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The Severing of Chains. (Jack)

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  • The Severing of Chains. (Jack)

    The Anxarta-class Light Freighter, Destiny, broke the atmosphere of the Smuggler's Moon and radioed back to Jack's ship behind.

    "Mr. Sheetai, we've reached Nar Shaddaa. The planet of lost dreams and hopes and high stakes and even higher blood pressure. I've already cleared us through Air and Space Traffic Control and we should be on the ground shortly. Bring your ship into bay Alpha 39 and we'll take Alpha 38." Vex, Sky's female rattataki pilot said via comm-link.

    Sky changed into normal street clothes so that she would blend in. She had a light brown hoodie, black pants and a pair of regular street shoes. Vex spun around in her chair and watched Sky zip up her jacket. "So you're really goin' through with this. Our guys are gonna kill you down there, Sky, and I don't wanna to lose you my only friend to some revenge scheme. Let's just let Richard go and if he wins the election, then he just wins. This ain't our fight anymore, remember? We left that life behind."

    Sky sighed. "This is just something I have to do." Vex pressed a button under the flight deck panel while she listened to Sky. "Richard got away last time and I won't let that happen again. He is the one who sent his guys after me and Hayden because he knew that we knew about his corrupt plan to get votes. The only ones voting are criminals anyway. This is for the safety of the people and if Commander Brassard and the others get in the way, then I'm sorry, but Richard has to die."

    Vex shook her head. "You'll never learn, Sky. You'll never learn."


    Both spacecraft landed on Nar Shaddaa beside each other. The sniper rifle was in its large case but the container was spray painted from military green to black to look like ordinary luggage. "Stay with the ship and if I'm not back in five hours time from right now. I want you to take off and just go to Bastion. I invested enough money in a hotel room safehouse to house you for a few weeks before you have to go elsewhere." She raced over to her best friend and wrapped an arm around Vex who was still seated. "Take care, Vex. I'll be back as soon as I can."

    The exit doors whooshed open and the stink of the planet filled the bay of Destiny. Quickly, Vex spun in her chair and grabbed the comm-link. "Mr Sheetai. You there? Don't leave your ship. Stay aboard until I say its safe to come out. It's a temporary set up and Sky will be arrested. I tapped into Brassard's channel so they could listen in on our conversation and here they come. I can't risk losing Sky to Richard Humar and I know my old commander will protect her until you rescue her. You're Sith and she isn't...not until she goes through your training, right? Just please...wait for my signal and don't exit your ship or else it will blow our cover. These men who look like typical engineers and dock workers are under Humar's watch and the moment we entered the atmosphere we were already flagged for heavy surveillance."

    Sky stepped off of the exit ramp and the moment she did, a heavily armored, black and navy blue camo'ed, soldier emerged from behind the ramp's decline and aimed his DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle at her back. "On the ground now!!" He shouted. Several more soldiers came from hiding with different rifles drawn on her, shouting the same thing but in different variations. Shocked and confused, Sky dropped the weapon case and lowered herself to the ground face down flat with arms and legs apart. Who'd they know she was coming?

    One grey haired soldier with multiple decorations and badges stepped through the crowd of his soldiers closing in on Sky slowly and aimed his pistol down at her head on the ground. "By order of Richard Humar and the beautiful planet of Nar Shaddaa, you are under arrest, Miss Sky Harrison. You don't have the right to remain silent...because you will remain silent unless spoken to. Actually you were under arrest the moment you left us and how kind of you to return, especially without a fight. Load 'er up boys! We're creating a scene. Gotta get downtown and back to Mr. Humars' before the media show up with their stupid cameras. He's gonna wanna see her before we lock her up for good. Let's hustle! Move! Move! Move!"

    The special forces unit slipped stun cuffs on Sky and hoisted her up to her feet, meanwhile Brassard opened the case and noticed the sniper rifle. His eyes angrily darted to Sky and the two made eye contact before they loaded her up in the security craft. "The frell were you planning to do with this.....?" Brassard said to himself aloud in a whisper. His eyes caught Jack's ship that landed beside Destiny, but he changed his mind about ordering his men to search it. It was probably just a coincidence that they landed at the same time and the person was probably just a tourist. Before walking to the armored craft to leave, he looked up at the flight deck window and saw Vex. A weak smile followed by a nod came from the senior officer to the pilot and the craft disappeared with great speed into the open skies of Nar Shaddaa.

    Waiting three minutes after they left, Vex radioed Jack. "Look, sir, I'm sorry you had to see that, but something is wrong. Brassard was supposed to arrest her, sure, but why was he going to take her to Humar's penthouse? I used to run with commander Brassard and those boys...we both did...and if my guess is right, they are going to hurt her. Brassard is a good guy but he has a tough exterior to crack but just...don't hurt him if you cross him, okay? We had something back in the day between us and if something were to happen to him..." Shaking off her sensitive side which she never showed, she left Jack with his release. "You're probably safe to go now. It's been five minutes and that is how long we are trained to keep a few men undercover at a location in case anyone else came back to scoop up any evidence that was left behind. They are going to be in the Kindle Towers in the Red Light District. Again, which floor they are on will be tough to figure out, but're Sith, right? Just save Sky and don't tell her I did this. I only did this to protect her...but I see how that backfired. You need anything, you know my frequency. I'll be able to tell you anything you need to know about those crime lords."
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      As he could hear the rattaki voice of Vex, Sky's pilot, he landed softly onto the neighboring ramp before saying, "I understand. Ah, Nar Shaddaa. The place of scum and villany. My kind of place."

      Hearing the woosh of the ramp, Jack shut off the engines to his ship before sitting back in his pilot seat whistling a random tune. The clown Sith Knight waited for Sky to walk out the ramp and noticed she changed into regular street clothes. So, Jack had already changed into all black wearing a mask that covered his features. Nobody would recognize him now. Even so, a guy who looked like a clown would get much attention. Or not. Depends on who's looking. But, this all seemed to him like a trap! The Dark Side making the back of his neck tingle. Something wasn't quite right here! He could smell the deciet and the springing of it would begin soon he figured.

      He was right!

      Although hearing Vex speak to him again he listened. Only at her request he didn't jump out when he saw his lovely future apprentice get arrested by the veteran soldier. Oh how it angered him! Gritting his teeth he watched wanting to slice their throats without much of a blink. His hands grasping the arm rest of his seat, Jack waited ten minutes. It seemed like a long ten minutes too! Much to his chagrin Sky wasn't panning out if she was caught this easily. But, what else could he do but rescue her. Rolling his eyes he then pressed the button on the link.

      "All you managed to do was nearly get her killed! Oh do I have to do everything myself? Don't answer that!" Jack said seemingly ticked off his voice cracking with rising anger at Vex and those soldiers, "If they hurt her I'll kill them. All of them! I'm not making any promises, Vex. This is all your fault! You should have stuck to MY plan. Oh this is going to be fun..."

      He said the last part with sarcasm in his voice. Opening the hatch, the clown Sith Knight jumped out. Looking around he walked through the walkways past Sky's ship, and through a building. A flight deck where he was approached by two guards. One was a human, the other one probably a Devarian. Both would be intimidating to most, but, Jack wasn't intimidated by anyone. Well, Zeta maybe. As Jack appraoched them he stuck his hands up like he was surrendering.

