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    JD's was too noisy, and Diamante's too fancy. Neither would suit what Desmond was after in that instance, which was to relax, have a drink, and share a bit of interesting news with Daniella. An unexpected side profit had come from their contract, even larger than the contract itself. The YT-2400 they had stolen to transport the cargo was sold at a bargain to someone, to offload it quickly, and the pair came into a nice sum of credits. It allowed them to put their contract earnings towards the necessities, and celebrate with the extra profit.

    After turning in the contract, he headed down to Aya's to await Daniella with a datapad he had purchased with some of their extra credits. He didn't order for her, unsure of what she would want to drink, but he did procure himself a whiskey on ice. His eyes drank in their surroundings, a plethora of people from all different species scattered and conversing. In some cases he could pick out Vaago employee's, like a blonde armed and armored, no doubt a Bounty Hunter, conversing with what he assumed was a Falleen. Server droids and moderately clothed waitresses roamed the establishment, providing drinks to the patrons, and the occassional meal.

    The air itself was stale, not from smoke, but recirculated and purified oxygen. A large viewport showed ships docking into the various hangar bays, and he could have sworn even from where he sat he could pick out the bay holding his ship. Sweeping a hand back through his hair, he pushed the long front strands back behind his ear on his right side, glancing off towards the door to espy the petite tattooed girl he called partner.

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    The Felacatian strolled into Aya's Cantina sporting a newly purchased leather jacket; complete with studded patterns on the shoulders, zippers for her to play with, and sparkly rhinestones on the lapels. Beneath that, she wore an army green crop top that showed off her sugar skull tattoo and then low rise black pants that displayed the swallows on either hip. Bringing up her hand to her forehead, she looked around the establishment for Desmond and spied him sitting at a table near the viewport. He looked at her then and she waved rapidly before traipsing toward him.

    She slid into the booth next to him, grinning from ear to ear. From that position, she couldn't really hug him like she wanted; so, she simply rested her head on his shoulder until the service droid rolled up. Then, she snapped up and quietly pondered for a second or two. "Sonic servodriver, please." She asked and then the droid rolled away, leaving Des and Dani alone again. She grinned at him and then nudged her shoulder into his. "How's it going?"


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      Dani siddled into the booth beside him, as he anticipated. It was why he hadn't sat at the end, but left the room for her to slide in with him. He turned his torso towards her as she leaned in against him, his right hand grasping his drink and his left arm draping across the back of the booth's cushioned seat. "Already dipping into your cut, huh?" He teased about her new jacket, tossing her a playful wink that showed he didn't really mind. "I'm alright, but I think you're about to be better."

      He waited for the droid to return with her drink, then gestured his right hand to the datapad. "Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time, their was this scoundrel. He was in it for the..." He thought a moment, smirking at his choice of words. "...shinies. He was smooth, good looking, kind of like yours truly. Now he was pretty successful, kept all his plunder stashed away for no one to find. Now you'll have to forgive me here, this is where details get hazy."

      He appraised how she was responding to the story, whether it had her captivated, or he should get to the point. "He learned about the engagement of a princess, to a prince. An arranged marriage. Part of the dowry was a neckalace. The gem of the necklace was extremely rare, the product of a sun casting intense solar radiation on a planet. What was once harmless mineral was now extremely valuable. Retrieving the gems was a dangerous task, and during mining operations the sun went supernova and the planet was destroyed. Only the gems in this necklace were said to have survived, taken from the area prematurely."

      He knew he'd have her there. Super rare gems in a shiny necklace. This was her present. "Interested, want to hear more?"


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        "Betterrr, huh? That would be awesome." She admitted, turning to acknowledge the droid that had brought her drink. Its metal arm extended toward the table, dropping off the brightly colored beverage before it beeped and rolled away again. Picking up the glass, she fastened her pierced lips around the straw and began sipping on the liquor as Desmond explained. Her jade hued eyes wandered down to the datapad, taking in the coordinates and star charts that he had come across. She was nodding her head to show she was listening to his story. Then, her head stopped and her eyes widened at the mention of... gulp... "Shinies...." She murmured in awe, looking at him in wonder. Her attention span doubled in size.

        Rare shinies. Necklace. Priceless gems. The galactic symbol for credits all but lit up in her eyes. "Yeah, keep going. Tell me more!"


