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    Somehow, the Twi’lek majordomo managed to put a slick, serpentine flavor to her name, one that made the young slave wish for the luxury of a bath. Vi cringed, but rose with alacrity, opening her door a scant second after he said her name. It was a blessing as much as it was a curse, considering the door locked only from the outside, but she did not have to share it, and that...well. That was something.

    “Is Her Magnificence asking for me, Tormon?” she asked softly, head bowed properly, with her chestnut eyes cast to the floor between them.

    “She is indeed. She has important guests in her throne room. There will be much business conducted this evening, and you are to entertain. You will present yourself in ten minutes.” he hissed, flat gaze roving over her slowly, given that the rags she had been given barely covered what they needed to.

    “I am Hers to command, Tormon. Do these guests warrant the-” her soft voice stopped in mid-word as a dress was thrust into her hands and the door abruptly slammed closed. She did not so much as move until she heard their footsteps recede down the dark, dank hallway.

    Gently shaking out the fabric in her hands revealed two delicate pieces she had seen only once before. The once-fine fabric was carefully mended and quite heavily embroidered with fake jewels and intricate patterns. This choice spoke volumes - the guests were important, very important, and Gorekka’s coffers were beginning to look bare once more.

    Slender fingers quickly set the garments down, before removing the rags that served as her daily clothing. Vi could not remember a time when she hadn’t worn rags, in fact, save for moments such as this one when she was given a costume to dance in. It dictated a particular style of dance she had been trained to, and it also bespoke of a sleepless night spent in the ‘company’ of the guests.

    She had learned long ago to prepare herself quickly, and with a full minute to spare, she appeared in her spot on Gorekka’s dais. Tormon stood slightly behind and to her left, their conference whispered too low for her ears to catch. She remained there, motionless and silent, eyes cast properly down until Her Magnificence rumbled for her to entertain them all. Fingers artfully trailed through her chestnut curls as she paced down to the center of the sunken floor with the first strains of the music.

    A soft, small smile curled her lips, as if she lived for nothing else but to serve her Mistress, and took the greatest pleasure in the dance. But inside, Invicta had already retreated to the darkest recesses of her mind. Hiding from whatever fresh horror would be visited upon her, she had minimal awareness only.

    It was enough to perform, and to obey.

    She could endure no more than that.
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    Jacob was in his Penumbra disguise, The Unforgiven as he made his way into the gathering that the Gorekka was having. His name being put on the list before he had even left Ruusan. His Inquisition scouts looking all over the galaxy placing themselves in society, blending in for the time being till they could either get time to report back on Ruusan, or, till they could relay messages. Their network was massive. So, his scouts had their sights on a woman named Invicta. Her last name unknown but they'd been watching her for quite some time now.

    Thus, it was time for the Templar to see for himself. See if she had the potential in the Force. They say when she dances it seems like she's in some kind of trance, like she was tapping into some inner energy. Most of the scouts knew of the Penumbra and what went on, thus, they notified him about it. So, dressed in black with a mask on, he was blending into the foray of the party. Seemed some of the other guests were wearing masks. Having fun, and, getting really intoxicated. Jacob would blend into the party till he found a way to speak with Invicta by himself.

    "I wish to see some of the dancers, if you would. I'd like a few of them to dance for my entertainment. That, is my vice." Jacob said upon entering the party to which he'd already been led in thanks to the Inquisition putting his name on their list.

    "Right this way, sir. A few of them are entertaining Her Mistress, Gorekka the Hutt. She's having a lavish party. Won't you join us for now? The private dances would come later." The usher at the door said to Jacob.

    "Why not? May as well have some fun. More then just being by myself." Jacob said joining the others as they watched a few girls dance.

    Once in particular caught his interest. Some of them seemed like they were just doing it because it made them money. Well, being slaves to a Hutt, they had to or else face death. The one in particular he found to be in sort of a trance. Like she was accessing something in her mind. Letting the flow of the music go out like waves. It was intoxicating to him, but, he couldn't tell why.

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      The music faded out, applause suddenly filling her ears. Enthusiastic though it might have been, the young woman paid it little heed. She turned slowly, taking graceful, deliberate steps back to the dais where Gorekka sat in all her splendor. She knelt as was customary, palms and forehead pressed to the floor in a supplicant's position she held for several moments. Tormon's voice bid her to rise upon command from Gorekka, and to take her position on the lower step.

