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The Start Of a New Life (Gallen)

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  • The Start Of a New Life (Gallen)

    Sitting on the bed, Ashaiya tilted her head as she watched the Holo TV in front of her. She had never watched it before and did not see the appeal. What she saw paled in comparison to what she had seen and done in the last couple of years and the blue haired Acolyte found the film she was watching quite dull. Yet, she needed something to pass the time and without the Force, she could not practice her abilities or even meditate properly. So, the TV was all that was available to her.

    The cabin was smaller than her rather lavish new quarters that she had on Ruusan but it would do for the time being. Ashaiya did not expect to be on Drifters long and would soon be on her way back to the Penumbra. She would not be alone though and the thought of her fiancée had left a smile on her face for the entire time she had been there. Her time as a DJ had flown by and she had fit in quickly but without her lover, it was just not the same. She longed for him and it made her feel a little more impatient then she normally was.

    The young Dark Jedi had been meticulous and had already removed a listening device from the room. She did not want any eavesdroppers.

    She did not need to leave a message for him for they had agreed on arrangements beforehand. So all she could do was wait.

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    A simple cabin reservation was all Gallen had to go on. Communication between the two lovers had been kept minimal because of Ashaiya's training, and also the need for secrecy among the order she had gone to. Gallen personally knew nothing about them other than the fact they were force users who seemed to use the force to influence and shape the galaxy into what it needed to be. The irony of it all, was they left no trace of their existence, and had Ashaiya not left him to be with them, Gallen would not have believed they were real. The former Sith disciple had kept his promise to lay low, and keep his mouth shut. For the first time in their relationship, Gallen actually managed to remain quiet, and patient. Both of those tasks were difficult for him as his personality did not lend itself well to either.

    Today would be no exception as his feet carried him faster than he could normally go. There was motivation in his steps. His heart was set on seeing his fiancé once more, and being as close to her as he could. The pair had always shared a closeness which had made their relationship anything but ordinary. Every decision to take things to a new level had always been made by impulse, though never not a simple whim. The one decision Ashaiya had made so long ago to press her mind into his forged something between them which neither expected to happen, but both were happy it had.

    Retrieving the keycard which would open the door to the modest cabin Gallen had managed to afford, he unlocked the door and rushed in to find his lover watching a Holovid. That was a first, but he said nothing of it. Instead, Gallen quietly joined her, sitting just beside her, and motioned to the viewer.

    "Anything good on," he asked trying to hide a small smirk. "If you're looking to kill some time I think I can help with that."

    Yes he was trying to be coy, and cool, but likely failing miserably. Rather than pretend to be who he wasn't, Gallen leaned in and pressed a passionate kiss to the lips of his blue haired fiancé. When he fianlly pulled away he sighed.

    "I missed you, Ashaiya."


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      It was only when they kissed that she realised just how much she had missed the closeness that the two of them shared. Ashaiya deepened it, enjoying every passionate moment, it had felt like it had been years since they had last been together, not weeks. Even without the Force, the love between them was so strong and that made the kiss feel even more special to the blue haired teen. It may have brought them together but the way she felt around Gallen was her own feelings, her own will.

      "I missed you too."

      Leaning over so her head rested on his shoulder, Ashaiya smiled and stayed silent for a moment, appreciating the closeness. What she had planned to say before the kiss had gone straight out of the window for a moment. It did not matter how long they were apart, the love they had for each other only grew. Not that they would need to be separated for so long again, they would be together in her new faction, their new faction. She knew he would fit in as a Dark Jedi, she could feel it.

      "We will never have to be separated for so long again, my love. I have found our new home."

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        Everything within the young man screamed for more. The pair had not been close or intimate in some time, but Gallen was genuinely interested in what Ashaiya had to say about their new home. She was right, they would never be spearated as they had been what seemed like several times over. There was plenty of time for a proper reuinion of the two lovers later. The moment they were in simply needed to be enjoyed for what it was, the first time the two had been close without the force. They had never been around eachother without it before, and the lack of the dark side to swell around them only confirmed what they felt for each other was more than the musings of the dark mistress. Gallen loved Ashaiya with every part of who he was, and he could feel it now.

        Gallen's armed wrapped around Ashaiya, and pulled her closer to him. For a while he was content to just sit there with her, his cest rising and falling with each breath he took. Silence was not there for lack of words to say, but because words would seem to ruin the moment. For once, Gallen was not in a rush to find out what Ashaiya knew, or to propell them forward. His hand stroked her blue locks as time seemed to stand still entirely. Gallen was glad have Ash in his arms again.

