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This is but the start of happily ever after, Katja.

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  • This is but the start of happily ever after, Katja.

    It felt like this wedding day was a long time coming, and no one felt that more keenly than Colère. She had truly waited lifetimes for the love of her life, the blonde who had been prophesied as a life-changer for her. And this wedding demonstrated that Katja Nystrom was the woman to change her life in so many ways given the subtlety by which it was going to be presented.

    Aurelia had first perceived Colère as some sort of monstrous entity in her mind, who may or may not have been her future self. Once independent of poor Aurelia, Colère had been known as a wild woman, an ex-Sith, and someone who was generally not to be trusted. She'd been extravagant and gaudy, and carried with her a dangerous, entitled attitude. And, Katja had changed all of that about her with her love, family, and hope for a real future.

    And now, I am finally going to marry my sweet one, Colère thought, a smile radiant on her lips.

    It was to be a simple ceremony compared with what anyone would've initially expected from the duo who was known for their wild behavior and scandalous and audacious clothing. Much like the other Nystrom wedding of recent history, it would be held outdoors, but the couple had opted for the privacy of the rustic compound the family owned instead of being in the middle of Ravelin's expansive city park.

    Col gazed contemplatively at her wedding dress. She smiled to herself, oblivious to anyone around her as she thought about the moment that Katja would see her wearing this dress...

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    Katja made a face in the body length mirror, wondering if she should have went with a dress. Just that it SO wasn't like her to wear dresses, unless they were slutty dancing outfits to get attention on her butt and hips and breasts! She had forgone that manner of clothing that used to be her norm, only worn on special occasions. Whether in the office or lounging about, Katja was a pants kind of girl - so she chose a tailor made black pants suit to get married in. It was very her, but why the hell was she so nervous?

    Cuz you're finally getting married... duh!

    She made a despondent snorting noise to hide her utter freaking out about this, having been completely at ease about the entire occasion until the moment had finally arrived! It really shouldn't be that big a deal. In her heart and soul, they were already married. This was just making it official in the eyes of the law instead of just a knowing belief amongst the Morellian family since they were bonded.

    Her chin lifted in distraught because in spite of all of her happiness, her mind drifted to the talk that Aurelia had promised her, but never happened, when the family met and decided on staying in Known Space instead of venturing into Wild Space permanently. Wasn't as if there wasn't any time! It really was just wedding plans to be done in between the talks with mother about the future of the family as a whole and the final bits of pieces moved into play to official claim WayneTech as theirs.

    Aurelia was even standing up with her! She was her best woman! But it was wedding, wedding, wedding, plot with Nikole about scaring Maize, wedding, more wedding, Besh is a minister no WAY, and plots afoot. They only talked about what was going on with the family and not them. She hid it because she was getting married today but underneath the bravado was a young woman freaking out in wonder if the life Nikole and Colère had could be her and Aurelia too.

    "I need a drink," she mumbled and poured herself a shot of whiskey to drown out thoughts that had no place now.


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      Aurelia quietly admired Katja from the doorway, so far undetected by the anxious blonde. She smiled and closed the door behind her, then cleared her throat to indicate her arrival.

      "You look very sexy like that. Colère is going to just melt when she sees you, Kat," she said with a positive nod. "And, apparently, nerves are getting the better of you?"

      Aurelia looked sympathetic. This was such a big moment for her sister-in-law and first love.


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        She may be a spy, but not in the same sense as her older sister Nikole. Katja could blend in and be part of the scene and notice a tail, see if someone was noticing her when in the moment. She wasn't always 'on' like Nikole was. The blonde was more about the tech anyway, which is why she was oblivious that Aurelia had opened the door and walked in.

        Already knocking back her shot, green eyes widened in surprise at Aurelia's arrival. "Auri!"

        She set down the empty shot glass and licked her lips, "Scared me..." she said, then chuckled nervously, almost blushing at the compliment.

        The hell? I think about Auri and she shows up. This isn't want I meant. Frell. Get rid of her or no?

        "Well, you know me and my emotional well being. Liquid courage to the rescue, right?" she cleared her throat and cracked her neck, trying to relax in Auri's presence. "What brings you this way?"
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          The Corellian smiled knowingly and approached the very nervous Katja with hands and arms extended out toward her. Aurelia took Kat's hands in hers and gave them a squeeze.

          "Matron of honor duties, of course." She waited a beat, then winked. "I'm kidding! Katja... I just needed to see you once more. Before you're off to be a married woman."

          She hesitated, gathering her thoughts and resorting them. Now that she was in Kat's space, the words she'd rehearsed no longer felt genuine and right in her mind. Auri smiled ruefully, thinking about the different paths a life could take, and how one could still come full circle in unexpected ways.

          "I hope you take no offense to the timing of the gift I wish to give you, honey. But, given the inter-connectedness, I felt that the past weeks were leading up to this moment for us. Katja... my gift is very simple but very potent too." Aurelia cleared her throat and stared pensively into wary green eyes before uttering the key four words. "Katja, I am yours."


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              She smiled and took her hands, squeezing them back and had a disarming smile about her because Aurelia never just came by for matronly duties. In fact, she was about to feel a little bit insulted until the Corellian admitted she was joking!

              "Ah," she laughed nervously, feeling the weight of trepidation take hold in her mind because Katja could only fathom why she needed to be seen before she got married. What could possibly be so urgent that it couldn't wait? Now Katja knew this look. The introspective Aurelia Nystrom was about to say something of great importance. Which is why she was thirsting for some more whiskey ... because her courage left the room now.

