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Daughter's Pride [Linnea, Open]

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  • Daughter's Pride [Linnea, Open]

    The Empress was proud of her family, whether by blood or heart. To most in the Empire, her ties to Linnea Vandron were unknown, though anyone with acute observation skills could understand that both women had a mutual understanding and deep respect for each other. It had been the case since they had met when Tatiana was at the military academy and had Linnea as mentor.

    She was proud that her mother - now joined by her siblings - had entered Imperial service again. She had done much for the Empire and today was the time to recognized the work done by the Operative anew.

    Standing on the podium, the pregnant brunette looked at the gathered imperials. "Operative Vandron, please join me." Her expression was professional, as it was the norm, but her pride for the Morellian filled her soul.

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    Both Linnea's and Tatiana's family had been recognized for their work and dedication towards the Empire cause, enduring to protect its interests and citizens. It was validation of their upbringing, to carve their own little niche out as Linnea could attend to personal matters. Which honestly had not included her own recognition. She had finally achieved enough notoriety since becoming an Operative, her resources amassed to help personal and work affairs evolve to fruition. Could she dare say she was happy? Not quite. The appearance of her brother-in-law, the identical twin of her deceased husband and the incessant bug Besh somehow finding a way to be connected, through Morellian heritage and their children becoming engaged, had made her consider that she wasn't. It didn't help that her plans had changed considerably since their conception, or that every single one of her children had found a mate or partner and were starting, or solidifying their own lives. She just never considered that would happen when calling the family home to Bastion. It wasn't supposed to be home.

    Once called, her mind boxed those thoughts away and rose up the steps to stand at Tatiana's side. She gave the woman she considered a daughter a crisp salute and then stood at attention. "Your Majesty."


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      While he wasn't a Facilty Director anymore, Saryl did have some walk in the building, sway with the crowd and as he was in the area, he watched. While he wasn't planning on walking into the proceedings, he folded his arms over each other and offered a nod of acknowledgement.


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        "Operative Vandron, your career with the Sovereign Galactic Empire, including its versatility, has been an inspiration for many of us." Tatiana still remembered when she had once been the student of the woman she considered like a mother, so many years ago.

        "Your recent work as an Operative of the Intelligence department had continued to prove your value and this is why I am promoting you today to the rank of Senior Operative." She changed the insignia on her mother's uniform, displaying the new rank, before offering a handshake. "Congratulations."

        Smiling for a brief but sincere moment, she added only for her mother to hear. "I am a proud daughter."

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          Alienor was proud to see Linnea Vandron promoted. The woman was smart and efficient. The young blonde wouldn't be where she was today in terms of professional development without the newly appointed Senior Operative.

          She was standing among her peers and clapped as others began to do as such. She would make sure to personally congratulate Vandron when given the opportunity.

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            Linnea stiffly waited as Tatiana removed her own insignia and replaced it with her new rank. Nodding in gratitude, she shook the Empress' hand and smirked ever so subtly. "Thank you," she said with heartfelt emotion because blood relation or not, she did want to be seen well in the eyes of her family.

            Letting go she saluted her sovereign one last time before turning towards the crowd, acknowledging the accolades with a crisp salute.


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              Watching the procession with all the pomp, Akilah had grown used to these types of gatherings and the formal banquet afterwards. Standing in her typical spot behind and to the right of the empress, the Senior Operative kept her eyes and ears open for any problems, but was also here for Linnea who she had met on several occasions. Though she didn't know her the same way that Tatiana did, she definitely appreciated her service to the Empire.

              Hazel eyes glanced to the newly promoted agent and nodded to her quietly, then went back to watching over the empress.