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    In the lowering sun of Bastion, the people of the Imperial Capital world were in their normal routine as they were closing out another day. There was nothing special about it, other than the new complex that was being built by a private business that had recently come on-world. With businesses closing for the night much of the main streets were empty as the night patrols and evening establishments were opening. Much of the galaxy that didn't understand the reality of Imperial life believed that this was nothing but military, they were indeed philistines. People were people and the life of a resident of Bastion was much the same as Rishi, or Coruscant, or Anaxes.

    The Starport was its normal busy facility, the incoming and outgoing shuttles and freighters were ongoing. This was not the old days where the civilians shared the port with the military(they had their own launchpads) but some "unmarked" types from Imperial Intelligence, those with a cover anyway use the ports. Tyler knew this, after all, while it had been quite awhile since he suited up in Imperial gray, he knew that standards and practices didn't change much at all. So it was a matter of looking through public record information, and a few tricks had gained over the years and finally found out what he needed to know.

    So he walked personally into the Starport carrying a small package. It was scanned and scrutinized, as he wanted it to be. Then he made his way through the Atrium and into a nondescript landing pad. There was nothing special about it save for who the occupying ship would be. Simply walking around, he left the package there with a note. When she would find it, she would see what looked to be a start of the art kind powercell, it looked like it was battery size. There was a note as well.

    I keep my promises.
    PS - If you're doing that little half smile
    thing you usually do when intrigued and
    don't want anyone to know, look me up.

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    A voice was speaking but Daine was far away. Seated back at her desk on Bastion was nearly unreal after being so long gone. Her assistant had nearly wept when she had taken a seat again at her immaculate desk. Not that she would judge him too harshly. Her own hands had shaken at first, tremors that betrayed more than her own health after so many months living from one port to the next across the galaxy.

    Bastion. She had never thought she'd miss a place so much. She was glad to find that nothing had been moved, nothing out of place. Daine was eminently thankful for that, at least. The windows had been opened, looking out over a fake image of the city skyline that reflected what it actually did that day. However, she knew better than to trust the hologram, as her office still resided deep in the bowels of the intelligence building.

    The first day back was always the roughest and she had been thankful to her assistant for the constant presence for the hot water with a touch of honey and lemon to be passed into her hand. No stimcaf for her, at least not until medical droids had gotten their scans back to her after her routine check-in after missions.


    The day was close to ending and she knew she was tired, her limbs stiff from the unfamiliar routine of sitting and walking, rather than running, sprinting, and the accelerated heart rate that came with being in the field. The adrenaline she could crave, but the power of her desk had always been a lure. The sun was sinking in the skyline. She had expected to be here for at least another two hours, if not more, and taken dinner at home, her flat that was not far from the center of the city. A pang of longing for the comfort of her own bed made her briefly close her eyes, tearing her gaze away from the holographic image of the city, flickering with the traffic of the evening.


    Her eyes opened and she inhaled slowly. "Yes?" The words were soft but her assistant knew he had not overstepped yet.

    "Message for you, ma'am...and uh...something more."

    Daine turned her gaze up to the young man in the immaculate suit who had been with her since her first days in this office, still weak and jittery from interrogation herself after leaving Tiisheraan, after abandoning one life for another. He was a nice boy, she never faulted him for the minor slip ups in formality or the lack of clarity in speech.

    When the package, already opened and inspected, the note carefully placed before her in advance, came within reach, she did not hesitate. She knew the name on the note. Daine had felt the twitch of that smile he seemed to know exactly was itching to break her professional mask. The contents of the package made her brow raise and she droned out the prerecorded briefing of the contents and their origins that came when she received packages of questionable intent. She knew it was not a threat, but a promise of something a little more.


    Daine crossed her ankles, resisting pulling them up on the seat next to her in the shuttle that was taking her home. Her personal datapad was in her hands, crafting a response to the contact information she knew after a cursory search.

    I'm intrigued.  Tell me more.  My place?
    PS - If you don't know the address by now, 
    I'm doing that tutting noise that means 
    I'm disappointed and want you to know it.
    She hit send without a second thought as the shuttle delivered her to her home, tucked high up and out of the way of prying eyes in the city center, a glittering place of glass and white. Inside was more to her taste, darker neutrals and splashes of greens. The first thing she did was slip off her heels and pick them up to drop them in their usual spot. In the kitchen, she pulled out a bottle of wine and two glasses and contemplated dinner. She'd be having a guest.


