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  • Never Too Late [Spark, Open]

    The Empress participated to other branches promotion ceremonies on a semi regular basis, sometimes as a simple guest, sometimes as an active part of the proceedings. This day, she had personally promoted some of the Army cadets, imperials who had proven their loyalty and dedication.

    The next name she called was a special case, though most people had no idea about this. She wondered how much the soldier would eventually figure out or not.

    "Cadet Vallen, step forward."

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    Knowing the director role that the Empress preferred to play in all aspects of Imperial government and life, Vallen did not at all question the fact that her Empress was the one promoting such low-level soldiers like herself. Instead, she felt highly honored by her presence at such an occasion.

    Lisbeth "Spark" Vallen dutifully stepped forward, meeting the Empress' steely gaze. They were roughly the same age, she thought, and that made her smile inwardly at the tremendous gulf of where they were professionally. Spark wouldn't have wanted her job for all the caf in the Core, though.

    "Your Majesty," Vallen said formally, offering a crisp salute as the others had who'd been promoted before her.


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      "Cadet Vallen, your work in the Imperial Army has proven how there is no limitation when our citizens wish to take a new direction in their career. We are all bound by a same ideal and the Empire has benefited from your joining active service on a greater level."

      She presented the blond woman with her new rank. "This is why I am promoting you today to the rank of Lieutenant." She removed the old insignia and placed the new one on Vallen's uniform, before offering a handshake. "Congratulations, Lieutenant Vallen."

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        A shiver ran down her spine as the new insignia was placed on her uniform. She looked at the Empress with bright, curious blue eyes, trying to sort out the feeling that came with the internal vibration.

        "Thank you, Your Highness. I am honored by continuing to serve," she said quietly.


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          Among the gathered soldiers was Syrenia Renkl, the Empress's daughter. She had worked with the newly appointed Lieutenant during one of her early training missions.

          She still remembered how they had driven an instructor crazy with their - acute - observations about some of the weapons. She was proud to see Vallen rise in the imperial military hierarchy and would make sure to congratulate her at the first opportunity.


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            Linnea was amongst the assembled for this promotion. Tatiana and her had great interest in this one, especially since certain memory issues had appeared on a mission she participated in on her homeworld, Bakura. threads were fraying and Linnea knew it was a matter of time that the work she did on Vallen would be tested. And after the truth was revealed, what would her pet project think about it?

            For now, she applauded with the rest of the crowd as the new Lieutenant was congratulated.


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              While he wasn't a Facilty Director anymore, Saryl did have some walk in the building, sway with the crowd and as he was in the area, he watched. While he wasn't planning on walking into the proceedings, he folded his arms over each other and offered a nod of acknowledgement.


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                Forse was among those assembled, applauding at the promotion of Lisbeth. He had gone on a mission with her, and she had shown herself to be more than capable. This promotion to Lieutenant confirmed that.

                Vallen was of equal rank with him, and Forse couldn't be more proud of her. She had proven herself quickly and had gotten to places in her short time with the Empire that it took some people years to attain.

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