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    There is a lot of security. The Chiss woman looked at her son, knowing she shouldn't be surprised by his comment. Garrus was a bright boy. He was five year old, but by human standards, the Chiss child was closer to a seven year old in terms of development. He had always been very observant. The Hard Heart Cantina is only for imperial citizens.

    Garrus's crimson eyes stared at his mother. Does this mean we are imperials now? Won't we ever go back home? It broke her heart inside that her offspring felt like this, but it wasn't far from the truth. I promise you we will go back, but it might be a long time before we do.

    I miss home.

    This is our new home.

    I know. The expresion of sorrow in his eyes was difficult to grasp but not to her, his mother. She had thought that by going out just the two of them now that she had been accepted in the Navy, would help ease her son's mind a little.

    How is your new school? She tried to make him talk about things that interested him. It is alright. The teachers are great. Thank you for choosing this school for me, Mother.

    She bowed her head a little. You are welcome. Now let us decide what we shall eat. She added, accepting the menu the waiter handed to her.

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    Seated in the booth behind, Akilah's mind was on the newsfeed from Sarrelon that she had been keeping up with. Another political fight going on between candidates readying for the local elections in her hometown never ceased to give her a headache. Though she had never been one for politics, her current career made her political by it's very nature. She had dedicated herself to the protection of the empress herself and her job in the Intel Branch kept her in the center of galactic politics whether she liked it or not.

    The mother and son talking behind her only prompted her mind to drift to thoughts of how she would adapt to having a family of her own. And whether such a thing was even possible. Only one had bled beside her and she had come to enjoy Sebarek's company, but having a working relationship and something outside that didn't really seem feasible right now. Conflict of interest, as it were.

    "Can I get you anything else ma'am," the waitress queried, moving to the table.

    "Tea, thanks," as the middle-aged woman typed that request into the data pad, she added, "Oh, and some pie for those two," Akilah motioned to the mother and son behind her.

    Glancing to the Chiss, the woman nodded, turned and moved to their table. "What kind of desert would you like with your meal?"


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      Will you be on Bastion for a while? She looked at her son, knowing that this decision wasn't up to her, since she had enlisted in the Imperial Navy. Cadets like me go through training here for a few weeks before their first mission. I have no idea whether my first assignment will be in a month or more.

      Garrus nodded in silence. She knew that her son was hoping she would be around for a long while before she left for work. It would help him settle down. You know that Tetha will watch over you while I am away. It won't be different from back on Csilla in that regard. Much else was vastly different, but this situation wasn't too much, as she had been in active service in the year before their departure.

      Cousin Tetha wasn't the one with me on Csilla. I like her better though. The Chiss woman was glad to hear that. She hoped so fiercely that her decision to move to imperial space to begin anew would bring her son a better future. She had hopes for herself too, but it was mostly her child that mattered. As long as she had him and saw him grow up, and that she was able to fly, things would be alright.

      The food was quite good though she easily missed Chiss dishes. Garrus wasn't too surprised by the new tastes, which was a relief. After their main course, she had the surprise to see pie being brought to their table. She asked the waitress about it and the middle aged woman explain to them it was from the lady in the booth next to theirs.

      For once, Garrus forgot his manners a little and dug into the pie without hesitation. Mother! This is delicious! He had developed a liking for sugary things in the short time they had spent on imperial territory. I will taste it in a moment, but I wish to thank the lady first.

      She could have just turned on her side to speak to the brunette, but instead she got to her feet so she could look at the imperial. My apologies for the interruption. I wished to thank you for this kind gesture. She briefly glanced at her son and couldn't help smiling. My son will probably be a pie amateur from now own.


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        Resuming her reading of the newsnet, Akilah then glanced up to the blue skinned alien as she thanked her. Grinning, the agent had never met or worked with anyone other than humans, or near humans, so this interaction was a new one. Though she knew that Chiss had served in the Imperial ranks more and more lately, so it was becoming more commonplace.

        "Not a problem," Akilah straightened a bit, setting her data pad onto the table. "Connoisseur, you mean?" Smiling, she wondered if the female had just recently learned the language or not. "How long you been on Bastion?"