      Her movements were deliberately sinuous as she lounged along the bottom step, the oft-mended silk leaving little to the imagination as it slid across her limbs. Her gaze seemed to flicker with a touch of heat as it coursed across those visitors assembled in the audience chamber. Male and female gazes coursed over her in return, some predatory, some wanton, others...others best left unmentioned. Invicta shifted slightly, fingers stroking through her curls as her eyes lit upon a masked individual amongst those who had been watching the performance.

      Even detached, her mind knew there was something about the gentleman that defied explanation. Lowering her gaze artfully once certain she had caught his, she smiled faintly as if she hadn't a care in the world. It was an affectation Gorekka insisted upon, and had fed other slaves to the beasts in the pit below for imagined infractions. It was one more thing that weighed so heavily on her mind that detachment became more preferable than real sensation.

      Real sensation, she'd learned, was never kind.

      Fingers rose to absently adjust the metal collar about her throat, her body rising at Gorekka's command even before her mind grasped what was being said. She was to serve the guests...and she was not to refuse any request that they might make of her. It went without saying, of course, that latter part, as the Hutt preferred to keep up appearances. But she knew too well what the punishment was for saying no and risking harm coming to Gorekka's business dealings.

      Bowing her head, she accepted the tray from the approaching droid and turned to move towards the small crowd. Mercifully, none of them laid a hand on her yet, though their wandering eyes did just as much to make her wish for a real bath. One guest remained, and one last drink was on the tray, and Invicta paused before approaching the masked man. Apprehension settled faintly into her shoulders, but she soon approached, kneeling gracefully before him and proffering the drink that remained.


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        OOC: Don't ask my why but I wrote this whole post to the song 'Bad Romance' lol

        Jacob then looked on as the dancer before him caught his gaze. Orange eyes viewed the young woman who intoxicated him into a trance. By her dancing alone. Watching her he was enamored by her for some reason. Was this the Force swelling within her and emnating out to him? Either way he then placed a hand to his chin watching.

        When she completed it then went around serving drinks, Jacob kept himself planted in his seat. The Templar wondered what was so intoxicating about her. Was he attracted to her? Yes. Was she intoxicating with her dancing and was she seeming to be in a trance? You bet. When the young woman went around serving drinks he was wondering if he could speak with her in a private dance maybe. That outta be the key time to do so. Wondering if she wanted to leave this life of slavery and open her eyes to the mystery of the Force.

        As the young woman who was entrancing him came by to his seat bowing before him to serve him a drink, he took it as he sipped it, "Thank you. You can remain here a moment."

        He then took a few credits and then put them onto the tray. At first Jacob would seem some kind of low life jerk. Well, at least to all of them. The public need not see what he did in private. To everyone else he'd seem like some rich jerk who was wanting nothing more then a slave to do whatever he wished. So, that was how he would act.

        "You will dance privately for me. Do you accept?" Jacob said sternly behind the voice changer in his mask which made him sound metallic with a deep toned voice.

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          Music: Lady Gaga's "Alejandro" & "Monster" (it worked!)

          His was a gaze of burning embers, that seemed to peer through to her core. It was a most fascinating and enticing sensation, even in the 'muted' state her mind and form were in. Her slightly unfocused chestnut gaze remained locked on his, peering up at him through long, dark lashes as she remained in the graceful kneeling position at his feet.

          He bade her to wait, and Invicta was bound to do so. Though even if she were not, she would have anyway, simply for the fascination of his gaze.

          Without glancing at the credits remaining on her tray, she lowered it to her lap, setting it aside only as a droid passed specifically to collect it. Hands folded together as she studied him discreetly, taking in the way he sat and the way he held himself. But she read nothing save for that with which she had become familiar in the service of the Hutt.

          Her unfocused gaze dropped to floor as he made his request, a touch of tension wreathing its way through her slender shoulders. He would prove to be as all of the others did, no matter what his gaze told her. Without lifting her eyes, she nodded and spoke softly.

          "I do accept. If you would follow me..."

          Invicta rose slowly and gracefully to her feet, leading the way through the audience chamber and out into a broad, well-lit hallway. It was the 'public' face of Gorekka's palace, well maintained chambers meant for wealthy guests and businesspeople to use. It was into one of these that she led the way, stopping as she reached the center of the small chamber.

