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    Since her recent promotion to Governor, Talia Stryder had been an even busier bee than usual. The workaholic brunette welcomed this though. She always was at her best when swamped with more duties and tasks. The challenges the new position presented were exciting.

    She also loved her new and larger office on Bastion. That was a huge perk, especially as she had even longer hours. One of the most recent assignement she had been tackling was reviewing new aides' achievements in the ministry of finances.

    Talia didn't even know how long it had been since she took a break, but she knew that she would soon do that. For the time being, she asked her secretary to bring her more tea.

    She knew she had upcoming appointments that day too, but she would deal with them when they showed up. For the time being, she was delving deeper into the evaluations.

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    Hearing of the new office now being occupied by a friend, Denoel made a point of detouring from her usual meetings and other duties to stop by. The secretary glanced up to the brunette as she approached.

    "Can I help you," she queried politely.

    "Miss Stryder, just wanted to stop by and congratulate her on the new position."

    "Your name?"

    "Denoel Quane."

    Nodding once, the older woman tapped on the intercom, "Madam, there's a Miss Quane here to see you. Shall I send her in?"

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      Talia wondered who had arrived and checked her schedule. None was before another hour. She was curious and answered her secretary's call right away. She smiled when it happened to be Dee. "Please, send her in and bring us some tea."

      Getting to her feet, she smoothed her blue business suit before heading to the door to greet her friend.

      "Good day to you. It's a pleasant surprise to see you stop by. Please, come in."
      She said after offering a handshake to her colleague and friend.


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        "Yes, ma'am," the secretary replied, then glanced up to Denoel as she rose. "Go on in."

        Nodding, the young brunette headed to the large, brown wooden door and opened it, then noticed the large office and plush furniture within. "Wow, this is nice," brown eyes admired the surroundings as she moved to Talia and shook her hand. "Congratulations on the promotion, I heard about the new governor on the list and had to stop by." The windows behind the large desk looking out over the cityscape beyond was impressive as well. "I take it you now have to find time to actually be home, huh?"

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          Talia was very happy with her new office. She always prefered to work in a calm and elegant surroundings, so this was perfect!

          "Thank you very much!" She invited her friend so they could seat on the couch in a corner of the office, which was more suitable for their conversation. "Home... I heard that word before!" The brunette chuckled softly.

          "The promotion came as a surprise right after I returned from my first real vacation in a few years. Good thing it happens before the promotion, as I have no idea when the next happens." She didn't mind it though, because she loved her work.

          "How have you been? I was going to contact you this week, because I could use your skills for an upcoming assignment." Since Dee was here, she could as well kill two birds with one stone.


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            Joining Talia on the couch, she reclined and chuckled at the lack of free time that the newly appointed governor had and she could relate to that. Being a newly accepted gopher for a senator offered her nearly no time off while tending to not only her job, but also taking care of her charge's little errands at all hours of the day and night. She was definitely glad that was over.

            "Been doing well, staying busy. Keeping on top of the supplies and new R and D for the military, so never a dull moment." Denoel nodded at the opportunity being offered. "What'd you have in mind?"

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              "Glad to hear that you're staying on top of things, though that doesn't surprise me." Talia smiled and then her secretary brought tea to both women before leaving them to their discussion.

              The brunette looked at her friend and colleague. "There has been some unrest on Gymelo in the Bakuran Sector. The Empire had struck a few deals with local companies, especially in construction equipment. Upcoming political elections there risk to change this situation, if we don't ensure that the winning candidate continues to support us."


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                Smiling at the compliment, Denoel took the tea cup from the secretary and thanked her, then sipped the warm drink. Enjoying the flavor, she realized how long it had been since breakfast and knew that lunch was coming up soon. The day had really flown, she mused as Talia then expounded on the mission to help with a contract. Influencing someone on Gymelo was going to be interesting.

                "Does he have a personal agenda then? Hard to believe that he'd do something like that unless it was only to get our support." Though she had heard plenty of senators do whatever it took to get the votes, then once in office do whatever they had in mind initially. It seemed to be the norm, so getting to know the candidate from other sources was usually the best policy, especially if they wanted to be friends during election years.

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                  "I transmitted reports to the Intelligence services a few weeks ago. I am awaiting further feedback to proceed with my - our? - upcoming journey there." Talia set her half drunk cup on the small table.

                  "There is little doubt that candidate Jaryn Guran will win these elections. His stance against ties with us goes back since the beginning of his campaign, though it became more prominent as time went on. He has no history of personal or professional conflict with the Empire."

                  She sighed. "I would venture that one of his primary fundraiser can't stand us and is twisting his arm, but so far, I wasn't privy to any of this information. I hope that what information I receive will shed some light on it."