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Mistaken Identity. [Sebarek]

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  • Mistaken Identity. [Sebarek]

    Army Barracks - Mess Hall

    The mess was deserted save for one Cadet Lisbeth Vallen who sat at the far end of the room with a tall mug of caf and her datapad. She was dressed in a non-descript gray jumpsuit, her chin propped in one hand as she skimmed information on the HoloNet. What she was seeing there was startling and worthy of concern.

    Where her identity as Lisbeth Vallen was concerned, every snipped on the 'net matched what her memories were... even though they defied reality. Her memories and the 'net claimed she had lived in Salis D'aar when an in-person visit had proved otherwise. If that wasn't disconcerting enough, she had decided to search based on the "Spark" nickname that felt more comfortable to her. Lo and behold, there was a Spark Vallen out there, a Jedi who had gone missing, who bore a very strong resemblance to Lisbeth herself.

    Switching apps, she fired off a message to Sebarek Veros, asking if they could meet. She had no authority to send him on a mission, but Spark hoped that her good working relationship with the intel agent would help her make sense of the information.

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    Sebarek was just leaving a debriefing session when he received Vallen's message. It had been a while since he had met the geeky soldier. He had heard about her lunch with his sister and had been surprised to hear that Sabriyya had sought out the imperial woman's council for some security matters. At the same time, it was somewhat typical of his sibling to find skill wherever she could.

    The Operative shot off a reply to Vallen, saying he was on his way. The walk to the Army barracks took a bit longer than going by speeder but stretching his legs after having been sitting for hours did him good.

    When he reached the mostly empty mess hall, he easily saw who he had come to see. Walking up to the table after grabbing himself a cup of caf, he took a seat across Vallen. "Well, hello Vallen. I promise I don't have a brat whining with me today." He chuckled, referring to the annoying teenager he had had to play babysitter for a while ago. "How are you?" The Lorrdian couldn't shake off his gut feeling that she hadn't suddenly contacted him for no reason.


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      Spark had finished her stimcaf but had left the paper cup sitting on the bench-style table while she'd repeatedly gone through the references she'd found. When Sebarek arrived, she didn't even react to his jest about the teenager at the tapcaf.

      "The name 'Spark' has been resonating strongly with me lately. I thought as a code name," she said abruptly. "But, it felt real. Lisbeth Vallen - I feel - is a fiction. But, tell me who the frell this Spark Vallen is..."

      She passed her datapad across the table to Sebarek so he could see what exactly she'd been looking at.


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        Something was definitely wrong with Vallen and it concerned Sebarek, not on a professional level but on a personal one. He got along well with the soldier and it was the older brother in him being a tad protective, even though Vallen was older than him and very capable to handle herself.

        "Frell..." That was all he said as she showed him the files she had been looking at. "Twin sister? Clone? You?" He was rambling aloud before thinking twice. "That's crazy, Vallen." He knew he wasn't helping and looked through the files further.

        "Can I ask what sparked all of this? No pun intended." He had ways and access to check on matters, though he knew that even as an operative, there was still a lot of red tape he could find, shall he start digging.


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          Spark furrowed her silvery-blonde brows, not finding the pun at all funny. She realized Sebarek wasn't trying to be, but still; the no-nonsense cadet was in a mood.

          "That's mission related and classified. I'm sorry," Spark whispered. "Do you know who this Jedi Spark Vallen is? Was? Records say she's missing."


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            Mission classified. Wonderful. That wasn't helping, though Sebarek wasn't holding it against Vallen. He knew how things were for having been with the imperial intelligence for a good while now, as well as previous jobs.

            "Jedi ain't my specialty, but I can look around and see what I can find." He had the intuition he'd do it the old fashioned way, without digging into imperial archives. "I'll use my other contacts for this. Since we have no idea what we might uncover, I'll avoid bringing attention to this until we know more."

            He was willing to help Vallen, but he didn't want to risk jeopardizing his career either. "Is there anything else you can tell me about this which could give me trails to follow?"


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              Spark sighed and shook her head. She wasn't looking for him to investigate. She had just hoped that Sebarek would know who this enemy of the Empire was.

              "No. Sebarek, I'm sorry. I just assumed that someone of her rank would be on Intel's 'known' list. I don't want you off searching any trail." She lifted her cup of caf, realized it was empty and sighed again. "Foolish of me to think it could be as simple as that."

              Spark sat back and folded her arms over her chest.


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                "I don't think that there will be more than what you found. I could check into the database, but this could draw attention." Sebarek wasn't just speaking of him, but also of Vallen in the first place.

                "The only Jedi whose name I heard wasn't Vallen. It was from a most wanted list, special request from the Supreme Commander."
                The Lorrdian wasn't sharing anything sensitive, because he knew that it wasn't classified. "Name was Satkia something..." He sighed and thought for a moment. "Beltrak... No Wayne... Either of these..."

                He suddenly thought of something. "I could check about her, maybe she's related to this Spark Vallen. I mean Jedi Masters aren't that numerous..." And this way, it would make the check up more discreet in the database.


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                  Spark shook her head no when the surnames Sebarek mentioned failed to resonate with her.

                  "No. I wasn't asking you in terms of doing a search, Sebarek," she whispered emphatically. "I just thought that you - being an astral agent - might know of her. Just from your own experience."

                  She sighed. Could he be right? A sibling I don't remember?


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                    "Well, I was just offering." Sebarek explained. He wouldn't go snooping around, unless Vallen asked him to. He smiled apologetically to the soldier.

                    "I appreciate the vote of confidence. I'm just not specialized in Jedi at all. I'm an underworld and nobility kind of guy. Sorry, I can't help you more. If I can do anything, just tell me."


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                      Spark nodded wearily. "Fair enough. Thanks anyway."

                      Rising, she reached for her empty caf cup and pitched it in the recycler. The no-nonsense cadet was still herself and was acting as if this was clearly the conclusion of this meeting if there was no immediate knowledge to be had from the agent.

                      They're looking for that Vallen. Jedi and New Republic members. They're looking for her. What if they're looking for me?