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It's my birthday and I'll party if I want to!(Chusi,open)

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  • It's my birthday and I'll party if I want to!(Chusi,open)

    Well since staying the night here on Drifter's where the teen couldn't feel the Force he found it strange. At least he couldn't hear the voices in his head. Maybe he should stay here permanently! Well, of course he couldn't. The poor teen would be lost without it. Either way it didn't matter to was his 17th birthday today! Walking out of his cabin he then breathed in the afternoon air. Ah, refreshing!

    "It's quite nice here. Plus, without the voices in my head I can finally be myself." Antony said walking to Aya's Cantina a place he saw on his way through towards the cabins.

    Today would be his party. Well, sort of. He'd go there to celebrate and buy out the whole place with bar and all. Hopefully they wouldn't ID him. Being that he had money thanks to his mother and his father setting up an account with the InterGalactic Banking Clan. With his fund he had quite the set up of creds. So, he made it there in a matter of ten minutes just enjoying the day so far.

    When he stepped inside he then walked up to the manager. Holding out his hand he then shook the guy's hand and then spoke, "I'm Antony, and, it's my birthday today so would it be cool for me to buy out the and all?"

    "Sure. That'll be a lot of credits though. You sure? A teen like you got that much?" The manager said back taking his hand and shaking it with his eyebrow raised.

    "Oh yeah, I've got it!" Antony exclaimed in a arrogant tone giving him a piece of paper with his banking info on it.

    The guy took it and put the info into his datapad nodding as the funds were there. He then looked back up at Antony with another raised eyebrow. Wondering why the teen wanted the bar too he knew the kid wasn't of age. But, with that amount of money he'd let it slide. Just this once.

    He leaned into Antony in a whisper, "I know your not of age, but I'll let it slide since your giving us a lot of money for business."

    Antony then nodded, "I'll be discreet about it. Just let the bartender know and I'll be careful."

    The manager nodded walking off. So, Antony then sat at the bar while the bartender placed a glass filling it with liquor and then poured juice on top. Giving him a straw, the Warrior stirred his glass mixing it together. It made it look like just a glass of juice as Antony sat there wondering who might walk in. The bartender then wished him a happy birthday, asking him his age. In a whisper the teen said he was now 17 and that he was happy about becoming one year older. As the bartender grinned and then walked around to serve other customers the teen then sipped his drink.

    "Ah, what a day this will be!" Antony said with a smile.
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    There were definitely other things that Chusi could of done instead of walking in to the first cantina she found but pleasure always came first and so she entered Aya's. She had briefly stopped by her suite and unpacked her gear but her eagerness to explore her new home was just too great for her to ignore. Chusi was a people person and had grown up in such a vibrant environment, she was as approachable as a person could be and so laid back that it seemed that nothing could faze her.

    Grinning, the blonde Bounty Hunter hopped up on to to a stool, feeling at home straight away and quickly called over the bartender. Her blue eyes were always in motion, smiling at those around her. She didn't seem to match the look or the personality of a criminal catching hunter but if there was one thing that Chusi knew, it was that looks were deceiving and she used hers to full effect. She would make a name for herself in time but for now, the half Zeltron just wanted to let her hair down a bit.

    "You do Zeltron Slinger's here?" She asked, her gaze turning towards the bartender.

    "Been years since someone asked for one of those," the bartender replied, raising a curious eyebrow at her.

    "Don't worry, I can handle it. I've been drinking those for years," she replied, back home, their wasn't a drinking age.

    "Coming up," the bartender quipped and walked away to make her drink.

    She then turned towards the figure next to her, he looked to be about to be the same age as her and spoke cheerfully.

    "Hi, I'm Chusi, what's your name?"


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      Antony took a sip of his whiskey and juice shaking the glass a few times to make sure it was still mixe together. As the young half Zeltron walked in and sat next to him he then looked her up and down. For a moment he was thinking about saying something to her but then shrugged as she ordered a Zeltron Slinger. Not knowing much about mixed drinks being the new age of 17 the Sith Warrior then wondered what was in it. Then, shaking the thought not wanting to think so much considering when he did the voices in his head liked to make themselves known. But, this place was null to the Force so, he was glad for that.

