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    The traffic in Ravelin was busier than she had first expected. She was relieved she had already figured the itinerary to the Recruitment Office out. That was part of the reason she had made sure to only seek an appointment after having already begun to settle down on Bastion. Now that they had found a house and that her son had started school, she could focus on finding employment.

    Ashar parked in the lot behind the tall skyscrapper. Tetha had offered to drive her but she preferred doing things on her own. She was thankful to her cousin to have moved with Garrus and her, especially so she could watch over the boy when work would take her away. It didn't mean she would give up on her autonomy and her cousin understood this.

    The Chiss smoothed her black coat as she left her vehicle. Dressing simply and professionaly was natural to her and she had all her documents on a datapad in her purse. She had already provided copies of her degrees and past service with both the Chiss Expansionary Fleet and the Chiss Defense Fleet. Her formation included engineering though she had mostly made a name for herself as a pilot and flight instructor.

    She was aware that she would start at the bottom of the ladder, should she be accepted, but this didn't bother her at all. She had fought for this new life and being part of the crowd, a simple face, would be refreshing after the last years.

    Stepping inside the lobby, she held the door for a man heading out, before she walked up to the reception desk. When she spoke, her Basic was impeccable - contrary to what she often gave herself credit for - but her accent was still audible. Good morning. I am Ashar Kleor. I have an appointment. The receptionist checked on her screen and nodded, inquiring whether questionnaire and supporting documents had already been submitted. Yes, I covered this last week when making arrangements for today. The imperial thanked her and invited her to go take a seat in the waiting area. With a polite nod, Ashar did as told and wondered how long she might wait.

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    Riggs seemed to be pulling time in the recruiting office more than not these days, as well as Eliza. Part of him wondered if she was arranging it, but with how careful the two were being about keeping their relationship a secret, and maintaining a professional tone when on duty, Riggs was certain she wasn't behind it.

    Heading toward the door which led to the waiting room, Riggs grabbed the top file and looked it over as he passed through the door. A Chiss, interesting. The pilot, turned fleeter, ordered pilot again, had spent time in Chiss space. He and Captain Steele had worked on cutting a new hyper lane to further benefit the Personnel Exchange Program. Of course they had hoped for more, but at this stage it was un realized.

    "Kleor," his voice boomed. "Follow me."

    Leading back from where he came, the cadet took the recruit to room 3. There was nothing special about it. He motioned for her to sit as he did so as well.

    "Name and field of interest?"
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      She didn't flinch when she heard her name called, even as the voice cut the silence in the room. She got to her feet at once, nodded and followed the man. She remarked how he didn't introduce himself, which she found rude. Her expression didn't betray any of her inner thoughts even as she took the offered seat. The room was bland, which wasn't surprising. Recruitment offices weren't mean to be paragons of decoration. They were clean, which was a good thing.

      Name is Ashar Kleor. My field of interest is with the Navy, especially starfighters. Most of my flying was with Nssis-class Clawcrafts, but I flew an Scimitar assault bomber and a couple of Tie Fighter variations in the past. During her formation, she had been one of the few expression an outright interest for other space crafts, to the point she had presented a couple of papers on such topics, besides her practice.

      She paused and added some further information. The easier she made it to the interviewer, the more he would be able to ask extra questions. I also possess experience aboard academy destroyers where I served both as pilot and flight instructor. And am trained and skilled in naval engineering.


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        "I'm assuming that is your core name?"

        Riggs extended a hand. Chiss were the only alien race he could tolerate. Admiral Thrawn was a military genus, and his strategies well worth the time to study.

        "Cadet Damon Riggs," he said with a nod. "I've just returned from Chiss space myself, along with two more fleeters. The records your people come to this office with always make me feel it's a waste to make you start as cadets. Though we have a lot to learn from you."

        Riggs took another look at her file.

        "I see that here. Well I need to mark something down on this application. Tell me which you prefer if you could only pick one. Do you want to pilot a fighter or serve on a destroyer?"


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          It is. She gave the man the faintest of smiles. I chose to come here, so making my name easier for non Chiss to pronounce seemed polite enough. And so there is less risk for me to hear it butchered. If he knew about core names, he likely knew that Cheunh was about impossible to say correctly for a non Chiss. It wasn't a lack of intelligence from the non Chiss - at least for some of them, but simply the way things were.

          An honor meeting you, Cadet Riggs.
          She replied with a nod. She was interested to hear he had just returned from Chiss space. She had heard of certain exchange programs and even rarer individuals who had lived a long part of their life in her people' space.

          I wouldn't mind beginning at a higher rank, but I was aware I would start at the bottom of the hierarchy, should I be accepted. A fresh start can be rewarding anyway. She had no problem admitting her ambition and she was proud of her past service. Ambition and humility could go hand in hand for these wise enough to understand patience.

          To his question about her preference, there was no hesitation in her answer. I'd much rather pilot a fighter.


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            "So not part of the exchange program then," Riggs said more by way of clarification than question. "Either way, it is good to see more Chiss willing to serve the Empire in such a capacity. The Rebels won't know how to handle the influx of new allies to the Empire's cause. Perhaps more formal agreements could be made should the Empress see the valaue in such a relationship. Until then, there are those of us who truly value what your people have to offer. "

            Riggs nodded and marked the section which indicated she wished to fly as a pilot. A smirk crossed his face as he knew where she would likely end up, especially if Eliza was to find out there was a Chiss applicant in one of the briefing rooms.