      "We need to see some identification. Present it, sir." The human spoke in a deep tone.

      "Boys...can't we just get along and you just let me through. Just for giggles you couldn't let me slide? Please?" Jack said in a pleading tone.

      "Can't, sorry. It's protocol. Plus, a guy dressed like you seems suspicious. I should call security to give you a pat down and a security check. Who knows what you might be." The human said nodding to his partner who was about to radio on his comm-link.

      "Bad move, boys!" Jack said in a monotone voice.

      Jerking his arms two knives slid from their hiding spots. The two guards eyes went wide before the clown Sith Knight let the rush of the Dark Side flow through him. In one motion his movements sped into a near blur to them. With that much speed, Jack easily sped towards them while in one fluid motion jabbed both knives into their throats as they were standing next to one another on the sides of the door leading into the main part of the city. Blood splattered the ground where they stood and died as their eyes rolled back into their heads. Gushing blood sprayed to the ground while Jack pulled the knives from their flesh.

      Licking the blade he tasted blood and wanted more on his hands. Grinning all the while the clown wiped his precious knives off with a piece of cloth he pulled from one of the pockets in his outfit. Once he cleaned them off he put them back up his sleeves. Cracking his neck he then threw the bodies off the side of the path where the walkway ended and the abyss was far below them.

      Grinning once more he then waved goodbye to them as their lifeless bodies fell, "Bye bye boys! This might be fun after all!"

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        The ride all the way to Humar's penthouse was silent. Sky could feel the eyes of all her old comrades glaring at her, glaring through her. All of them wondering what she had become and why she left. The young woman had much to answer for, and Richard was going to bring it out by any means necessary. Brassard sat on the bench in front of her and shook his head. "It doesn't have to be like this, Sky. I'm sure you know Mr. Humar won't just let you go without some kind of reason as to your sudden disappearance. This city needed you, dear."

        Sky kept quiet and refused to look at him. Signaling, Brassard motioned for his men to inject a needle into Sky's neck. The pinch was only momentary followed by a thick, cold feeling of fluid in her neck...followed by darkness.


        Sky woke up gasping for breath, her face and upper body soaked in water, and her hands tied. Struggling to open her eyes, she quickly made out the room should she black out again. Green paint on the walls, the room was the size of swoop bike garage, and it had a slight undertone of stale air.

        Three chairs were placed in front of her with a few others tied up and mouths gagged with clothing, and the rest of the tactical unit surrounding the four corners of the room with Brassard by the door. Mr. Humar stood there in between Sky and the three in front of her with his typical business suit with a red hankerchief exposed from the breast pocket. "Welcome back to the land of the living, Miss Harrison. However, the things you do in these next few minutes will reflect if it stays that way." Sky shook her wet hair and knew she got it on the soldiers and Richard.

        "What do you want with me? Where am I?" She said, wriggling her hands but to no avail. They were not only stun cuffed, but zip tied as well as a secondary measure. Richard, knelt down in front of her and placed a gloved hand on Sky's right cheek. "Now I'm not the one coming onto a planet with a sniper rifle, now am I? The people in this sector belong to me and they are under my protection and if someone like you wants to test my boundaries, people get apprehended and the games begin."

        Standing up, he made his way over to the first chair. A twi'lek female who had been beaten and bloodied began crying her eyes out. She knew what was going to happen. "Let me elaborate for you. Since you were so used to pulling the trigger and choosing who lives and who dies, then you must be good at this game, except there is gonna be a teeny tiny twist." He unholstered his blaster pistol and aimed it at the woman's head. "It's like this..." The woman began screaming with the gag in her mouth and jumping up and down in the chair. Richard had to raise his voice to be heard. " have two choices, Sky. Both of them ain't good. You refuse to answer or you lie to me and there is a one hundred percent chance that I pull this trigger and spray her remains all over her son right next to her. That'd be a good memory for him, right? You answer me truthfully and fair, and I'll flip a coin for a fifty percent shot at life and death. I will get my answers, Miss Harrison, whether I have to waste every soul in this room or not. I WILL get my answers!"

        Sky's eyes lit up and she tried even harder to get free. Her eyes raced to Brassard and then to everyone else in the room, but they stood there with hands behind their backs and feet shoulder with apart. They really were corrupt now and under Richard's payroll. If things were like they were before, this would have been broken up and stopped, but something had changed. None of them were the same since she left. "So tell me, Miss Harrison, why did you leave my unit? I gave you a way out when your brother died in that alley and you left me only to have even more criminals get away and the entire laughing stock of the police force laughing at this sector. Now what am I supposed to do with my greatest sniper gone? Who did you leave me for? The Hutt Cartel?"

        To protect her identity, she lied, even with the circumstances before her and a life on the line. With her luck, he was probably just bluffing anyway. "I was a bounty hunter! Freelance! I took up residence on Coruscant and been living there ever since. I didn't know this would hurt you, but now I can see it's bad. Just please don't hurt her!"

        Richard grit his teeth in anger and stared at Sky as he pulled the trigger.
        "WRONG!!!!" The twi'lek female's head slumped down lifelessly and her blood got all over her young son beside her from the exit wound. The sheer shock of it made Sky jump when he pulled the trigger.

        Brassard and two of the five men raced in to grab the lifeless woman's chair and wheeled her out of the room. Once the door opened, Sky got a glimpse of outside the room A long dark hallway with overhead lights. Putting two and two together, she stood a chance of being underground, hench the terrible paint job and stale air smell. With no real ventilation to doors always opening and closing, this place was probably an underground hideout for special interrogations just like this. That was only a quarter of the knowledge that she knew.

        Richard spit on the ground at Sky's feet. "I don't like being lied to and neither did that woman. Let's see if you are ready for the bonus round....her twelve year old son. He is just figuring out what girls are and right now...they're lookin' pretty selfish." The boy began sobbing and choking on the gag in his mouth, but the muzzle of the pistol was there again. "If you won't tell me where you went, maybe you'll tell me where Hayden went. The two of you disappeared that same night and I have reason to believe you were together in a plot to destroy my empire. I'm not about to lose this election over your wish for privacy, so where did he go, Sky? Don't let history repeat itself."

        Sky confessed the harmless truth to save the boy's life. "Okay! Okay!" Tears ran down her cheeks as she felt their pain. "Hayden went to join the Sith. He had some kind of twisted energy in him that he unleashed that night. That was how he killed those men with precision. Any normal person would of made a mistake somewhere but he hit every vein he could and killed all fifteen of those thugs. He joined the Sith, Richard. I swear it on my life!"

        Richard brushed the fresh blood from his previous victim off of his suit and thought hard about her answer. That detailed answer deserved the coin toss. "Yeah? Well do you swear on his life?" The coin flipped in his hand and he had Brassard read the word so he couldn't lie himself. Brassard looked at Sky and then at Richard. A frown crossed his face and Richard smiled devilishly. "The coin face reads......kill.......Mr. Humar."

        Richard shrugged his shoulders and apologized to the boy before pulling the trigger, but the blaster jammed. He tried to pull the trigger again, but it jammed once more. He grabbed a pistol from Brassard's chest holster but Brassard grabbed Richard's hand. "This ain't the way, sir. Your son is having his party upstairs without his father. Give a little recess and then come back. It would mean the world to your son. We'll hold down the fort here and stay on watch."

