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All Bets Lead to Ruin (Open to All)

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  • All Bets Lead to Ruin (Open to All)

    “AHHHHHHHHHHH! GET UP YOU SISSY GREEN LIZARD!”Scori shouted, her voice blending with that with the rest of the crowd that gathered around the fight ring.

    Her hands were clutched tightly together as she yelled encouragement to the fighter she just bet pretty much the rest of her spare credits on. If he fall, she couldn’t pay the mechanics up in the hanger bay for fuel for her ship - the Starfell. No fuel, meant no smuggling, no smuggling meant no credits, which turned around to no credits for the massive need for repairs and upgrades Starfell required.

    “RIGHT HOOK! RIGHT HOOK! BLOCK! YEAH!” Scori screamed at the top of her lungs as her fighter managed a sneaky underhand blow to his opponent. “YOU CAN DO IT!

    The crowd was growing unruly the longer the fight went on. It was mean to be a simple fight, the opponent, an ex-Mandalorian, or so the rumours went was to win the fight, but Scori overheard a couple promoters back stage that it was rigged, and the big Lizard guy would upstage and win. It’s what caused Scori to take the drastic action of betting pretty much everything she had on the Lizard.

    Her heart pounded like crazy throughout the thirty minute match. Every time when the Mandolorian decked the Lizard, Scori felt all her credits slip through her fingers, but then the Lizard would get back up and tackle the Mandolorian to the ground. By the thirty minute mark, not a single soul in the audience was sitting down. It was mad, and Scori loved it. What she didn’t love was the high possibility that she misunderstood and she’d loos everything once the bell rang.

    Time was running out, the mando was struggling to stand, while the Lizard swayed on its feet. Scori held her breath, her hands came to her mouth and her eyes widened. Mentally she was counting down the clock, hoping that the Lizard would stay on top. Suddenly the Mando stood to his feet, and all hope of making her payday fell through the floor and was lost in space. With a simple uppercut, followed by a sucker punch, the lizard wend down and stayed down. Green blood dripped out of the lizard’s mouth.

    The bell rang and the crowd erupted in cheers and applaud as Scori fell to her seat, head in hands, on the verge of tears.

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    Quaza slipped through the crowd as it was in up roar, here hands slipping in this pocket and then the next lifting whatever valuables she could. She was one that was thrilled the fight was taking forever it provided her more time to steal anything she thought might be worth pawning. As for the fight itself she had creds on the Mandalorian for simple fact the match was rigged. How Quaza knew that well she had her ways of finding out things in places like this. A lot of the matches here were rigged and there was a system to playing the betting game as well so no one got suspicious that you knew.

    As the Lizard man finally fell and the bell rang Quaza had clean up pretty well she thought herself in least it was a couple hundred creds at best she estimated around a couple thousand. Not including the creds, she had on the fight it could be nearing ten thousand for a night’s work. Granted when she had been a pirate, she was making twenty times that amount but this was enough to get her by.

    As crowd cheered and a few fist fights broke out between some winners and losers Quaza made her way to the cash out station. As she did, she passed by a woman seating in her seat crying her eyes out. Now it wasn’t completely uncommon for someone to break down in tears over a fight but it didn’t happen every day. Something major had to happen for someone to completely break down. Heavily tied to emotions Quaza being an empath stopped in her tracks and she looked at the woman.

    The Mutt felt bad for the woman the curse of her empathic abilities. Quaza slipped into he seat next to the woman as the person next to her vacated to go cash out. “It’s just one fight and there are always more creds to win.” Though Quaza was an Empath it didn’t mean she was any good at consoling people.


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      Scori stopped her little pity party the moment she heard the voice talk to her. She jumped, not realizing someone had taken the seat next to her and quickly dried her eyes. However, as the words this woman just spoke processed through her mind, the brunette felt like crying all over again.

      “Easy for you to say! You seemed to have come up on top!” Scori whined. “Suits me right, thinking I overheard something important… I should never have put so much credits down on one fight! I’m such an idiot!”

      Scori slumped back in her chair, wondering how the hell she was going to get money for her ship. Maybe if someone paid a deposit up front? Yeah… good luck on trying to negotiate that…

      “Sorry… I didn’t mean to interrupt your… whatever it is your doing,” Scori said with a heavy sigh, rubbing her eyes once more. “You’re probably better off ignoring a loser like me anyways. I mean, I’ve barely manage to get a job anymore… hell, I’d take something legal if it comes my way. Anything… I don’t know how my uncle ever did this on his own. It’s been just over a year or two now and I still don’t have the knack for sniffing out lucrative contracts. Everything I try to do ends up getting more complicated and I end up loosing my payload.”

      Scori looked at the woman next to her again, as if truly seeing her for the first time. Why did she sit down next to her anyways? It wasn’t like her words actually comforted her.

      “Again… thanks for trying… but… i’ll be okay… just let me wallow a few minutes longer.”


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        This one was having a right pity part for herself Quaza thought to herself. It really wasn’t any of her concern how many creds this woman lost. Hell, she was wondering herself why the hell she listened to the empath part of her that felt ever damn emotion in this room. It wasn’t like she stopped for everyone who was sulking in their loss. Still she didn’t find herself standing up and leaving, she could have, gone cashed out and left this business to sort itself out. Bah her adoptive family was rubbing off on her, care and kindness all that jazz.

        Quaza just listen to the woman’s story though she felt for the woman and saw a bit of herself in the story told she just didn’t know what to say. How she could affirm to this woman that it would be alright, there was always credits to be had. Though the jobs weren’t always the prized ones to get to where you needed to be. She wished Cord was here, she knew how to talk to people and they would probably acquire a new crew member.

        The mutt gulped heavily and then had a brilliant idea. Wells he thought it was brilliant though chances where high at the end of the night it would end up worse than it started.

        “You know the best way to bury your pain is to get drunk.” Quaza stood up and looked down at the seated woman a half mischievous smile on her face revealing her both her fanged Canine’s and her vat like eyes could fully be seen now too. “I’m buying of course.” Because the woman was clearly broke.

        “Who knows maybe we can come up with an idea to get you some creds.”