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Can't resist the siren call of space. [Navy]

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  • Can't resist the siren call of space. [Navy]

    Everything was in perfect order.

    Raven curls pinned back into a neat bun. Black cargo pants neatly pressed and tucked into the tops of her polished black boots. Crisp white shirt and tanktop, layered and tucked in at her slender waist. Black bordered ID tags on their silver chain around her neck.

    Everything was as it should be; her attention to the smallest detail one of the points that had gotten her nearly perfect marks at the Academy. She had to be perfect...she was, after all, compensating for the failure of her family to properly support the Empire in its time of need. Traitors, the lot of them, she mused, fingers adjusting the strap of her bag on her shoulder.

    But that didn’t matter anymore.

    They were no longer her concern. Phoenix would bring the pride and honor back to the Edorath family name. Single-handedly, as was necessary, and even if it demanded the heftiest of prices.

    She took a deep, steadying breath, and allowed her careful steps to carry her up to the main desk. “Phoenix Edorath. Just in from the Academy.” she said softly in reply to the woman’s request, nodding as she did. Her files and information were complete and had arrived the day prior as expected.

    It was a mere few minutes before she was shown to a small interview office, and told to wait. Phoenix sighed softly as the door closed behind her, leaving her with a small semblance of privacy for the moment. Bag placed on a bench beside the door, she strode over to the small window, hands clasped behind her back and her posture straight. It overlooked a small, well kept patch of lawn, beyond which was a track and field set up for PT.

    A slight frown curled her lips, her thoughts steady as she contemplated which of the squadrons were accepting new members. Fresh out of the Academy new members, at that. High scores and impeccable grades weren’t much use to a pilot out in the certainly wouldn’t make a prospective squadron and wingman anymore accepting.

    The door behind her opened, however, forestalling any further thought. Her expression smoothed as she turned, ebon eyes cascading across the small space to catch sight of her interviewer.
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    "Fresh meat for the grinder. Riggs you're up," A burley voice called out as the individual's file was handed over to Damon.

    Everything seemed to be in order, except for the alien aspect. Riggs had been raised to be as elitist as possible. His parents had served in government, and therefore, Riggs had been raised to be the perfect model of an Imperial child. Of course that was while his parents were still living, something that was no longer the case and had not been for some time. The six foot three inch pilot pushed the issue aside after viewing her test scores, and academic record. If she was willing to serve the Empire, and if there was an officer willing to place her when the interview was over, then who was he to judge. That's what he told himself anyway.

    His large frame stepped through the door. A large hand indicated the alien woman could remain seated. Why couldn't she have been a Chiss. At least Riggs tolerated them, well, because Eliza did. Their military genius had earned the respect of Damon's lover, and his because of it. Riggs droped the file on the table as he took a seat, mostly for show in order to see how intimidated the woman would be, all of it a test.

    "Miss...." eyes looked to the open file, "Edorath," Riggs began, clearing his throat. "Academy graduate, decent exam scores, high marks in all your classes."

    Riggs closed the file, and looked the woman in the eyes. He was slightly self conscious about the scar which formed a line from just under his hairline to this eyebrow on the right side of his face. The hair was starting to discolor as well where the scar ran unseen under the hair. It would be stark white soon, or so the medic's had told him, once the hair follicles where the injury was were dead.

    "Why the Empire?"


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      She very nearly smiled.

      It would take a great deal more than a folder hitting a desk to intimidate her. Did it not occur to him that she’d endured the entirety of the Academy with her emerald skin marking her as an alien? It had made no difference to her instructors and classmates after a few years. Years she had spent proving herself as a loyal Imperial subject and a gifted pilot who’s skills were unmatched among her yearmates.

      It would take more than him to intimidate her, especially as she was, at a glance, nearly a match for him in height. But as he motioned for her to remain seated, she did so, though she shifted to a straight postured position, hands folded neatly in her lap.

      “Because I was raised by my grandmother, who was a staunch and loyal Imperial subject. Because my immediate family has dishonored our legacy and shamed our surname by following the path of service to the Republic. It has fallen to me to return honor to my name by deeds done in service to the Empress.” Phoenix said after a moment, her voice carrying her convictions and an appropriate tone, of course.


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        Not even a flinch. Looks like the woman was quite used to this type of greeting. No matter, Riggs wasn't there to keep her from joining. His job was simply to vet her, and make a recomendation to whichever officer would walk into the interview later. A short nod affirmed her answer was satisfactory to him, then opened the file once more.