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      After his meeting with Bah'rann which was very fruitful he had a conference call for over an hour with the board of directors. They were not thrilled with one of his decisions and reminded him of their rights. He of course reminded them of his rights as Chairman, as well as principal majority owner, not to mention support of the the majority of stockholders by a ninety-two percent margin. No, he wasn't bringing Silent Knight holdings to Imperial Space to scream "yay Empire", he was here for normalcy, something he wasn't getting around the Republic anymore.

      His next meeting was with a coalition of Ravelin businesses who were planning on having him and his new facility pushed out of the area. They made great points and were well organized but did not have the resources that he had, or the intentions. After reminding them that he was here with the blessing of much of the government he reminded them that much of his venue was an attraction and the incoming revenue would help all businesses, not just his. He reminded them that competition was a good thing and they could either accept and embrace it, or he would buy them out, which was not his goal or intention.

      The next hour was spent meeting with Xidane and then the closed circuit video of two memorials, one to his late wife, one to his late daughter. This would normally be the only time one would see him emotional but he was at work currently, and he was becoming more and more resolved in what he was doing. The man was always successful, even in failure, but for a long time he had lost vision, purpose, that until this tragic event but now everything was in their name, and he would not fail them. Even if it meant that he would play nice with some he had thought he would never see again, he would build a legacy worthy of them.

      When her message came in, he was in the middle of reading a proposal that was brought in by a local shuttle service. It was clearly what he was waiting for, not surprised at the curt response as it leaned on the sender's sense of humor. So he picked up his briefcase and tabled the proposal for the evening, they would be there tomorrow and needed his business more than he would need theirs, they could wait. His apartment wasn't far away from his office building, in fact it was walking distance, so he strolled a few steps and into the building. There were looks his way, some of them intrigued, some excited, some resentful, he paid none of them any mind as he had somewhere to be.

      Taking the lift up to his apartment he stood quietly as the woman next to him gave him a smile, sure he smiled back but he knew who she was, a woman interested in his checkbook and nothing more. Stepping in, the apartment was bland by many tastes, whites and off-whites but it was high tech and to his tastes (except for the color) and he headed into the changing room, a new suit was the key for this and the one he had picked up on Dubrillion would do well. It was gray, but not "Imperial Gray", the chrono was made for him.

      Into the apartment and out of it changed and "cleaned up" inside of fifteen minutes, Tyler was on the landing pad where his airspeeder sat. He wasn't taking it though, no he had one coming for him, a driver he trusted too.


      Pulling up to the building, he knew that he was expected but he knew she wasn't waiting very long. He had personal security, yes, but they had the night off, where the first few times they had met these gentlemen would be needed, now was not the case. Saria was an acquaintance of attrition and that was better than someone who could pull the trigger on his kill shot nearly any time she wished. So at the door, he had a bottle of wine himself, he had bought a vineyard and figured that now was as good a time as any to test them out. Of course his attache case, had some other things in them, it wasn't transparent but security inspected the case and contents, they were of no harm.

      At her door he waited a moment before pressing the buzzer.


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        The buzzer went off earlier than expected but Daine was in no rush. She had changed from her work attire into a softer, white sweater with dark grey pants. This was her home, she expected to be comfortable. Besides, she had no qualms about looking casual in front of her guest, he already knew about one secret and now he was on their side. Daine pulled her hair into a low ponytail as she approached the door.

        With a simple push of the button she reset the alarms to allow him entry and the front door opened with a soft slide of the reinforced glass.

        "Mr. Tyler," She called out as she approached the front hallway, her bare feet making no noise on the soft cream carpet. She smiled, a real smile for once, at seeing his style of clothing. The grey was a nice touch, especially on Bastion.

        "You look like you are fitting in quite nicely," She said with a soft chuckle. Daine turned to lead him in to the kitchen, eyeing the nice bottle of wine in his hands. A little richer than hers on the counter. She definitely appreciated that thought. Also on her counter sat the contents of his package, plain to see.

        "Do come in, Mr. Tyler."


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          He took the compliment well with a smile as he slowly made his way in. I think that we are beyond formalities at this point, at least in a setting like this. You're welcome to call me J.T. if you wish. No, he wasn't trying to get too comfortable, or indicate any type of intentions, he was tired of being on his guard to the level that he was. Looking around at her place, he didn't hide it, he was surprised, but impressed. It was a nice place, and while he might appear to be looking for certain things in his body language, he wasn't though he was admiring the place.

