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There's a crack in the wall. [Tarn]

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  • There's a crack in the wall. [Tarn]

    This time, she had permission to be on Naboo.

    A smile curled her lips as she sat up atop her favorite cliff overlooking the ocean outside of Theed. To her right, down the winding path, was the way back into the city. To the left, the cliff ascended slightly before flattening out into plains where grain was farmed.

    But right here, in a little clearing outside of a little cottage right at the edge of the cliff, Kala had found her peace. It had taken years...several long years filled with more pain and more alcohol than she cared to remember. It was still a struggle, but she’d been sober for just over a year.

    She still fought herself and her cravings every time she went into Tom’s for her morning caf or to meet Ash, Cordelia, Brandyn, and other friends and acquaintances. But every day was a victory, and she would not give up going to one of her favorite places in the ‘verse just because it also served alcohol.

    Tom also made the best mocha caf this side of the Hydian Way...thank all the gods and Force spirits alike...and he also had the most amazing tea selection she’d seen outside of Chandrila.

    With a sigh, she glanced down at her chrono as it beeped, interrupting her contented reverie. The reminder ping she’d set so she would not forget to call Ash as she’d promised to do, her daily check-in as he was still back on Yavin VII.

    He picked up almost immediately.

    “Hey little fishie...everything alright?”

    “Everything is fine, Ash. I’ve finished packing everything up, I just have to get it to the spaceport tomorrow morning for the next transport to the Temple.”

    “Sounds good. You still ok? You had Cordi and I worried before you left for this little trip.”

    Kala sighed softly, pausing for a moment before she anwered. “I’ll be ok by the time I come back.”


    “Ash, you know what yesterday was. I couldn’t be at the Temple for that and Satkia understood. This is a rough time of year for me and the first one I haven’t spent blacked out drunk. Not a picnic without alcohol, let me tell you.”

    Whatever he was about to say, she shushed him gently, lowering the comlink to her lap as she stared towards the path that led down to Theed. “Ash, there’s someone coming up the path, I have to go. Call you back later?”

    “It’s not him, is it?”

    “No...I’d know his aura anywhere.”

    “ me later, little fishie. I love you, you know.”

    “I know. Go kiss Cordi for me and make Brandyn uncomfortable, would you?”

    She clicked the comm off to the sound of his warm, rumbling laughter, feeling lighter than she had in a very long time. This trip had been exactly what she to see who the visitor coming up the path was.