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          Yes, connoisseur. Her posture didn't change but she mentally scolded herself. Years of learning and practicing that language didn't make her exempt of mistakes. Basic still is so different from the other languages I know. Thankfully, daily practice helps.

          From the corner of her crimson eyes, she saw her son make an attempt to steal her own pie. Garrus. The boy's shoulders slumped very discreetly. I am sorry. She returned her attention to the imperial. We moved here a few weeks ago, so it is all very new.

          She extended her hand in a human fashion to the brunette. My name is Ashar Kleor, and the young pie monster is my son, Garrus. Since leaving Chiss space, she stuck to her core name, as well as her son did, so it would be easier to blend in.


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            She grinned at the scolding, knowing that this particular cook was very good at baking as well. Glancing to her son, then back. "Akilah, pleasure. I couldn't help but overhear, Garrus is in the Navy? I have a cousin that's a lieutenant aboard the Balmorra right now," she grinned again, being quite proud of her cousin, even though they didn't have many chances to hang out given their professions. It was too bad to, she missed their time together growing up.


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              Likewise, Akilah. She had no idea what her son would eventually take as professional direction. It was a good thing he was still a young and brilliant child. He had years ahead of him. I recently joined the imperial Navy, as a starfighter pilot. Your cousin must be proud of her assignment. Even in my short time here, I already heard of the Balmorra.

              Garrus got to his feet and joined his mother. Greetings, Miss. He said with courteousy. He started school in Ravelin shortly after we arrived.


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                "Oh, okay," she nodded, being corrected. "Fighter pilot's going to be exciting, especially with all that's going on right now." Hazel eyes glanced to the younger son and realized now her mistake, then back to his mother. "Great academics here. Have some of the best minds in the galaxy in our schools, especially the university. I've worked with several in the science department on various occasions." Though they weren't aware the work they were doing was for the Intel branch, she intended to keep it that way.


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                  Learning how to use new ships is a welcome challenge. I served in both Chiss fleets and used to be a flight instructor too. Regardless of the circumstances that had led her to leave Chiss territory, she was proud of what she had accomplished there.

                  Do they have good biology teachers here? Garrus was already exhibiting interest in sciences, even at his young age. I wanted to make sure to give my son the best chances possible and so far the school system has impressed me more than I expected.


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                    "At the higher levels, their biology teachers are really knowledgeable, definitely," she nodded. Though she had only worked with a couple, and those she only had been around for a short time, but long enough to know that they impressed her. "I know back home, I would've probably failed most of my courses had I grown up here," she admitted. "My dad would've kicked my butt, too."


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                      See, Garrus, this is another reason for you to excel at school so one day you may attend these teachers' classes. Her son looked pensive. She knew he hoped to go back to his normal class level within the next year. Chiss matured quicker than humans, so he technically belonged in a class for children two years older, but for the time being, he was in one only one year more advanced, because he had to prove his fluency in Basic first.

                      I am lucky to have had support from my family, including this butt kicking, the very few times my grades failed to be stellar back then. She missed them, but knew that her decision to preserve both her son and the rest of her family, one of the ruling ones, had been for the best.


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                        "I know how that was," she grinned. "I imagine you're great at math, being a fighter pilot. I've heard some of the calculations that you have to use for astrogation are pretty amazing. Though you have the navicomputer there, I'm sure they have you double check those numbers, or at least some of them, right?"


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                          Indeed, mathematics are important, even with computers. She nodded to Garrus's tacit question whether he could return to their table and the boy nodded to Akilah and let both grown ups discuss.

                          You never know when technology might fail you so being prepared is crucial. She clasped her hands before her. Have you been on Bastion for a long time?


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                            Nodding in agreement, she turned herself to face Ashar more squarely. "Just over three years, actually. So, not too long. Been here long enough to figure out where the malls are and not get lost from my place to work, so," she chuckled. "I take it you two just arrived then?"


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                              Open air cities are a novelty to me, for the most part. I am used to underground cities due to the harsh weather on Csilla, or living in space when deployed. She explained to Akilah after the imperial said more about her life.

                              We only moved a few weeks ago, along with one of my cousins who can take care of Garrus when duty calls me. I wanted to make sure he was all set before I enlisted.