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  • Arabesques

    "Yes, these will be perfect. Thank you very much." Morgana replied to the designer who presented her with holo poster concepts for her upcoming exhibition at the Center of Arts in Demilla City, which would begin in a couple of months. The Light sculptor was quite excited at this perspective. Recognition for her creations was always meaningful.

    Finalizing arrangements, the artist then took her leave from the shop and headed back towards Cambrielle downtown, where she had other errands to make on this day.

    The young woman was very fond of her home world, Raltiir, even after having lived on both Commenor and Coruscant during her studies. Its vivid life has pulsed in her veins since she was a child. Her family had ties to both the banking industry and the criminal world, and she had embraced both sides in her acquaintances, seeing past the established lines, which themselves tended to be sometimes blurred on Raltiir.

    Strolling through the busy streets, for she enjoyed walking instead of being stuck in a speeder too often, the brunette suddenly had some inspiration. It always hit her out of the blue, which was why she kept a datapad, as well as some flimsi sheets and stylus in her purse.

    Stopping on her tracks, the light sculptor, who was also a mathematician at heart, started to take notes, a mix of scribbled equations and sketches. She could already visualize some of the future piece in her mind, which brought a bright smile to her lips.

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    Jacob had arrived on Raltiir earlier as he was looking for a woman that his many scouts spread across the galaxy had picked up on. It was someone who was potentially Force sensitive. That made it his reason to be here to see for himself. From what his scouts had picked up on during their watching from the shadows of said young woman that she was a sculptor and a light sculptor at that. Something that piqued his interest in her further. She could make a good candidate for the Penumbra and would fit into the society well.

    Wearing his Penumbra mask the Dark Jedi Templar kept his mask hidden having cut his ponytail off his orange haired head looking with orange colored eyes around for the young artist. His scouts in the Inquisition had told him ahead of time that she'd be in the capital leaving her studio. So, that was where he was heading now after having a bite to eat since he'd not eaten much since leaving Ruusan in the early afternoon. Taking some time to familiarize himself with the capital of Raltiir, the Templar strolled down towards her studio.

    When he got there he saw her leave and head towards downtown. Raising an eyebrow under his mask the Templar casually strolled behind her, watching her intently. Not wanting to raise suspicion from her and for the young woman to think she was being stalked, in all reality she was, and to call the authorities. So, as she walked he kept far behind her but not too far as to lose sight or track of her. Walking carefully he noticed that she stopped to sketch something. As he walked closer he then thought of accidently bumping into her so that it wouldn't look sketchy.

    So, that was what he would do. As he got close enough he then made it seem like he bumped into her by accident. Knocking into her shoulder he then stopped her from falling as he kept her steady to which he was a tall man indeed. Orange eyes looked down at her as he took his hands off her shoulders.

    "Sorry, miss. I should watch where I'm going." Jacob said with a metallic voice from the mask, "Got a lot on my mind maybe."

    Looking down at her stylus and flimsi he then tilted his head, "You drawing something? Are you one of those artistic types?"

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      Morgana was deep into sketching and note taking and she didn't realize that someone had been following her. Thanks to sheer luck she wasn't with the stylus in contact with the flimsi sheet when the stranger bumped into her. She didn't look at him right away, staring at her document and let a sigh of relief escape her lips as nothing had been damaged or scribbled the wrong way.

      Her hazel greenish eyes shot up to the stranger as he apologized. "Since I was half standing in the middle of the way lost in my own thoughts, I think it makes two of us." She smirked, quirking a brow at the sight of the mask. She wondered whether the man was here for the carnivale that was to start on the next day, for what she had gathered.

      "I'm a Light Sculptor." She nodded towards one of the holo posters advertising her gallery a bit further on the street. "That'd be yours truly, Morgana DeLaTour." She added as she tucked her notes into her purse for she wasn't working on them anymore.


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        "Ah, well, maybe it's a bit of both then." He said with a chuckle, the voice in his mask sounding metallic.

        Looking at the holo poster of her gallery a bit further he could see that was who it was indeed. Perfect! Now that he knew who it was for sure he could then speak with her more about her potential in the Force. If she was a light sculptor like she spoke of, maybe she could use it or maybe not. He'd need to know for sure though. Only time and conversation would tell or not.

        "A light sculptor huh? Don't those Force user types hate those? Those big ol' chunks of it? Or what I heard anyways. Never really knew too much about it." Jacob said with a shrug, "But, inquiring minds would like to know. Your the artists so please, if you would elaborate on the subject."

        He then looked at a bench nearby and walked to it offering her a seat. Sitting down himself he then motioned for her to continue. Now that he knew her name he would need at some point to give his own. For now he noticed that his manners weren't up to par on this. There was something distracting him. Maybe it was that he felt lonely now at times. Arianne was gone somewhere. Either she was just MIA or else she was worse. He hoped for the former rather than the later.

