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A pot of tea, and a job, please.

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  • A pot of tea, and a job, please.

    With a soft exhalation, the young woman dropped into a comfortable chair at the Tendril Tree Café. She settled back into it, her slender figure settling into the overstuffed cushions as sea green eyes cascaded over the warm, bustling interior. There was nothing quite like this at home, she thought softly, out on the rolling hills of Pii III around her parent’s nerf ranch.

    But there had been a wealth of marvelous cafes and eateries in Lorrd City around the Universty campus, where she’d spent four amazing years of her life. It was a wonder to think of how much she’d changed over the last four years, living on a cosmopolitan world with culture and knowledge at her fingertips. Even Phe’s parents wouldn’t have recognized her, had she bothered to go back after graduating-

    -a discreet cough interrupted her reverie and heralded the servers arrival. Phedre smiled up at the young woman and shifted slightly in her chair. “A pot of Chandrilan Black tea, milk and sugar on the side, please. Oh...and a few of those vanilla scones as well. Thank you.”

    The young man nodded and went off to place her order, while she glanced down at the datapad in her lap. It was on the recommendation of one of her old professors that she’d come to Bastion, and to Ravelin in particular. Languages and culture had been her area of study while at university, and the two years she’d spent traveling had only honed her skills and broadened her knowledge base even further.

    With any luck, Phedre would be able to find a place for herself within the Empire. It had been her goal since her first days at University and her first class in Xenoculture, fond memories cascading across her mind’s eye. She poured herself a cup of tea upon its arrival, and sat back to savor it. Eyes discreetly attentive to those around her, over the rim of her delicate cup.
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    Alienor had just finished rehearsals at the Chopin Institute. She had decided to head to the Tendril Cafe for lunch. The Field Agent enjoyed the place since she had been there for the first time. She also liked the possibility of meeting hopefuls or other agents she wasn't familiar with yet. She was still surprised of how much she was finding her place in Imperial Intelligence Services. It just felt right to give back as such and she enjoyed the challenges.

    The young blonde smiled and greeted the waitress at the counter. She saw a discreet note that took her towards one of the tables where a blonde had just arrived.

    With most natural, she went to take the table next to the other blonde, the perfect way to strike the conversation. She smiled as she smelled the lovely fragrance of a tea blend she recognized. "Chandrilan Black tea is always an exquisite choice." She remarked with a slight nod.

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      The first few sips decreed half-closed eyes and a soft, pleasured sound from her throat. Not only did they have an exquisite Chandrilan Black blend, but they'd steeped the tea with the perfect amount of leaves. Outside of her visit to Chandrila itself, this was the finest cup Phedre had ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

      Slender fingers poured a touch more into her cup, sea green eyes bright and wide as she then reached for a tiny vanilla scone. Resisting the urge to lick the icing from her fingers, she tactfully wiped them on the napkin across her lap instead.

      A lovely voice interrupted her thoughts, and an equally lovely sight greeted her, perched at the table beside her own. With a smile, Phe gestured toward the chair opposite her own and the steaming pot of tea sitting on the table. "I could not agree more. Would you join me for a cup? There is plenty, and it always tastes better with company."

      Fingers rose to motion to the passing server, ensuring that another delicate cup and saucer were forthcoming.


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        Alienor had always been very observant and she was subtly taking in the little mannerisms of the other blonde near her. She smiled with an elegant bow of her head when invited to join her. That was easier than she had thought it might be.

        "How kind of you." With grace, she changed chair and took the one opposite the stranger. As the waiter brought the other cup, she thanked him and ordered a light but delicious salad. She grinned a little as she looked at the other woman. "I'll go for the blueberry muffins as dessert. They are very exquisite too."

        Smiling, she extended her hand. "I am Alienor."

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          "I shall have to remember to try them upon my next visit." Phedre smiled warmly, shifting slightly forward in her seat. Fingers ensured her napkin remained in place across her lap, and smoothed the ruched pink silk dress beneath it.

          She took a sip of her tea and set the cup down just as the woman extended her hand and introdiced herself. Phe extended her own hand and grasped it in a graceful, but still firm handshake. "Delighted to make your acquaintance, Alienor. I am Phedre, newly arrived to Ravelin, if the bags were not enough of a give-away." she said warmly, free hand gesturing to the traveling bags sat discreetly at her side.


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            "There are remarkable choices on the menu. Don't hesitate to check all pages. The most famous treats are delicious, but many less known are equally perfect." Alienor smiled and enjoyed the delightful aroma coming from her cup. It was so relaxing after the long hours spent at the institute.

            She remarked how Phedre's handshake wasn't so different from her own, graceful and yet firm. That was a discreet cue that didn't escape her observant eyes.

            "You could have been just returning from a trip. As I said, this cafe is quite famous." She smiled softly. "I have been there a bit more than a year ago. I never regretted moving here. What brings you to Ravelin if I may ask?"

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              "I will certainly do so the next time I visit...this place has made the most delightful impression."

              Phedre took a slow sip from her cup, savoring the taste of the tea as much as the aroma of it. Properly brewed Chandrilan Black was a sensory experience, and this café did it justice. Another sip followed, then she set her cup down in favor of nibbling on the edge of a vanilla scone. She made a soft, happy sound and nodded as the server brought Alienor's order and inquired as to her satisfaction with her own. "Marvelous, thank you. My compliments to the pastry chef...the scones are divine."

