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    "Mhi solus dhar'tome." Walking across the tiled plaza which fronted a host of large buildings, Jezekel's brown eyes took it all in. Many in uniform proudly walked to and from the very building that she had intended on finding the moment the cargo hauler landed on Bastion. To join one of the largest militaries with a proud tradition in the galaxy had been her life's goal, and now she was about to make her family and ancestors proud. Having grown up with a weapon of some sort in her hand, the young Mandalorian from Gargon was now intent on proving all that she had learned over the first part of her life. Only the sparring arena had proven her abilities, now the battlefields against the empire's enemies would be her teacher.

    Sliding aside, the young female continued on to the front desk, the older sergeant behind it glancing up to her. His grey hair in a flattop was ignored once she noticed his battle scars framing penetrating blue eyes.

    "New recruit," his bass voice asked.

    "I am," she nodded.

    Handing her a slender datapad, he motioned over to the lobby. "Fill this out and someone will be with you shortly."

    Taking the device, she turned and headed over to the nearest open chair and sat down, setting her backpack onto the chair beside her, then began filling out the questionnaire. General things such as education, hobbies, personal information including health issues that may have been encountered. Filling out everything honestly, she then rose and carried it back to the desk and set it back onto the countertop, then spun and headed back to her seat. The others waiting for the same opportunity offered a host of thoughts as some appeared to be just common teenagers looking for fun and excitement. Their romantic imaginations were going to get a rude awakening, she knew and grinned to herself as she sat down.

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    Never complaining when assigned duties that could make some cringe, from warehouse inventory to new recruit interviewing, Syrenia was at the recruitment office this very day. She had helped sort some of the files of recently accepted applicants and was called from the middle of her work in a small working room. It seemed that she was needed to help with the interview.

    Getting to her feet, the young woman smoothed her black uniform and headed to the reception desk. She was handed a file. She scanned it briefly and then walked to the waiting area. "Miss Jezekel?" She waited for the woman to reveal herself and she offered a handshake. "Greetings. I am Lieutenant Syrenia Renkl. Please follow me."

    She led them to a free interview room. She invited the other woman to sit and then did the same. "Files say some things but it is never the same as actually speak with the person. So, I'd like you to tell me about yourself."


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      Hearing her name called, Jezekel grabbed her pack and stood, then shouldered it as she moved toward the smartly dressed Imperial officer. Taking the hand, she returned the odd tradition and then followed her towards the cubicle. The last name sounded familiar, but she let it go for now and wondered if the relative of the empress herself would be doing such a low level job. Keeping her opinions to herself, she took the proffered seat and again set her backpack onto the empty chair to her left. Not surprised by the spartan office space, the new potential grinned when asked about herself.

      "I was born in a proud Mandalorian family on Gargon. My family are farmers, but fight for the clan leader when called upon. I haven't been allowed to take part in any of the real combat as a mercenary yet, but once I heard about your fight going on with the New Republic, I had to come join up," she revealed with enthusiasm. "I've competed in the arena whenever challenged and have won more than half of my spars. I know very little about technical things, but I have been taught about war and am eager to prove my worth to your cause."


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        Syrenia listen to what the woman explained of her background and skills. She was surprised that she would suddenly decide to come and apply to the Imperial military, but she kept this to herself. "So you are seeking to enlist in the Army, I take it?" She asked, for it hadn't been mentioned in the original file she had filled upon arrival.

        "Your specialty is combat then. How do you fare with different kinds of weapons and combat techniques?" Jezekel had mentioned competing in the arena, but it could encompass a very wide choice of weapons and styles of combat.


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          "Army, yes ma'am," she nodded and scanned the uniform again, examining the buttons and ribbons. The follow up question shifted her thoughts knowing that the Imperial officer needed more information about her knowledge of a variety of weapons. "I've hunted with a rifle, but never used one in the arena. We typically sparred with melee weapons there, so." She was definitely eager to learn more techniques using any firearm or blaster though and knew the Empire had a long tradition with those weapons moreso than edged or blunt ones.