            "I have no doubt where you'll be flying, but it isn't up to me. I just conduct the interview. Now there are some questions I need to ask by way of formality, so please do not be offended. Let's start with family. Are they aware of your decision to join the Empire?"

            Riggs didn't care if they liked it. He just needed to know if they were aware of it. It could be a political blunder if they did not.


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              Personal decision indeed. She confirmed to what he said about her application not being part of the exchange program.

              The Sovereign Galactic Empire had proven its capacity for order and justice, as well as learning from its past. I had been interested in imperial history and technology from a young age so my journey here felt like the right decision to make. She appreciated that imperials had been more welcoming of her species over the past years. Her family had been one of these who saw the importance of the development of diplomatic cooperation between the Ascendancy and the Empire.

              I understand. She indicated when he said he had more questions and only conducted the interview.

              When asked about her family being aware of her decision to join the Empire, she nodded. They are supportive of this choice. I moved here with my son and a cousin who will be able to watch over him when duty calls me.

              She wasn't the kind to speak about her personal life but it was important to show that she didn't bring trouble with her and that she wasn't expecting the imperial military to raise her son for her. Her self resilience was vital.


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                "Spouse," Riggs asked continuing down the list simply assuming there was one involved somewhere based on what he knew of Chiss culture.

                Riggs and Steele had been aware of a formal courtship which had been announced involving the son of the Admiral they worked with directly in Chiss Space. The thought of an arranged marriage did not sit well with Damon, but that the culture of the Chiss and he was not one to argue with it. Each culture had different practices, and even some among the Empire married for political reasons. Riggs, he was just a pilot, and should he marry again, it would be to the woman he was in love with. The topic had never come up between the two, not yet at any rate.

                "Let's see you've already gone over your training and skill set with me. Though what other skills do you possess that are not of a military nature?"


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                  Classified divorce. She hadn't wanted to even bring this up, and her abuse and tortous history had been kept clean from her records thanks to some of her superiors and her family when they had learned she was leaving Chiss space, but she couldn't hide everything. If the Empire sought further information, they might find she came from a ruling family, but they would be denied any other detail.

                  The classified divorce expression made her feel ill but she was well trained and didn't let it show. For the most part, she could come with a clean slate, so she was grateful for this. Her son was able to have a real life without his peers pointing fingers at him.

                  Excellent manners and linguistic capacities. I am fluent in Cheunh, Sy Bisti, Minnisiat and still perfecting my Basic. I also resist forceful interrogations and torture well. She wasn't planning to get captured, but mentioning it didn't hurt.


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                    "I'm sorry," Riggs said. "I'll just mark your marital status as single. Since we are not in Chiss space, there is no need for the other to be widely known."

                    Riggs had a soft spot for anyone who lost a spouse no matter the reason. The widower had known what it was like to lose a spouse, though he handled it much better since Eliza Steele came into his life. The cadet remained sober at least, while off duty even. Before he drank the pain away which only led to other problems. No Riggs was in a better place even if it meant his relationship could not be public. They were good for each other.

                    "Very well, all things noted in your file. Let's move on the the Empire itself. Why did you choose to come serve the Empire? Leaving Chiss Space gives you plenty of options, but you chose us, why?"


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                      Thank you, Cadet Riggs. She replied with sincere gratitude. The director of Garrus's new school had also shown his discretion in regards to the matter, which had been all the more important for she didn't wish to speak of how her son had been conceived.

                      I hadn't planned to leave Chiss space until the recent months, but I had always had interest in the Empire. It presents qualities dear to me. I want a place where my son can have a good and educated life. As for myself, the safe and civilized society the Empire offers matches what I seek as well. Having been in the military for many years, yours is up to the standards of exigence I long for.


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                        There was an understanding to what was happening in regards to the family issue, and that was fine. Once an offiical report was made, there would be no more questions.

                        "Well it is good to know you appreciate our society, now tell me in your own words then, why should we accept you?"


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                          The next question was no surprise. She had expected quite a few to take place. I am loyal to the core. She stated curtly. I give my everything to a task or assignment. I have plenty of naval experience and am versatile and always willing to learn new things.

                          A rare ghost of a grin showed on her face for a brief instant. And as you humans sometimes say: I am a damn good pilot. She had ensured to learn common idioms and even some slang when expanding her Basic with the perspective of her move to imperial space.


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                            "Well that will betested won't it," Damon said with a smirk.

                            He did not doubt her, but he couldn't let the new recruit come off cocky could he? His questions were coming to an end, and a message was sent to request a higher ranking officer. There was a new batch of pilots coming it seemed, which was good.

                            "You are aware we are at war with the New Republic at this time right? You're joining a moblized military. You'll be processed, sent in for training, and sent right into hostile situations. Are ready for this?"


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                              If I didn't expect this, I wouldn't have applied to join the Imperial Navy. She was tired of personal challenges and drama being thrown her way, trying to put her through the shredder; but professional challenges were to her taste.

                              I am. She quitely but firmly answered to his inquiry. I have served in conflict areas in the past, although my people tend to keep to our territories. In my family, we seek to make a difference. I am no exception to this.

                              This was why she had accepted to have Tetha leave Chiss space with Garrus and her. So, her son would always have someone to watch over him and if the worst happened, she would go, knowing that her child would be raised by someone worthy.