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Breaking The Bonds That Bind

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  • Breaking The Bonds That Bind

    The Plains Of Alpheridies

    I had always hated her, ever since we we were children.

    The two metal swords came together again and again, the sounds of the clashing blades ringing out across the plain. It was raining and both women were now drenched, their clothing dragging them down and making it more difficult to fight. Yet, neither of them gave an inch and the battle continued as it had for some time. The grass beneath their feet was slippery and it would take only a momentary lapse in concentration for one of them to fall, it was treacherous indeed and with weariness beginning to creep up on the combatants, it only made things worse.

    She had always been the more popular, the stronger, the more confident one.

    With a cry of pain, the smaller of the two fell to the ground as her opponents blade impaled her right leg, tearing through muscle and sending a waves of agony through her body. One of her hands instantly moved from her blade towards the wound and she almost passed out when she felt what was left of her thigh. All she could feel was the warm flow of blood that was now seeping from her leg. There was no chance that she would be able to walk or fight on that and the thought sent a combination of fear and anger through her system.

    I was always just "Leesa's sister" to those around me. The inferior of the Cordiss sisters. They all spoke to me with that same condescending tone, they were all so disappointed in me. It did not matter what I did or said, I was never good enough for them. No one was worse than Leesa though, the arrogance in her tone always caused my blood to boil. Yet, I never spoke out, I just remained silent and took it.

    The death blow did not come and instead the wounded Miraluka had to listen to another lecture. One of how her jealousy and bottled up anger had turned her against her kin. How she had let darkness in to her heart and been poisoned by her darker emotions. She was belittled, insulted, demeaned and all she could do was sit there, one hand over her leg, trying to tie a part of her dress around it to stop the bleeding. Her emotions were beginning to spiral out of control and the words of her sister only increased the sensation.

    "End this madness Deleese, return home with me and perhaps the elders can cure you of this petty jealousy. It was foolish of you to have fought me in the first place, your skills are no match for mine. You have always been the weakling, in every possible way."

    "I refuse."

    As Deleese spoke those two simple words, she could feel something within her. A source of strength which she could not describe, it seemed to feed on her fear and anger and it began to pulse through her body. Her ragged breathing began to quieten and the pain in her leg lessened, she felt strength in her again.

    Frustrated, Leesa approached and leaned over her wounded sister, so that their veiled faces were inches from each other, a mannerism that she had performed so many times over the years.

    "You do not have any other option Deleese, I will bring you back if I have to drag you there. Make it easier on yourself and return willingly."

    "I refuse....."

    With that, Deleese grasped hold of her blade and impaled it through her sisters abdomen, using every ounce of her strength to force it through.


    That was all Leesa said, before coughing and collapsing to the ground, her life ending in that moment.