          You have a lovely place here. This is for you by the way. He said, offering the bottle of wine she was eyeing. Then, taking off his jacket and looking down at the items from his package to her and he smiled. I see you definitely were intrigued, well I've brought more.


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            She took the bottle with a smile and set it gingerly down on the counter before going to find her corkscrew. Daine had to admit having anyone over in her home was a rarity and was strangely nice. There was an air of normality in having "friends" in her home in a more relaxed setting.

            The kitchen was all cool glass and marble counters, a pale mint green backsplash over the sink and the other appliances, a soft tan to her cabinets. It complimented the earth tones in the rest of her home, something she craved after the chrome and steel and glass of her office. It reminded her of home and a time long ago when she lived in a place filled with more nature than steelwork.

            "Then you must call me something other than Saria. Ma'am, perhaps?" She asked, her tone light and teasing. Her position was one that many still prodded at her about, especially given her previous ties to the Republic.

            "I was prepared to make dinner if you'd like to discuss more over a meal. I promise I'm not a horrendous cook. I'm sure this lovely vintage would be good over a meal," She told him, wanting to properly appreciate the gift he had brought her. It seemed intimate but it was how Daine liked to operate, bringing people to her side, especially when she had something to gain from the relationship. The package sitting open on the sink was intriguing but her initial debrief on the technology on her way out the door were preliminary at best.

            "The technology is not something I'm familiar with. I'd love to hear about its applications." She was readying to open the bottle from her own stores.


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              Placing his jacket over the side of a chair he opened up his attache as she was teasing about how to address her. This was a game he was used to playing so he could tease as well, though he wasn't normally one to do so. Well, considering I was expecting you to prefer "your Lordess and Master", I suppose that "Ma'am" is acceptable. He was busy opening his attache when she made her offer of a meal, in truth he was hungry, but was on a bit of an eating schedule and now was not normally the time. However this was a social setting and not one that had business implications, not yet anyway, so he could alter his schedule.

              Dinner sounds lovely. If you would like help, just ask. He was beginning to pull more items out of his attache and putting them together. They were nothing special, they could be but required what looked to be a powersource, the one he had given her. By the time dinner was ready he had not only put it together, but set the table. Sure it wasn't complete but considering he didn't know where she kept anything and "explored" the drawers, all the while in a manner that she would see what he was doing, it wasn't so bad.

              This tech is new, but it is something that I've had in my head for years now. He was reminded of the fateful day of his late wife's diagnosis.


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                Her lips, still painted red from her day of work and part of the mask she enjoyed wearing, even with someone whom she enjoyed their company. There was always a necessary layer, hiding even in her home at times. She honestly never knew who would be watching her home, and though there had been a sweep for bugs the last time she had a visitor from the Admiralty to her home, she had been gone for months on end.

                "Dinner it is." She moved around the kitchen with an easy grace. Her cooking had never been superb, but she had learned to fend for herself. She had lived on her own once and knew how to cook for two. She began pulling out the fish she had on hand and set it on the counter. She got out the materials she needed and after a moment pulled out an assortment of the vegetables she had.

                "If you'd like to be in charge of the salad, I can put you to use," She told him as she pulled a long knife from her knife rack. She did not spare him a glance. If he knew enough to come into her home, he knew better than to be afraid of her with a knife in her hand. As she went about preparing the fish, a slice along the neck and then down the side, beginning the work on making filets, she spoke again, sparing a glance at the equipment he had gotten out.

                "New or I probably would have heard about it by now, I'm sure." Daine spoke with her normal cadence, not allowing herself to feel hopeful just yet. It would be nice to not have t draw up a will in a year's time. Another slice along the fish, separating one half from the bones to be laid out and cut into even proportions. With a tap of her hands on the counter, which had the kitchen controls overlaid on top of the marble at key points, she turned the stove on, a skillet already placed over the electric burner.

                "How does it work, exactly?"


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                  A salad, I can make. He wasn't going to go over the top, sure he could cook, and do it well but he was a guest it was her show. So his head was in and out of the crisper, pulling just the right items. She may not be as stocked as he was used to, but there was a great variety that he could easily work with. She asked him about the device and it was something that he was expecting, however he wasn't exactly sure if it was only for her ears or if other ears were listening in.

                  He wasn't going to be rude, after all the model was not a working device, but he would choose his words well, after all, this was dinner and if she wanted it another way she could surely find a more direct route with that knife. Well quite simply it depends on the person and their needs but it works much like wiring in a speeder in a manner of speaking. The attachments work to strengthen veins, or organs or a heart for that matter, or everything, all connected to a powercell with a shelflife of one hundred years. He said with a bit of a proud quip, there was a tinge of sadness to the thought but only because he wished it would have been thought up sooner.