        "They have treated you well," he finally asked, "I would not think you would be telling me you found our new home if they haven't?"

        Gallen was fishing. He wanted to know what they were like. Would he truly fit there? Ashaiya seemed so certain, she always seemed certain. Gallen loved how steady she was, as he was the flighty one. This was no different. Gallen still had difficulty with the unknown.


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          Smiling, Ashaiya nodded her head when he asked his question although she did not answer with words straight away. She just happily sat in his arms, treasuring every second that she was in that position. The Acolyte was never in a hurry and it was the same here, there was no timetable to work to. They had all the time in the world as far as she was concerned. She was completely at peace with herself at that moment, her emotions were in check, balanced as was the Dark Jedi way.

          "They have treated me in a way that I never could of expected when I first landed on the home world. The fact I was a Sith seemed to mean so little to them and they took me in to their fold without hesitation. There is trust between the members, that the Sith will never have. It feels more like a family than a faction."

          There was no doubt in her words at all and she spoke in a confident tone of voice. She had come to realise that leaving the Sith had been the best decision of her life although her feelings for the Empire were still nagging at her. Ashaiya could not forgive them for their treatment of not only her but the countless others they trod on. They had hurt her in a way that was difficult to describe, they had taken two years of her childhood and made her life miserable.

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              "Family, huh," Gallen asked quietly.

              That was a concept both Ashiaya and Gallen really knew little about. They had both lost, or been abandoned by, family. In truth, Gallen did not know how to process what he just heard. All he really knew was that was where Ashaiya was and that's where he wanted to be. They made a difference together, and this faction seemed to be about that, from what he knew.

              "They are not the Sith that's for sure," he said. "The Sith would never trust, never accept without prejudice."

              It was always about proving oneself among the Sith. Prejudice was a way of life among them, and Ashaiya had taught him life could be so much more. Gallen was ready to move forward with life, move beyond the Sith. That's why the two were meeting together. Ashaiya ultimately was there to take him away.

              "What do I need to know before we can leave?"


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                "The Sith are the slime of the galaxy and we will no longer have to worry about the backstabbing and mistrust that plagues that bloodthirsty mob. We can be ourselves without having to be concerned about those in our own group. This new faction teaches us how to use our emotions but not be controlled by them. We are not restrained like the Jedi are but are not impulsive like the Sith either. It is about balance."

                Ashaiya hated having to be vague but at this point, there was no other option. She would say what she could but the fine details would just have to wait. The blue haired teenager trusted Gallen with all her heart but she was restricted by the Dark Jedi credo and it was not something she would break. She felt far more protective of her new faction then she had ever felt for the Empire. Such was the effect it had on her and she surprised herself with how quickly she had taken to it.

                "We do what the Jedi are afraid to do and what the Sith are too selfish to do. The greater good is what we strive to achieve at all times."

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                  "You're being vague, and I understand why, but I don't like it," Gallen said.

                  They had always been fully open to each other, but now there was this ambiguity between them. She knew something he did not, and was prohibited from being specific in any sense. This was not how Gallen was used to being with his fiancé, but he understood the importance.

                  "I am sure things can be as they were if I am accepted," he said confidently, "Balance is something you have been trying to teach me for a while love," he chuckled, "This is going to be interesting."

                  Gallen jested a bit, but he was also serious. The young man was learning patience, balance, how to be steady. For someone who was very impulsive, this was going to be a challenge. Gallen reached a hand to Ashaiya's cheek and rubbed back and forth with his thumb.

                  "I am more than conviced that we can bring change to this galaxy together. We made a difference before, and we can do it again. Even if it means I need to learn how to be less impulsive. You'll see Ash, I can do this. I have to, if we are to be able to live together and actually get married."


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                    There was no doubt in Ashaiya's mind at all and every word Gallen said only made her feel more confident about his acceptance as a Dark Jedi. It was the will that mattered and as long as he felt strongly about becoming one then that is what would happen. He would have to be judged by others of the Penumbra but Ashaiya knew that he would handle himself well. Honesty was the best policy and she knew that Gallen was always honest, blunt sometimes but always honest. She would not have it any other way.

                    "Things will not just be as they were Gallen, they will be better. Although, we will not be able to spend quite so much time in our quarters. Being a member of this group means we need to help the community of the home planet as well as those off world, we all find a role to play in front of the public."

