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Molding the Future [Eerika, Open]

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  • Molding the Future [Eerika, Open]

    Sitting with several Directors of the Intelligence Bureau, the Empress watched as several members of the services were promoted to new ranks, thanks to their extensive achievements.

    After several names were called, Tatiana Renkl got to her feet and took the floor as she walked on the podium. The person whose promotion she was to announce personally was someone whose evolution and progress she had kept a very close eye on for years.

    "Agent Praji, step forward." She simply said, hazel eyes zeroing on the dark haired woman she had just called.

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    Eerika looked upon her sovereign with such pride. Not only had she received notification that she was considered for promotion, but that it was the Empress herself reviewing her file. It did, and did not, surprise her. Part of her knew she was always being watched by her majesty, ensuring that Eerika was a considerable asset to be the eyes and ears of her ruler. Yet the young agent also reflected upon her skills and behavior, wondering if it really was enough. If she was deserving. Especially since she had begun seeing a mercenary that she had recruited to work alongside the Empire.

    Praji was taught to control her feelings and allowing romantic inclinations to foster went against that. The conflict made her debate on ending the arrangement between them or not ... But that was a personal debate for another time.

    She rose to her feet and climbed the steps to where Tatiana waited at the podium. Straightening and giving her leader a crisp salute, she spoke. "Majesty."


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      Tatiana had watched Praji's progress for many years. She had been a stellar student and was proving to be a great agent. She had no doubt that the younger brunette would be worthy of being molded into her hand.

      She of course couldn't help finding irony in who she had been seeing for the past while. Yet, she kept a blind eye over this dating choice, as long as it didn't hinder Praji's work.

      "Agent Praji, your work has been exemplary since you were accepted in the Intelligence Service. This is why you are today to be recognized as a Field Agent. Congratulations." She changed the old rank and pinned the new one on Praji's uniform.

      Then she said in a whisper only for her to hear. "I am proud of you."

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        "Your Majesty," she said curtly, but her eyes gazed upon her sovereign with such pride to know that her accomplishments had been noticed and approved. Because that was how Eerika had been trained, seeking approval and protection from her superiors.

        "Thank you. I will continue to serve you and the Empire with the same dedication until my last breath."