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            Syrenia acknowledged Jezekel's confirmation with a nod. The explanations about the weapons she was knowledgeable with indeed made her qualified for the Army, but the interview wasn't finished yet.

            "Why the Empire? I am certain that you had multiple options, including remaining with your family and clan."


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              "My father wanted to join the Imperial Army when he was my age, but was caught up in a group of our clan that became mercenaries instead. He wanted us to join this empire because of your long military tradition and the fact that your stance on justice in the galaxy is more noble than any other government's. Many of our people have fought alongside Imperial soldiers for generations and I want to be the next in my family that's earned a reputation for others to follow." Having seen documentaries about the Empire and it's leaders inspired long nights of dreams seeing herself in stormtrooper white, or Imperial grey. Though romanticized, she had enough practical fighting experience to know that war was anything but.

              "I can't imagine being anywhere else."


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                Syrenia could understand the family aspect and military tradition. That was also why she had decided to serve in the first place.

                "This is the spirit of serving with the Empire. We want to make a difference the right way." She admitted with a hint of a smile and pride in her voice, though she still had more questions.

                "While the Sovereign Galactic Empire retains all sovereignty on our territory, the recent alliance with the Sith might see you work on joint missions with members of their order. How do you feel about it?"


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                  Smiling at the agreeable vision of their duties as soldiers, Jezekel's joy at connecting with the recruiter waned as the next point came up. Drawing a bit of a blank, Jezekel leaned in a bit. "To be honest, I don't know much at all about them. I've heard that name mentioned, but that's about it." Though if this group or clan had joined the Imperial military, she imagined that they couldn't be all bad.


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                    "The Sith are Force users who don't impose limits on them. They use what is commonly referred to as the Dark Side, anger, fear, pain, rage. This makes them powerful but also dangerous." Syrenia explained so the applicant would have a better idea of what the Sith were. She let her words sink in so she could gauge the other woman's reaction.


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                      Uncontrollable allies like that would be dangerous indeed, but she was sure that some kind of agreement had been reached between their leaders and the empress. Otherwise, she would be inviting the doom of her own empire, which didn't make sense. "I guess as long as they weren't commanding Imperial units or ship, then I imagine they're being allowed to help in other ways."

                      She almost hated to ask, but. "Why ally yourself with someone like that?"


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                        "As I said, this alliance allows for cooperation and possible joint missions, but Imperials aren't to command Sith and Sith aren't to command Imperials. Our military, intelligence and government remains under the sole leadership of the Empress, the Supreme Commander and the Director General." Syrenia clarified, curious as to why the newcomer seemed so little knowledgeable about general politics, though she showed no disdain, knowing that different backgrounds made for different skill sets.

                        "The New Republic and the Jedi Order have allied themselves together so the Sovereign Galactic Empire and Sith joining forces made for new assets in this time of war."


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                          "I see," she nodded with understanding knowing that to balance the playing field was sometimes the better strategy. "I'm sure they would've covered all that in Basic, but good to know. Was there anything else that you wanted to know?"


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                            On cue, the door opened and the Empress entered the room, flanked by her personal honor guard. Syrenia rose to her feet at once, bowing to the leader. While she was her daughter, she kept things professional and didn't want this any other way.

                            "Are you ready to give your utter and complete loyalty to the Sovereign Galactic Empire, Miss Jezekel?" Tatiana Renkl asked, her hazel eyes staring straight into the Mandalorian's soul. She had been observing the interview from the control room and had decided to step in herself.


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                              Seeing her recruiter's action, Jezekel's reaction was instinctive as she quickly recognized the woman that now graced the small cubicle, as well as the two royal guard behind her. Bowing respectfully, the Mandalorian kept her eyes low and didn't rise until told to do so. The query was an easy one to answer.

                              "On my life and my honor, I will give all to see the enemies of the Empire die, Your Highness."