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Phase II [Linnea]

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  • Phase II [Linnea]

    Satish had returned from Tatooine seemingly empty-handed. The hunter he'd hired had - in an odd way - given him an idea to pursue. He'd paid her for that service even though they'd never actually hunted together.

    After a particularly rough night following his return to Bastion, Satish went to Intelligence's headquarters to check in with his superior. He didn't know what Linnea would think of his return at this stage because it had been implied that Satish could be off-duty for a seemingly long time. As far as his feelings - about everything - were concerned, Besh was a husk and running in a numb state.

    He passed by the scatter-brain, Claire, whom he'd helped after a traffic accident. She offered him a cheerful smile and Satish nodded back. He tapped on Linnea's door, hoping the operative had a bit of time to see him...

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    Tuk Arghann's reports were brief but descriptive of Cadet Vallen's performance in the field on Bakura - also detailing her bizarre idiosyncrasies. It appeared that the reconditioning and false memories that she had placed in the former Jedi Master's mind was starting to unravel. She was caught in a conundrum - bring Vallen back in for further work, or allow it to play out and see how the woman fared with the dissociation of factual and implanted memories.

    She was combing through Vallen's report when there was a rap at her door.

    "Enter," she replied briskly, eyes showing momentary surprise to see Besh standing there. "I thought you were taking an extended leave of absence."

    It wasn't even a question. Just a statement as her attentions returned to the more pressing matter in her hand.


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      Ah, good. Nothing's changed here.

      Satish was relieved that Linnea's abrupt attitude was intact. He'd come back to headquarters with some trepidation that the gentleness she'd shown on Tatooine would be evinced again. And now that he was honest with himself over his feelings for her... it would've made encounters that much more difficult if Linnea had gone soft toward him.

      "The sands blur far too much of the past to effectively launch my investigation there," he replied. "A different tactic's come to mind where I could use your reported expertise, Operative Vandron. If you've the time and willingness to aid me."

      Knowing how important family was to her, Satish expected that she'd be willing. Even if he wanted to - but also didn't want to - involve her in his own paternal issues.


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        "I had offered back on Tatooine, Besh," she said absently, scrolling through the last of the report. "It remains on the table."

        Something she would have reneged on for most, but Besh had done two things to secure some respect. He had saved Claire, her daughter's mate. If that air head of Chandrilian had died, it would have been a disaster of losing Kalyn over time. Then there was the secret kept from him - Besh's children. Family was something near to Linnea's heart and it had sickened her that Besh's wife had kept the man ignorant of their existence. What would have happened if he had never returned home to retrieve that picture or ever knew that letter remained hidden behind it ...

        Powering down her 'pad, she finally turned and gave Besh her full attention - and she had noticed it before but now it was plain. The man looked terrible. Oh he was put together well enough for public view, but Linnea saw a man who hadn't slept in at least a couple of days. Weary bags, tinge of bloodshot red creeping in his whites ...


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          Satish nodded once, taking a chance. He made sure the door was closed behind him before he spoke.

          "Operative, while my personnel file is accurate that I hail from Tatooine, I learned early in life that - while I look Human - that's not particularly what defines my DNA. Being as educated as you are, you'll likely know what a Morellian is and how there are not many of us left in the galaxy."

          Clearly, he had no idea that he was speaking to one of his cultural brethren. Satish took a breath before launching into his idea, folding his arms across his narrow chest.

          "I'd like to capitalize on that scarcity to run a check against any Imperials who might also share that unique profile. If there was any chance that my children are Imperial citizens, it would flag possible candidates readily... and... why are you staring at me like that? I haven't sprouted a second head, have I, lass?"


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            There were few times that the Operative could have been taken surprised - Satish had now done so twice this very incident. Not only had the man trusted her with his true origins, but that he was Morellian as well made Linnea's head spin. So much that she didn't even correct him on the use of the word lass.

            She stood up from her chair, it spinning around in a whirl from how quickly Linnea had got up. "You're a bloody Morellian?" Such an outburst was unlike her and leaned against her desk, calming her mind and slowing down her breathing to deal with each issue one at a time.

            "Well, since we're sharing, Besh," Linnea's bite had returned and did not apologize for her outburst at all, "No. You've not sprouted a second head. But you've found another Morellian."

            She had made a promise to anyone of Morellian blood to be open towards her brethren. Just that it was Besh of all people to be one was just unsettling for some indiscernible reason. "My entire family is. Well, save for one daughter who's half. Regardless, I've kept precise tracking logs of our people. I'm certain I can narrow down your Morellian progeny once I receive a sample of your blood and a cheek swab."

