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Houses United; Empires Forged (Brask'ari'sabosen)

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  • Houses United; Empires Forged (Brask'ari'sabosen)

    Salvator City, capitol city of the planet Sposia. The world was lush, and the scenery which was afforded from the view of the shuttle which carried Pard'amo'nuruodo and his son Tora'aro'nuruodo was absolutely breath taking. The water systems, mountains, and forests which surrounded, and ran through the city in some places, were some of the most beautiful the cluster of planets which made up the Chiss region of space had to offer.

    As a child, Tora'aro'nuruodo remembered running through the forests which were just outside the city. The estate of Mitth'oru'sabosen lay just on the outskirts of the city, overlooking the oceanside. The view boasted a full range of mountains to take in as well. The property high in value, and spoke to the affluence of the family. Aro, his given name, had never cared about the wealth of the family. It was improper to make that a deciding factor in one's relationships. The simple truth was his father was a good friend of the Chief Justice, which afforded him invitations. Ones which Aro fully enjoyed.

    One of the forests housed an old tree fort where he would escape with the daughter of the chief justice, a good childhood friend. While the father's would talk adult things, the children would escape to their world in the woods and imagine what it would be like to fly through the stars, defend their home, and discover new worlds. Thoughts of the crisp, cool water, perfect for a late afternoon swim, came to mind of the young Chiss fleeter. They would always put in where the bank of the river was open enough to relax, and they had marked it with a large moss covered boulder and a log leaned against it. If there was time, Aro was determined to find the old place.

    The attendants of the house had been expecting the arrival of the two men, as Aro's mother had arrived ahead of them. As the shuttle landed on the pad next to the estate, the young Chiss felt a bit nervous. Why? It had been some time since he had been to the estate. Life had changed for him once it was time for his enrollment in the academy. The young Chiss was expected to follow his father's steps and take his rank and position someday. The pressures of performance were high. Here, this estate, was a part of his childhood when things were much different, and the cares of his current life were nothing more than a fantasy.

    "Don't look so nervous. You would insult our hosts if you looked anything but elated to be a guest on this estate," the commanding voice of Pard'amo'nuruodo bellowed.

    An obedient nod was given as a simple answer, and Aro fixed a pleasent look to his face. Of course he was military now, and his visage was permitted some stoicism. Shoulders back, back straight, head forward, and chin slightly up, the pair of Chiss fleeters, dressed in complete uniform descended the ramp where the Sabosen family stood waiting. The heads of the two houses would greet each other first before others would be permitted to do so.

    Crimson eyes searched for the familiar face of his long time friend, Brask'ari'sabosen, though he was mistakenly looking for what he remembered. What his eyes happened upon was a fully mature looking woman, of the same age as him of course. For a brief moment, a pleasantly surprised look formed on the face of the young Chiss male.

    "Her figure was not shaped like that last time we met, it's curvy," he mused to himself privately. However his father noticed and gave him a quick glance indicating the boy needed to quickly cloak his musings which were showing on his face.

    Once the fathers had given their greetings, the rest of the families were permitted to do so. Stepping forward to greet his friend, Aro gave a friendly nod with a warm smile.

    "It has been quite some time has not, Brask'ari'sabosen? Would it offend you if I offered to escort you back to the estate from here?"

    So far so good, though he hoped to find time where the pair could find themselves alone again to simply revisit days which seemed so far removed from them now.
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    Brask'ari'sabosen was nervous when she ought not to be as the ramp of the glider descended. The guests arriving were not strangers to the young doctor or her family, though the younger of the two Nuruodo males Ari had not seen since they each were ten years old; that now being eleven years ago just before the teens had gone off to follow their occupational paths. Ari's time while at medical school had matured her and made a fine physician and surgeon out of the once tomboyish Chiss who used to climb trees and collect frogs and other small critters to study scientifically; sometimes dissect. Her love of anatomy and physiology made it an easy choice to go into medicine and not into law as both Ari's parents had done. It also allowed the young Sabosen to get out of the shadow of her father, Mitth'oru'sabosen, who was Chief Justice of the Chiss High Court and her mother, Drak'eri'sabosen, who was Head Professor of Law at the University of Sposia. She wondered curiously how Aro was handling filling his father's boots as a fellow fleet officer.