        "As I said, your scores are very good, and speak for themselves. There is no techincal reason why you can't be a pilot. You wouldn't have graduated if that were the case. I'm not making the call though."

        A pither of water and two glasses sat on the end of the table. Riggs reached over and poured a glass for the candidate, and one for himself. This wasn't a barbaric military by any means, and simple things like water in a glass during an interview, is what separated them from the rebels.

        "What skills do you have that make you think you can do this, besides what the test scores say I mean? Good technical scores are only part of the equation of making a good pilot."


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          A short nod was offered by way of thanks, one hand reaching out to draw the glass to her lips for a sip. Crisp and cool, the water was a simple and well-received courtesy she had, to be honest, not expected.

          Glass settled in her hands, she pondered the question for a moment longer, wondering how best to proceed. "What the test scores do not precisely tell you is the hours I spend studying and working in the sims. Those particular scores are for the TIE line of ships, and I have trained, both simulated and live flight, in not only the TIEs, but all manner of other fighter craft. We were one of the first classes to train with everything available to our proud Navy, given that sheer variety that our squadrons are now comprised of."

          Another sip, and the young woman continued. "I am also possessed of swift reflexes and distinct agility which lends itself well to piloting. I have trained myself to think critically and strategically, as is evidenced by my Academy grades, and I pride myself on being a reasonable, prudent, and thoughtful person. I am also an accomplished mechanic, as I took a second major in my time at the Academy and am certified to work on everything from TIEs to Clawcraft."


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            Calwcraft! Riggs mused to himself for a moment as the cool contents of the clear glass slid down his throat. Perhaps this new cadet could be usefull to Captain Steele. Damon would have to let her know of the alien cadet should she be accepted to the Navy. Everything in front of him screamed that this particular applicant wanted to be a pilot as opposed to someone stuck on a battleship. Riggs couldn't blame her. The large pilot had done both, and was glad Lizzy, er... Captain Steele, had gotten him back into flying.

            "Sounds like you're dead set on being a pilot then," Riggs said by way of observation rather than as a question. "Most of your scores here are for TIE, granted that's what we still use mostly, and most pilots dream of flying with the 181st, so is heart set on flying TIE or just flying?"


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              "Just flying." Phoenix replied without a second thought. There wasn't even a second thought to have, frankly. She just wanted to fly. It was all she'd ever dreamed of doing even as a small child back home on Mirial. Unlike every other child, including the ones in her own family, her dreams and wishes had never changed.

              "I do not want to be stuck on a command ship, and to be frank, I'd like to avoid being 'just another TIE pilot' as so many of my classmates are bound to become. I want something more. But, that depends on my acceptance and then my official assignment, of course."


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                "There are plenty of options if you don't want to fly TIE. Of course that depends on your assignment. Before this conversation goes any further however,"" Riggs said standing, "I am going to do two things."

                Booted feet could be heard making contact with the duracrete floor as each step carried him toward a device on the far wall. The right index finger entered a passcode which turned off the recording. Reaching into his left front pocket, Riggs pulled out his comm device and sent a text message to Eliza Steele. She would want to be part of this interview, before anyone else could snatch up the pilot.

                "Captain Steele and I have been developing something which you may be interested in. Before I go any further on the idea, tell, what is your opinion on clawcraft?"

                This would determine whether he would put a good word in for Phoenix when Eliza arrived or not. The alien might very well be just who they had been looking for.


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                  The woman lofted a brow and watched as he walked his way to the wall, where the comm panel was situated. She mulled over what he'd said for a moment, wondering if one of the more unique squadrons would be willing to take her on. Granted, the 181st would be a dream assignment for almost any pilot...but she'd heard rumors at the Academy of other squadrons, like the fabled Shadows, and had begun to hope for something a bit more.

                  While the name he spoke did ring a bell in her mind, his question following forestalled further thought. "Clawcraft. Decent shields, nice, thick hull plating, which is a beast to replace, I might add, slower at sublight than a TIE, but nice acceleration and atmospheric speeds. Their maneuverability though..." ebon eyes widened and she smiled with pleasure. "...I've never flown anything that could dance through space like that."


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                    "They might have heavy plating, but they sure do move better than anything out there. I've been training in one for a while now, and I can say they are by the best thing out there for escapablitity. You will make the Rebels miss more than they already do."

                    Riggs chuckled, but it was true. He simply was having fun making his point.

