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Honor and Service [Kalyn, Open]

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  • Honor and Service [Kalyn, Open]

    The Empress had been watching the proceedings of the diverse members of Imperial Intelligence Bureau got promoted by their superiors. Seeing the expansion and progress of so many imperials was always a pleasure and it also made them stronger. It was crucial as the faction wasn't simply strong with its infrastructures and technology but especially because of the people working for the Empire.

    When came time for a certain agent to be promoted, for one of her sisters, the brunette got to her feet and walked up to the podium. Hazel eyes easily rested upon her sister.

    "Agent Kalyn Nystrom, please step forward."

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    Striking contrast to the color of her skin, Kalyn was dressed impeccably in a tailor made pants suit. She was well aware that there were many old fashion thinkers in the Empire still - finding her alien presence unnerving, but a means to an end. A resource and sub par citizen. She had gone through hell for her family to be this way. To save her sister. To be of service. Anyone else could go frak themselves.

    Thus with her head held high, Kalyn climbed the stairs and stood before Tatiana's presence as requested and bowed. "Your Majesty."


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      Tatiana wanted to be the one promoting Kalyn because she was family, but it was also a strong sign to give recognition to alien imperials who gave their all. Of course, most had no idea what the story behind her sister's appearance was, but one way or the other, Kalyn deserved to be promoted.

      When the Morellian joined her, she nodded to her. "Agent Nystrom, your work for this Empire has gone lengths that showed how loyal you were. Your dedication is commendable and this is why I promote you today to the rank of Field Agent. Congratulations."

      She offered a handshake to Kalyn and whispered the next words to her. "I am proud of you, sister."

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        "You honor me greatly with this, your Majesty." She shook Tatiana's hand firmly, smiling at the added comment just for her ears. "I appreciate the sentiment. It means a lot since coming back to Bastion and serving my family. The Empire."

        Kalyn was warring internally for a long time. Her demons quite close to her own heart despite the love and support from her bonded, Claire. These little ceremonies of acknowledgement did help to soothe the weary soul that she had become.


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          Sitting in the front row, Linnea proudly clapped her hands, initiating the applause that her daughter deserved. She was certain Kalyn had doubts of whether or not she would return to Wild Space or remain home and what that meant for her further with Claire. But that would be addressed in the near future. For now, Kalyn had new rank and responsibilities to make the family proud.


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            While he wasn't a Facilty Director anymore, Saryl did have some walk in the building, sway with the crowd and as he was in the area, he watched. While he wasn't planning on walking into the proceedings, he folded his arms over each other and offered a nod of acknowledgement.


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              Though Alienor didn't really know Kalyn Nystrom, she knew other members of the family well and owed her joining the Imperial Intelligence services to the head of the family, Linnea Vandron.

              She joined in the clapping, proud of seeing another gifted agent promoted.

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