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    Vaago's Emporium was the scoundrel equivalent of a candy store. Any number of rare items could be found within. There were even relics that date back to the conquests of Xim the Despot, if you can believe that. If it wasn't true, Vaago wasn't telling.

    It was here that a certain droid had found it's new home. It stood in the corner of the establishment, freshly shined and deactivated. On it's chest plate there was a restrictor bolt, which kept the droid from reactivating pre-maturely.

    An occasional beep could be heard coming from the droid every so often in irregular patterns as the backup systems ran operational checks. The droid's eyes would light up for a moment, before dimming again. All systems were operational, despite the advanced age of the droid. Whoever had owned it last had done an exemplary job in maintaining it.

    A holofeed next to the droid detailed it's specifications. It was an HK model "Protocol" Droid from around the time of the Sith Wars. It was outfitted with a reinforced frame to protect from blaster fire, as well as advanced servos in it's legs which gave it a greater pace than the typical shambling protocol droid. It is fluent in over 6 million forms of communication, and can tap into the holonet to update it's databanks when needed.

    The droid was also able to interface with most holocomputer systems in a similar, but less detailed, way that an astromech droid could. It can pilot a small cargo ship and a starfighter if need be.

    Ordinarily, the droid cost over 200,000 credits due to it's age and rarity. But the Emporium was currently running a sale. The droid could be yours for the low price of 165,000 credits. Trades of equal value are also accepted.