        Shaking his head, he yanked his hand from Brassard and snapped his fingers before leaving to signal all the men to leave Sky alone to wallow in her choices. Brassard eyeballed Sky sobbing and spoke low before leaving. "I'm doing the best I can to give you chances, Sky. Just be truthful with him and more people stand a better chance of living. Mr. Humar is in charge now...and until you figure out a way to repay your debt of absence...more people are going to die besides these three. Think about it." He closed the door behind him and left Sky with the twi'lek boy and correlian elderly man. However, she did know now that she was downstairs in the secret basement of the Kindle Towers. When Brassard said "upstairs", he gave that part away.
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          Now where should I head next? Jack thought to himself.

          Once he reached the door he then looked up at the security camera. Waving at it the clown then slowed himself to normal. Letting the Dark Side flow through him still he concentrated upon the camera. Moving his hand he imagined his hand around the camera and once he got the grip on it the Sith Knight broke it off the wall ripping wires out and hearing snapping noises. Sparks flew from where it sat upon the corner near the door. Inside, Jack figured he'd have to make his way quick through the decks. Into the open space where he could easily jump from rooftop to rooftop.

          Walking through he made himself into a near blur again running through the halls around a few straggling workers and one guard. A wind passed by them, it wasn't truely wind but a slight breeze. To them it would just be possible back flow of air passing through when ships docked. Jack manuevered through the halls and around corners. Keeping his focus he ran until he was outside into the city. Now he could smell the stench of it all. Made his nose curl up a bit in disgust.

          Either way he shook the thought and looked for a dark alley. His surroundings were unknown so Jack stretched his senses in the Force. The place was teeming with life so he concentrated upon Sky's slight aura. Faint as it was he could sense it when he only concentrated upon it specifically. It was coming from the northwest sector. So Jack smirked before bursting into a sprint with the aid of the Force. Running around others and buildings he made his way into the darkest alley he could find. It was empty. Good!

          Slinking his way into it he hid in the shadows. Keeping his red eyes open at all times he stretched his senses out with the Dark Side. Not a thing yet. No soldiers around so far. Unless they were all at the party. No matter, Jack would take care of them all! He made no promises to Vex. Only one to Sky that he would sever the chains that bound her to this. This...trap! Oh they would pay for ticking off the Sith Assassin.

          Walking up to a fire escape ladder Jack jumped with the Force. As Jack placed his grip on it he then swung his feet. Then the clown Sith Knight climbed the ladder then jumped a floor. Not tiring out so far the clown kept jumping leaning on edges keeping watch of his surroundings. Nothing would surprise him today! Nothing! Keeping himself going up floors before reaching the top.

          Once he jumped to the roof, the clown ran on the rooftops before sprinting and hurdling them. Going from rooftop to rooftop, Jack made his way to a viewpoint. Standing near the edge he could see a rather large building in the distance. The words on it read 'Kindle Towers'.


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            Richard was eating cake and mingling with the guests of the party during his slight recess. He blamed the blood stains to the guests that it was the butcher downstairs who got a little too happy and severed an artery. Every one of the guests believed his story but truth be told, there was never a butcher. Brassard had each of his men posted in the windows of the penthouse in case of any snipers and a few more hired guns downstairs in the lobby to protect the event happening upstairs. Along with his five men upstairs, only eight of them patrolled the lobby, with two of them posted outside with rifles to act as bouncers. Even Brassard, being in the business of citizen protection, knew their security was insufficient. He leaned in to whisper into Richard's ear as Richard laughed at a joke. "Sir, I think you should hurry and make your speech and head back downstairs to finish business. Somethin ain't right. I'll leave Amy and Cage up here to guard your son but you have to get downstairs now. Call in a few favors and beef up security." Nodding, Richard put up a hand to tell Brassard to hold for a moment while he made his speech. He tapped a glass with a fork and stood on a table.

            "Excuse me everyone! Excuse me!" The crowd shushed each other and quickly grew quiet to hear the birthday boy's father. "I'd just like to thank you all for coming out on such great occasion. It takes a lot out of a man to become police chief of an entire sector. Just look at the grey hairs on the rest of the chiefs, eh? This birthday party meant a lot to my son, Brenden, and I'm glad I could be around for it. Again, thank you all for coming and enjoy the rest of the festivities. Dinner will be ready momentarily."

            Richard snapped his fingers and his smile quickly disappeared. It was time to get back to business. Three of the soldiers, including Brassard, made their way towards the elevator but Amy and Cage remained and patrolled the party, constantly eyeballing out of the windows for anything suspicious.


            Even with all of the time allotted, Sky still wasn't able to get free, and her torture was only about to get worse. Opening the door, the three prisoners were still in the room and the smile reappeared on Richard's face and he clasped his hands together as he walked around in a circle around the last two of the three prisoners. "I hope you had time to reflect on telling me the truth or not, Sky. I definetaly did and because you lied, these two shall be punished anyway. Brassard! Wheel the boy and his old man outside and execute them. Then leave the two of us." The commander hesitated and his mouth opened to speak but no words came Richard ordered him to do it. "I said go, commander. I'm not paying you to think or have feelings. Oh and get the Ghosts, TR Five, and The Westfall Sages on the line and have them send their people. I'm not getting their people out of prison for free."

            Doing as commanded, Brassard and his two men wheeled the chairs out of the room with the boy and elderly man and closed the door behind them, leaving only Sky and Richard.

            Sky spit up at Richard who now stood within arms reach of her. The spit hit him right on the lips, just short of his nose. "I'd get better security than some gang members. Not even Brassard and the boys can protect you from what's coming." She said, an evil grin on her face. "And believe me...the reckoning is coming, and there will be nothing you can do to protect your son. Kill or be killed, Mr. Humar...isn't that what you always taught me?"

            Fear struck deep into Richard but he tried his best to keep from showing it. Instead, he tapped into a blind rage and took it out physically on Sky. A right hook connected with her cheek, then a left, and another right, and then a backhand. He kicked her in the chest, knocking the wind out of her and tipped the chair backwards and over. Kicks repeatedly entered her abdomen over and over again. Ten...twenty...thirty times and each time feeling harder and more painful than the last. He dropped to his knees and put his hands around her throat, trying to choke her out. "There isn't anything coming for you, Sky!" He yelled through grit teeth and over her gasping and struggling for air. "The only thing coming is death! I'm gonna watch you die and then I'm gonna feed your corpse to the rats just like I did your brother!"

            Brassard burst into the room and broke the lock on the door. "Sir!" He tackled Richard off of Sky and bought her some more time. "Wait until the party is over for this! Give her more time to crack! Amy said your son is looking for you! He said it's urgent...sir." Both Richard and Sky regained their breath but only one could leave to get fresh air. Richard stormed out of the room and past Brassard.

