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    The shuttle housing Dahlia and her partner swept low across the treeline, flying beneath the radar until it reached a large enough clearing. "Go!" The call was given. Dahlia clipped in, took the two handbrakes in her grasp, and dropped out of the craft. For someone who was very focused on the intelligence portion of being intelligence, she handled the drop relatively well. Her hands closed as she neared the ground, slowing her until she could release and come to a single knee. She waited for the audible thud of her partner, before moving for the treeline to get out of view.

    Immediately she heard their transport depart, taking a brief glance to her chiss counterpart. "Blue skin doesn't exactly make for the ideal camouflage." She remarked sarcastically, doing a brief check of her gear. Her hand keyed over her left bracer, adjusting the active camouflage of her garment to take on a more earthly toned color. It wasn't reactive to her surroundings, but to her programming, and was only capable of modifying garment color. Her boots remained black however and her pack a dark grey, good enough.

    Removing a holo disc from her pocket, she keyed it on and manipulated the display to show a 3 dimensional rendering of their location. "North." She stated. He already knew he had the point, being the muscle for their endeavor on Thyferra. She closed off the map, pocketed it, and slipped a cap on. With a quick adjustment of her ponytail through the hole in the rear of the hat, she started forward through the humid and thick jungle.

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    Madoc'leri'kleoni watched his mission partner leap out of the dropship with more enthusiasm than he had been expecting, a wry grin curving his lips. Reaching out to the line, he applied his own hand breaks to it and then plunged down to the planet's surface after her. His boots crunched loudly as he alighted behind her, his gloved hands swiftly working to detach himself from the line so he could follow after her. He was armed with his usual Charric rifle, which was held diagonally across his torso during the jump and was now brought about at the ready. He lowered the sights as she spoke, turning his crimson eyes upon her intently; expecting something more mission oriented to leave her lips. In truth, he was more thankful for the banter.

    "Well, squint, good thing I brought a helmet." He shot back, letting his weapon hang from the strap while he retrieved said headgear. The sleek, black helmet was dragged over his face with minor difficulty and when the internal computer recognized that it was equipped, the HUD activated and began scanning their surroundings. Like her, he activated the camouflage augment on his gear while the navigation system pinpointed their destination. "Got it." He murmured and then began trekking forward until he passed her. As he did, eyes wandered down and his grin broadened. Good thing he brought a helmet, indeed.


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      “Good thing.” She mimicked with a voice that trailed off. She watched as he moved past her, and focused instead on backing him up for their trek. Presently, there wasn’t much for her to do to contribute. They had a hike ahead of them, with him taking the lead. She kept her blaster pistol holstered, and instead contributed in the best way that she could. She snuck an earpiece into place and withdrew her datapad. It passively queried any remote networks, picking up on the distant network of their target location and an assortment of comm frequencies.

      The various frequencies were sifted into a list on her datapad, and she briefly monitored them one at a time, picking out their purposes. Any that seemed of a security nature were starred for future reference. Others were not completely discarded, but surely drew a touch less of her attention. “I always wondered. How well do you consider your skills at appraising an individuals character?” She had a specific direction she was heading with her thought process, which she quickly aimed to make clear.

      “The day you were inducted into Imperial Intelligence, I acted as your interviewer. Did you believe me just a secretary, or a member of Intelligence as well.”
      It was a critique for her own skills, in the end, and Dahlia was always professional enough to attempt to garner how adequately she was performing her own job.