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Paying respects...the Sith way(Jay)

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  • Paying respects...the Sith way(Jay)

    Yavin VIII

    It was a place he distasted for it was the home of the Jedi Order. Now that the Jedi were allied with the Republic it was only a matter of time before it went into full blown war. Ah, how James would revel in murdering a group of Jedi and their Republic commrades. Nonetheless he was here to mark the anniversary of his former students death. Lee Sin Quan. How he wished it wouldn't have been this way. Although the man was killed by his hand the Sith Master again wished it wouldn't have ended like that. He would have rather had him come back to the Sith and complete his training. Lee would have been a peculiar Sith in his own right. Being a Jedi instead he chose his path and it ended with his own death.

    So, trekking the way there, the Sith Master's ship was in orbit, his pilot having been tasked with staying till the masked Sith called him to pick him up. It was a long way there, marked with many trees, hills, and of course, snow. Although James wore his usual black attire he had on his winter clothing underneath. It was tight fitting and warm so he would be alright.

    The journey took a while but he had made his way to the tomb of his former student. With a sigh, the Sith Master knelt down and touched the headstone. Shaking his head he stayed for a while. Oh how he still wished Lee was here, but, as a Sith of course. He could still remember the day he murdered him like it was yesterday. Lee put up a fight, but, wasn't able to withstand the Master's onslaught. Darth Reverence had the command of the Dark Side while Lee was still but a Padawan. Having to be taught the ways of the Force again so that was his most prominent downfall.

    "Ah, Lee...why did it have to be this way?" He said aloud.

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    "Because you people despise the idea of living in peace."

    The voice came from the narrow entranceway to the little hollow where Lee's sarcophagus stood. a figure in a black, fur-lined, hooded coat stood silhouetted against the whiteness of the snow, framed by the natural granite walls that encircled the burial. The silence between his words seemed louder than the breeze that pulled snowflakes from the branches of the trees that sheltered the hollow from most of the elements.

    "When you killed him, James Icarus, he had left the Sith to live as a Jedi, this much is true. He had also left the Jedi and exiled himself to the planet you found him on. I don't think he truly intended to ever come back here, he just needed to know that he was never going to become one of you again."

    The figure moved forward, the pale sunlight reaching his face as he lowered his hood. Aside from the short hair and slightly taller frame, there was no chance of Icarus mistaking who this was. The scar across the eye, the determined look in his eyes and even the lightsaber hilt lying dormant in his hand, which the young man lifted up to show the Sith Master.

    "You took a lot of things from me that day, you murdering, Sith *******. I want the other one of these back. Then, one day, I'll be taking yours..."


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      "There is no peace, boy! Only pain and suffering!" James said intently as he spun around to see who it was.

      No doubt, there he was...Jay Sin Quan. The son of his now-dead former pupil. Smirking beneath his mask, the Sith Master then rose to meet the young man's gaze. Hazel eyes pierced to the young Jedi's own. As the Padawan mentioned his name he then grit his teeth. Apparently the kid knew it was him who murdered his father! Good! Saved him the trouble of telling him. Then again he would have reveled in it more or less.

      "So you know my name, boy?" James said unclenching his teeth, "Although I wished I could have told you personally that I murdered him in cold blood. Funny, he spoke of being neither Jedi nor Sith. Well, he had his end his own way. Your father knew that one day I'd find him. Did you know I trained him? Did you?"

      Then Jay showed him the lightsaber hilt that was Lee's. It brought a grin to his face. He'd come here with the other one, the red bladed saber at his belt. Pulling it with the Force to his hand he ignited it. The red hued blade snapped to life illuminating his mask as the pale sunlight was creeping over the horizon. Hearing Jay speak about reclaiming the other he then laughed his voice dripped with the Dark Side. Taunting Jay more or less.

      "You mean this one?" He mocked holding it for Jay to see then laughed harder at his threat, "You think so huh? It's going to take you many many years for that to happen. By then, I'll be even more powerful. Not that being a Master doesn't qualify you as such. But then, pain does something to a man. You've never experienced pain, boy! I can show you such pain. If you want me to."

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