                  The host's body would lose no abilities, this would simply be a "support system", enhancing the health of those who need it where they need it the most but adding nothing unnatural. In short, if you want this, say "goodbye" to any issues you may want to. He left it open because her health was her business, she could imagine what she liked.


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                    Daine chuckled. "And now I'm to become a speeder," She said wryly, separating the filets she would cook tonight to those she'd save for another time and another dinner partner. With a basting brush, she spread a light orange mix of mango and honey on the fish before placing in the pan to sear.

                    She paused at the stove, not looking at him yet. This was something she had not let herself think of for a long while. She had thought she had accepted the limit on her life after the assassination attempt, the timer counting down.

                    "What about the risk? A powercell made of heavy metals can poison a human body, kill it faster than it can keep it alive." With a crack and a sizzle, she turned the fish over, the knife forgotten on the kitchen counter. The brunette turned, shot him a look over her shoulder. As casual as this affair was, she knew he was still a key player, one in a game she had been playing since her youth.

                    "You understand that murdering the Facility Director might hamper business on Bastion," She asked, her tone light, but her face as stoic as the mask she wore when dealing with her own agents. She need not make idle threats here, in her own home, but she also knew the weight of what they were talking about. She'd be dead in three years time at best, something she had not shared. However, this would not make her desperate for a charlatan.


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                      He smiled at the wry comment and observation; Sleek and Sporty. As he started to dice the vegetables some more, julienne cutting them with the near skill of one of the chef's of one of his restaurants he thought about the premise of the device at hand. At first he had his reservations until more research was conducted. It was when there came the actual final designs that he was able to really push this forward, it was something that was going to revolutionize the world of medicine.

                      Then came her concerns, they were astute and just. Of course the "murder" quip was a little surprising, he was trying to trust her up to this point was the shoe on the other foot? He didn't blame her at all, as his wife was much the same way, she was reticent to new technologies, not certain that taking chances would be worth the outcome for all of the effort that was put in. Grabbing a few fruits, some other vegetables and spices, he began to put together a dressing that would be unique to this salad. I understand your concern. You're well within your rights, as I would wonder if I was in your position. I assure you though that due diligence has been done.

                      Mixing the ingredients into the bowl, he went on to explain a little further. Yes the powercell you are looking at in this representation is metallic, as is the wiring system but the actual device is a polymer weaved in with a thin core of metal used only for conductivity. The resulting outcome is a substance matching the strength and texture of bone. The wiring is no different but there is no metal in that polymer. I assure you, short of someone breaking open the powercell for an E-web and dumping the acid on you there is an infinitesimally small chance of anything happening.

                      Taking a taste of the dressing and then offering one to her, he wanted to clarify the concern what he just spoke of might bring up. As for conduction, there is acid in the cell, yes, but the makeup of it breaks down if it comes into contact with blood. This had been done in multiple tests in multiple atmospheres and temperatures. The point is while this technology is new, it is safe. You're not required to accept my offer, I understand completely. However it is one I offered to you on Telos, and stood then and stands now, I would have offered it to you whether I came here or not. While his tone was relaxed, he was a little concerned about what she was thinking he was planning. After all, if I wanted to murder you I would already be dead, or at a black site by now, would I not? He smiled and offered a wink as he began to layer the dressing over the salad, not too heavy but not too light.


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                        "As if I'd be anything other than sleek and sporty," She said with a huff, laughing good-naturedly. Daine had to admit that their usual roles of combativeness had ebbed away, though perhaps she was simply tired, or even comfortable around the man. Not out of the question, but she tended to be skeptical to a fault. Their banter was something they used to do business, and she had no doubts that this was merely another business deal.

                        She turned the fish over and did not let it linger long, just enough to make sure it was cooked all the way through. She quickly turned the fire off and put the fish on plates on the counter next to her as she listened to his explanation. Her movements were calculated, well practiced as was her air about her kitchen on most nights, this time aware of the other presence making salad. Odd, she had never made dinner with someone since her time on Tiisheraan with a man who'd had his neck sliced open on galactic news so long ago.

                        "Where would the machine go? Inside the chest cavity? Or the ribcage?" Daine took the offered taste of the dressing, humming in her approval before moving to stand at his side, leaning the small of her back against the counter.

