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    Since their respective joining the Imperial Navy as privateers had been formalized, shortly after their arrival on Bastion, Kalidia hadn't seen much of Goran. She knew he had been busy with the difficult reconnection with his family. While she highly appreciated he had included her whenever possible, as she had met both his sister-in-law and one of his nieces, she had understood that he needed to do much on his own. She had naturally given him space, as not to get in his hair.

    She had been spending her time in Ravelin getting some supplies and browsing bookstores a lot. Yet, when it had occured that they were able to catch up a little, she had offered they met for lunch at a small restaurant she had found during her exploration of the city.

    The place was quiet and welcoming, and was a Centarian restaurant. She had been happy to find a place with food from the world she had grown up on. She had booked a table on the first floor and arrived early. She didn't know when Goran and her would leave Bastion for the start of their work, but until then, she made sure to do what she could to be prepared while on the imperial capital world.

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    Arriving a block away from the restaurant, Goran parked his swoop and locked it down along with his helmet. He'd have to admit that this was a nice surprise, Kalidia having booked them a reservation here to catch up. They had been separated quite a bit since he had to reconnect with the Nystrom Clan here and it was taking up a lot of his time in slowly integrating himself back into the family's life.

    Gratefully, they were open to his presence but in a limited basis by the twins preference. He respected that.

    He pulled on each finger to tug off his driving gloves while entering the restaurant. Goran let the hostess know exactly where he was needed and walked right to where he saw his partner. "Hello Kalidia."

    Taking a seat, he set aside his gloves with a smile. "Good to see you."

    He had missed her companionship, if he were honest. They had been together consistently until the meeting with Linnea had created the necessary separation.


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      She smiled warmly when she saw Goran arrive. She waved a little as he was directed to the table she was sitting at. She had been happy when he had let her known he was available for this meal. She knew he had much to do with reconnecting with his family, but she had missed spending time with him. He had been some kind of anchor to her when learning so much about her legacy and beginning her new life.

      "Hello Goran, it's good to see you as well." She nodded to the waitress who came to hand them the menus. "How are you doing? I'm glad that we could arrange to meet today."

      She had kept busy and met some new people, but it wasn't the same as being able to talk freely about everything with him.


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        "Thank you, dear," he said to the waitress when he was handed a menu. "We'll need a bit but I'd like some water."

        She gave him a smile and waited to hear what the woman wanted before heading off to get their drinks. Once she left, Goran set aside his menu and leaned closer to Kalidia, eager to hear what his friend had been up to.

        "So... how are things? I've only gotten scattered, generic, messages of what you've been up to. I'd like to hear more," he asked with a smile.


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          "Water will be fine for me too, thank you." Kalidia added with a smile to the waitress. She liked this place, both the food and the crew. They were efficient, nice and discreet, so it was very much to her taste.

          "I hope that you'll like Centerian cuisine!"
          She peered at Goran from above the menu she was perusing. She already knew what she would try: what she had been tempted to eat the previous - and first - time here, a few days ago.

          "I am doing good. It's been... Weird but I've done a lot of sighseeing and found an amazing bookstore." She chuckled, knowing that it might not be what people expected from a first time in Ravelin. "I also met with someone from imperial services who came to check on me. She gave me some ideas about possible studies. Nothing sure yet, but I might consider an extra degree part time and online, so it won't affect our travels."


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            "I'm sure I will, Kalidia," Goran assured as the waitress came back with their water and he signaled to give them a bit more time before ordering.

            When his partner had started off by saying things were weird, Goran couldn't help label his life like that as well. Linnea had invited him to the family meeting, then dismissed him before he could arrive to the family villa, and then was introduced to the family days later. Now it was slow integration and establishing trust with the Nystroms. He honestly didn't feel he was worthy of the last name yet until he was fully welcomed back with open arms.

            "Well, truth be told Kalidia... I could always do the work myself. Hire on an extra hand so you could stay here for your education. I've done it before. Working with mercs and hunters and I'd gladly do it again so you have a chance to earn your degree."


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              When Goran offered to do the work on his own while she stayed on Bastion for her education, her jaw dropped and she blinked in shock. She was caught by surprise and she hadn't expected it, nor had even thought about it.

              "No, no... No..."
              She replied, gathering her thoughts and wits. "I... I appreciate it a lot, but I do want to work with you, to be a privateer. I love the idea of getting another degree but..." She bit her lip, chewing on it for a moment. "I'm not sure I could really stick around one given place for a long time. I've wandered for twenty years now..."


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                "Something that is new is daunting. Seems unachievable because of past experiences. But you need to realize that you're special, Kalidia. Everyone is, truthfully. It's just seeing the potential in oneself ..." he tapped at the table "... that's the tricky part. I fully believe you capable of staying on Bastion and earning your degree."

                The waitress returned with their water and Goran immediately ordered a steak salad and the soup of the day, a creamed vegetable blend.
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                  "Until I got some answers about what I was, thanks to you, I mostly was special by being the weirdo." Kalidia replied, though she didn't hate the thought of being a weirdo so to speak. "I am a wandered by nature and even now with opportunities on Ravelin itself, I realized that I have already been here for long, by my standards."

                  She went for the same as he ordered, before returning her attention to him. "Even if we didn't have the project to work together, I am far from sure, I would actually stick around. Not out of fear, but because it isn't how I am."


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                    "Hm, interesting." He leaned forward, clasping his hands together. "Then by in large, with the points you make, why are you still here with me? True that I gave you information about yourself and a steady job, but that doesn't mean you cannot branch off and do your own work."

                    He held out a hand to calm any fears. "This is not me asking you to go. I've enjoyed your company and friendship. Especially so with all of the family issues I've hand. I'm just surprised that you you've remained with me because of your nature."


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                      She was relieved he clarified that he wasn't asking her to go. The thought of parting ways hadn't crossed her mind, though she had meant it that if he wanted her to leave, she would oblige.

                      "It feels like a second chance."
                      She pursed her lips, taking a sip from her drink. Her interest in esoteric topics made her have certain conceptions and intuitions.

                      "It is hard to explain but years ago, I was planning to get a business going with a friend of mine. We would be traveling merchants. In the end, she got married out of the blue and I was left to my own devices. I took a random security job and it was how I started working in this field.

                      You and her are different persons and what I'm telling you about was like fifteen years ago, but this whole privateer thing with you, it feels right."