        "Sorry, where are my manners." Jacob said with the metallic voice ever present again, "I go by the Unforgiven. It's a long story why."

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          Morgana smiled just a tad smugly as she pointed out to the poster. She was proud of her art and saw no reason for fake humility. She raised a brow when the masked man brought up Force users. She chuckled, shrugging loosely. "I wouldn't know. I'm not someone with this power. I have my own talents. I have enough admirers for my creations." She knew that it could hide Force signatures or so she had read in the past.

          "I have been attracted to design for many years and from traditional sculpture and drawing, I moved to Light Sculpture.This is a rare and difficult art and I do like challenges. Its uniqueness also felt like a natural fit for my soul."

          Accepting the tacit invitation to sit with the stranger, the brunette was expecting to get an introduction. She couldn't help giving an inquisitive look at the other one. "Most strange and so dramatic name to wear, sir." She observed, being sincere about it. "I first thought you might be here for the Carnivale beginning within the next day or so."


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            Jacob smirked, "Well, I've met a few here and there. Don't know much about them otherwise."

            That was a flat out lie. Of course he knew, because, he was one. Not wanting to reveal who he was and who he belonged to, he figured he'd ask questions without being too up front about it. Once she sat down and elaborated he then got an understanding of why she chose the format of Light sculpting. Seemed like a cool thing he could get into. He'd need to view her artwork sometime. Maybe have his own collection in the Church. That would especially conceal his force aura maybe.

            Her views on his name made him chuckle, "Well, there is a story behind it, I just don't wanna bore you with it. That'll come later."

            When she mentioned the carnivale that was happening he then shrugged, "Didn't know there was one. Arrived here in the morning so I didn't even notice there were posters and the like."

            So, Jacob figured he could inquire on her 'other' possible talents, "Have you ever had strange things occur to you? Things you could never explain why? I ask because sometimes I feel as if I have these strange dreams. I could never explain them to someone because they'd probably think I'm nuts."

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              Morgana nodded a little absentmindedly to what the man said about him not knowing much about Force users. She had been brought up in a family with both nobles and criminals, to banker parents and was easily adaptable to unsettling situations, but Force users didn't run in her bloodline for what she knew.

              "Stories can be entertaining and I never know what will inspire me." She stated with a slightly playful grin. She found inspiration in many places, including strange ones. "When you're a local, you make sure you know when the carnival is, so you don't take the usual roads that are jammed with extra traffic."

              She gave him a puzzled look at his question. "That's an odd thing to ask." She answered a little more flatly than she had meant. "I mean, I do have dreams that can be considered weird, but they tend to give me ideas for my mathematical research and my art. I'm just the creative thinker type." She wasn't sure where this stranger was going with this. She wasn't really suspicious but rather surprised.


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                Jacob shrugged, "I only ask because you seem the type that has strange things occur. Being an artist and all people think you might be strange. I know coming from the guy sitting here in a mask."

                He then chuckled at his comment. People passed by them without saying a word or looking. Which was good for him. His scouts had told him that strange happenings occured around her. He was inclined to know what they were. So, he'd inquire the artistic side that he never had...till now. Jacob was interested in hearing what her dreams were about.

                "I'd be inclined to hear them. Sometimes it's good to speak with someone about your dreams. Who knows, might inspire you again." Jacob asked, with a smirk under his mask, "If not that's up to you. I won't push you to tell me but as a guy who wants to know more about art I'd be an idiot not to know. Fill me in on what inspires you for your work."

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                  "Oh I've been strange since I was born." Morgana replied with a grin. She was from two very different bloodlines and was as comfortable in one world as in the other, despite having found her own place. It had been much to many's surprise.

                  "I sculpt light so it takes more than wearing a mask for me to think you weird." She chuckled though not out of mockery. Unorthodox occurences had happened to her more than once in her life.

                  "I tend to lose the memory of the dreams unless I take notes or sketches right away when waking up. That's why I always have stylus and flimsi sheets nearby. Typing on a datapad doesn't do the trick as well to me."

                  She wasn't sure where he was going with his questions, but her dreams were fine to talk about, for the most part. "I dream of shapes, of equations and often find them as I wander in dark places in my dreams. There is a feeling of vastness though sometimes I do see specific places, especially ones I never traveled to."


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                    Jacob chuckled at her comment about being strange. It was true it would probably take more then just wearing a mask for her to think him weird. Which was good. At least she was friendly towards most considering she was an artist they saw all types of people. Still, shaking his head he thought himself strange for what he asked her to tell him about.