                        "It sounds like a dream then, and not something offered without a price," She said, tilting her head. "Why would you do this for me? I'm not a kind and giving woman, let alone one most of the galaxy would like to see have her life extended." She pushed off from the counter, grabbing the plates of and motioning him to follow with the salad. She rooted around in one of her kitchen drawers for silverware before moving to a small table meant for no more than three just behind the kitchen where she ate most meals.

                        "Most people would probably have taken the murder route with me, especially my former colleagues in the Republic," She told him, setting the plates down before setting the table. The brunette had not broken yet, but the slight tremor in her grip around one of the cutlery handles betrayed the strength in her hands, or perhaps the nervousness she felt at even talking about the possibility of extending her life.


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                          I prefer stylish and eye-holding, but to each his... her own. Of course he could make his own retorts, joking of course, even when it was to someone he had never seen himself doing that to or with. What this was to him was a business arrangement, yes, but it was more than a necessary one, it was beneficial to both sides or at least it could be and not in the manner in one might think.

                          As he layered the salad in the right directions, much like they used to in his old Naboo restaurant, the mogul wasn't surprised by her questions. In fact he was hoping she would ask, there was no hubris to this, he simply enjoyed his work, not to mention this was her life that they were talking about. It was an interesting thought that he was thinking this way when not so long ago he promised the woman that he would take her life into his hands one day. Maybe this was a roundabout way of keeping that promise, but with a different motive and outcome, who really knows, her passing would not be at his hands. The desire for that had long passed.

                          He was no longer the farmer who one day walked home to see his land destroyed and his family taken, no, he was a builder.

                          Quite simple where it goes, really. If you've ever had any surgery to remove a malfunctioning organ, a kidney perhaps, one can fit there. If you don't like the idea, it can be placed in another area, it can even be put in the middle of your intestines. Reaching for some of her bread and using an old trick that he learned to not only dice it but turned it into croutons on a pan on her grill with a touch of oil he laced them over the top of the salad. Now of course there are limitations, I'm not saying that it could be put anywhere and made into anything. He smirked at the quip he was about to make. You would lose "sleek and sporty", but gain "form and function". The thing is, we can make this unique to the person. Up to you where it goes.

                          Then there it was, the "where" and the "how" were covered, she was the "who", there was no need for a "when" but the "why". They were acquaintances in the greatest of terms but he had his own reasons, his own motivations and he was a man of his word, regardless of the situation. You're right about most people wanting you dead, I did for awhile after all. However I'm past that, long past. I told you about my wife and child's passing. That changed me in more ways than anyone could possibly imagine. Where my life was once about duty and service to the Empire, it became about making money and creating a legacy, as if trying to erase what I had done, as if it would make me a better person if I could make people happy, I took emotion out of it.

                          What bread he didn't use for croutons, he did top with the dressing, mixed with just enough butter to glaze and make into a side match for the salad itself, another side from the restaurant. Then you came along and put it back in. He smiled. In truth, I have yet to thank you for that day, sure I had a funny way of showing it, but my purpose had changed, in life that is...

                          There was a moment of defeat in his voice, but not before he could continue to put everything together, the bread, the salad all into the smaller bowls he could find. That was when we found out her condition, and when I promised myself I would find a cure. I promised myself that I would do something, anything. He stopped himself, the look in his eyes was one that she would recognize, the fire in there on the day he threatened to kill her, it was there but for a different reason.

                          I found doctors, specialists who maybe could not have cured her, but did something, worked towards something that could do so, or at least buy time while they did find something. Walking over and opening his bottle, and pouring two glasses he offered one to Daine, who was no doubt wanting him to get to the point, so he did. Republic hospitals... administrators... none of them wanted to help. They disallowed the doctors coming in because they were "not completely vetted". Muttering under his breath about how they would do something "after all I did for their economy..." he took a sip.

                          It was then that I took my focus away from my hospitality division and when her and my daughter died I doubled my efforts. Taking another sip he got to his point, finally. It has become my life's work to make technology that can do nearly anything, especially medical technology. I do not want anyone to suffer the way my wife did. I do not want any family to feel the sense of hopelessness I did. You ask if there is a price to pay? You already paid it when you gave me the motivation to come home. You've come to know me well enough to know that I am a many of my word... "Ma'am". My offer is genuine and comes with no strings attached, only you can take it though.

                          Smelling the air he smiled again. Smells delectable.