            The commander knelt down beside Sky and eyed her bleeding nose and mouth. "Why do you tempt him with this stuff? You've been caught, Sky. There is only two outcomes from this. He either lets you live and rejoin us for good this time or you die a horrible, painful death trying to be something you aren't. What's this all proving? You're no hero and neither are we. Why do you think we stick around? The paycheck is all we have going for us right now and if money was the reason why you left, then just say that. Save yourself some pain." Sky coughed and refused to answer him. "A second ago you said something was coming." His concern raised a bit. "What's coming, Sky?" The injured woman shook her head and winced in pain. "It's not a's a who and since you saved me twice now, here is my chance at saving you. Pull the guys back now and retreat. Blood will be shed here today and you don't wanna be in the body count."

            Brassard stood up and charged his heavy blaster rifle. He touched his comm-link to all on his frequency, including Richard. "Raise security threat level. We just went from Code Yellow to Code Red! Execute all protocols and let's lock this place down. Set up Level Five perimeter and lock all windows down. Don't let anyone out or in."

            Gang members from the three that were mentioned showed up and made a sweep of the lobby area. What was only around twelve men turned into thirty. The Ghosts wore all black with gas masks used vibroblades and were skilled in swordsmanship. TR Five were a group of smugglers and traffickers dealing in trade in the district and they wore leather padded armor with blaster pistols. Westfall Sages were normally a peaceful group but their weapon of choice were their fists as they were skilled in hand to hand combat. These specific men and women wore robes to symbolize that armor was foolish and only the weak hide themselves in armor from the rest of the galaxy.
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              Jack was now jumping from rooftop to rooftop. Making his way to 'Kindle Towers' wasn't going to be hard. Especially for a Sith Knight. Running with the aid of the Dark Side the clown assassin jumped over the gaps between buildings with ease. Landing each time in a full on sprint in a near blur thanks to the Force, Jack kept running. It was when he kept getting closer to the tower did he feel the pain emnating from Sky. There was a Force bond and the moment he touched her aura with his own it was created. Or something like that. He could never understand them. At this point did he really want to?

              Hurdling rooftops the clown Sith Knight kept his Senses about him sensing more men about. Not unlikely that Sky had told them he was coming. No matter! They would all die by his hand. His twisted face would be the last thing they'd see. Smirking to himself he kept going. Within the hour his new protege would be dead. Not if Jack could help it! Running with killer intent the clown jumped down the alley nearest to the tower. It's not like anyone would see him being that he moved like a blur. So, landing softly as he slowed his descent to the ground with the Force, he then opened himself to the Dark Side. Feeling that passion of the kill, the blood rage it gave him. Ah, it was marvelous.

              Sensing many outside the tower he then tried to stretch beyond just the outside of the building. This time closing his eyes while standing in the dark alley he went beyond that. His senses stretched into the lobby where more men stood awaiting his arrival. He'd have to find a way inside! More so he needed to shut of the power to the building! If he did the back up would run in a matter of a minute and a half. Decent time to get into the building and try to find his way around. Jack wasn't concerned with how many. He was concerned with who was there waiting for him. Not like he wanted the authorities he needed them in his way.

              Now all he'd need to do was create either a distraction or else run to the other side of the building and cut the power...what to do? Thinking a moment Jack contemplated both ideas. If he made a distraction it would make going inside that much easier. But, cutting off the power would make them distracted too. What to do? What to do? Time to make a choice!

              Jack decided to cut off the power! Running with the aid of the Dark Side the clown ran like a blur past them running around the block. Knowing all the blocks connected to one another he decided to be a bit cautious and cut the power to the entire block. A good idea! Once he made it to the main power junction box, the clown pulled a knife from his sleeves and threw it into the junction box. Hearing it slam into the metal box the clown grinned as it sparked and hissed instantly shorting it out. Now was his time to act!

              As the power shut off the people around started to wonder what was going on. Jack was happy with the panic that started. All the citizens started running as the moments went by. But, the clown had only a few more moments before the back up generators would start. Time to run! So, that is exactly what Jack did. Ran towards the building as the soldiers and gang members looked on as panic struck. When they started to sprint towards the panicking citizens the clown walked right inside the lobby.

              Watching the awstruck other members of Humar's security as Jack walked right in he then waved at them, "Hello and goodbye boys!"

              With fluid motion Jack ran past them again. A near blur it was hard for them to aim at someone in the dark. Small lights flicked on as the clown hid around corners. Waiting for them to make mistakes he then ran through the hallways. Smiling under his assassin's mask the Sith Knight then saw a group heading towards him as the lobby security radioed them on the comm-links. With his hand outstretched Jack sent a Force Push at them sending them flying through the air and landing on the ground hard.

              An opening that Jack needed he sped past them. A relief for a moment till he heard them radio something to one another. To the clown it sounded like they were talking to Brassard about some 'man dressed in black' who 'sped past them like lightning' and that they were 'trying to engage but the target disappeared'. The others were still trying to sort out the panicked citizens who were scurrying everywhere and anywhere.

              Knowing that Sky was in the building he then walked down a corridor where a whole group were looking. Turning around he then found the stairs. A sign on it read 'Brenden's Birthday Party!' in big colorful lettering. Perfect! So, Jack took off that way. While he ran up the three flights of stairs he took out his other pair of knives before pushing open a door with the Force knock it off it's hinges.

              I'm here, Sky! Where are you? If you can hear me tap on a pipe or something. I'm near one now! He said through the Force to her trying to locate her. It was sent out like a wave through an invisible radio frequency.

              Locating a few fuel pipes he then stopped and listened. Hopefully Sky would hear him. At least he hoped so...

              Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

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              Thanks to Drake for this awesomeness!


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                Sky groaned from the pain in the darkness of her holding area until she heard Jack's voice penetrate her mind. He was in the building! This power must of been him! Genius. Even though no one was around to see it, Sky couldn't help but smile at the thought of him doing so much harm to those who had captured her.

                The door opened to her cell and a man holding a blaster rifle with a light attachment entered. From the outer edge of the light, the shadow of his face looked like Brassard. "I'm gonna let you go temporarily, Sky, but we have a deal to make. That guy...that reckoning. He's butchering all those thugs up there and there are only more on the way to test him. They're all pretty much walking into their own graves so I want to release you to tell your assassin to leave us. Then you are gonna come back down here and we continue this. Think of the people he could hurt, Sky. Your vow was to protect and serve, not destroy and dismantle."

                Sky laughed. "And what makes you think I won't run away once I'm freed? He won't just let me go back into capture and you know it. That was the reason he came in the first place." Brassard turned her face away from him to speak in her ear and unsheathed his vibrodagger. "Because even if you have him, that won't stop me from killing you if you try to escape. Mr. Humar will get his justice and so will this sector. You failed us, Sky, and those who fail us are on grounds for execution. So you die." With a quick swipe of the dagger, her zipties around her legs and hands came loose, but he kept the stun cuffs on.

                Sky quickly got up in the darkness and tapped her stun cuffs on the pipe in the far corner of the large room that was lit up by the light from Brassard's gun. The lights suddenly came on in the basement and Brassard switched off his light. Letting the rifle sling across his body, he raced over to Sky and pinned her against a wall next to the pipe with blaster pistol on her chest over her heart and a radio reciever in his other hand and up to her mouth. "One of my men has your boy at gunpoint right now and since I don't trust you to walk around anymore, I changed my mind and we'll talk just like this. Tell him to stand down and put his hands up or his pretty little prize piece will die and he can hear it."