                    She paused then and took the hand that he had been rubbing against her cheek, before leaning in and kissing her lover deeply. Ashaiya could feel his confidence and through their kiss, she showed him hers, before speaking again.

                    "Making a difference is what this group is all about, we are not rigid like the others with gifts like ours. We are fluid, changeable and have the needs of those we seek to help."

                    Another brief pause followed and then she spoke once more and she sighed slightly.

                    "There is something else you should know though Gallen. I will not be able to teach you."

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                      "Your kisses are rather dangerous," he said allowing himself to process further what had been said. "We have been apart for a while and every kiss brings with it other desires."

                      She already knew that though. Gallen was never shy about his desires and wants as young man, not with his lover. Though in truth, and despite what he said and felt, he was content to be in her presence.

                      "It is for the best that you will not be my teacher," he finally said after gathering his thoughts. "You opened the force up to me, taught me things I never thought possible. I loved you more for it, but among these new people things will be different as you said. When we are together, it will be as who we are as a couple, as lovers, not student and teacher. "

                      Yes they would have to work as part of the group, and that meant they would not be able to hide away as they had before. They would live double lives it appeared, but when they were together in their quarters, it would as it should. They were committed to each other, and to marrying each other, so why should they not have freedom to be just that when they were not performing their duties for this new faction.

                      "There is nothing you have said which will keep me from wanting to do this. I understand everything you're telling me, and what the demands will be upon not only myself, but our relationship. In the end though, it's all worth it, because we will still be together."


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                        There was the slightest sigh of relief from Ashaiya at that point although it was barely noticeable. There had been just the tiniest feeling in the back of her mind that Gallen would not of been happy with the new developments that would take place. She did not want to push him in to a decision and that was why she had been as honest as possible. Although she was forbidden from saying too much, the Acolyte wanted her lover to know the score. She had never lied to him before and she would not start now.

                        "I do not mean to push you in one direction or the other, Gallen. I just want you to know what will happen if you decide to. When we arrive at the home world, you will be judged by others of the faction and I just want you to have all the facts I can give you before you face that. All I want is for you to be certain of your choice."

                        Although she was unhappy about not being able to train him any longer, Ashaiya appreciated what Gallen said about the subject. She would no longer have to play the role of teacher and could instead just focus on their blossoming relationship. It brought a smile back to her face.

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                          Gallen nodded.

                          "I am certain that if I do not go forward with this, we will have one more obstacle between us, and I don't want that. We made up our minds about this before you left. You would go first, and I would follow when the time was right. The time is right. They can judge me if they must, but it will not change the fact that I am ready to move forward in this."

                          Gallen kissed his fiancé. He let the kiss show Ashaiya how confident he was about the decision. There was passion for her, and for the life they could lead together if they were both comitted to this direction. Gallen knew this was the best thing for them.

                          "I want this, Ash. I really do."


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                            His words were more than enough to convince her of what he wanted and the kiss only confirmed that even more. It brought an almost giddy feeling to her for a moment, that they were completely at one again about what they wanted. They had both come so far to get to this point and Ashaiya felt far older than her mere sixteen years but it was not a negative feeling as such, there was a maturity to her that had not been there before and she was revelling her in new life and state of mind.

                            "I figured that was what you would say and I am glad that it is the case. After you have been judged and been deemed worthy, as I know you will be, we can start our new life together. Without any of the baggage and struggle that we had with the Sith, all there will be is us and our new home and the galaxy for us to explore and help. Corruption will be our enemy and one I know we can defeat, along with our new allies. The future for us is bright, Gallen."

                            There was a flash in her blue eyes as she finished speaking, confidence pouring from her. No more hiding, no more wondering the galaxy blindly and most of all, no more damn Sith.

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                              "Yes it is, love."

                              Gallen spoke with a smile, one which was a result of feeling one, whole, with his lover again. Despite the distance and time away the past several weeks had brought, Gallen and Ashaiya still wanted the same things. Their stories would be interlaced for the rest of their lives. Did Gallen understand everything? Did he know why the force had brougt them together among the Sith only to lead them away from it, no. Gallen did know that they were connected and bonded in a way that was rare. It was not the bond of a student and teacher, but it was the bond of two lives.

                              Gallen kissed Ashaiya again, her giddyness was contageous in the moment. He kissed her several times over, he was so excited.

                              "I feel like celebrating, and there is much to see here at Drifters. We can do anything you want, or we can stay here. Either way, I'm just happy to be with you again after so long."