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    1400 Hours
    Bastion Military Training Grounds

    Forse breathed in the scent of the fresh crisp air as he stood before a group of regular army recruits. They weren't on the same level that the stormtroopers were, but they were an important cog in the Imperial War Machine, and Forse often went out of his way to make sure that their training was nearing the level of that of a stormtrooper. The order of battle for the regular army was quite different, that much is true, but if any of these soldiers ever found themselves in a situation where they weren't manning artillery or a walker, they'd be able to fight just as strongly as the stormtroopers.

    It was for this reason that Forse had assembled the newest batch of Imperial Army recruits. They had all come through basic training, and were trained on how to fight and the different techniques that they would need in order be a functioning member of the Army, but Forse needed to show them that all the sim-training in the world wouldn't teach them how to apply those techniques. That came from first hand experience.

    Forse stood with his arms crossed.

    "My name is Lieutenant Forse Dirum. I've been an Imperial Stormtrooper with the Strategic Insertion Battalion, as well as a Storm Commando. I've led men into the meat grinder more times than I can count, and I can tell you that there's not a single one among you that could shine the boots of a fresh stormtrooper." Forse begins.

    It was the truth, after all.

    "Let me tell you why. Stormtroopers are put through the ringer after they've gained combat experience. The Imperial Army training regimen that you've already undergone has taught you a lot, and you probably feel real good about yourself and your abilities. The simulations you've all run have no doubt been sold to you as being realistic in every way." Forse continues.

    "I'll prove to you that's not the case. That a real opponent won't act like a simulated one, no matter how advanced the AI is. Allow me to demonstrate."

    Forse, dressed in his ordinary olive drab BDU, spread his arms apart.

    "I have one eye, implying a problem with depth perception. I'm unarmed, and I'm in a non-defensive position. One of you, attack me. I don't care who." Forse says.

    Forse stood there. He didn't say anything more. A few minutes later, a large man burst out of the crowd of recruits. He swung a hard left at Forse's right cheek, below his eyepatch. The recruit was attacking his blind spot. It wasn't a bad tactic, if not for Forse's training.

    Forse raised his right arm, knocking the punch off target, and gripped the recruit's wrist. Forse jerked the recruit towards him, using his own forward momentum to pull him faster. Forse raised his left hand and gripped the man's shoulder, pulling him over hie right hip and onto the ground with a loud thud. The man started gasping as the air was knocked out of him, and the recruits stood, mouths agape.

    "That's what simulation training gets you. It removes you from the fear that goes with battle situations. That was the old way we trained recruits. We tried to eliminate fear. But that's impossible. No matter the indoctrination techniques used." Forse continued.

    "What you need to do is accept that fear, and move forward anyway. When you're a step away from being out on the battlefield, many irrational thoughts might plague you. You might think that the second you step out of the carrier, you're going to get gutshot and have your intestines in your hands. But you need to understand that most of what you're feeling is irrational, and move past it. At that point, you focus on the mission." Forse said.

    Forse helped the recruit to his feet. He seemed to have recovered without injury.

    "Now I want you to pair up with someone and spar until I get tired of watching you. Only by fighting others will you learn how to fight effectively." Forse finishes.

    Forse paces around the recruits, watching them spar and giving advice where it was needed.

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    "Without fear, we lose a lot of edge." The voice belonged to a tall brunette Forse had been getting to know for the last while. Lieutenant Syrenia Renkl had watched from afar the demonstration, not because she didn't want to take part, but because she had arrived late. She hadn't planned to stop by, but she had just finished helping with the weapon supplies. The brunette didn't consider any menial task as punishment. Everything that proved she had no special treatment and that allowed her to learn more about the military and the people serving was welcomed.

    Dressed in dusty black clothes - normal after having moved tons of crates around - she grinned to Forse, whom she hadn't seen in a good while, and prior to her promotion. "If I can help with the butt kicking, let me know. That certainly teaches one a thing or two." After all, her family wasn't known for being specially tender and nice, at least in the public eye.