                Sky's eyes lit up with terror. "Commander..." The weapon charged now. "Do it!" He yelled with pure hatred. "You're no longer a friend nor an ally to me so let's just keep it formal between prisoner and captor."

                Brassard keyed the microphone as Sky began to talk. The soldier standing with Jack at gunpoint was one that belong to Sky's who was supposedly off limits. He unhooked his radio and slid it across the floor to Jack as Sky's voice emanated from it. "Jack? Jack if you can hear're held at gunpoint and so am I. They got us. Seems I got you in more trouble than you truly needed. But here is what I want you to do. Since my safety is in your hands....Jack...." She looked at Brassard's demanding eyes and then back at the radio. "...kill every last one of them. No exceptions. I wanna hear their screams all the way from the basement, Jack. Every party guest. Every soldier and even my unit. Yeah, that's right. That means you, Brassard. So if you're gonna kill me, you best pull that trigger right now and GIVE Jack another reason to kill you slowly."

                Staggering back and away from Sky, Brassard couldn't believe what he just heard. He took his finger off of the button and dropped his pistol. Smiling, Sky took a few steps forward. "Oh and commander..." She lifted her wrists up and let the stun cuffs fall to the ground. " really shouldn't stand so close to your prisoner, nor should you keep the keys to their cuffs in a pants pocket. Being the commander and all, I thought you would of knew that." She ran at her old commanding officer and tackled him but his armor was too heavy and only caused him to slide back a foot and a half. He slammed his right and left arms into her ribs which were already bruised from the assault from Humar, followed by a knee to her chest. The escapee fell to the ground and Brassard flipped her over and shoved down hard on her throat with his forearm. Her hands raced to his arm and a few punches to his armor padded chest but nothing stopped his relentless action. His dagger in its sheath on his chest caught her eye and she retrieved it and slit a long gash vertically up his attacking arm. Brassard yelled in pain and quickly rolled off of Sky while throwing his free arm to cover the gushing wound.

                Sky was now free and raced out of the room and pressed the button for the elevator to come down. Brassard struggled to his feet and retrieved his fallen pistol, aimed it at Sky down the hall and opened fire. Dodging each time, Sky rolled left and right and threw a trashcan lid at Brassard to slow him down. The elevator door slid open and the escaped woman raced in. Brassard yelled in protest but doors closed just short of him reaching it with the assistance of Sky pressing the "close" button. She was already on her way up but didn't know which one Jack was on, so she settled for the lobby.

                The doors to the lobby opened and a few bodies littered the floor. She pressed the "stop" button on the elevator to keep Brassard from calling it back and hid behind one of the walls facing out into the lobby. A few armed thugs, each from the three gangs, argued with one another about how security was so light and how they let one man get by. They also knew that the police were probably already on their way and things were only going to get worse.

                One of the men noticed the elevator door was still open and how it just got there, but the doors refused to close. Closing in on the elevator Sky was in, all four men had their pistols and rifles drawn and aimed for any sign of life onboard.
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                  Jack heard the tapping that Sky made on the pipes. Listening with his ears he traced the source. Following the echo of it he closed his eyes a second or two before he knew exactly where she was. The basement! Smiling the clown also heard the sound of footsteps and guns pointed at him. Once they reached him he kept his hands at his sides. Still holding both knives the clown Sith Knight then started to laugh. Like a lunatic nonetheless.

                  Once he heard Sky's voice he then felt his heart flutter again. He was infatuated with her. If anything he hoped this would bring her closer to him. Like her hero! In a twisted way. Her dark hero more or less. Although he would see to it that Brassard gets his 'just deserts'. Sky would be the one to plunge his knife through Brassard's throat. Jack however would kill everyone else.

                  "I'll kill all of them. You will kill that commander who's keeping you there!" Jack said through the comm.

                  Jack then took look at the comm link after Sky's voice cut off before he concentrated on it with the Force sending it levitating into the air and towards the one who let him use it. Smacking the guy in the face, Jack spun around throwing both knives at his throat, which was a bit exposed. The soldier discharged his gun into the air stunned by Jack's move. Once the blades reached his throat though he tried to cry out 'fire' but was cut off as the blade sliced into his flesh cutting him off. Dropping to the ground, Jack then pulled his lightsaber free.

                  "Let's dance, boys!" The clown Knight replied with a sinister grin across his face.

                  The three fired at Jack trying to shoot him down. It was in vain though as the clown parried all their shots into the air and in different directions. Laughing as he did this, Jack rushed forward blocking all their shots until he got into close range slicing through one. Then feigning and stabbing another one through the heart. With a rush of speed thanks to the Force, all the world slowed down to him. Shots missed their mark as the last tried best to shoot Jack and failed.

                  "Nice try!" Jack said before slicing his head off.

                  Now, Jack moved quickly to run up stairs to the party. Running into a few more security personnel, Jack sent a Force Push knocking them down. As he knocked them over he ran and jumped over them. But, Jack forgot his knives. Knowing they were down a floor he turned and rushed back to them. It took him a moment and he pulled them free of the soldier. So, taking a moment to breathe, the clown hid around a large group of plants ducking between them. Smirking they all ran towards another part.

                  "This should be incredibly fun!" Jack said running to an elevator, and he then saw it was down stairs.

                  Or the arrow pointed down anyways. Maybe more soldiers? Some stranded party guests? Sky? Only one way to find out! Jack sent his thoughts out again like a radio frequency to Sky's mind. Hopefully she could hear them again.

                  If your okay, think of something that angers you. I'll know because I sense no other auras in the Force. Let your anger unleash! I'll sense it!

                  Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

                  Jack's theme song

                  Jack's Alternate Theme

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                    The thugs were within feet of the open elevator when Sky heard Jack's voice. He was guiding her from a distance. How interesting. How sweet. He said that he would be able to sense her anger so why not start with the obvious. These men wanted to kill her. They didn't even know her. They were just following commands from another person higher up who thought they knew her. That was the problem with all of those thugs on Nar Shaddaa. They weren't able to use their own minds and interpretations and usually it ended up getting them killed. why she wished to join the Sith. That is what it means to be free. And if freedom came at a cost, it would cost EVERYONE their lives there at that party.

                    Sky stepped out into the open and the four thugs stopped with their weapons now focused on her. She had a devilish smile about her now. "I'm looking for Brenden's party. Would you fellas happen to know what floor the party would be on?" They each looked at each other then proceeded to open fire on her. The young assassin took off to her right and jumped behind the desk in the front lobby, papers and credit chips flying overhead as she leaned with her back against the desk and her enemies closing in on her position. Blaster bolts whizzed past her head and slammed into the wall of the room, leaving hundreds of scorch marks all along the wall. Typical with all hotel staff on this planet, they were all carrying pistols since nowhere was truly safe. Two corpses laid on either side of her with snub-nosed blaster pistols holstered on both of their left ankles. Ripping them out, Sky waited until they all stopped shooting together and had to reload at the same time. Idiots.

                    Blaster pistol in either hand, she rose and opened fire relentlessly. One blaster bolt clipped a man's throat, another a man's left leg, two went into one of their chests, and the last into their head. They all fell to the ground but the one who was shot in the leg screamed in pain. Sky leapt over the counter and walked over to the injured thug. Her blaster pistol aimed down at his forehead, she shook her head and fired the final shot as the thug's final pleas for mercy came to an abrupt end.