              The young man smiled brightly and set off to tend the rest of his tables, while Phedre returned her attention to her charming companion. Sea green eyes cascaded over her features, head canting to the side as she replied. "I am looking for employment, actually. I hope to be able to find a position in one of the Imperial offices."


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                Alienor smiled to the server and graciously thanked him as he brought her order. Food was quite welcome! It had been a busy morning for the young woman. She kept observing Phedre, wondering what talents the woman had.

                "Employment? There is plenty of opportunities in Ravelin. I was surprised when I first arrived. After establishing myself as a musician at the Chopin Institute, I was able to expand my interests into charities as well."
                Of course, this was only part of her activities, but none of these was a lie.

                "Which kind of employment would you be interested in, if I may ask?"
                Even though the woman probably did come to this cafe on purpose, her skill set was hard to tell from just a few minutes of observation, so learning more was important.

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                  A well dressed individual, dressed to the point of where he could look like a "hitman" from the holomovies, walked into the cafe and up to the counter ordering a cup of caf and a club sandwich. Alienor would recognize him...

                  ... she'd better recognize him...

                  ... he didn't look like he was paying attention to his surroundings, but then again he never did.


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                    "I hold degrees in lingsuitics and translation, along with foreign culture. I've spent two years traveling as a cultural attaché, and was hoping to be able to turn that into something...more."

                    Phe replied, sipping from her tea. She did not miss the way the woman was studying her, nor did she miss the opportunity to do the same in return; though of course she did so as casually as possible. If there was one thing only that her years on Lorrd had taught her, it was to be able to read body language.

                    Granted, she was not quite as adept at kinetic communication as a native Lorrdian would have been, but Phedre had made a study of it in her years at the University. Another skill to add to her list, and a rather useful one at that, she mused.

                    Setting her now-empty cup down, she wondered what Alienor would make of her words as she poured herself a fresh cup and added a touch of sugar. Fingers lifted another delicate scone for a bite, sea green eyes flicking to the man that entered the café for a brief appraisal, before returning to Alienor's lovely visage.

                    "I must say, I envy you your artistic pursuit. I'm afraid I possess no musical talent, merely an appreciation and respect for those truly gifted."


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                      Phedre's words made Alienor think that she could be good for the political branch. Yet, the other blonde had showed up at this cafe, and not elsewhere. For the little she had appraised the stranger, the Field agent didn't think she had come here without some purpose or some notion about this place.

                      From the corner of her eye, she saw someone enter, and Phedre looked about the same time as her. It was different to see Director Saryl dressed up as such, but she definitely recognized him. Yet, she didn't give him any particular attention. If he wished to join the discussion, he could do as such. If the conversation went to the point of needing a higher rank to finalize a recruitment, she would know where to look.

                      "You sound very accomplished. The travel experience certainly helped you hone what you learned at university."

                      She finished her salad, and wiped the corner of her mouth. "We all possess unique gifts. Yours would sound like a lovely match for the political and cultural life on Coruscant. And yet, you didn't show up at the political recruitment office. Or maybe I misunderstood and you are headed there after this tea break." She asked with a lovely smile on her face, as if all was the most natural. Yet, how Phedre would reply would infirm or confirm her hypothesis.

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                        Phedre's smile warmed as she tilted her head, tea cup resting comfortable in her fingers. "While I certainly hold the highest respect for those with whom I worked in the political branch, it is not what I would wish for a lifetime of work. It was, however, a more than wonderful opportunity that I could not pass up at the time, and one that I intend to use as a springboard."

                        A sip of her tea to refresh her throat elicited a faint sigh of delight once more. Truly, the tea was magnificent.

                        "I prefer to act in service to the Empress, not dance politely in circles around other diplomats and government officials. I hoped to achieve some guidance towards that end by coming here. Might you be able to assist me in that?" Phe asked with a soft, warm smile, setting her teacup down in favor of bringing a napkin to her lips to wipe at them. With a discreet motion, she set her napkin down atop the table, a small datapad concealed beneath it, containing the pertinent information about her studies and her government work, along with the recommendation of the professor on Lorrd who had recruited and groomed her from her first year of study.


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                          Sometimes "dancing politely in circles" is the best way to serve. Sometimes it is the most effective way of serving, to gain information. Are you not a good dancer? The figure from the counter asked as he stood up and walked slowly over to their table, the cup of caf in his hand. He was as nonchalant as he was confident, one who looked like he belonged in a sweeper team storming a building, a business meeting or a political conference.

                          Pardon the interruption, but I could not help but overhear your conversation. Your desire is very commendable, I am simply curious is all.


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                            A delicate, sculpted brow rose as her smile rose with the gentleman's approach. Phedre inclined her head politely before sipping at her tea and forming a reply. "I am indeed an excellent dancer. And I am well aware of the merits of the game and the dance."

                            Shifting slightly on her chair, the blonde cast her sea green gaze across his form before settling them on his features. His posture spoke volumes about him, hinting at a versatility most would likely not ascribe to him. "No need to apologize...please, take a seat and join us."

                            Phedre took a moment to refresh her tea before continuing. "I simply do not wish to be confined to the ballroom. Variety is the spice of life, after all."


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                              Would you be "confined" if that is where you are at your best? Tentatively taking the seat he slowly took a sip from his cup before continuing with his clarification. Branching out and escaping your comfort zone can be a good thing, but there is something to be said about "dancing with the one who brought you".

                              Looking over at Alienor and then back at her, he asked simply, Don't you think?
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