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      "Attention!" Forse yells as Syrenia approached. "Officer on deck."

      Forse raises a cigarra to his mouth and lights it as the recruits scramble off of the ground. By the time he drew in the first bit of smoke, the recruits were in an orderly line. He turns to Syrenia.

      "Well, looks like they teach them something in basic." Forse says, smiling at her.

      He turns back to the line.

      "Back to work!" Forse says. One recruit cheap shotted another in the jaw, which started the fighting again. Forse looked unconcerned. This wasn't necessarily an exercise where he'd expect them to come out with any sort of deep understanding of battle. He was getting them used to pain, and getting them used to using their combat skills in action.

      Ignoring them for the moment, Forse spoke to Syrenia.

      " How's it feel, Lieutenant?" Forse says to her, giving her a quick swat on the shoulder. He was proud of the woman, having seen her rise from a cadet. He knew it wouldn't have been a long process, due to her skills.

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      "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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        Syrenia should have seen it coming, but she was still a little taken aback when the recruits were in an orderly line. She grinned, knowing that some knew who she was, for good or not. She had been coming to terms with who she was and how she did belong in the army. She was proud of her family, of belonging to the Empire and of who she was.

        She smirked when Forse told the recruits to get back to work. Some definitely had an idea of what it meant to fight, but some still seemed kinda inadequate. At the same time, they all had to learn, so going through this was a good exercise.

        She grinned to Forse's swat and words. "It feels good. Talk about a return from my assignement aboard the Renkl. Feels good to be back on Bastion. How have you... If you'll excuse me one second."

        She walked up towards one of the recruits who seemed to have been taught little about how to punch. "Look, you got an idea of how to use your opponent and your own balance, but what's that? A punch. Put some guts into it, Cadet." She stood before the other guy he had been working with. "Come at me." The soldier seemed to hesitate. "That's an order." Then the tall guy did as told and she dodged and then punched him square in the guts before kneeling him into the head. She could have done worse, but it got the point.

        "Use your whole body, not just one part of it. Combat is body and mind. Back to work."

        Walking back to Forse, she chuckled a little. "Hope you didn't mind, but that felt like some ballet and not actual combat to me. So, how have you been doing?"


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          Forse watched as Syrenia made her way towards an unlucky recruit. He smiled as she set him straight. It hurt now, but the cadet's wounded pride would heal, and the lesson Syrenia taught him would serve as a lasting reminder. Or he'd be funneled into a support corps of some sort. Not everyone was cut out for the army.

          "Not at all. It's probably a nice change of pace to have someone new beat on them for a change." He says.

          "I've been doing a lot better. I guess you have to fall into the pit before you can climb out of it. And it helps to have good comrades." Forse says, nodding at her.

          He turns back to the soldiers.

          "That was probably the most pitiful display of combat I've ever seen. Take a lap!" Forse says, giving the hand motion implying circular motion. The cadets groan, and Forse snaps his head back towards them.

          "Two laps. Around the training ground!" Forse yells, they comply silently, moving their battered bodies and beginning their run.

          "It's not the worst group of regular army cadets I've ever had, but they've got a long way to go." Forse says. He turns back to Syrenia.

          "There's been a lot of promotions lately. That usually implies an increase in operational capacity. It seems like this cold war we've got with the rebels is about to get hotter." Forse says to her, while watching the recruits.

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          "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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            "Anytime." Syrenia grinned, though she knew how being ready for anything was important. "Glad that to hear that. And the pit can do wonders, even if we curse it to death when we're at its bottom." Having gone through the explosion and then her recovery, she knew well how difficult things could be. That had given her perspective though and made her all the more willing to serve and make the best she could of her life.

            "Seriously, I didn't groan half that much back then. And I know I could be a pain at times."
            The Lieutenant leaned against the wall as she watched the cadets take their laps. "We all need to get from start to better. If they were accepted in the Army, it's they had the potential to do great things, once they put their everything to it."