    The childhood friend Ari remembered from so long ago had definitely gone from a toad and grown into a handsome prince as her crimson eyes looked upon Aro while the families exchanged their salutations. Pard'amo'nuruodo was in fine form as was her own father as the two long-time friends began to chat and make their way from the landing pad to the house. The wives followed leaving their offspring to bring up the rear of the procession.

    "It has indeed, Tora'aro'nuruodo, and no I would not be offended," Ari replied with a nod and smile in like though the warmth in hers was more guarded, then she began walking along the path their parents were taking. "You look well. I take it life amongst the stars suits you?"

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      Aro nodded in a pleased way when Ari accepted his invitation. They would have been left to bring up the rear regardless, but the fact she had not been offended by his offer pleased the young fleeter. Humans would suggest there were signs of an early romance. The inward musings were there to be sure, at least on Aro's part. Chiss did not see relationships in those terms however. Intimate relationships were for the procreation of the species and advancement of one's own house. Did arranged couple "fall in love?" It was possible, as Aro's parents proved, but was not always the case.

      Ari's question came as the two fell into step behind their respective parents. Whether it was from their years of military training and subsequent service, or they just fell into step naturally, Aro didn't care. He simply mused inwardly that they had fallen into step, and remained so.

      "The proper answer would be that have found fulfillment in serving. The truth, is I serve on my father's vessel, under his command. His extra scrutiny is something I could do without," Aro expressed with more candor than he should. Ari however was a friend he had always been candid with. "The stars are exactly as we imagined them, however, and that does make me enjoy my post. What about you? I see you have taken a path in the field of medicine. Logical, I still remember the time you made me help you dissect that amphibian."

      Aro turned his gaze forward once more as he waited for her response. The autumn leaves brought color to the grounds which Aro did not enjoy while in space. The season was perfect for this visit. The temperature was moderate, and the scenery spectacular.

      As they continued along the natural corridor the trees created along the path which led back to the house, Aro noticed their fathers look back at the pair. Logic led Aro to assume a very specific conversation was beginning to take place, even if it was just swapping observations. While Aro had been given a stern look from his father, he knew the Admiral was not blind. It was clear Ari had grown to be a very beautiful woman. The observation was kept to himself for now. He had hoped Ari had not seen it. If she had, it would likely become the subject of conversation.


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        Ari nodded in total understanding. That is why she had gone into medicine rather than law as those were the two occupational paths allotted members of House Sabosen; opposite of her parents. Well it was the secondary reason really why she chose that path as being a doctor is what Ari had always dreamed of doing. But if she was honest, the other reason had weighed on her final decision a bit more than it probably should have.

        "Yes. I am fortunate that I am doing what I have always aspired to do. I recently began serving as a medical officer upon one of the medical frigates hence why I am am wearing a CEDF uniform. The stars are indeed as we imagined all those years ago as carefree children longing for adventure," Ari said with a genuine smile gracing her naturally dark hued lips, then she schooled herself immediately as her mother peered back with one of her not amused looks before continuing on with their conversation. "I just received my PEG appointment this morning and will be leaving for the Known Regions at the end of the week. Did you apply to the Personnel Exchange Program with the Sovereign Galactic Empire as well?"

        Eri was an academic and did not approve of her daughter's desire to serve anywhere other than for the Chiss Ascendancy, and the renown Salvator Medical Center. The older female Sabosen was hoping Ari would move into cutting edge medical research, which was a much more prestigious position to hold rather than some run-of-the-mill military one especially in their household. Perhaps the influence of the family relationship with the Nuruodo's was in hindsight not as advantageous at least in her mind. The law professor had given her opinion many times on the subject to her husband, but Thor, his preferred given name, had always overruled her as he was going to do before the day was through. The deal had already seemingly been sealed as they made their way to the house, if Eri knew the shrewd Chief Justice as she did, and the equally cunning Admiral.