                    The elevator chimed and the doors opened. Quickly looking to her left where she was just at the elevators, Brassard stepped out. "One thing you should know, little girl. I can override the elevator. I probably would of gotten far, far away from here if I were you, but since you betrayed me and you decided to stay, it has now cost you your life." Sky raised her pistol at him and then dropped it. "Well said, sir. It certainly was an honor fighting by your side." Brassard removed all of his weapons and sat them on the ground. He even threw his pistol to his side after separating its clip and tossing the clip to the other side.

                    Walking all the way around to Sky's front, the two stood there eyeing each other, knowing deep down that it was time for the other to die. Neither of them wanted it and Brassard helped Sky grow into the woman she was now. Without him, she probably would of been a drug dealer or even left sooner. To Brassard, Sky was like his daughter and he cared for her. She had been there and saved his life multiple times only to lead up to this. His prized sniper betraying him for some other man whom, for as far as he knew, she barely even knew. That was a risk Sky was willing to take, however. The Galactic Empire was just going to be a repeat and she couldn't stay in the tactical unit on Nar Shaddaa. This moment...was inevitable.

                    Sky threw a right hook but was blocked by Brassard's left forearm. He tried the same but got the same result from Sky's left. Brassard leaned in for a headbutt but Sky saw it coming and leaned back. She quickly swung a kick to his right side and connected but the padding protected him for minimal pain. Brassard caught her leg in his left arm and jammed his right elbow down right above her knee. Using the leverage, Sky jumped on her left leg and wrapped it around Brassard neck and squeezed tight to bring him to the ground in a roll. Sky was let free and rolled away, now with their backs facing opposite sides of the room from when they started. Putting her fists back up, Sky was ready for another assault though her right knee now bothered her.

                    Brassard unsheathed his vibro dagger and rushed Sky again. His flurry of swipes were dodged left and right and the occasional chair and object had to be used to create some distance. Sky picked up one more chair and inverted it to protect her just as Brassard lunged forward and got the dagger stuck in the padded seat of the chair. Letting go of the hilt, he kicked forward and shoved the dagger deeper into the chair and the sheer force of the kick sent Sky falling backwards, the short blade an inch from her stomach. Had it of been a vibrosword, she would of been skewered from the longer blade and the fight would of ended right there. Once on her back, Sky threw the chair to her right and flipped up from the ground but the pain in her leg threw her off balance and gave Brassard enough time to connect two front jabs to her face with either hand, an uppercut, a sweeping kick to knock her to the ground, and a shove once she got back up.

                    Sky fell back and fell into another check-in reception counter in the lobby but Brassard was already on her again. He picked her up by her throat and pants and threw her over the desk and to the ground. Before he could jump over the counter to get to her, sirens could be heard outside, and lots of them. The police were there and they would kill Brassard and Sky if they were found there. "We'll finish this soon enough, kiddo. Now get up and run unless you wanna really rot in prison!" Brassard took two poison grenades in either hand and threw them at the windows of the front door to the Kindle Towers, shattering the glass and letting them expose their poisonous gas to the police outside so the two could escape. Brassard raced to the elevator and glared angrily at Sky before the doors closed.

                    The beaten woman staggered to get up and raced towards the door with the word "Stairs" written on it. She knew she hadn't failed Jack yet. This entire operation wasn't over yet. "Vex!" Sky said tapping into her comm-link, stumbling up the stairs. Her injuries were so severe from her previous torture that they carried over during the fight and cost her a temporary loss. "From the ship, I need you to hack into the Kindle Towers and switch the fire alarm on to trigger the sprinklers. I just need to buy more time. Please!!!"

                    Back at Destiny, Vex did as instructed and used her hacking skills to get into the tower database. "Piece of cake, but you do know that by doing so, there'll be a power flux in the building and elevators will stop." Sky made her way to floor eleven in the stairway when she heard the police coming in the stairway on the first floor. Her voice changed to a whisper as she kept going. "That's exactly what I want you to do. Shut the elevators down. I'm headed to the roof. Richard will be retreating there for an escape once he knows the police are here. The last thing he wants is for the police to see that he is tied to criminals. He'll lose the election. I'm thinking, we force him to the roof, we bag him there." And that was also where she knew Brassard was going to meet her for their final time. She knew he could just override the elevator again but this time it would take longer since this was technically an "emergency" situation with fire alarms and safety comes before privileges.

                    Vex did as told once more and triggered the fire alarm in the building. All of the lights shut off and Brassard was now trapped in the elevator. Deafening sound was filling the stairway and much water was falling down the stairs and soaking the steps. What made this better than the other power outage, the only way the elevators could get working again was if the fire agency showed up and turned off the fire alarm themselves. For now, it was time to get to the roof. Sky just hoped that Jack was alright. The building was fifty floors tall and Sky was now on the sixteenth. The party was on the fourty-seventh but Richard and Brenden were already being escorted to the roof at the same moment via the south stairway where they thought the action wasn't taking place.
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                      Being on the eighteenth floor, Jack could sense Sky was below him. At least she made it out of there okay! Too bad her anger and pain radiated from her being. It was untapped and untrained of course, but, with his help she would be able to use the Dark Side to her advantage. All in due time though, as always. So with a smirk the clown assassin stood by the doors till he saw them open and the fire sprinklers sprayed him with water. At that moment he knew Sky had orchestrated that part. She had to have done it! It gave her more time, but, it sorta annoyed him. No matter! He'd give her a lecture on that. Later, though.

                      Knowing then the elevators would shut off, Jack slinked away from the side of the elevator. The clown knew in his right mind that anyone inside would be trapped in it with no way out. Too bad for Brassard though. Jack knew he needed to run down two levels. Sky was needing his help and he'd deliver. Plus, they could take out all the party goers together. Oh that would be a fun sight. Seeing that beautiful face of hers all covered in blood. Someone else's of course. That made Jack grin, and, he was already grinning. Permanently!

                      Find his comm-link he knew he was sort of in range for her to pick up his voice on it, "Sky! I'm coming down to your level. Wait behind a desk. I can sense you. Your faint but, your still registered to me. Remember that Force bond? That's what's keeping me linked to you. And you to me. Works both ways. Strange, aint it?"

                      With that, Jack sprinted with his own speed. As fast as his legs would take him. Not wanting to use the Force and tire himself out completely, the clown sped down stairs. All this running was taking a toll on his physical being. For the most part. He'd need to meditate later on to replenish his connection to the Force. But, that could wait. The clown Knight kept running down and was on the fifteenth floor sprinting towards the next stair well.

                      "I'm coming my dear!" Jack said aloud, "Nobody will stop me!"

                      He could eat those words now! Guess who got free of the elevator? Brassard!

                      When the man stepped out of the elevator, extremely ticked off, he eyed the clown as he made his way to the other stair way. Which was past the elevator doors. Right into Brassard's path. Oh joy! As he saw the commander Jack instantly knew he was a high ranking individual. Just by his dress. Skidding to a stop, the clown Sith Knight's red eyes caught a glance into the commander's own. Two veterans, well, so to speak in Jack's case. A veteran assassin was what Jack was. Brassard was just a veteran soldier. Or so the clown figured anyways.

