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    Humming softly to herself, the young blonde Bounty Hunter gazed with interest at the various weapons and items around her. The majority of it was not to her taste but she was curious enough to at least browse. Chusi's method of capture was more subtle than most and she preferred a more tactical approach then using heavy weapons. A pair of WESTAR pistols were as close as she came to heavy fire power although she'd rather not use those. Despite her new career path, Chusi wouldn't kill unless it was absolutely necessary.

    As she reached the end of the aisle, the teenager's eyes lit up as her gaze was drawn towards a display. It was a struggle to find darts that fit her shooter, her primary weapon and she had been unsure of whether they would be in stock. Fortunately, it seemed she was in luck and she swiftly began to search through the various packs. Searching for the model of ammo that would fit her weapon.

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    It had been a while since Ranooki had stopped by Drifter's. She grinned to herself as she recalled it was during a stay here that she had met Maxx. She still remembered that evening well. The New Republic mechanics had to wait for a bit while her ship was refueled. So, she had decided to check Vaago's Emporium. She had heard different opinions about it, but it didn't hurt to peruse the wares.

    The blonde in her thirties was humming some tune to herself as she began to go through different aisles of the extended shop. While she was on it, she was going to check for a new blaster. The one she had had been with her forever. She rarely had to use it, and trained with the Navy's weapons, but she liked different models as well.