        "If you would please make your way to the dinning area, mid-day meal will be served in fifteen minutes," the Sabosen Matriarch stated with a stoic graciousness despite how she was sputtering on the inside after the group had entered the sprawling estate's dwelling.
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          "I have applied, and have just received notice of my acceptance prior to this visit. It seems our career choices have made our paths cross once again," Aro said returning the smile Ari had given him before her mother quickly gave her the same look he had received from his father.

          The look was a simple reminder that, as Chiss, feelings were not a factor in the matter of marriage and relationships. What mattered was position. Every alliance was strategic in nature, and none more so than when to houses came together in marriage. Those who could afford to, made matches which only increased the influence and power of their house. The affluence and position of the two houses which were about to enjoy a mid-day meal together allowed them the opportunity to align if they so chose to do so. Of course the decision did not rest with the children, but with the fathers.

          Inside, the table was arranged as one would expect. Each seat saw them sat male then female. It was clear something was in play as Aro and Ari found themselves seated with each other. As was proper, each of the males held the chair for the females as they sat before seeing to their own. When it appeared safe to do so, Aro leaned over and whispered to his friend, who by now had to have been aware of what was happening with how D'amo and Thorus seemed to be proud of the seating arrangements.

          "Eat as quickly as propriety demands, then perhaps we can excuse ourselves as we used to. I have a feeling we had better do so now before other things are presumed upon us."

          K'ari'n, Aro's mother, was a bit mused herself. Of course in her mind why should the two not be friends if the fathers planned on taking advantage of the fact one child was male and the other female. It was a conversation the pair had been having for a long time no doubt, and the woman, who took pride in her position, was not going to be a hindrance to it. Gingerly she passed the first dish on to Aro with a smile as the meal was presented family style. Another indicator of what scheming was likely taking place.

          In part of the chef, the meal was perfect. Aro was very appreciative of the fine culinary skills the Sabosens finances could afford. The food was a rather significant improvement on what was enjoyed aboard ship which Aro was stationed. Had he not needed to be careful to be proper as he ate, he would have swallowed the contents of his plate whole were it physically possible. The meal was eaten near quietly and efficiently. Something common among friends as posturing did not need to take place here. The fathers would retire to the study, the mothers would find some type of distraction, and the children would be able to fend for themselves. That is how it had been before.

          With the meal finished, Aro set his fork down on the four o'clock position indicating he was ready to have his plate removed. The napkin which had been placed on his lap came to his blue hued lips as he dabbed the corners of his mouth. With a sense of finality, the napkin fell to the table top as Aro asked to be dismissed.

          "If I may, I would like to be excused? It has been some time since my last visit, and I would enjoy a walk on the grounds before sunset."

          A gesture indicated he was free to leave and he stood before addressing Thorus directly.

          "Would you permit the company of Brask'ari'sabosen as well?"
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            Mitth'oru'sabosen took his time answering the request of the young Nuruodo, the elder Sabosen's glowing red eyes going to his daughter first, then to Aro, giving him the look.

            "If Brask'ari'sabosen would like to she may, but have her home well before nightfall," Thorus answered in his baritone voice that was authoritative in nature.

            "Thank you, Father. I would. Please excuse me," she replied, giving a nod to her father and mother followed by one to Aro's parents, then she wiped her mouth before pushing away from the table to join Aro on the walk.

            Once outside, Ari finally relaxed a bit and let out a breath she did not know she was holding. "I must thank you for saving me, Tora'aro'nuruodo. I am afraid there is something bothering my mother and believe it has something to do with your family's visit. But that is not for us to be concerned with at this moment…. Race you!"