            Linnea was business as usual. As if nothing had happened.


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              Satish just stared at Linnea, truly at a loss for words. That they'd have that identity in common was truly a mind-bender and it made him reel even moreso given how he felt about her.

              "Aye... well, frak. Excuse me for that," he said genuinely, since vulgarities were generally not in his choice of words.

              Satish thought about the Nystrom girls he'd met as he continued to stare at Linnea, trying to wrap his mind around her confession.

              "Yes... well. Let's do that. I know the chances of the kids - my kids - being Imperial is small, but since I don't know where they are, it could be just as likely as anywhere no?" he reasoned.


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                Both of their 'outbursts' could just be forgotten as far as Linnea was concerned. They were both out of character but with good reason. Yet there was no reason to dwell on it except help Besh find his children.

                "Yes. The chances are small, but it gives us a place to start." She fell back into her seat and called up the very logs she referred two after entering her password and fingerprint coding. Immediately she set to work adding in Satish Besh's profile and the twins he was looking for. "Was your wife a Morellian as well?"


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                  Satish shook his head, then hesitated.

                  "No. Well... truly, not that I know of," he clarified. "We weren't married terribly long, and realizing I was experiencing time and life differently, it wasn't something I'd discuss on that dusty backwater."

                  He fell silent, remembering Gracie as clearly as possible.

                  "I doubt that she was. And my children would be 35 or thereabouts in standard years," he added. "Gracie left Tatooine while pregnant. So, I've no clue of gender," Satish sighed as he sat down across from Vandron uninvited.


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                    Linnea enters in the details which can narrow down an already focused search. Oddly, the relationship that he had with his wife was the one that Linnea had missed out with Aliya's father. She never had the chance to experience such disconnects with Kyron - the idiot she was, desperate for love and someone for her in her life. He was just as useful as a sperm donor.

                    "Gender is unnecessary. Searching through our database for a genetic match is." She saved her work and stood, tucking the 'pad under her arm. "We'll take a trip to my lab and process your samples immediately."


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                      "Very good," Satish replied.

                      He rose and opened the door for them, gesturing for Linnea to lead the way. Satish fell understandably silent as they walked, he staying a respectful half-step behind her. Everyone was busy with their work and paid the duo no mind as they moved through the facility.

                      When they reached the lab, Satish regarded her very seriously. "Operative, thank you so very much for your assistance. I am in your debt."


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                          The lab was several floors above their current one, access allowed only to Linnea's family, her personal staff, and the Empress. Not even her adoptive daughter's own family was allowed here because this is where the Operative had done all the research on cloning to create her children Mihal and Katja - where Kalyn had undergone her transformation into the being she was now. The DNA of her entire family was stored here, the history of her people and heirlooms that held personal significance to Linnea were locked away.

                          Several scientists were compiling data on her youngest twins check ups, hoping to glean more insight into Keir's research to combine Morellian and human DNA. She had been toying with sharing Kalyn's file with him, but that was a matter that she needed to speak with her daughter first. It may help or hinder ... it was based on combining two Wild Space races that appeared to be compatible on a genetic level. Just because humans and Morellians appeared exactly alike, didn't necessarily mean their DNA would place nice with one another when manipulated versus breeding.

                          "Have a seat," she stated briskly, grabbing supplies and gloves. "And you owe me nothing."

                          She snapped her gloves on tightly and unscrewed the top of the swab. "You're Morellian. It's why I do this."

                          Turning around with the swab prepared, she was as clinical as ever. "Open up."


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                            Satish allowed a tight smile, amused as ever with her taciturn nature. Now, however, he understood why Linnea was the way she was.

                            As involved as this is, he thought, the lass had to have been personally touched by the plague's effects. Not like me, who'd never set foot on Morellia in all my life...

                            Wordlessly, he submitted for the swipe of his tissues. Satish knew Linnea well enough to know that she wouldn't want a conversation about this, not unless it was on her terms at least.


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                              She swabbed his cheek and snapped the sample inside the sterile tube. Marking it with Besh's name, she asked two things of him. "Date of birth and I need your sleeve rolled up."

                              Calling over one of her assistants to begin running the sample once his birth date was confirmed, the Operative prepped several tubes with the same information and applied the tourniquet. "List your relatives."

                              Now that Besh was joining her database, she wanted it to be as complete as possible for genealogy purposes.