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                            "As if I was anything but stylish and eye-holding," She said, fluttering her eyelashes in a mockery of flirtation. She was not overly vain, but Daine knew the value of appearances, especially in her own line of work.

                            "I do tend to get into scrapes and scuffles now and again, hence the question. I'd like to be able to take a kick to the gut and not worry about malfunction," She informed him, though his answer had solves some cosmetic fears of the thing having to go somewhere so visible. She was not a woman who flaunted her weaknesses for all to see, hence the conciliatory nature of her illness that few even heard whisper about.

                            She listened silently,for once not butting in with her usual cutting remarks of acerbic quips. She knew the man and his story well enough by now, and some amount of talking through helped her glean his own motivations, however noble they were. He was a man of honor, or at least one of the closest she had come to in a few years. It would have been refreshing if it was not so naive, but naivety had its own uses and charm, she supposed.

                            She raised a glass at his own remarks against the Republic. Her old employers had done a well enough job on their own making enemies without involvement from any outside party. Their own ineptitude had alienated plenty, as evidenced by Tyler sitting before her, in her own home on Bastion of all places, offering help.

                            As his story came to a close, she took a bite of the fish, dragging the fork past her lips to chew, giving her the time to mull over his words. Split second decisions were a luxury afforded to field agents, of which she had given up not long ago.

                            "Your story is quite touching and I will say that I do appreciate any help given. You obviously understand the gift you are giving, though whom you are giving it to, I'm not sure you know exactly," She said and took another sip of wine.

                            "You understand fully what I might do with the years of life you give me? I'll not have years go by and you regret this decision and decide to repossess what was given." To be honest, she did not expect that, but she had to cover her bases. "I may have to do seemingly reprehensible things in my line of work, and I cannot promise that you'll approve of any of it."

                            The brunette's face was still a mask of pleasantries, but her tone betrayed the seriousness of her implications. She had to trust him to hold her life quite literally in his hands and insert technology into her body to keep her alive. While she was willing to let him, reservations still slammed to the forefront of her mind.


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                              He wasn't as naive as she thought he was, in fact he was waiting for and looking for reservations to be brought up and she brought them. While they were normal, one thing about her was that she seemed to be ready and preparing herself for a door slammed shut. It was almost as if she had a lifetime of being turned away from what she wanted, and while that wasn't his business or his concern really, it wasn't out of the question for him to wonder where things went. She also seemed to expect him to be looking for something that he wasn't, that was okay though as if he were in her position, he would too.

                              Finishing his own bite of fish, he gave a look of faux-shock. You mean you're not going to spend your life prancing in a field of flowers and giggling as Akk-dog pups lick your face? He offered a smirk, while he was poking fun at her, he wasn't intending on any disrespect, he had a reputation in Republic space, he needed to make one here. If that meant helping a dragon destroy a village to save a planet once in awhile then it was for the greater good. Her reservations were sound and yes, he didn't like the idea of someone who could exploit it, but the benefits of the technology outweighed the shortcomings.

                              Have you ever been to a hospital, an emergency room in particular when a criminal is being brought in? No matter the injuries, no matter what they had done, the doctors and staff there are bound to do everything that they can to save that individuals life. Swirling the wine around in the goblet as he watched the mesh of colors and textures he spoke again, explaining his point a little better. I'm not comparing myself to doctors, but if I was worried about what you might do with this, I wouldn't be here, I wouldn't have offered to help you. I mean that.

                              It was time for a sip of wine as he chose an area of salad to intercept with his fork. Do I like the thought of what illicit things someone might do with my technology? No. However if any visionary, and I do consider myself to be somewhat of one, held themselves back by fear of what their vision could turn into then we would never evolve. I offered to help you, not because of what you were capable of, but because I saw an opportunity. That opportunity to not only help someone who could benefit, but to learn from and eventually improve on. My daughter was my legacy in the galaxy, my work now is. I am working on a myriad of things that could revolutionize every aspect of life as we know it, it begins here.

                              Taking a bite of salad, not too much dressing as he savored the combination of textures, he let her think about what he was doing and why he was here a little more. He wasn't here to make a sales pitch, he was here for dinner. You came to me on a very bad day and offered to help me, no strings attached. I'm just doing the same thing. My offer helps you have a better life, but in a way also helps me in business in that I know my technology works. He then smirked, about to quip a sarcastic jest that she would be more than intelligent enough to pick up on his lack of serious feeling on. As long as you're not going and slaughtering children saying "Tyler says 'hi'." I'm not worried about what you will do, if you want the help, it is yours. You have to want it though.