                    "There is a potential that you could actually fly one, and I'm not just dangling a carrot out there. Obviously it isn't my call to make, but I can put in a good word. I just need to know your family is going to be okay with you being gone for long periods of time, and not being able to talk about what you are doing."


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                      Her smile was genuine and warm as he spoke, finding a common pleasure in flying and also in making the Rebels miserable. Phoenix paused for a moment, her features smoothing out as she gave his question the gravity and thought it deserved.

                      It was a very brief moment, however.

                      "I would appreciate that opportunity. As for family..." she exhaled noisily and shook her head, a frown tainting her features for a second or two. "...there is none to be concerned about. My grandmother that raised me has died, and what other family I have left are traitors serving with the Rebels. I have no family, save for the Empire."


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                        Eliza Steele had received Damon Riggs' message about a newly graduated academy pilot that seemingly had potential to fly with 181st; the Empire's elite group of starfighter pilots that made up Saber Squadron. From looking over the candidate's dossier that had been sent too, the pilot on paper had all the credentials needed, high sim scores and flight instructor recommendations, but there were two things that bothered her. One was that some of the woman's family were rebel scum, though Imperial Intelligence had cleared her so problems there were most likely minimal, and second, she was of an alien species. Eliza had come to respect the Chiss, and had even flown with an excellent Kiffar pilot, but a Mirialan? This would be a first, and they would truly have to prove themselves before the Coruscant-born loyalist would trust them fully.

                        Rapping twice with her glove-covered knuckles before opening the door to the recruitment room where Riggs was performing the intake interview, Eliza walked in with her usual air of staunch professionalism dressed in a crisp TIE pilot's dress uniform with the tell-tale red stripe of the 181st proudly displayed on the tall and slender blonde's nicely fitted trousers that were tucked into shiny leather boots. Upon her short-waisted jacket uniform were two rank cylinders, each housed in a shoulder pocket on either side, and rank bar tiles showing the navy officer as a captain. Her shoulder-length golden tresses were pulled back into a neat Coruscanti twist at the back and cap was perfectly balanced with it's code disk centered. A touch of makeup made her naturally pleasant facial features stand out even more especially Eliza's steely blue eyes.

                        "As you were," Steele said after returning salutes.

                        "Recruit Edorath, I am Captain Steele and will be finalizing your recruitment here today," she nodded curtly to the green-skinned female, then took the datapad offered from her dark-haired partner; no hint of any affection towards him noted in her body language or tone of voice, and there would be none in public.

                        "Thank you, Cadet Riggs.

                        After perusing over the interview notes keenly, Eliza addressed the alien woman. "Placement with the 181st has been granted. Of course, this will be probationary. You will still have to prove yourself among the elite pilots both in the sims and in real-time training exercises. Do not disappoint me, cadet. Study up on the TIE Defender as that is what Saber Squadron is flying currently. Questions?"

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                          Riggs snapped to attention when Eliza entered the room. His eyes trained to the disc on her hat because it was the only place he could look to avoid her eyes and still make it look as though he was looking at her directly. Riggs knew that if he looked her in the eyes he would not be able to maintain the strict "no public signs of affection" toward the steely, blue eyed, captain.

                          The datapad was offered and he nodded as she took it.

                          "Ma'am," he said as he stepped aside to allow her to finish the recruitment. Eliza did not take long to accept the new cadet.


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                            Standing and saluting was a smooth, graceful movement as her six-foot-one-inch frame rose from her seat. She had been raised in a proper Imperial home in spite of the genetics that marked her as a mere near-human, and could appreciate the perfection with which the Captain both dressed and carried herself. Ebon eyes flicked between the Cadet and the Captain for a moment, noting the severe formality of their brief interaction.

                            "No, ma'am. No questions." Phoenix replied briefly, leaving out the assurances that she would not disappoint her new commander or the rest of the squadron. It didn't need saying, frankly, it needed proving. Which she intended to do, until they could see past her genetics.


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                              "Excellent… Well then, Cadet Edorath I expect to see you at the training grounds ready to go at 0800 tomorrow sharp. Welcome to the 181st," Steele said, offering the green-skinned woman her hand in a professional shake.

                              Turning to Damon, Eliza then gave him a curt nod. "Cadet Riggs, I'll let you handle the paperwork and see to it the new squadron member is adequately situated and brought up to speed." With that said, the blonde navy captain exited the room.

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