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    En route to Ralltiir.

    When Alienor had been assigned to work with Colère on an upcoming mission, she had thought this might be a good opportunity both professionaly and personally, since she didn't know Aurelia's look alike prior to this.

    They were going to Ralltiir, in the Core systems. Colère was to strike a deal with one of the local banks, to gain new investors for some research on Imperial soil.

    The musician turned spy was posing as her assistant, though she truly was here to observe and gather intel, as well as being security if need be. Her recent training had been going well. While she still favored unarmed combat, she was getting the hang on rifles pretty well. Of course, she hoped it wouldn't get to this, but between banking feuds and influencial criminals, one never knew.

    "I'm planning to go survey the location tonight, after we arrived. So we minimize the bad surprises tomorrow." She observed, sipping on caf, as Colère and her were in the lounge area of the ship that was taking them to their destination.

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    Colère, in one of her more audacious gowns, looked up and nodded at Alienor. The young blonde looked determined and professional which was good. Yet, there was something about her that Colère found unsettling and she'd tried unsuccessfully to determine what it was about her partner for this mission that made her internal radar ping.

    "Is there anything you'd need of me in terms of the survey?" she inquired politely. "If not, making a splash on the local scene is in order. I'd like to present a certain reputation in advance, so that I can surprise those we're meeting with, when we do."

    Colère, ever playing the strategist. In truth, it would keep her mind busy while she struggled with the reality of being a Morellian away from her mate.

    "Of course, you're welcome to soak up the local culture with me, once your work is done," she said with an amused look.


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      Since they had embarked on their journey, Alienor had had the fleeting impression on a few occasions that Colère was staring or trying to figure whatever out about her. The blonde found it somewhat ironic, given that she could have been in this place herself, since she was friends with Aurelia.

      "The splash in the local scene will give me the opportunity to do the survey, and so we are both up to date with as much as we can." She replied to the aide's question. "You have the lead when it comes to the negociations, but if there is any security situation, I have it." She indicated so they were both on the same page.

      "Would you like me to adjust to your fashion style while we are on planet? I have extensive experience in fighting even when wearing exquisitive gowns." She wanted to make sure that she looked the right way when posing as the brunette's assistant.

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        Colère nodded, thinking that was a sound enough plan. She was nothing if not an attention-seeker and if that made for a good diversion for Alienor, that was brilliant.

        "Understood. I have my basic protocols mastered and am quite capable of taking care of myself, but I will yield to your expertise," she replied. "As for fashion..."

        Colère chuckled, violet eyes full of mirth.

        "My dear, no one can adjust to my fashion style. You wear what you'd like to wear," she said in a tone that made her sound years older than she appeared, "and I'll wear my outlandish gowns."


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          Alienor was used to being in the spotlight when performing her music, but what she liked best was to remain in the shadows. With how Colère seemed to like the spotlight so hard, that was the perfect mix.

          The blonde smirked at what the woman said about her fashion style. As stunning as Colère's fashion style was, she was far from the only woman who could pull such gowns and outfits. Yet, the blonde had better things to do than engage into what would be just unproductive competitions.

          "And no one can keep staring at me without me noticing. So, if you have questions, any questions, you might as well ask before we arrive." She still had the vibe that something was up and possibly bothered Colère whenever around her, so clearing the air would be beneficial for them both, especially with a mission at hand.

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            Colère lifted both brows at Alienor, saying nothing. She was trying to decide if the bite that she heard in that challenge was real or imagined. In the end, Colère elected to smooth her expression and shrug.

            "I've no questions. Do you?"


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              Alienor stared at Colère, her expression unchanging. "I don't." She replied flatly, albeit politely. She knew that Colère must be related to Aurelia somehow, that she was part of the Nystrom family and she had already understood for a good while that she was Force sensitive like she was herself. For the rest of the information needed for the mission, it had been covered.

              The rest of the journey to their landing pad went smoothly and the customs flew by, which was always a good thing. They had a vehicle waiting for them and it didn't take long before they reached the resort where they were to stay.

              The suite was arranged with a mezzanine top floor where the master bedroom with small living area and master bathroom were, where Colère would stay. Alienor had the choice between two other bedrooms on the main floor. She picked one that gave on the reception area, suite lobby and with a perfect view to the stairs leading where the Aide would stay. She had perfect access, as well as view to the one access to the ventilation panel above.

              She proceeded to a thorough sweep of the whole suite, finding a few bugs, including in unexpected places. She took care of them. All possible accesses were downstairs. After things were fine, she also took care of inserting an electronic device she had been given so the holo screen for entertainment couldn't be tweaked by anyone from the outside to spy on them.

              "Since we are more surveilled than expected, I'll stay in proximity as you take a splash in the scene." Alienor was going to change before they left, but before she did so, she handed the earbud with incorporate mic for Colère to wear all the time. "Closed and encrypted channel. Better safe than sorry. You won't see me tonight, unless you need to."

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                Colère knew the security sweep drill well and waited quietly while Alienor did her work. Then, she settled her luggage into the master suite and studied her surroundings. It was a nice room, but without her bonded here to share it with... it felt hollow. Cheap.

                Ah, Katja. I should've really stowed you in my luggage like I teased, she thought.

                Returning downstairs, she accepted the tech from Alienor. Colère studied it, absently thinking that if fate had been different, they would've been able to use telepathy instead of technology.

