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Great. An Escort Mission (Closed)

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  • Great. An Escort Mission (Closed)

    Akaan had been a mercenary/bounty hunter/general miscreant for as long as he could remember. He was a soldier at heart, given his Mandalorian heritage. But he found that the independent contracts that he would take would often pit him against overwhelming odds. While the rush of combat was always a welcome feeling for Akaan, he found he wasn’t finding enough contracts on his own to keep constantly employed. He wanted to test himself as much as he could, as often as he could. It is for this reason that Akaan had chosen to join up with Vaago the Hutt.

    Despite his experience, Akaan knew he’d start off at the bottom of the organization, which was fine with him. He knew that the missions he’d be given to begin with were a way not only to give Vaago business, but also to determine whether or not he could be trusted. When Akaan had gotten to Drifter’s, he noticed a few mercenary contracts that had been posted, and chose the one that he felt would better suit his style. He could’ve babysitted a 12 year old brat, but the thought of doing something like that was humiliating. Akaan had standards, after all.

    The Mandalorian made his way towards the Erilnar capital. A Zeltron businesswoman was being incredibly paranoid that her cargo was going to be attacked by pirates. Piracy in that sector wasn’t uncommon, and Akaan had agreed to be Vaago’s representative in this job. He landed his ARC-170 Heavy Starfighter, Warbright, in the hanger. The cockpit opened, and Akaan stood up. He was wearing a set of Mandalorian Armor from the time of the Old Republic. It was the yellow armor of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. He had two DH-17 heavy blaster pistols on each thigh, and held in his arms the modular DC-17m blaster rifle. It could easily be modified into a variety of weapon types, but for this operation it wasn’t really vital. He had it for the short time he would be out of his Starfighter.

    Akaan stepped out of his Starfighter, and was met by a frantic Zeltron woman. Akaan sealed his suit as if he were in space, as to not be affected by the woman’s pheromones. She was attractive enough as it was, and he didn’t want to experience any sort of unnecessary attraction that would distract him from the task at hand.

    “I’m so glad you’re here!” The Zeltron said in a husky voice, grabbing Akaan’s arm dramatically. She pressed herself against his arm. Akaan kept his suit sealed tight.
    “I’ll escort you as far as Trandosha. At that point, you’ll transfer Vaago his credits. If for some reason you don’t, I guarantee he’ll send someone meaner than me to come collect.” Akaan says, coldly.

    The Zeltron woman looked offended. Akaan figured she wasn’t used to men spurning her obvious advances.

    “Well fine. All business then.” She said. “I am sure pirates are going to try and steal my cargo ships. I am completely convinced.”

    Akaan said nothing. She coughed uneasily, and continued.

    “That’s why I need you. Keep my cargo safe and I’ll make sure you’re…rewarded.” The Zeltron woman said, accentuating her words as she spoke them.

    “No need. Vaago pays me.” Akaan says, making his way back to his ARC-170, his heart pounding.

    Akaan got into the cockpit and looked around him at the cargo ships. They were lightly armed. Akaan thought this Zeltron an obvious amateur, to hire only one mercenary to protect her things. But Akaan wouldn’t worry about it now. He would do his best to do the job for which he was paid.

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