking her life was easier, because she could react and things were going on. She hated waited. That still was the part of the job she liked least. If she knew something would happen, she could take things a bit better, but when everything was up in the air, she hated it with a passion.

                  She got four negative answers from her pings. It was no surprise given the size of the galaxy and how people also had their own life and business. She knew she was asking out of the blue and that there was a really slim chance that she got help.

                  When she got an actual call from the last person she had contacted, she crossed fingers. Diaranz, a Twi'lek female mercenary she had met a few years ago, whom she had helped acquire certain artifacts, still owed her, but the pirate knew the other woman was rarely in this area of the galaxy and hated her home world with a passion, especially the authorities.

                  Diaranz wasn't happy when Agatha told her the destination. When she explained the nature of the supplies, the Twi'lek eventually agreed to show up but warned Agatha that she'd lend her the ship, and would keep guard of the Kenzyator in the meantime. That they'd proceed the exchange of ships after the delivery and would be able to go back to their own devices.

                  The pirate agreed to the terms, and Diaranz said she would be there within six hours as she wasn't far away from Agatha's locations.


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                    When Diaranz showed up, neither woman spent time exchanging pleasantries. Agatha hated leaving someone else aboard her ship, but she knew the Twi'lek felt the same, so they were even so to speak. And they would be even more after everything was done.

                    The target ship was soon connected to the mercenary's larger craft and the younger pirate then took her leave. She still had a long road to cover for to get to Ryloth.

                    During the time it took, she felt weird. And she hated how she had promised Diaranz not to smoke aboard her ship. She had wanted a larger ship for a while, but she loved the Kenzyator and traveling aboard this foreign one wasn't much to her liking.

                    Yet, she was grateful to Diaranz to have assisted her and she wasn't going to complain one bit. She had already contacted the people she was to make the delivery to, so they knew which ship to expect.


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                      When she reached Ryloth and climbed down the boarding ramp, Agatha lit a cigarette right after putting her shades on. That felt so damn good. Sure thing, it wasn't healthy but she didn't care. She waved as she saw a small group of people arrive. These were her contacts. They talked for a while and soon afterwards, the delivery papers were handled.

                      The pirate inquired whether she was needed while they unloaded the target ship. She only had to be around as they went board and made sure that every crate was accounted for. Once this was done, the brunette was on her way to the rendezvous point to get her ship back.

                      As she flew back there, she mused on how she had spent more time traveling around and waiting than actually getting the cargo. That wasn't the first time, but it still wasn't something she liked so much.

                      When she met with Diaranz again, the two women agreed that there was no more debt the Twi'lek needed to pay. Agatha even extended a more generous offer and paid her a bonus. The mercenary was obviously surprised but graciously accepted it.

                      Agatha knew that good relations could be life savers at times.

                      She sighed with contentment when sitting in her ship's pilot chair and calculated the quicker route to Drifter's.