          "What do you wish of me?" she asked, knowing that the request of a dance was often merely for show. Her gaze remained fixed on the ground between them, unwilling to rise to those orange orbs that threatened to pull her in.


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            OOC: as long as it worked lol

            As she accepted he then nodded. Rising to his feet the Templar then followed her through the audience chamber. Going through hallways to privat chambers where the dancers were to lead those requesting a private dance. So, this is where Jacob would have played the rich buisness type jerk. Though, now that they were in a private chamber he would slowly regress that into something sincere. After he saw her dance for him that is. Her dance was intoxicating. Hopefully he'd get a better sense of her possible attunement to the Force.

            Seeing her drop her gaze to the floor once she stood in the center of it, Jacob then placed a hand to his chin. When she asked what he wished of her to do he then simply smiled to himself, although she couldn't see it. Through the metallic voice in his mask he then spoke finally.

            "Dance." That was all he simply said.

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              A small nod was offered, but she did not speak, turning away from him instead. A few steps took her to the far side of the room, where fingertips rose to touch the holopanel. It activated, and a moment later, music began to filter into the chamber. Resuming her position in the center, with hands raised above her head, she breathed deeply as her mind fled back into the darkness that would allow her only minimal awareness.

              This always ended the same way.

              As the opening strains of the music melted into the beat she was waiting for, she did as he requested and began to dance. Invicta moved with a fluid, sinuous grace, displaying the skill she'd been purchased for all those years ago.

              Not that she remembered much of her life as a child on Sorrus, but neither did she remember any family she might have had. She'd been a slave longer than anything else...dancing and 'entertaining' Gorekka's guests at the whim of her Mistress. It normally made her ill to contemplate what she'd done simply to survive, and would have done so had she not been so detached.

              As it was, she found herself standing before him as the music faded out, holding her final position for a moment or two. Her chestnut gaze did not meet his, in fact, it rose no higher than his chest much as she wanted to meet his ember-filled eyes. Hands fell slowly and clapsed together at her waist, apprehension making it difficult for her to breathe.


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                Jacob was definitely entranced by her movements. Like she was pulling the Force into herself and using it to put herself into some kind of trance. The grace...the movement. All of it was swirling around the Templar like the Force beckoning to him as it emnated from her. The ping in the back of his mind alerted him to the Force being used and it wasn't coming from him.

                That was enough for him to know she was capable of using it at least. Now he was more intoxicated by her grace and beauty. When she stopped and then stared at his chest he then walked over to her placing a hand under her chin softly. Lifting her face up to meet his gaze. No, he wasn't going to abuse her, or anything. No...he was going to give her praise. She did well, and, knowing that her slavery had made her good at it he then wanted her to keep dancing and actually talk with him.

                "That was...dare I say...graceful...enticing...and.." He then trailed off, "...amazing. I wish for you to come closer and keep dancing. But, tell me, what do you do when you start dancing? You seem like you enthrall yourself into a trance."

                The Templar then sat back down in his seat, "You can speak freely. It's just us two."

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                  The touch of his warm fingers to her chin was enough to make her eyes widen, the silver of her irises flickering with energy. He gently lifted her gaze to meet his, and she drew in a sharp breath. The orange of his gaze was far too much like the glowing embers at the heart of a fire, and it sent the strangest sensation down the length of her spine. Fingers rose of their own accord, to rest lightly against his chest as her mind decided enough was enough and snapped back into place.

                  She swallowed hard as he spoke, unaccustomed to the words that were offered with a wonder all their own. Invicta felt her cheeks flush with warmth but found she could not tear her gaze away from his, catching herself from following as he stepped back to his seat. Her fingers smoothed out the silken fabric of her skirt as she tried to remember how to breathe, and began to contemplate how to answer his question.

                  "I...I don't's something I taught myself to do. My mind...goes away. So I don't have to feel anything, and the memories are muted-" she stopped in mid sentence, finding that she'd drifted forward to stand quite close. Glancing over her shoulder to the holopanel, she spoke a short phrase in Huttese, bidding the music to change.