              "Gift?" she said quietly, green eyes burrowing into blue ones, looking desperate to understand, trying to figure out what the gift was before Aurelia could say it. Because she dared not hope that her wandering thoughts were give her the gift of finally speaking with Aurelia.

              "What?!" Now she took a step back and released Aurelia's hands, shocked. She had expected them to talk about Katja's desires in wanting more to their relationship, and here was everything she wanted on her wedding day of all days! "Y-you ... " she felt her entire body thrumming with confusion and exhilaration that she found it so hard to talk. "... you're mine?"


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                Aurelia looked at her earnestly, willing her to understand. It was a departure from the norm, truly, since Auri was known for panic and flight when a moment didn't exactly go as she expected it to.

                "Yes... yours and Nikole's. That... is what you wanted, right? I haven't misunderstood something, have I?" she asked seriously. Aurelia crooked an eyebrow, but still looked composed. "As I said... I know this timing is rather ironic, but bonds are formed at emotional times, and what is more emotional than seeing my first love married...?"

       someone else? she finished in her own mind.


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                  Green eyes flickered across Aurelia and the room, trying to make sense of this. It almost sounded like Aurelia was jealous, because that was an emotionally charged emotion if there ever was one. Far better than the rage induced blood lust that Colère and Nikole had bonded over.

                  "I ... want this. Yes. I'm just... " She pours herself another shot because right now her mind was going crazy. The blonde should've jumped on the moment to give herself to Aurelia but the timing was making her panic. Which was crazy because surely the roles should have been reversed right now!

                  She didn't take the shot just yet, staring down at it. "I'm just ..." she frowned and couldn't articulate anything, which was frustrating her further.


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                    Aurelia lifted both brows, clasping her hands in front of her because she didn't know what to do with them.

                    "You're... in shock? In awe of my incredibly bad timing? You're... stunned silent that I skipped the small talk?" she offered. "All of the above? None of the above? Kat... I just really didn't want to wait any longer to find out if we could bond. I don't know if the words are enough. Or if we have that same spark that our mates have with each other. To bond. But, I wanted to find out."

                    She offered a nervous smile, tilting her head to the side and falling silent.


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                      Somewhere between Aurelia talking about bad timing and just really didn't want to wait did Katja down the shot. When she finally opened her eyes after the burning liquid coated her throat, green eyes snapped immediately to gaze upon the adorable face that Aurelia was making.

                      That made her smile despite the words her first love had just spoken. Which made the smile disappear as fast as it came, replaced with a scathing look. "What do you mean if we have the same spark? This is us we're talking about..."

                      She threw the shot glass on the table and stalked right up to Aurelia to where they were nose to nose. The Corellian could smell the whiskey still lingering on her breath while green eyes panicked, fearing Aurelia's reaction to what she was about to admit. "I wanted you to be my one since ... since the night you left me. You were all I could think about for years. And... and... after everything that happened between us? When we were reunited, fought, became friends, and then finally frakked each other for comfort, you honestly don't think we'd have the same spark as they do?!"
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                        The confession startled Aurelia. Her lips parted and she whispered a soft, "Oh..." and hardly heard the rest of what Katja had said because her brain got stuck at I wanted you to be my one...

                        Understanding deeply what that meant, Auri felt extremely conflicted and she did not know what to say back. She had initially fallen for Katja as Nicola, and while she loved her, it was undeniable that her soul had also connected to the part of Katja that had come from Nikole's genetics and that bond. And, clearly, what feelings she'd had for Kat had scared her off instead of drawing her closer.

                        Stormy blue eyes met the vibrant greens that were staying at her. "Katja... what about Colère then? She believes that your attraction to me was deeply rooted in your finding her, not me. I was just the wingmate, as it were..."


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                          "So? That hasn't changed. Or what I wanted back then. Only reinforces exactly why I wanted you to be my one. It's no different than you and Nik. Sis and I are similar. So are you and Colère. Her damn prophecy figured this dren out long ago before mom meddled. You know that." She threw up her hands and turned away. "I love Colère to death. Nothing's changing that. But I love you just the same. Blame frakked up genetics. Blame me unable to love one person. Blame mom for making the perfect Nystroms based off of Nik and Kay."

                          Pours a third shot mechanically.


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                            "Hey. Hey...!"

                            Seeing the third shot poured launched Aurelia into action. She plucked both the bottle and the latest drink away from Kat and set them aside.

                            "I am not going to answer to Col when you show up to your own wedding drunk. Katja... this is... this is all good then, how we feel. Right?" she asked, clearly confused. "Why do I get the vibe that it isn't? Or, what is eating you right now, honey? If we both want this... if all four of us consent... what's wrong?"


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                              "What the hell?" She snapped, reaching for the shot glass that was snatched away. "You weren't pouring. Don't worry she'll blame me. I'm the brat of the family right?"

                              And honestly, Katja wasn't sure why she was being so bratty. She was happy marrying Colère - nervous as frak, but happy. Yet, Aurelia came in and threw her universe upside down. So she plucked another bottle, uncapped it, and took a swig straight from the source. Licking her lips after swallowing, she pointed at Aurelia, bottle in hand. "What's wrong is you come here giving me everything I've ever wanted on my wedding day, and I don't know how to cope with that."

                              Her face becomes strained, eyes welling with tears. "And it scares me, Auri..."