      When she turned to him and spoke her name and asked his the teen then turned his head to look at her. Being that she was part Zeltron there was something itching at him to say 'hello'. Or at least make a few words come out of his mouth. Surprise to him there were none at that moment. Then again, his cousin, Sinead, was part Zeltron. But, she didn't seem to have that effect on him like this girl did.

      He then managed to stutter out, "I'm...uhh...I'm...Antony."

      Turning red in the cheeks he then took a big gulp of his drink. Feeling embarrassed the teen then turned back to her again. Now that was an awkward moment if he'd ever had one. And he had plenty of them too. Just like this one.

      "Sorry...I don't talk to many girls my own age. Usually the ones I do manage to are probably plotting to kill me." He said with a short laugh, "Nice to meet you, Chusi. Strange name. But, then again I've heard stranger ones."
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        Sinead had been at Drifter's for the past week. Being one of Vaago's lieutenants meant that she kept her ear to the ground. She was at the cantina when she caught sight of the manager talking with a kid she recognized as James's son, Antony. The half Zelosian then grabbed a hold of the manager and talked with him. She grinned when she heard her young cousin was here to celebrate his birthday. She decided to cover for his tab, even though the boy had already put money forward to be left alone. That was her own way of saying happy birthday.

        The tall blonde sauntered there to the counter. "Heya. I'll have a Reactor core. Thanks!" She grinned to the barkeep she knew well. Then she clasped Antony's shoulder. "No plotting to kill my cousin when I'm around." She grinned and extended a hand towards the other blonde. "Hi, I'm Sinead."


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          "If you go around making fun of their names then I can see why these girls might plot against you, Antony." Chusi quipped in response, chuckling.

          The Bounty Hunter had a feeling that her mother had named her that just for the fun of it. Her sense of humour was something that she had inherited directly from her Zeltron mum. It meant "Snake Flower," something that her childhood friends had great fun taking the mickey out of but Chusi had no problems with making fun of herself, she had found their jokes funny.

          Grinning as well, Chusi cheerfully shook Sinead's hand,

          "Hi, I'm Chusi, nice to meet you."


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            "Maybe." Antony said not feeling so nervous now, as he hadn't experienced much in the terms of the opposite sex, and, it was new to him nonetheless, "But, where I'm from that just the usual day."

            He smiled taking another sip of his drink then flagging down the bartender for another. As he then heard a familiar voice he then raised an eyebrow. Once he felt the hand on his shoulder saying that there would be no plotting to kill him he then looked over to see Sinead, his cousin. Smiling he then got up as Chusi and Sinead shook hands.

            "Sinead! How's my one and only cousin?" Antony said holding his hands out to hug her.

            It was true, other then his immediate family which included his parents and his twin brother, not to mention his uncle Iapyx. Sinead was his only other family and since she was younger then his parents and his NR uncle she understood him better then they did. Well, at least in his eyes she understood more then they did. After meeting her at Rama's a little while back with his father, Antony didn't think he'd see her here. Then again she was a mercenary. So, seeing her on Drifter's wasn't impossible to say the least. The Warrior just figured she was busy more or less.

            "Ah, yes, Chusi...this is my cousin." Antony said with a grin, "Hard to think I have a half Zelosian cousin."

            He then glanced at Sinead, "I'm gonna have to whisk you outta here and go plant you somewhere so I won't lose you. Maybe in my cabin in a nice ceramic potter."

            The teen winked at that. He was kidding of course. But, Sinead also knew that. That was their thing.
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              The mercenary was happy to see Antony's reaction to her apparition. She hugged him, whispering into his ear, unsure of how public he had made it. "Happy birthday!" She liked the kid. The Icarus side of the family she had met were people she liked a lot so far. Sure, they had different lives, but they were family, and they were her only family.

              "Well met, Chusi." Sinead replied to the other blonde with a mischievous grin before returning her attention to her cousin. "Hey, means that I can drink anyone under the table. It has some good perks!"

              She laughed at his joke about planting her somewhere. "Only a ceramic potter?" She asked with a mock pout. "I want a nice Iridonian stone sculpted one! I won't go for anything less! Oh and make sure that it has a propulsion system so I can scamper off!" She winked, liking the teenager's witty sense of humor.