                  It started in again, after a moment, this time it was only a drumbeat. This time, however, she did not allow her mind to retreat. Instead, she remained as she was and allowed the beat to fill her senses as she danced, her silver gaze almost never leaving the embers that dwelled within his. Invicta's steps took her in a short semi-circle in front of his chair, staying just within reach as she moved with a sinuous grace. Her Sorrusian heritage allowed her an incredible degree of flexibility which she used to the utmost.

                  It ended in a series of sharp, staccato beats, her chestnut locks scattered across her features as she came to a stop directly in front of him. She was slightly breathless, but remained silent and said nothing more, uncertain her voice would even work as she stared at him.


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                    After she had danced once more he was certain that she was grasping the Force as she did so. That was certain the waves that emnated from her made Jacob aroused. Then again, he was a male and it was hard-wired into his primal instinct. So, with that he dismissed his primal nature and went for the mystery of the Force instead. Bidding her to come closer he then whispered to her through the Force.

                    You have a gift, Invicta... He said her name in his own voice this time, not the one through the mask, As do I...

                    With that he made the holopanel stop for a moment, summoning the Force to his will. Waving his hand towards it the thing stopped. When she stepped closer he then a wave wash over her. Then again her dancing was like a wave washing over him as well. The Templar let the Force swirl around her, embracing her more or less. He wanted her to see what it was she had used to put herself into trance when she danced.

                    "Where are you from?" Jacob asked, "Another question pressing on my mind is how long have you been enslaved like this? Do they make you do things besides dance?"

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                      He gestured for her to step closer, and in spite of his earlier tender gesture and kind words, apprehension flitted through her slender frame, lighting her silver gaze briefly. She did, however, as he asked of her with a gesture, stepping in quite close. If he turned out to be like the others...she was already snapped back into herself. It was too late to try it again-

                      -her gasp was audible as his voice echoed within the confines of her mind, her train of thought derailing thoroughly and completely in an instant. His voice and the warmth inherent in it, came bearing a whole host of sensations she didn't understand, and some...some that she did. It was a rush, and she felt slightly dizzy as her senses whirled.

                      Invicta felt the wave swirl around her, but looked down and saw nothing. Silver eyes widened, flying up to meet his ember-filled gaze as she realized she could feel the energy in her mind as well, in the same place that she'd heard his voice and retreated to when she wanted to detach herself. She held tightly to that realization and shivered as the energy course over her skin as if an intimate embrace, sending her mind reeling with the overload of sensation.

                      Her hands rose and pressed flat against his chest in an effort to steady herself, and Invicta forgot for a moment, that she might need to breathe. Blinking, she focused on the warmth of him beneath her fingers, and took a deep, ragged breath. Then another, less ragged, and another...until some few silent moments had passed as she tried to regain her composure.

                      "Sorrus." Invicta said softly after a moment, blinking as she gazed up at him. "I'm from Sorrus. I've been a slave for fifteen years...I was taken when I was seven...." Pain flashed in her eyes, alongside shame as she tore her gaze away from his and tried to withdraw from him. She couldn't answer his last question. Didn't want to have to admit what she'd been forced into time and again.


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                        Jacob then figured he'd give her the idea of what she was tapping into when she danced and put herself into a trance. So, as she then pressed her hands to his chest, he could feel the tingle coursing from her back to him and he then flexed his muscles once out of a spasm from her touch. Though indeed the Templar was attracted he had to forget that as he was here to bring her to Ruusan.

                        When she said that she was from Sorrus and that she'd been taken when she was young he then quirked a brow. Fifteen years she'd been a slave? Her story was indeed sad to say the least. He'd seen his own parents murdered in front of him though that enough made his potential in the Force known by then. So, he would then reveal to her what he was. A Force user. Although Invicta would have known by his display already.

                        "Your story is a sad one, Invicta." Jacob said with a nod, taking her hands, "I can take you from this place. Bring you to a place where justice is served. The life of one for a million. If that is what it takes. You will be free, to do as you wish. Whatever goals you had set out for will be free to do them. There is something within you as it is in myself."

                        He then stood pulling her to her feet, "There is a place far from here where those who enslaved you will get the justice they deserve. Corruption follows them and one day their corruption will end. There is the Force...and that is what you have within you. You'll just need to open your eyes to it."