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          He could see that light in her eyes that showed she truly was enraptured. She clung to his every word now, in spite of the fact it was a long winded story. "Well, it gets better. So, he met this princess and proceeded to attempt to seduce and woo her. It wasn't difficult. She was in an arranged marriage she wanted no part of, and he was so very different than what she was used to. She fell for him, and brought him closer to his goal. The problem was, he'd never met a woman like her either, and he fell for her."

          Throw in a love story, an unexpected pairing, he was wondering if it would pull at the sappy strings of the heart most women had. "The necklace was still a goal, but she became a more prized possession to him. They escaped together, fleeing her marriage. The parents of the Prince she was to marry would not have their son so scorned, so the pair were pursued. The details get hazy on their exile, but the ending is clear. They escape together, forgoing any fortune he had or could have, which means he abandons the necklace. His ship was destroyed, an escape pod missing, but this datapad contains the only copy of his ship's astrogation charts. Places he'd been."

          It was impossible to sort an exact timeline, but they had a trail of bread crumbs in all directions. One they could pick away at over time, or get lucky on a single shot. "Now we have to keep this secret, or we'll have competition. But what do you say? Up for an adventure? Better yet, up for a treasure hunt?"


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            "Daawww... Des, that is so rrrromantic!" She commented offhand, grinning at him goofily before draining her entire glass of... what had she ordered again? She hung on to his every word, her sappy strings definitely pulled just like he anticipated, leaning her cheek into her upturned palm and nodding for him to continue. The story came to a rapid, mysterious conclusion thereafter and her mind began to ponder what could have happened to the couple rather than the treasure. The words fortune and necklace managed to rein her back in though, the fingers of her other hand drumming against the table top once she relinquished her empty glass.

            "All right, Des. I am up for both. You just tell me where you want to go." She affirmed with a wink, bumping her shoulder into Des's again. She couldn't wait to tell Daela, her Twi'lek assistant back on Coruscant, about the adventure they were about to have! The fact that this whole thing was supposed to be a secret completely slipping her mind five seconds after he said so.


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              He was pleased to see how enthralled she was with his tale, the depth he went to for their journey providing motivation beyond just the treasure itself. It was now a mystery to unravel. "So, we'll begin where it began then, and attempt to trace his path. Somewhere between their fleeing the planet, and their disappearance what we seek was lost. Now we need only find where. Tamboon it is then." He stretched out a bit, kicking his feet up into the booth across from him.

              "No rush though." He jabbed back with his elbow lightly, glancing down to her arm. "We can head back to Coruscant, let you fix your tat up first." He knew it would make her happy. Their last contract had seen it damaged by a burn, and while bacta had healed her, it left a void in what was otherwise an impressive piece of work. "I don't know, maybe it's just me, but I think that offer is way more romantic than anything that guy did."

              He joked with her of course, though in truth it was the things that mattered that were more considered romantic. "Cup's empty." He proclaimed, shaking his glass of ice at the server droid. It came with replacements, rather than to take their and go about it's way. "Maybe I can find us a contract that aligns with our little journey. See if we can't make some side credits to keep us moving along. What do you say? Or you wanna take a bit more of a break from that?"


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                "Never heard of it." Dani replied when the planet they were to start on was named. In truth, she didn't recognize half the places the spacers coming in and out of her shop mentioned. While she'd been to a great many planets and stations, there were still many she didn't even know about. For a Felacatian, she enjoyed travel. Of course, the vastness of space still made her want to lose her lunch. A slight nudge from Des sent her attention down to her arm, her brow creasing and her mouth drooping when she took in the damage to her master piece. Those blasted buttheads! "Still worrrking on a sketch for the rrrepairs I'm going to have to do. But yeah, that is prrretty rrromantic, Des. You tryin' to rrromance me orrr somethin'?" She teased with a wide grin, peeling her jade eyes away from the marred tattoo.

                "I'm always down for morrre crrredits, Des. Morrre crrredits, morrre shinies." She stated, nodding sagely at the simple truth of her equations. Her lips fastened around the straw of her new drink and she drew up the liquor with a sip. "Maybe we should trrry not to get shot at this time, though."


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                  "Yeah, frankly darlin, neither had I until I stumbled upon this little story." He didn't even know what sort of terrain or climate to expect on Tamboon, in reality. They'd have to just stock the ship was options, from warm clothes to skimpy bikini's, for her at least. Upon calling attention to her tattoo, she remarked on having sketches she was working on, dismissing the idea of traveling back to Coruscant. It surprised him, expecting her to just redo what was lost.