                "So, you'll truly be my security. How curious," Colère said, seemingly bemused by that. She slipped the device in place and nodded. "What sort of message would I expect to hear from you? So that I'm prepared if it comes."


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                  "I've been training with rifles but if we get to fight in close range, don't be surprised if things end bloody." Alienor explained, knowing that her fighting style could be visceral, now that she had accepted this part of her and made the best of it. Warning Colère didn't hurt.

                  "You can expect short and straightforward messages. With the channel being encrypted with the best imperial tech, I won't bother being fancy with cryptic messages. Short and to the point saves times and potentially lives."

                  Still looking at Colère, she added. "I won't contact you unless deemed absolutely necessary. You have a job to do and so do I."

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                    Colère was definitely unafraid of things being bloody. She didn't say as much because there was a certain advantage at being perceived a particular way; it gave her the element of surprise if she should need it.

                    "Very well." Her lips quirked in a quick smile. "So if I go into a changing room to find something scrumptious and new to wear, where will you be?"


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                      "Outside of the changing room, keeping my eyes open. I'm here for security, not being your handmaid." Alienor replied with a chuckle.

                      "You'll have me visibly close when we go for official meetings, unless immediate threat was found and I return to your side at once. Otherwise, I'll be in the shadows. So, I think we can both go get ready to take in the local scene then?"

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                        Colère chuckled and nodded, leaving any further teasing aside. If she'd said more, it would've been solely because she missed Katja so ferociously and that would be odd and cruel to Alienor. If she were even interested in her banter!

                        They parted ways to dress. Colère was relieved that her hat had not been damaged as their bags jostled on and off the ship. Hair worn down now, she'd stuck to the maroon theme for her attire. There was a definite mistiness to her eyes as she came back downstairs, touched by the little note that Katja had tucked in with her garment. It made her miss her terribly!



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                          Alienor went to change for an outfit that was practical and yet could have her enter posh establishments due to the high quality of the cut and fabric, as well as her natural but elegant hairdo.

                          She added a black fur coat over it, which was possible as the evening were chilly. The garment was part of her spy gear as it allowed to hide small devices inside as well as be perfect to hide her blades and in this case the parts of her rifle, thus being ready to be put back together. The Intelligence services had done an outstanding work with the padding, loops, zipped pockets. Nobody could suspect what she had on her.

                          "Ready as well." She smiled and they were on their way. She left the building a minute before and was already blending in the crowd, keeping eyes on Colère. She had a few plans about what she wanted to achieve this evening, but she was also adaptable to what the Aide would do and where she would go too.

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                            Alienor was as good as her word and was out of sight. Colère decided that was a shame because it made her feel even more alone. But, it wasn't as if she hadn't spent 4,000 years alone; she could make do for an evening! Straightening her shoulders, her haughty look slipped into place and Col wandered the shopping district, looking like she owned it.

                            However, for it being a core world, she was not finding much pleasure in the fashions. Oh, there was a bauble or two that caught her eye, but it was generally in the context of thinking it might look pleasing on Katja, Auri, or even Linnea. And when the latter came to mind for a possible purchase, that was when Colère knew for sure that she was beyond homesick.

                            Still, she pushed through the loneliness and pain, making one rather expensive purchase when a piece of jewelry called to her...


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                              Walking down the streets, keeping her senses sharp as she watched Colère from afar, Alienor's mind briefly wandered back to Nate. When he had told her that he was returning to Bastion for a week, she realized that she'd only be there for three days, because he was coming back right when she was on this trip to the Core Worlds. That had saddened her. They both understood that their works took them away on a semi regular schedule, but she hated it when they weren't on Bastion at the same time. It was a bit depressing.

                              Scolding herself, she focused on what was at hand. Colère going through the shopping center was a blessing, because it gave her plenty of opportunities to see whether someone was following her. She had this gut feeling it was the case, especially as she bet that whoever had placed the bugs now knew they had been found.

                              For a good while, nothing happened. At some point, Alienor decided to head to another side of the large shopping area, going to a higher floor. Getting another point of view proved useful. She got confirmation of someone she had been suspected to follow Colère. The young blonde was grateful for how hard to miss the Aide was and how good she was at blending in herself.

                              "Stay in the jewelry shop." She discreetly but sharply contacted Colère. Then, the Field agent easily moved through the crowd. It didn't take her long to get back to the main ground. The person was staring at Colère. They were good but she was better.

                              Before getting too close. She reached out to Colère. "Leave the shop." She knew that she might come across as bossy, but she had made it clear to Colère that she wasn't going to get in her way unless there was an actual threat. Trusting the other imperial to understand, she casually moved towards the observer, who seemed eager to keep following Colère.

                              She faked an accidental bump into the tall man. "Oh excuse me sir." She said with an angelic smile. "S'fine." He said, leaving at once to go after Colère. "Would you know where the Dronska Brasserie is? My sense of orientation is horrible." She asked again, looking totally innoffensive. "Ask someone else. I'm busy."

                              He moved away from her, trying to catch up with Colère. "Take the next right turn." Alienor knew it'd be a small alley, and it was exactly what she needed. As expected, the man followed suite, but that was when the blonde sped up.

                              The moment she was behind him, she pounced him and tackled him to the ground. Echani battle style was rarely taught out of their people, but she was one of the lucky chosen ones. "We are going to be busy now." She snarled at him, before reaching out to her comlink and requesting the local extraction team who had arrived before Colère and her, though she hadn't shared this information as per her orders. She looked at Colère, smirking. "Sorry I cut your shopping time short."

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