                    As she went on explaining them that the 'vastness' and seeing places that she'd never traveled before he then new right off the bat. It was the Force indeed! Nothing that complicated could be explained that she'd see equations and the places she'd never seen before. Farseeing was what the Templar could gather of all of it. So, he then rose from his seat and then motioned for her to follow.

                    "If I could see some of your light sculpting work I'd probably buy it." Jacob said with a chuckle, "Seems to me you've got quite an imagination, Morgana."

                    He did this for one reason get away from public eyes and ears. To be in her territory and explain to her what he was about and who he was. It would be her choice then to decide if she was wishing to join the Dark Jedi. Utilize her possible potential. Although he'd have to inquire further about her potential Force sensitivity.

                    Along the way he asked, "Ever met any Force users?"

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                      Morgana found it easier than expected to talk about her dreams. Maybe it was because she had a thing to speak with people even when she had barely met them. The brunette often looked easy going to others, though there was much more to her than this. She had a fierce side to her personality, and it showed in her art. The bloodlines running in her had, as well as certain life trials, had made her a complex person, but one who seized opportunities if they felt right.

                      "Of course." She got to her feet when he inquired whether he could see some of her art. "Thank you. I always had some imagination but it reached new levels and direction during my adolescence."

                      She led the way towards her gallery, as she would take him there. When asked about whether she had met Force users before, she nodded. "I had to make an emergency landing on Yavin VIII, close to the Jedi Temple. So I ran into a few. That's about the extent of my meeting with Force users!" She chuckled, for her trip to Yavin VIII had been interesting but wasn't the matter of a discussion with a stranger!


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                        Jacob chuckled, "During your adolesence huh?"

                        As she led the way there he searched with his senses through the Force. In their vicinity he felt nothing strange. So, in a sense that was a good thing. At least he'd have no problems with some other Force user like a Sith or a Jedi. Although the Jedi he had not many a quarrel with, the Sith on the other hand he did. Some of them would pay for their injustice. That and to the one who killed him the first time. Ket Van-Derveld. Although he heard he was a Jedi now. Still, no need for either side to try and put a hand in this.

                        "Ah, well, the Jedi are quite friendly I heard. The Sith aren't so much." Jacob said with a laugh, "I've met quite a few in my time. Not by my choice though."

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                          "When you find yourself bedridden for months, stretching your internal world is a game changer." Morgana didn't wish to expand further on the times that had been decisive for her life path and personal development. It was part of who she was and she didn't regret the hardships, but she didn't speak so lightly of them.

                          "I was a complete tourist on their ice ball, but they were friendly indeed. I don't think I've ever met Sith, though some of my maternal families had dealings with them in the past."

                          They eventually reached her gallery. She let the man step inside and then led him to her favorite room of exhibition. Colors were mostly in orange and purple shades for the sculptures presented.

                          "I've always wondered what Force users thought of Light Sculptures, because I read they can mask one's presence."


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                            Jacob smirked, "I can imagine. I've been stuck in kolto tanks a few times."

                            Her remark about the Jedi made him chuckle, "Yeah they were friendly towards me, even wearing this mask. The Sith I've had troubles with, but, nothing I couldn't handle. But, your family has dealt with them. Bet they wished they hadn't."

                            Shaking off the thought he then looked at the sculptures in front of him looking up and down. Around the room he saw the gallery itself in orange and purple shades and remarked that it was a good palate choice of colors. Now that he was near them he could feel his presence in the Force being masked. Although it also felt like he couldn't reach out with it as much has he thought he could. It was a mysterious thing, but, he would find out more.

                            "I've heard it does. But, I'm going to tell you that what your dreams sound the Force at work. Then again I'm not the authority on it. Just sounds like it to me." That was a flat out lie. He was and more importantly a Dark Jedi for that matter, "Although I know of a group of them that work outside the two known factions."

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                              Morgana was grateful that the man didn't ask any further question in regard to her time in a hospital. She wouldn't have said much more anyway, as she wasn't inclined to discuss such things.

                              "Not all interactions with Sith were bad for my family. It always depends on what you are up to, I guess. We are far from being saints in my bloodline, at least a good bunch of us." She chuckled, knowing that between bankers and criminals, there were many different types of personalities and paths in her family.

                              She was curious as to what he would think of the light sculptures she was showing him. They were part of her favorite creations in the past couple of years. When he said how her dreams sounded like the Force at work, she was surprised. When he added he was no authority on this, she was a little doubtful about this, but kept her comment to herself.

                              "You mean there'd be more than Sith and Jedi? I know little about Force related history and the galaxy is vast.. I guess it shouldn't be all that surprising."

                              She sank her hands into the pockets of her jacket. "As for me being Force sensitive, it'd be ironic given my art."