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  • First Steps [Invite-only]

    Khar'ynda had decided to use the blanket of night to aid in her exit from Dathomir. She had carefully planned every step of the way and was departing with only a satchel of personal items and her looted rifle. As she kneeled and wrapped her rifle in strips of canvas to hide its true intention, she recalled her time in the clan as a young girl. The hours and hours of hand to hand combat training, the magick spells, and the endless hours learning the ancient art of alchemy. Remembering it all almost made her dizzy. Khar'ynda also was reminded of the expression on her mother's face when the other clan daughters were enthusiastically embracing the nightsister way of life. Khar'ynda was not like the other daughters. This was definitely not her idea of a way of life. Khar'ynda longed to explore the galaxy and discover wonderous creatures along the way. Tonight she would take her first steps on that journey.

    The dim light from the stars helped to illuminate her path to freedom. Rancors bellowed in the distance as she made her way along the edge of the dark forest toward where a ship had been designated for her to depart in. Although she had not actually flown a spaceship before, this one had been set up with something called autopilot that would take her to a place far from Dathomir called Mos Eisley, Tatooine. As she made her way across the darkened field, she saw the dim outline of the ship. Khar'ynda boarded quickly, sat down in the cockpit chair, and pressed the button that was labeled "Start" on the dashboard. The engines hummed to life as she nervously looked around and gripped the arms of the chair. This was really it. She was doing this.

    The ship's ramp closed up and then she felt movement as the ship climbed into the atmosphere and then surged into lightspeed. A smile of relief came upon her face as the stars streaked by like brilliant beams of light. It wouldn't be too long now. Her future was almost here.

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    Dash sat there in mos Eisley cantina drinking Jawa juice he had good luck with his last few smuggling jobs and came out big. He hopped for a slow night which this night was shaping up to be luckily for him. He didn't expect anything unusual to happen but life was hardly dull for the lucky half breed as he sat there sipping on his Jawa juice waiting for something to happen on tatooine he was looking for work or atleast some fun in the galaxy hoping one would show up to kill this silence for him


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      The details of the trip were a blur to her since her mind was preoccupied with the new planet she was traveling to. Would she be able to find a job? Could she locate a place to stay? Would she meet anyone she could trust? So many questions flooded her mind. Before she knew it, the ship had landed somewhere out in the desert sand, and the ramp had descended. A holopad blinked on the cockpit chair arm, and as she depressed it, she heard an unfamiliar voice.

      You will find attire that will allow you to blend in with the locals just under the storage area, along with some credits to get you started. Travel by the dunes to Mos Eisley. Once there, you will find a cantina with various speeders and creature mounts outside. Settle into a booth and observe everything around you. You will be able to determine where you go next. Good luck...

      Khar'ynda sighed deeply and then changed into the clothing that was left for her. It was boring tan and brown colored garb, hardly as stylish as her black and red Dathomirian attire, but she would just pack that up and take it with her for a later time. She grabbed her satchel and rifle disguised as a staff and exited the ship. As she moved away from the vessel, the ramp closed up and the ship headed into the sky. She was really alone now, on her own at last. Spotting the dunes just on the edge of town, she walked toward the cityscape.

      It was only a short distance from where she was dropped off until she spotted the cantina. It was a very busy place as beings were coming and going constantly. She entered the establishment and was met with a wash of sounds and smells. Seeing the bartender, she walked down the steps and ordered an ale and then just stood there sipping it slowly, while glancing around. All of the tables and booths had at least one person already sitting there, so she just stayed at the bar, thinking about what to do next.