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    It was the early morning when she arrived to the training grounds at the imperial base. She had to leave before her son got up to go to school,but Teta looked after him so it'd do and she always arranged to see him in the evening even if it was late. It was difficult for them to get used to their life away from Chiss space, but she knew that it was for the better in the short and even more, the long run.

    Unzipping her jacket, she hung it in a locker, leaving her backpack on a nearby bench. Then, she then began her stretching and warm up exercise before tackling other things. Keeping in good shape hadn't saved her from everything in her life but it had certainly made a difference.

    Focused on her breathing and coordination, she had no idea whether others would join to this specific area of the training grounds or not. It mattered little for being on her own didn't disturb her.

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    Having been through basic training, Jezekel needed to keep herself in shape and running was one of those things that were the easiest, as she wasn't a great swimmer. Some had mentioned in the evenings, after their gear had been taken care of and boots shined, that water sports were the best. Maybe one day, she mused. Entering the large training complex, the newly recruited cadet moved to the side of the large track, setting her small pack on the stadium seating and began stretching.

    Once done, she glanced to notice another female already out here and getting ready to do the same thing, though she had never seen anyone like her before. Knowing the Imperial military had taken in many from worlds within their sphere of influence, the Mandalorian hadn't traveled to any of those worlds yet. This change in lifestyle was taking some getting used to. Leaving her sweat shirt on, Jezekel began jogging for a warmup for the first lap.


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      Though she offered a stoic expressions most of the time, she was always on her guard. Her abusive former husband as well as his pawns had left her be alert all the time. Yet, she was strong enough to face her fears and come to this training facility alone in the morning. Of course, when another woman arrived, she spotted her immediately.

      Finishing to stretch, she realized her appearance might have been surprising to the human female. She didn't comment on it though. There were several Chiss on Bastion, as she had already remarked.

      Beginning to jog soon, she easily caught up with the other imperial. Good morning. She offered simply, before returning her crimson eyes ahead of her.


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        "Hi," she offered and began running as well, keeping pace with the unique looking alien for the first lap. Being a bit prideful and very competitive, she wasn't about to be outdone by anyone, regardless of race or gender. Mandalorians had been lost on the galactic stage as a whole for a very long time and it was time to get that reputation back.


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          Her expression didn't change but she noted the competitive behavior in the human and it made her mentally smirk. She jogged as if nothing had changed for the time being. She was competitive too, but she was a tactician too and she kept at her own pace for a while.

          Once her muscles were perfectly warm, she picked up speed and caught up with the brunette. She was built for endurance and was curious to see how the other imperial would react. She wasn't the kind to rush into things but more inclined to make strategic decisions.


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            The approach of the other woman only promoted the Mandalorian's adrenaline to push her on, keeping a step ahead knowing that her planned distance for this morning's workout was going to take a lot out of her. But, being in the Army now, she was determined to have the agility and stamina to become one of the best. Lap after lap they ran, the cinnamon toned teenager's skin glossing from the exertion and soon she reached the end of the last lap that she had wanted to achieve. The cooldown lap allowed her some time to relax a bit and she was pleased with herself. Training here had pushed her beyond what she thought possible and the native of Gargon was glad that she had positive things to tell her family back home.

            Reaching the stadium seating, she stopped and picked up her pack, then took out the water bottle and took a sip. Catching her breath, she turned her attention to the other female. "You Army?"


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              That woman kept her on her toes and she welcomed the challenge. The pace was brisk and they went for a good many laps, sometimes one in front of the other, most of the time side by side. She wasn't used to have a training or running buddy as the humans called this, but she liked a challenge and this was one.

              Beads of sweat rolled down her blue skin as they came to a pause. Her breathing was heavier but she made sure to cool down and stretch some more as not to have an abrupt stop since it was training.

              Reaching for her bottle of water, she shook her head to the other woman. I am Navy. Starfighter pilot. You?


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                "Army," she stated proudly. "Been following in my father's footsteps, and my ancestors before him. We have a proud tradition of service to the Empire," or so she had been led to believe. "I have to admit, I've never seen anyone like you before. Sorry for the stares earlier." Taking a moment to relax, she took another sip of water, then lowered the bottle. "Where are you from?"


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                  I also followed in my family's footsteps. She answered with a faint smile. While she didn't speak a word about her father's side being one of the ruling Chiss families, her maternal one, the Kleors, had been among the first Chiss who had explored beyond their borders, many excellent pilots and bold minds.

                  She gave a nod to the woman, appreciating the apology for the stares. She was pleasantly surprised. A few of my people are in the Imperial ranks, especially Navy. I am from Csilla, the Chiss home world. I am Cadet Ashar Kleor.


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                    She nodded an understanding, knowing that she had only just finished Basic Training so hadn't seen everyone that served the Empire's military. "Gargon myself, but I enjoy it here. I'm Jezekel. Mandalorian," she clarified. Wiping off her face and neck, she set the towel back into the bag and took another sip, enjoying the morning's stillness.


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                      Ashar had finished stretching by now, as well as a brief but helpful breathing exercise. She wiped the sweat off her blue skin with the towel she had with her. I only read about your people. She admitted, guessing it made them relatively even in their lack of knowledge about each other's origins.

                      Do you wish to have breakfast at the hall after we refresh? She still had quite an accent when speaking Basic, and she wasn't very social, but she was trying to be more as such now in her new imperial life.


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                        Nodding, Jezekel knew she needed a shower and change of clothes before heading to the Mess Hall. "Sure, that'd be fine. Just give me a few to get cleaned up." Tossing her water bottle into the bag, she shouldered it and headed toward her dorm building. The cool breeze was refreshing, but she knew that some could get a cold if they stayed out in this weather too long. Poor humans, she mused as a few other recruits headed for the gym.

                        Once showered and changed, she combed her hair and then headed out. Not having duty today, she would have most of the day to enjoy. Walking into the Mess Hall, she got in line and noticed a few other recruits from Basic, still having yet to be assigned to any units. Already having her orders, she would be leaving the next day to join a unit in the field and couldn't wait. Getting her food, she found an empty table and began eating, scanning the line for Ashar and once their eyes met, she motioned her over.

                        "I was surprised how well the Empire feeds us too," she grinned. "Wasn't expecting this."


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                          Certainly. She replied before gathering her things and heading off to take a shower and change into her black uniform. On her way to the mess hall, she exchanged a quick few messages with her cousin, ensuring that her son was well in school. She knew she was a little paranoid, but given her history one couldn't really blame her.

                          Standing in line, she eventually caught sight of Jezekel and nodded to her. Once she had her food, she headed to the table, taking place across the Mandalorian. It is a pleasant surprise. I have to get used to some new tastes. She smiled a little, never one to be easily showing her emotions. My son has a newfound passion for pie.


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                            "Same here," she agreed on the different cuisines offered, though she had usually adapted to new things rather well. "I grew up on eating natural and from the garden for so long and this doesn't taste the same, but you'll eat anything when you're hungry," Jezekel grinned. To be honest, she had gained a new appreciation for the variety offered here on the menu.

                            "You have a son," the Mandalorian stated surprised. "Just one?"


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                              Describing Chiss cuisine is difficult, especially as my Basic still has room for improvement. She replied in between bites. She had certainly got used to caf as it was made in human dominated environments.

                              Just one. Garrus is four year old by Chiss standards, which makes him about seven by galactic ones. I moved here with him and a cousin who can watch over him while I'm on duty.