                  His drink was taken up and casually sipped out, his eyebrows lifting over the rim at her, then turning inward into a mischievous expression of his gaze. "So what if I am?" He remarked, tossing her a quick wink. Playing coy, he moved back on to another topic, to let her think about that and the fact he shifted topics. "We're pirates, unfortunately we're likely to get shot at a lot. If only things would go according to plan." He wasn't shy about saying such things aloud. It was Drifter's, and if you weren't some sort of scoundrel, you were there then for the nightlife. But being one, they could be there for both.

                  "I'll see what posting I can find, probably nothing on Tamboon, but maybe something in the space lanes on the way there or the next stop." That was a job for later though, for now they enjoyed the downtime of their victory. "So what color shinies you like best? And what exactly would you buy yourself? Something specific?"


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                    Whether he was trying to romance her or not, she definitely appreciated the attention. So often, she got wrapped up in her work on Coruscant that she forgot to be social; flirting and partying were two of her very favorite things to do. It seemed things were settled on the front of their upcoming adventure and now, they could take the time to relax for the evening. Daniella tilted her head, observing her partner in crime from beneath thick, dusky lashes. "Hm... I do like all colorrr shinies, although rrred ones arrrre my favorite. If we happened to scorre big though, I'd prrrobably considerrr expanding my shop. Orrr maybe getting a second one starrrted. Oh! And an aparrrtment. I've never owned my own place, besides the shop."

                    She informed him excitedly, grinning from ear to ear. "What about you, Des? What do you want to buy?"


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                      OOC: Written to Korn and Skrillex lol

                      Xellir was the 'it' guy in music today. Lucky for him his parents had decent amount of money for him to get his music going. His holo-vids were being shown around the Core Worlds and even through Drifter's. Seemed like everything was turning his way. He wasn't making as much money as he thought, but, it wasn't horrible where he couldn't afford something decent. But, there was something secret that Xellir didn't tell anyone. Something shocking to most.

                      His height, however, he could change. But most of the time he stood around 5' 10" something normal for humans. But...that was the secret though. Xellir wasn't completely human. No...he was a Clawdite. He could shape shift at will. Given enough concentration of course. Although he appeared young, in reality he was a middle aged Clawdite. His parents were ancient in his book. They could do a lot more with their abilities then he could. Still, his came in handy. Appearing human was just the thing he needed. His hair was a different look and people thought it made his style of holo music that much more demanding. The club scenes took to it. A couple invited him to play and he did. Xellir had a complete blast and enjoyed the spice of life. Both the real thing and the euphoria of being in the music itself.

                      Going to Drifter's because of his lack of muse. He wanted to experience things more then just being a musician. Xellir wanted a thrill, something to chase. The Clawdite came here to see the sights and maybe find a 'private' line of work. Something he could do in the daytime and be his usual music self at night, and play in clubs wherever he was asked. So, in time, if done right he could have quite an adventure.

                      So walking into the cantina, Xellir saw two others near the viewport and he nodded to them wearing his glasses. They weren't really needed, he just manufactured them for the purpose of his artistic look. Nodding to everyone he passed as he sat at the table behind Desi and Dani, which he then had a server come to him. It asked him what he wanted and he smiled.

                      "Just water for the moment." Xellir said with a nod.

                      "Coming right up, sir." The server said with a smile.

                      Looking around he watched out the viewport. Smiling all the while. Things were nice up here.


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                        His index finger pushed at the handle of his stein, spinning it in place with a soft grating sound. His other arm stretched across the back of the booth they shared, listening and watching with rapt attention as she went on to answer his multi-part question. The whole time, she continued to spin his drink, but otherwise remained one hundred percent focused, no small feat in a place like Aya’s. He briefly wondered if the responsibility of a second shop would take her away from his crew, a question to be probed later.

                        “I’d probably buy some upgrades to my ship, maybe consider getting a permanent place on Drifter’s.” Drifter’s was a place that suited him, both in what it offered and it’s name. He smirked, lifting his condensation damp fingertip from his drink to give a little tap to her nose ring before smearing the cool liquid across her cheek. “Maybe a nice new shiny for right there, some sort of red jewel ends to it.” He smirked at the idea, dropping his arm across the back of their booth again.

                        “So…” He began to question the thought he’d briefly stowed, momentarily taking notice of the man that sat behind them. He kept it in his mind to keep discussion of their adventure to a minimal, or vague. Drifter’s being what it was, many would cut their throat for the chance at a big score. “…if you opened up another shop, would you quit the pirating business to settle down? I’d hate to have to find another mechanic, not sure anyone could make the whole workers jumpsuit thing look so good.”