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    "Glad to hear the trip is going well, darling. I'm sure you and Rya will have a nice time on Telos. Love you both. Bye." Satkia ended the communication. She had been giving a quick holo call to husband and - currently sleeping - daughter, while on the way to her cousin's place in Coruscant. She was curious to compare the view of Nikita's new penthouse to the one from Maize's on Corellia. She knew that her cousin was being called Aeryn these days, but frankly, she'd always be Nikita to her, at least in private!

    She was headed to Yavin VIII in a couple of days, and would stay there for a bit, but Nikita had been adamant about her stopping by for at least one decent girls' night. It had been forever! And she knew that her cousin was still ready to wring her neck for having eloped and for not having set the family ceremony yet!

    That was why the redhead had brought bribes - Corellian whiskey and some Corellian wine millesime - and the promise of more, which was to bake her cousin some of her favorite treats that even the best caterer of Coruscant couldn't top!

    Carrying her bags, she announced herself and took the lift as soon as she was let in. This was going to be a fun night!