                      "Aren't you that guy that the beautiful Sky told me to watch out for? Let me guess...Brass idiot!" Jack said mockingly, "No, wait, that's not it! Umm...Brass...ummm...Brass..."

                      Jack trailed off trying to figure out his name...

                      Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

                      Jack's theme song

                      Jack's Alternate Theme

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                        Sky knew how important it was for her to listen to Jack and she knew he would want her too, but stopping Brassard and more importantly Richard, was her primary objective, so she pressed on a few more floors.

                        Brassard looked to his left and saw the assassin for himself. The one who had been slaughtering all of his men and anyone who crossed his path. "My name isn't important." He turned his whole body to look at the clown. "You won't live long enough to learn it. Assassin, it appears you've met your match." The muscular commander reached for his only other vibrodagger in its sheath since his first one was left down in the lobby. Taking off his forty three pound padded vest which held all of his gadgets and weapons, the commander set it down beside his feet. "I won't need this to kill you."

                        The door to the stairwell Jack was headed to swung open behind Brassard and Sky stood there, leaning against the doorway as a support. "NO! Your fight is with me!" She yelled to get their attention. Brassard merely looked over his shoulder and grit his teeth in anger that Sky got away. Quickly dropping low, he pulled a fragmentation grenade off of its holster which was rigged to pull the pin upon doing so. Rolling it over to Jack, he threw the dagger at grenade to quicken its explosion before leaping back first out of the window pane to his right and out into the open Nar Shaddaa air. Using his last gadget in mid air, he fired his wrist mounted grappling hook to connect with the wall next to floor number twenty two. Rather than reenter the building, he dangled and waited for his evac team to swoop in with Mr. Humar's hover car and rescue him. Detaching the grappling hook from his wrist, he dropped and fell into the backseat of the convertible. "To the roof! Richard and his son should be on the roof! We aren't leaving without them!" He ordered his driver and other soldier in the front seat before leaning back in the back seat and letting the car zoom off at higher altitude.

                        Sky closed the door to her stairwell and put her back to the wall next to the scorched door. She comm'ed Vex. "Vex! Jack and I are on the fifteenth floor! There's been an explosion and he is on the other side of the blast. If the cameras aren't destroyed, tell me what you see. I need to know that he is okay." The police were now on the thirteenth floor and could see Sky. Vex switched her link to "conference call" and tapped into Jack's frequency. "Didn't think I could hack into your frequency, Mr. Sith? Now listen, both of you! I know its smoky and dangerous on that floor but you have to trust me. Jump out of the window and I'll catch you. I jacked a hovercar and I'll take you to the roof like Brassard just did. Now come on!"

                        It was either get caught by the police in that stairwell and lose Richard for good or trust Vex. The choice was easy enough. Sky pulled the door handle open and a large burst of flame escaped into the open stairwell. Ducking low, Sky raced right for the window over the charred carpet, coughing from the thick black smoke. Jumping out through the broken window panes, she fell in mid air for an entire second before landing on top of the stolen open roofed cargo transport hovercar Vex took from the landing bay. Sky's eyes quickly raced back to the flaming floor for any sign of Jack.
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                          OOC: written to this.

                          "Ha! I've never heard something so damn funny in my life...your funny." Jack said and when Brassard set down his padded vest he then wagged his finger, "Such arrogance. You saw your men die by my hands. Why think you'll live the same?"

                          Well there was one reason. A frag grenade! Once the man threw it over to Jack he then saw Sky get their attention. In that moment Jack looked beyond Brassard and once the thing was rigged to explode because of a dagger, the clown sent a Force Push at Brassard first but it was in vain as he'd already leaped out the window getting away. But, he could still save Sky from the blast! Another Force Push came at Sky and knocked her into the stairwell. At least he hoped. It was a risk nonetheless.

                          The explosion came next! It sent Jack flying into the wall. Once he hit he then heard sickening cracks. Then came darkness. He was unconscious alright! Oh joy! He never thought he'd die in flames much less on the fifteenth floor. Another trip into the void. A reason to escape it and go into a clone body. That would take a lot of time. Too much for the clown. So as Jack lay there unconscious he thought of Sky and imagined for some odd reason a life together with her. Strange indeed but somehow that was one of the thoughts he had in his head.

                          Then came Vex's voice in his comm-link. Shaking his head he then felt heat coming from everywhere. Fire! The floor was burning and so was everything else. Time to get up! Trying to rise to his feet Jack then collapsed feeling broken bones. His ribs mostly. Thank goodness he knew how to impact himself. Practice and more practice. A lot of it. There was smoke everywhere so Jack crawled on the floor to a spot he could rest a moment.

                          Pressing the button he then comm'd Vex, "Give me a moment. I broke two ribs on that impact..."

                          Then Jack felt the third one broken, "Make that three!"

                          Rising to his feet he then let the rush of his anger and passion for death take hold. Controling the pain he felt the clown Sith Knight rose to his feet. Coughing and hacking from the billowing smoke he then walked as quickly as he could towards the window. Looking around he then took note of his knives and called them to him. Both flew with the aid of the Force into his waiting hands. Catching them he put them up his sleeves before rushing to the window.

                          Ah, fresh air! It felt wonderful! So, Jack looked out the window as Brassard was getting away. Now that Vex told him to jump out the window he then closed his eyes. The thought in his head that rang out towards any Force user in that vicinity was...

                          I'm sorry, Sky! I failed you. I failed us both! Before he then went unconscious again he fell.

                          Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

                          Jack's theme song

                          Jack's Alternate Theme

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                            "Jack!!" Sky called out after hearing him and watching him fall lifelessly from the window. Vex was watching from the window inside where she was piloting and noticed Jack before he fell. She flipped the controls to the right and shifted the entire cargo craft to the right as quick as possible but not enough that he was able to land on the top. Sky reached out and caught him by the wrist and hung on to the railing of the craft with her other hand as the two of them dangled above what looked to be twenty police cars on the ground and not to mention a deadly plummet. This should of been enough to scrub the mission and save this for another day, but enough was enough. She had to make sure they all died so no one else would suffer her same fate.

                            The craft went into second gear as it climbed rapidly in ascent. Tears were forming in her eyes as she looked down at Jack's dangling body. Thank goodness for her grip or else he would of died and all of this would of been her fault. The craft slowed at the roof of the building and Vex lowered to a hover to let the two fall off to safety. Brassard was just loading Richard's son onto the hovercar on the opposite side of the roof. Richard was running across the roof from the stairwell door and headed to his vehicle, when suddenly Vex fired two shots from her pistol out of the window and into Richard's left buttock. Fortunate for Richard, only one of the two shots made its target.

                            Brassard motioned for his men to leave and get the boy to safety as he walked back and towards Richard. He was in between Sky and Brassard but was trying to crawl towards his protector. "So you and the clown made it. I'm shocked." He was no longer wearing his padded vest. The only thing he was wearing now was a black short-sleeve shirt, black and blue camouflage pants, and black boots. "I gave you multiple chances to escape, but here is your final one." As Richard's only escape car banked away and over the building, a vibrosword was tossed down to Brassard which he caught with his right hand and without taking his gaze off of Sky. "Come back to us, Sky. Finish the job. Betray your assassin and rejoin us. He can barely stand so his execution will go without him even knowing. Think of the wonders you could do for this city. Mr. Humar's vision for this city looked bleak at first, I can admit it. Some of his motives and the people he works with aren't the best. But you know me better than anyone. When I get my hunches, I'm usually right. He wants to protect the people of this city, Sky...just as you do. Sever the chains that bind you. You were always my apprentice and I always had ambitions for you to lead our forces should anything ever happen to me. Make the right choice, Sky."