            With that said, the young Sabosen took off running towards the tree line on the property where their fort used to be. It was childish in nature, but when would they ever again get to so such a thing now that they were grown up.

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              "Yes, sir," Aro answered politely with a firm nod to indicate he understood well.

              The two said nothing to each other until they were outside, and well away from the earshot of the servants. Aro simply nodded at Ari's remark about her mother. He had noticed she was not too pleased with this particular visit, and the young Chiss had inkiling as to why. It was not long before that thought was being pushed aside, and the Ari he remembered came out in full force. Granted she was older, had the shape of a grown woman, but the same Ari was still there. He did not care what she suggested was childish. Aro had hoped for one last chance at reliving old memories before the duty of adulthood was thrust upon them. This would be their last chance.

              "Hey," he yelled as she took off before him, but soon caught up with her pace. His legs were longer, naturally giving him the ability to cover more ground with each stride.

              The path was known well by them both. Ari had raced off in the direction of the tree house. Everything within Aro wanted to run past Ari and win the race, but something held him back this time. There was a sense that he needed to do something he never would have done as a child. He needed to allow the woman to win the race. Though when he saw the condition of the tree house, it wasn't hard to do as he near stopped to take in the rundown condition.

              Boards were out of place. The wood was rough and no longer smooth. The ladder which had been built into the tree was missing several rungs. The signs of abandonment had settled in. While the run had made Aro feel like a child again, the sight of the tree fort reminded them they were not. At least he could fix the ladder. A large branch had fallen in the forest, and Aro was able to use that as a hammer. Without a word to Ari, he fixed the ladder and climbed to the base of the fort. It was still sturdy, solid construction there.

              He sat allowing his legs to dangle off the edge as he looked down to the woman who had been his best childhood friend.

              "They're talking about us," he said. "But for right now I just want things to be as they had always been."

              There were few Aro would ever allow to call him by his given name. Ari was one of them. As children they had been close, but now, Aro did not know what they were, though he knew what their father's were likley agreeing to in their absence.


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                Brask'ari'sabosen tucked a chunk of her silky jet black hair behind her left ear, then looked up at her childhood friend; glowing red eyes meeting his.

                "I know," Ari replied with a rare sigh. "I came upon my parents having a hushed discussion this morning when I joined them for breakfast. My father is entertaining inquires regarding my future as is custom... I want you to know, Aro, no matter what comes to pass I will always be your friend."

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                  "I know," Aro said, a small smile briefly shown through his stoic nature at the sound of his given name. "I will always be your friend as well, Ari," he nodded then laid on his back and began to remember the games they had played as children.

                  "This is about where we had the bridge of our ship isst it?"

                  The subject change was obvious, but needed. The two did not need to dwell on whether they were going to be matched or not. Being friends first was a priority no matter what.

                  "You want to play ship again?"


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                    "Yes, it is," Ari replied simply; the smallest of smiles gracing her lips at Aro's response to always being friends.

                    Brask'ari'sabosen had heard the family name Csapla spoken by her mother more than once before her parents changed subjects at the breakfast table. House Csapla was thought as the dominant Ruling House in the Chiss Ascendancy followed by House Nuruodo, then Sabosen. She knew of one particular Csapla that had been brought up in the past as a possible marriage partner for her. He was older and already on the rise in the house hierarchy itself, though the man was not appealing to her at all. It would only be a marriage alliance without any love involved, which wasn't a criteria to marry in Chiss society rather what the marriage could do for each persons' family. Her parents were an example of that. They'd always had separate bedrooms, and she'd never seen any hint of passionate feelings between them. Ari didn't want that kind of marriage, but would honor her family if it was demanded of her to do so.