            She nodded about the promotions. "Yeah, I heard about Vallen. We drove one of our instructors crazy once, and we were right to. Granted, he wasn't happy about us pointing things out back then and we had some weapon cleaning duty." She chuckled, remembering this. "That's also why I'm all dusty. I was helping at the weapon supply with new stuff we received."


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              "That's good. Rebel Army officers spend most of their days behind desks. Each box you lift, you're showing not only the rebels, but the civilians around us what it is we're fighting for. The Imperial way of life isn't one we're going to give up lightly. Our society is stronger because of it." Forse says.

              Forse passionately hated the political system that the Rebels had. The Republican system of government did nothing for the common man, and offered them no protection from the interests of corporations or the government themselves. There was no strong leader in the rebel territories, not even their chief of state.

              "Syrenia, I'm starting to get sick of the Rebels. More so than usual. Each day they exist as an institution is another day their citizens suffer under economic exploitation." Forse says, taking a draw on his cigarra. "That's why I took the mercenary route for a time. I was going to wage my own war against the rebels."

              He pauses.

              "That didn't turn out so well. I realize my mistakes now. I was living my life as a man, passionate about his personal beliefs. But I can't do that any more. I'm not qualified to be an instrument of socio-political change." Forse says.

              He smiles at her.

              "I can't live like a man any more, Syrenia. I've got to live like what I am. a gun. I'll let the Empress decide how best to use me." Forse says, blowing smoke away from her.

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              "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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                Syrenia had died as a child - prior to be reborn as a clone who had aged quicker than expected, to the point she had had to be stabilized as she was now - because of a poisoning attempt against her mother, one the few knowing still believed originated from the Republic. To say she hated the rebels was an understatement.

                "All of us, regardless of our branches, make a difference, but I'm glad I'm a gun and a soldier, because I want to go out and there and fight, help clean the galaxy." She knew she couldn't change everything, but she was willing to make that difference on her level, so she understood where Forse was coming from.

                "I'm glad that you returned to imperial service." They hadn't known each other for that long but she was honored to serve with him and benefit from his experience.

                "If you want to be a gun, you might soon get an opportunity to be." She leaned closer, whispering. "I heard the quartermaster talk about a supply run recently attacked. Not sure where yet, but closer to the core. They're waiting for some quick investigation to be done, before shipping soldiers to retrieve our stuff and burn the place down. I volunteered for the first ground team. If you're in, you should talk to Captain Dengor."


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                  Forse listened to her speak of her own experience and what being a soldier meant to her. All Imperials tended to have similar strains of pride for their Empire, but soldiers could be a little more zealous than civilians. Forse agreed with her.

                  "I'm glad too. I can do more here than alone. You can snap a single arrow in half, but not a bundle of them." Forse says, invoking an ancient proverb.

                  Forse's interest piqued when she spoke of a mission. Forse was itching for the opportunity. He quickly dropped the cigarra and rubbed it out with his heel, which was something he never did. He'd usually save one for later.

                  "You don't mind watching the cadets for a few minutes, do you?" Forse says, smiling. He was ready to volunteer.

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                  "The Republic," he toasted, turning a few curious heads up and down the bar. "May they choke on vomit and die." - Captain Sin'd Tjer

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                    Syrenia wasn't surprised when Forse seemed interested by what she had just mentioned. She knew that she hadn't hesitated to volunteer for the upcoming mission. "Not at all. I think Captain Dengor is still talking with the quartermaster, they were in deep discussion when I left after my shift."

                    As he went off, she called out. "All right cadets, back to work. I want to see you put your heart and guts into this." They went back to this and she did the rounds, checking on the good and the stuff that needed improvement. She was certainly not sugar coating anything for them and more than once she gave some demonstration of what she meant.

                    As always practice was as important as theory, if not more in certain cases.