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  • Ummm what? (Sinead)

    He was going back to Yavin just not right now. No, our hero needed some time to himself, he needed to find himself and become the person he should be. Maybe he'll be the person he once was, maybe he could be the person he was meant to. Either way he was going to have to do something besides sit here at Aya's. Sure the food was good, crazy good, but people kept eyeing him. Maybe it was the clothes he was wearing, maybe it was the blast shield he was carrying, yes, he's carrying a blast shield, he just bought it in one of the shops for decoration in his quarters on Yavin.

    No, the guy wasn't looking garish, he wasn't even looking like a Jedi, not that he didn't want to. No, Baus was sticking out like a sore thumb though, even with the leather jacket and fatigues. He almost wished he had bought the blue helmet he saw in that shop, but he wasn't looking for a fight, and while others were eyeing him it looked more and more like they didn't want one either.

    Either way he was getting bored, maybe it was time to go find something to do, maybe right after he finishes his meal.

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    "Fancy shield you got here." Sinead had arrived the cantina while go, and was hanging out until she got her order ready. She had opted for take out as she felt like eating somewhere else. For the time being, she was sipping on some whiskey.

    She didn't fancy guys, but if she did, this one was certainly the cute kind. His garb wasn't the most common but she had seen much more eccentric as she had spent time on Drifter's. She had seen even weirder when traveling the galaxy.

    She suddenly laughed. "Sorry, that prolly came out as a lame pick up line!" She winked and took another gulp of whiskey.


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      Looking up rather nonchalantly he shrugged at the observation. He wasn't buying it for any other reason for going up on his wall so really if it looked ridiculous then it looked ridiculous. He was in an "ironic" mood today anyway, hence the garb. The unintentional pickup line and observation of it was rather interesting. It did, but it happens. He continued to eat but his attention was on the blonde who just looked bored to be there.


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        "Coudda been worse." Sinead replied with a chuckle, imagining one of the Hutts she had seen around for a brief time, some guest of her boss, sounding as if they were hitting on that guy. Sinead had an eye for nice looking things and individuals but guys weren't her flavor.

        She sighed and waited for her order to arrive. And right when it did, one of the cantina patrons - rather drunk - stumbled into her and her take away box ended on the floor. "Frell!" The drunk alien tripped over and half toppled over "shield guy"' table.


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          The drunk guy spilling over his table dumped his lunch all over the floor as well, picking up the moron and pushing him off the table. Our hero wasn't going to hit the guy, he was drunk he was was going to drag him to the counter. This drunk moron has my lunch to buy as well as whatever that blonde chick over there! He said, pointed at DeBeynac.

          "Wha... nnno I'm not dr..."

          You want me to actually hit you? If you're looking for that you're on the right track.


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            Sinead didn't have time to grab the moron that the "shield guy" had done it himself. "Yeah, you're bloody drunk and if he doesn't hit you, I'll do it." The blonde looked as if she meant business, which she did.

            The waitress arrived to clean the mess and said that the owner of the place would see that both orders would be taken from the drunk's tab. Sinead nodded. "Make sure you also get a bonus for yourself. You shouldn't have to deal with this either."

            The drunk was still being incoherent. "I'll open the door for you to drag him outside." She simply said, ready to do this.


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              She could have indeed opened the door for him, but he didn't need it. I can handle drunk monkey here. Walking by the woman dragging the inebriated fellow who is all the while yelling "Imnodrunk!" through the restaurant and out the door on his behind. Of course this gave several others the idea to try and steal his blast shield since his attention away...

              ... it wasn't.

              Grabbing another guy, glaring at him as if to ask "Are you serious?" and throwing him to the middle of the floor our hero changed his own order to "to go" and slipped the shield over his back while he waited. He was now eyeing those who were doing so to him earlier.

              It was getting awkward.


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                "For once, it's not me who handles them." Sinead let the guy toss the drunk outside. She rolled her eyes when she saw idiots try to grab the shield. She elbowed one of them, who didn't bother arguing. It wasn't the first time she had picked a fight with the alien. She had been living on Drifter's for the past months, except when traveling.

                As "shield guy" and her waited for their food to be ready, she looked at him again. "You ever look for a job, you might have opportunities with the Cartel." She had no idea who he was, but didn't hurt to mention this.


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                  He had some training in the Force, the basics, but he knew from previous experience (a really stupid display of him trying to levitate the very shield on his back down from the wall before asking for help) he learned that Drifter's was "null". So he knew what he was about to do would have to be explained. As his remade meal was being set down on the counter and bagged up he pointed at the drunk he threw outside. That monkey out there is paying for it...

                  ... "Iamnoooot..."... the voice muffled through the door could be heard from outside.

                  Looking back at the blonde chick he kept pointing. If this where anywhere else, that monkey would be floating and turning upside down right now.


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                    "Oh yeah, he is paying for it." Sinead gave a cold look at the individual outside, before stepping forward as her own meal was ready. "And for this one too."

                    What "shield guy" explained made her quirk a brow. She had Sith in her family and she had once been engaged to a Jedi Master, even living on Yavin VIII for a while. "I don't remember having seen you the mountainside tavern back then." It was a wild guess but she thought there was a bigger chance he was with the Jedi than with the Sith. Gut feeling, one could say.


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                      I didn't know that was in the curriculum. I'll be sure to ead up on that when I get back. Looking in the back and making sure everything was there, he loaded up on napkins and duraplast silverware as he expected a retort. It wasn't like anyone in this place to make idol conversation, though it wasn't unheard of. Maybe she was just chatty today... maybe she lost a hookup there or something. Clearly she wasn't happy at the notion that he was a "browntunic", so maybe she was kicked out or something.

                      What's your story then? Former student? One of the Masters hook up with you or something? If he only knew.


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                        "Well, Tom's food's pretty awesome." Sinead retorted with a smirk, grabbing her food before doing the same with napkin and utensils. She had nothing against the Jedi, but it still brought back some bad memories.

                        "I ain't Force sensitive." She chuckled, relaxing bit. "I just used to volunteer as a waitress at the tavern when I lived there with my Jedi ex fiance. So that was a very much lasting hook up." She surprised herself as how it came out more easily than it might have even a couple of months ago.

                        "I'm a Merc. Been with the Cartel for a few years."


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                          Never been there. Stayed to myself until I could get over my amnesia, and when I do... He said this looking around shaking his head. Where do I end up again but this place. Adjusting the shield over his back again and grabbing the bag of food he eyed those who were insulted by what he just said. While he wasn't here to start a fight, it wasn't his problem if they didn't like his opinion. Not gonna say that it hasn't been a little slice of heaven... but I'm gonna go find out why my friends dumped me on Rhen Var.

                          Heh "friends", more like leeches who sponged off the money he was making off of his stupid stunts.


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                            "Many people show up on Drifter's, whether they wanted it or not." Sinead mused aloud. She noticed how "shield guy" seemed likely to head off, which she could understand.

                            "If you ever need help from a Merc, you can find me here."
                            Taking the take away bag in her left hand, she offered her right one. "Name's Sinead DeBeynac. I'm one of Vaago's lieutenants, so rather easy to find." She didn't turn down a good job if there was a possibility.


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                              He stopped and turned around, a little. You're not intrigued by what's going on with me? Why a Jedi is about to go track down some idiots who need their tails kicked? Lame... Then he looked at someone who realized that he didn't know who she was. What? It's not like I'm hitting on her or something. He did shake her hand, he didn't miss that, he just figured if she was making conversation she would find a reason to hang around... either way he was going to go some monkeys into a fight ring.