                            Hatred filled tears streamed down her eyes. "Not after what you did to him." Her voice was so low and filled with hate. "I'm killing the both of you." Vex landed the cargo craft and raced to the two. "You can't! Sky you promised!!" Brassard unsheathed the vibrosword from its sheath and tossed the sheath aside. "She has chosen a side and now's time for you to choose a side, Vex. You were always loyal to me on and off the battlefield. Are you with me or against me?" Brassard ignited the electricity mechanic and the weapon sparked to life, vibrating and spraying sparks. Vex stood in front of Brassard... but looked at Sky. "I know you and I are practically sisters, but they gave us a way out. We owe it to them, Sky. I can't let you do this. I can't let you hurt Brassard."

                            Betrayed. Sky shook her head at Vex. "You traitor." She screamed. "After everything we've been through!!!" The rattataki screamed back through tears. "Everything we've been through? You mean everything you've been through. I'm ready to come home, Sky! I'm done running...and you should be too!"

                            Jack unconscious behind her. No friends. No allies anymore. It would be easier to just give up and take Jack's life. To destroy him and break ties with the Galactic Empire and the Sith before anything even started. Why fight when the odds were against you?

                            Sky turned around and walked to Jack's body and knelt down beside him. "I'm so sorry, Jack. You never failed me. I failed you. I never meant for any of this to happen." Her hand touched his mask. It was still warm. He was still in there. She removed one of his knives and began sobbing. Goodbye...Jack. Rushing at the two of them, Sky threw the knife at Vex's feet to make her jump out of the way and catch Brassard off guard for just a second. She jumped and slammed a foot into Brassard's chest before spinning back around and leg sweeping Vex to knock her to the ground. Brassard was already back upon Sky, swipe after swipe from the weapon missing by just an inch each time.

                            Seeing the fight wasn't for her, Vex raced to Richard and shockingly helped him up despite the fact that she had just shot him and helped him to the cargo craft as the two continued their fight. The craft's engines fired up and quickly Vex banked away from the building and with one final glance at Brassard, she zoomed away.

                            A previous swipe from the sword caught Sky off balance and allowed Brassard enough time to kick Sky across the chin with a roundhouse kick. She fell backward and let her hatred flow. Brassard was a better hand to hand fighter but she was better at range. The knife she had just thrown before was resting beside her. Glancing to her right, she reached for it, but Brassard slashed the ground, kicking up sparks and made her retract that hand quickly. He could see that she was reaching for the weapon. Rolling to her left, Sky made her way back to her feet, dodging yet another slash from the sword that would of ended her life. She backed up entirely and created some distance from him.

                            "This your idea of a fight? You run from me?" Sky shook her head with a smile as she placed her back against the wall that led back into the Kindle Towers. "Actually I wasn't running. You always said to know my surroundings and it seems you forgot that lesson even though it was you who taught me." She reached for an antenna next to her connected to the wall which was probably connected to a holo television inside the towers and broke off the end in two pieces. Throwing one of them at Brassard, she missed but quickly threw the other ,and with deadly precision, she caught him in the throat. Blood gushed out of the piercing, Brassard gagged and fell to his knees, weaponless. His gloved hands reached for his throat as Sky walked over to him and kicked him in the chest to make him fall to his back.

                            She picked up the sword he was reaching for and aimed it at his face A puddle of blood was forming around his head as the rod was still extended from his throat. Sky kicked away his hands that were trying to wrench the foreign object from his throat and stood on them, watching him die. "And here you thought you won? Lesson number twenty two. Remember? When you're ever in a fight, never imagine that you've already won. That leads to underestimating. That leads to mistakes. Surely you must of forgotten. I knew you were better than me at close range so I lured you into a ranged fight. One I knew you would lose."

                            The life was leaving Brassard quickly. Gurgling noises could be heard of him choking on his own blood and not being able to swallow. Stepping off of his hands, Sky raced back over to Jack and touched his face. She lifted his head and placed it in her lap as she rocked back and forth "Don't you die on me! Don't leave me in this galaxy alone. Please!"

                            Vex radio'ed Sky. "I'm swinging back around for you two if you are still alive. Mr. Humar is safe on our ship and in custody for your judgment." There was a long silence as Sky felt nothing but hatred for Vex. She wanted to shout back at her but couldn't find the words. "We're practically sisters, Sky. Everything I did on that roof was planned. I wouldn't of done that if I didn't think you could win. After reading on the Sith and their motives, I found out that they go based off of their emotions and what better way to experience it than through anger from betrayal. You did good, sis. Almost got me killed.....but you did good. Is Brassard..."

                            Sky glanced over at Brassard and then to Jack. "It's done, Vex. Just get here." The police suddenly burst through the door to the roof with rifles aimed at Sky and at the deceased commander. They shouted for her to put her hands and the air and get down and step away from Jack but she refused. Vex had better hurry up.
                            Sky's Theme



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                              Is this the Void? He said to himself while still unconscious.

                              The Force in all it's mystery allowed him to see outside his own body. Even though he wasn't trained in Farseeing yet, the whole ordeal played out before him. Brassard was killed by Sky and he would applaud her later. Hell, he'd buy her a ship if he could just because he liked her...a lot. Infatuation or near obsession was what he had for her. The clown was always that way for a beautiful woman who crossed his path. Lucky for Sky she never saw the psychotic part of him. Who'd murder someone just because he felt like it.

                              All that transpired had played out like Jack was watching himself on film. Seeing Sky craddle him in her lap made him wanna grin. Not like he was conscious enough to do so. At least not at that moment. Still he could hear all that transpired in the back of his mind as it also played out in his ears. But, all that was left were the cops.

                              Opening his eyes, Jack looked up and saw Sky's pretty face, "Hello beautiful! Miss me?"

                              Taking his head off her lap Jack sat up wondering where his knife went. Not that it was the only thing on his mind. Wincing a bit from three broken ribs, the clown wasn't concerned with that either. All he was concerned about was saving Sky from the cops. Better to let her run free then see her imprisoned both physically and metaphorically. So, he stood up brushing off his clothes. This time not taking chances the clown's lightsaber flew to his hand.

                              "You wanna play with a lightsaber, boys? Do you?" Jack said activating it before the blood red blade snapped to life and surged with the power of an unstable crystal, "Here's your chance to go before I kill all of you! Clock's ticking."

                              He was slightly hunched over but the Sith Assassin let the Force control his pain. At least till he could get medical attention. That would be a great thing to have now! But, for the time being he could wait. His lightsaber in hand he held it in his Ataru grip hoping one idiot would fire at him!

                              Keep holding on when my brain's ticking like a bomb...guess the black thoughts have come they've come to get me! Sweet caring words...unlike nothing I have heard...sing along mockingbird ya don't affect me!

                              Jack's theme song

                              Jack's Alternate Theme

                              Thanks to Drake for this awesomeness!