                        He then placed his hand under her chin looking into her chestnut eyes with orange colored irises looking deep into hers. Searching for her answer as he knew she hadn't answered his last question which told him that Invicta had to do things she wished she wouldn't have. More or less was forced to do.

                        "I will not force you to go, but, if you want to be free of this...then I will arrange it." Jacob said with a smile under his mask.

                        Open your eyes and you will be free...the Force will allow you to see what your eyes will not... Jacob said to her in her mind.

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                          The young woman glanced down at her hands, gently clasped in his since he had brought her to her feet.

                          It was was real...the thoughts kept racing around in her mind as she blinked, her silver gaze rising to lose itself in the carnelian orbs that peered down at her ever so intently. She swallowed hard, trying to listen past the energy that still sought to wind its way through every last bit of her senses. It was...akin to waking from a dream, rising from that hazy state between wakefulness and welcome oblivion of sleep.

                          As if she'd had her senses muffled her entire life, so great was the clarity that the freely flowing Force granted her. Invicta had only reached for it and tethered herself to it when she needed to escape, and it had always been there, waiting. Now it simply coiled itself comfortably in her mind as if it had always been there.

                          Perhaps it had. It had taken the bearer of these most fascinating eyes to awaken her to that fact.

                          Invicta managed a slight smile, her cheeks flushed with warmth as he gently tilted her chin up to meet his gaze fully. "I do want to be free." she replied in a whisper, searching his gaze for a measure of reassurance and finding it in the feel of his voice trailing through her mind.


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                            Jacob then smiled at her though she couldn't see it, "Then you will be set free. One way or another."

                            The holopanel was almost about to play again and Jacob then closed his eyes a moment searching through the Force to the source of it. The Templar searched through it's circuits and then disabled it. It took a moment for him but through concentration he managed to disable the thing for the time being. Looking back at her after he opened his eyes he then opened the door and then motioned for her to walk out with him.

                            Peering through the door he then walked down the halls with her in tow. After a few moments of traversing through the hallways and corridors the Templar reached the main audience chamber where Gorekka the Hutt was amused by the party she had been throwing. The Hutt was amused by some of the other dancers at the party and seeing the masked man with one of her prized dancers she then licked her huge slimy lips.

                            Jacob walked bravely, since he was afraid of a Hutt in the least, right up to where her translator and her chair were at. The Templar then looked with orange eyes at the translator. A smirk across his face.

                            "You will convince your boss to free this one." Jacob said using the Force to influence the translator.

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                              The soft smile on her features only trembled slightly as she held onto his ember-filled gaze as if to a lifeline. Others had offered to free her before, attempting to win her trust and affection to further their own nefarious purposes. None of them had ever engendered the peculiar trust she seemed to have in a man whose face she had yet to lay eyes on.

                              But his eyes...those warm carnelian orbs spoke with volume and truth enough for Invicta. The moment that lingered, still strung between them in a manner palpable enough for her to feel through her fledgeling sense of the Force. That alone would have assured her of his intentions to see her freed from her life of servitude.

                              The young woman swallowed hard against the fear that sent bile rising into her throat, bare feet keeping pace a few steps behind him. He moved swiftly through the halls she had led him through what seemed like ages ago, until they were once more in the massive audience chamber Gorekka had chosen for the evening’s festivities. Platters of food were winding their way through the crowd, while other dancers and slaves entertained those uninterested in food or drink.

                              Invicta blinked as Tormon’s gaze flickered and glazed over at Jacob’s words. Her silver gaze widened as he approached Gorekka’s side as was his custom, offering a half-bow before he spoke.

                              “Your Magnificence, perhaps it is time to set the tiny dancer free. She has served you well and faithfully these many years.”

                              Were she not long accustomed to hiding her reaction, her jaw would have gaped to hear such a speech from the Twi’lek that had made an art form out of making her life a living hell the last fifteen years. Eyes flicked from her masked benefactor to the prostrated Twi’lek and back again.

                              Gorekka rumbled with the viscous laughter typical of her species. “How could I let my prize possession go? Does she not bring me fortune with her dancing? Does she not...entertain my guests? No. She is too expensive to release. I must have compensation for the loss of”

                              A sliver of dread danced it way down the length of her spine and Invicta wanted nothing more than to retreat. The blissful numbness soon settled into her limbs, leaving her standing perfectly still and seemingly attentive though most of her mind had gone elsewhere.