                    "I would… Permission to come aboard, Captain?" she asked, throwing up a mock salute playing along with their childhood game that brought back many fond memories of the two of them spending time together in their youth. They had always gotten along well and tolerated each others quirks.
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                      They were of the age where arrangements would be made for him as well. The family heads were now discussing the future. They both had that look on their faces earlier. Aro was more than likely he was going to be matched with his friend. The friend he was going to play one final childhood game with before they were to leave for Imperial space.

                      "Permission to come aboard, granted," he said once he stood and returned her perfect salute with on of his own.

                      His demeanor was more stern than it had been when they were children. Even now he could not fully escape the truth. He was a grown adult male, and he was following his father's footsteps.

                      "Bring forward thrusters to impulse power. Take her out nice and easy."

                      Aro smiled. It felt good to be in command even if it was pretend. Perhaps he was more like his father than he thought.


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                        Brask'ari'sabosen climbed up the fixed ladder to the tree fort's platform, then took her position at the make-believe helm console.

                        "Aye, aye, sir!"

                        The time went far too fast as the two grown-up friends had fun playing "ship" for the last time. While they acted out their final mission upon the Star Voyager, the Vaagari had been defeated and the colonies saved!

                        "You will make a fine admiral one day, Aro," Ari stated with an assured nod, then the young doctor climbed back down the ladder as it was time for them to make their way back to the house and to see what was in store for the evening.

                        "I am going to miss Sposia, but look forward to seeing and experiencing new places and things. How about you?" she asked after carefully straightening her uniform and smoothing over her layered bob haircut, knowing full-well that they would be inspected upon returning for any outward misconduct.

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                          When Aro climbed down the ladder, he left his childhood behind. Boots hit the ground and hands smoothed out his uniform and brushed off what dirt remained from the ship. He had to have Ari back to the house before sunset, and intended to honor the command. Taking his place next to her, Aro remained quieter than usual. They were friends, but something was going to change when they walked back into the house. While Aro was convinced they were about to be paired, Ari's words made it seem they would not be.

                          The pair reached the house with much daylight to spare as instructed. They were met by an attendant who looked at them both with a stoic gaze. Nothing of his face gave anything away, but a hand stopped them from going further.

                          "You've been requested to go to the study immediately," he said to Aro, then looked to Ari, "Both of you."

                          Aro looked to Ari knowingly, then looked toward the study.

                          "Lead the way."


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                            Brask'ari'sabosen let the comfortable silence, well maybe not so comfortable considering what the two young Chiss were probably walking into, go between them as they strolled briskly back to the house side by side, stride for stride.

                            When they arrived, they were immediately sent to her father's study. Ari gave Aro a brief look before rapping her knuckles twice on the door, then pressed the door panel for it to open upon hearing the baritone voice of Mitth'oru'sabosen.

                            "Reporting as requested, father," she said, standing in front of the Justice's big desk with her hands down by her side, head held high, shoulders back.

                            "Please, sit," Thorus directed, then the elder Sabosen motioned to his counterpart in this matter, who was standing next to his big chair behind the desk.

                            Ari did as she was told, taking the seat on the right that faced the desk and the two heads of their houses. She so wanted to look over to Aro, but did not dare to; pushing her fears away on her own and not showing any weakness of emotion.

                            "Admiral, you may proceed first."

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                              They both were seated as instructed. Aro was the dutiful son and sat without a word. There would be no words until he was spoken too. Though he knew it would not be optional whatever was about to come. He was fairly confident, but he was going to hear them out.

                              "As you both are well aware our houses have been friendly for some time now. Mitth'oru'sabosen and I have been personal friends for some time. We would like to keep it this way for a long time."

                              Pard'amo'nuruodo looked to his friend and back to the two of their children.

                              "That is why after an afternoon of lengthy discussions, we have agreed that our houses should be united. Therefore Tora'aro'nuruodo, you and Brask'ari'sabosen shall be wed at an appropriate date."

                              Aro did not look suspried. He remained still.

                              "It would be my honor to serve our family in this way," he said with a bow of his head.

                              So the courtship was about to begin.